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181 records
Registration expired

Hino GT 1322 4x4 JHDGT8JKMXXX10483 -/13 C38C

1EIW948 / TC7250 unknown
Registration 1EIW948 expired 30 Nov 2023
   unknown (orange school bus)
Registration expired

Mitsubishi Canter 4x4 JLFFG649E0KJ41065 / -/07 (originally MMC)

1CTX669 unknown (orange school bus)
Registration 1CTX669 expired 31 Oct 2023
Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster JTGFP528405500920 -/14

1GIU051 unknown
ex-924VIP unknown (QLD)
163 Subsequent disposal

BCI Proma33 6KT1AA112BX000045 02/11 C29Ft

1HHG351 Private owner
ex-1HHG351 Australian Pinnacle Tours [PTG] (C116)
ex-Adams Coachlines (C116)
ex-STAR25 Southern Star Coaches (Sandringham VIC)
ex-mo3658 AAT-Kings (163)
   Adshead Bus Hire
1CEP668 Disposal

Hino RK260 JHDRK1JSMXXX10058 / UBC-Chiron 050009 01/06 B57F

1CEP668 Rove Charters
ex-1CEP668 Adshead Bus Hire (Waroona)
NOTE: advertised on facebook Marketplace as having a blown engine
   All Aboard Coach Tours
1GHV145 Disposal

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF00946 -/09

1GHV145 motorhome
ex-1GHV145 All Aboard Coach Tours
   Australian Pinnacle Tours [PTG]
12 Acquired

Scania K440EB YS2K6X20001875947 / Irizar Century3700 231603 10/11 C54FtL

1HZV335 Integrity Coachlines [PTG] (12)
ex-8812AO Westernport Road Lines (Koo Wee Rup VIC) (62)
240 Registration expired

Daewoo BH117L KL5UR61NECU000518 / NCBC-Gemilang 607 -/12

CVL2355 Australian Pinnacle Tours [PTG] (240)
ex-CVL2355 / 1GCB512 / TC7594 Adams Coachlines (240)
ex-1DYT587 Raw Hire (Karratha) (240)
Registration CVL2355 expired 27 Nov 2023
CVL2408 Registration expired

Scania K113TRB YS4KT6X2B01819534 / PMCA Apollo 4928 04/92 C58Dt

CVL2408 Australian Pinnacle Tours [PTG]
ex-CVL2408 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims] (C8)
ex-TV3543 / 1BNN080 Bankstown Coaches (NSW)
ex-7QI671 Westrail (SL02)
Registration CVL2408 expired 7 Nov 2023
S4 Acquired

IVECO Delta C260 6F2BACR007DP00896 / Volgren SC222 VP0700 -/09 B57F

N1015 Australian Pinnacle Tours [PTG] (S4)
ex-N1015 / N101 / 1CXC623 Northam Bus Service [Nuich]
S5 Acquired

IVECO Delta Graduate 6F2BACR00EDX00095 / Express 980 03/16 B57F

N11255 Australian Pinnacle Tours [PTG] (S5)
ex-N11255 Northam Bus Service [Nuich]
S6 Acquired

BCI Classmaster LGG5SKCM8AH006130 -/11

N600 Australian Pinnacle Tours [PTG] (S6)
ex-N600 Northam Bus Service [Nuich]
S7 Acquired

Scania K310IB YS2K4X20001__0109 / CoachDesign -/21 B45F

N700 Australian Pinnacle Tours [PTG] (S7)
ex-N700 Northam Bus Service [Nuich]
   Baker (A B) (Chidlow)
MDG6212 Disposal

Mercedes-Benz OH1316 345-202-61-832147 / Austral 1574 09/89 DP49F

1HOV004 motorhome
ex-MDG6212 Baker (A B) (Chidlow)
   Belbins Bus Service (Copping TAS)
B80XQ Registration expired

Hino FD166 JHDFD3WLLXXX10518 / TOST 248 06/96 B39FL

B80XQ Belbins (Copping TAS)
ex-B80XQ Littles Bus Service (Derby TAS)
ex-1ASE000 Dennis (M & C)
ex-9KO003 Broad (M D & L D) (Shoalwater)
Registration B80XQ expired 10 Nov 2023
1GPN523 Registration expired

