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UQB656 MTT (656)
Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/13 / HowardPorter
West End Causeway
circa 1966

Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/13
Chassis No:  L54139
Body:  HowardPorter 66/5051 07/66 B38D
Engine:  Leyland EO400S 6cyl 6.5ℓ 125hp diesel
Gearbox:  "Wilson" 4sp mono-control
Last updated:  3 October 2014
DATE       REGO    No   FLEET
25 Jul 1966WAG8323(656)MTT
19 Aug 1966WAG8656(656)MTT
22 Oct 1968UQB656(656)MTT
10 Nov 1982UQB003(3)MTT
31 Aug 1986UQB003(003)Transperth

Recorded as having been registered WAG8323 prior to entering service, however that registration was concurrently carried by Guy Arab III (323)
In service
19 Aug 1966   
Flywheel modification reversed (ie removal of lock up, performed on all Tiger Cubs circa Nov 1977), partition behind driver removed, front off-side seat turned forward, small Instructors seat and footrest added to cab & Instructors emergency gear change disable switch fitted
Oct 1978   
Driving School
17 Oct 1978   
15 Jan 1988   

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