n=0 STA240

SUN395 State Transport Authority (240)
Mercedes-Benz O305 / HowardPorter
Causeway Carpark
February 1977

Mercedes-Benz O305
Chassis No:  30700121001640 30700121001537
Body:  HowardPorter 77/5094 02/77 B45D
Engine:  Mercedes-Benz M407.908 6cyl 11.045ℓ 180hp diesel
Gearbox:  Mercedes-Benz W3D 080 3sp automatic (no retarder)
   converted to     Mercedes-Benz W3D 080 3sp automatic (no retarder)
Last updated:  11 March 2023
  DATE       REGO    No   FLEET
18 Sep 1974CHASSIS(SPARE)Metropolitan Transport Trust
by1 Mar 1977SUN395(240)State Transport Authority (Adelaide)
byJul 1977STA000(240)State Transport Authority (Adelaide)
STA000(7000)State Transport Authority (Adelaide)
unknown (QLD)

Spare chassis. Arrived
18 Sep 1974   R33
Used for a mock-up of the body frames
Components dismantled & chassis frame hung (literally) on outside wall of Kensington St Workshops
Components re-assembled onto chassis
by1 Aug 1975   R61
Chassis officially re-numbered from 30700121001640 to 30700121001537 to replace original chassis no 30700121001537, destined for the State Transit Authority of South Australia, which was irreparably damaged by being dropped from the forklift when being off-loaded from a flat rail wagon at Kewdale.
Driven from Perth to Adelaide
Feb 1977   FL20
In service on route 300 City-Flinders Park
7 Mar 1977   FL22
1986   see notes
Subsequently fitted with a steel bar to the front of the roof to test tree clearances
   see notes FL131
Last reported as burnt out & resting in a paddock in Cairns
2002   see notes

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