Volvo B10ML YV3B10M5500008288 / Fuji 334111 12/84 AB66T

1GPN523 Bingo Party Bus Hire (Malaga)
ex-BUS311 / 1GDR011 West Coast Bus Charters [Mead] (311)
ex-TV8730 / TV5051 Cumberland Coachlines (St Marys NSW) (21)
ex-345RDR / KBL08 Kangaroo Bus Lines (Burpengary QLD) (8)
ex-Tsukaba Expo (Japan) (6.13)
Registration 1GPN523 expired 27 Oct 2023
   Brothers Buses [Gusic]
1DTY129 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0R__0033 -/11

1DTY129 Brothers Buses [Gusic]
ex-1DTY129 NextGen Bus Lines
ex-1DTY129 Prestige Bus Charter
Registration 1DTY129 not current
   Busfleet (Mt Buller VIC) [Australia Travel Safe]
TV423A Registration expired

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821093367 / Volgren CR225L VP0046 04/00 B41Dw

TV423A Busfleet Australia (Alexandria NSW) (B053)
ex-TP1725 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1725)
Registration TV423A expired 26 Nov 2023
1CKL849 Disposal

Hino RB8 JHFZA32H700001287 / UBC-Chiron 050012 11/06 B28F

1IDI331 non-PSV (Kelmscott)
ex-1CKL849 Buswest
1HWM252 Additional information

Mitsubishi MP37FK JLFMP37FK0R__0002 -/15 B33D

1HWM252 Quince (NSW) [ATG]
ex-1HWM252 Buswest
ex-mo4011 Charter Central
CVL1342 Subsequent disposal

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE649J0BE00109 -/06

1HBX023 Non-PSV (Girrawheen)
ex-1HBX023 Victory Life Centre (Osborne Park)
ex-CVL1342 / TC6849 Buswest
   Carree Coachlines (Parkwood) [Parkhouse]
BS01FM Acquired

Scania K440EB YS2K6X20001873254 / CoachConcepts 145 05/11 C50Dt

BS01FM Carree Coachlines (Parkwood) [Parkhouse]
ex-BS01FM / mo3962 / TV004 AAT-Kings
ex-SB04EQ AAT-Kings (111)
   Companion Travel
TC581 Correction - historic listing

Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1 7100078 / PMC DD114 09/71 H39/27D

TC2451 / TC581 General Busfleet Management / Purple Coaches (Bayswater)
ex-TC581 Black & Gold (Bayswater)
ex-TC581 / 7PC635 Companion Travel (Beckenham)
ex-MO7625 Port Macquarie Bus Service (NSW) (3)
ex-m/o1114 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1114)
ex-m/o1114 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1114)
ex-m/o1114 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (1114)
Previous registration at Companion Travel was 7PC635 not 7PC625
   Deluxe Coachlines
183 Subsequent disposal

Denning Landseer Decker 8v92 DBL-B0005-5-6-88 / B0005 06/88 HC72Dtb

XB47IY incomplete motorhome conversion
ex-TV698A Moores Tours (Carss Park NSW)
ex-TV9481 Moores Tours (Carss Park NSW) Huey
ex-Private Owner (Nowra NSW)
ex-2223AC Action Tours (Somerton VIC)
ex-2348AO Avalon Airport Transfers (Spotswood VIC) [Sita] (215)
ex-2348AO Avalon Airport Transfers (Spotswood VIC) [Sita] (115)
ex-687HRU unknown (Gordonvale QLD)
ex-SPT86 Sun Palm Tours (Bundall QLD)
ex-TC2470 Westliner Coach Services (Midvale) (30)
ex-mo270 Deluxe Coachlines (183)
   Denmark Bus Charters [Mackenzie]
1CDF523 Subsequent disposal

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE649J0BD01180 -/05 B22C

1GZV030 / 1GDL997 Bunbury Bus Charters [B Pilatti]
ex-1CDF523 Denmark Bus Charters [Mackenzie]
   Explore Tours Perth
1GEL215 Subsequent disposal

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DG0R__0045 01/12 B24C

1HWJ003 Private owner
ex-1GEL215 unknown (Mullaloo) (non-PSV)
ex-1GEL215 Explore Tours Perth
   Franklin (L) (Merredin)
1CRY271 Registration added

Hino FD230 JHDFD1JPPXXX11034 / TOST 301 -/07 B43F

1CRY271 Franklin (L)
   Geraldton Bus Service [Backshell]
TC3881 Subsequent disposal

