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WAG8655 MTT (655)
Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/11 / MTT
Causeway Depot
circa October 1966

Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/11
Chassis No:  626044
Body:  MTT 10/65 B39D
Engine:  Leyland EO400S 6cyl 6.5ℓ 125hp diesel
Gearbox:  "Wilson" 4sp mono-control
Last updated:  5 June 2017
DATE       REGO    No   FLEET
6 Oct 1965WAG8220(655)MTT
5 Nov 1965WAG8655(655)MTT
22 Oct 1968UQB655(655)MTT
13 Aug 19867YE783Port Bus Service (Hilton Park)
Jul 19897KX670Christ the King School (Beaconsfield)

Converted to PSUC1/13 specification
Recorded as having been registered WAG8220 prior to entering service, however that registration was concurrently carried by AEC Regal III (220)
In service
5 Nov 1965   
Flywheel modification reversed (ie removal of lock up, performed on all Tiger Cubs circa November 1977), partition behind driver removed, front off-side seat turned forward, small Instructors seat and footrest added to cab & Instructors emergency gear change disable switch fitted
Oct 1978   
Driving School
19 Oct 1978   
Driving School modifications reversed & transferred to Redcliffe Depot for long-term special hire, operating between Cullacabardee Aboriginal settlement (near Middle Swan) to Guildford & Midland from
27 Aug 1981   
Nick-name the `Cullacabardee Flyer` with a sign featuring this nick-name mounted inside
Withdrawn - still in MTT green & cream (MTTb) livery
16 Jul 1986   

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