n=0 MTT932

UQB932 MTT (932)
Hino RC520P / FreighterWA
circa 1973

Hino RC520P
Chassis No:  40093
Body:  FreighterWA A5045 11/72 B41D
Engine:  Hino DK20 6cyl 10.2ℓ 191hp diesel
Gearbox:  "Wilson" 4sp mono-control
Last updated:  3 October 2014
DATE       REGO    No   FLEET
16 Nov 1972UQB932(932)MTT
31 Aug 1986UQB932(932)Transperth
7YO430(3)Buchans Bus Charters (OConnor)

Yellow City Clipper livery
28 Aug 1973   
Seats individually numbered to aid reservations when used on tour work
Feb 1978   
Standard MTT livery
Jul 1982   
16 Dec 1988   
Withdrawn from Buswest
byOct 1998   

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