Nissan JP251 00122 6T9G16WA1X1CAZ013 / BCI-Gemilang MSSB015 04/99 B51F

ex-CVL2448 Horizons West (Welshpool) (213)
ex-CVL2448 / TC6687 / TC3881 Westwide Charter (UD5)
ex-TC3881 Geraldton Bus Service [L G Backshell]
   Giblett (G) (Bridgetown)
B311 Disposal

Nissan LKA211N 00071 6T9G16WA1Y1CAZ028 / BCI-Gemilang MSSB104 -/00

DELPHOTO1 / 1GGV031 incomplete motorhome conversion
ex-B311 Giblett (G) (Bridgetown)
   Go West
1125 Registration expired

Toyota Coaster JTGFP718106401365 -/20

1HEO882 Go West (1125)
Registration 1HEO882 expired 18 Nov 2023
510 Not previously recorded

BCI 6KT2CC115BX000180 -/12

XT38CW Wynyard Coaches (TAS) [J Sherman] (99)
ex-Go West (510)
D2606 Disposal

Yutong Goanna ZK6760DAA LZYTFTC2XG1__1013 -/17

249D Nelson (J) (Dowerin)
ex-D2606 Go West
ex-D2606 unknown (orange school bus)
   Go ona Bus
CVL3811 Registration added

Toyota HiAce Commuter

CVL3811 Go ona Bus
   Hamersley Iron
5-1 Disposal

Volvo B10M 15512 / Volgren VG319 06/90 B57F

Unknown (Baldvis)
ex-8CO690 Hamersley Iron (Tom Price) (5-1)
   Harleys (Korumburra VIC)
1773AO Subsequent disposal

Volvo B7R YV3R6G9184A006799 / Autobus 05/04 C57F

1IDU148 / XB10KA motorhome
ex-1773AO Harleys (Korumburra VIC)
r/r 1IDU148 23 Feb 2024
   Hertz Rentals
1HEL554 Registration expired

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0RL31775 -/20

1HEL554 Hertz Rentals
Registration 1HEL554 expired 11 Nov 2023
   Horizons West [WABC]
135 Acquired

BCI 6KT2CC115CX000312 01/13

1GFY969 Horizons West [WABC] (135)
ex-1GFY969 Go West
14 Registration expired

Hino CM277K JHDCM277KXXX40095 / CustomCoaches 92-257 03/93 B61F

1GVJ445 Horizons West [WABC] (14)
ex-1GVJ445 / CVL2805 / TC3324 / 1DHM175 Horizons West [Balla] (14)
ex-2511MO / MO2518 Eggins Comfort Coaches (Taree NSW)
Registration 1GVJ445 expired 31 Oct 2023
225 Registration expired

Daewoo BH117L KL5UR61PE8P000222 / UBC-Chiron CS120 080215AB 07/09 C53F

1HSW356 Horizons West [WABC] (225)
ex-1HSW356 / 1HMA557 / CVL2442 Horizons West [Balla] (225)
ex-CVL2442 / TC6271 Westwide Charter (DW1)
ex-TC6271 Adams Coachlines (Redcliffe) (C32)
Registration 1HSW356 expired 31 Oct 2023
   Horizons West [WABC]
CVL2441 Registration expired

Golden Dragon GD77 LL3BDADE8FA001868 -/16

CVL2441 Horizons West [WABC] (234)
ex-CVL2441 Horizons West [Balla] (234)
ex-CVL2441 Westwide Charter (C8)
Registration CVL2441 expired 23 Nov 2023
   Hough (Bunbury)
34 Disposal

Hino FD166 JHDFD166LXXX10401 / TOST 227 06/96 B__FL

653TGO incomplete motorhome conversion
ex-Tuia Lodge (Donnybrook)
ex-9BY034 Hough (Bunbury) (34)
   Instyle Adventures
1GUP806 Registration expired

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter -/13

1GUP806 Instyle Adventures
Registration 1GUP806 expired 23 Nov 2023
   Jiladine Bus Service (Northam)
1CPL755 Acquired

Hino RK260 JHDRK1JSMXXX10125 / TOST 299 08/07 B59F

1CPL755 Jiladine Bus Service (Northam)
ex-1CPL755 Harrower (Wyalkatchem)
317 Re-registered

Volvo B7R YV3R6R627DA160588 / Irizar Century3500 262.731 -/13 C48Ft

XB79LO / XQ55DL Kinetic (317)
ex-XQ55DL / 1GDM024 / TC7509 / SB41HL Greyhound Australia (317)
Re-registered XB79LO
CVL3457 Acquired

BCI FBC6127BRZ1 6KT2CC111CX000355 / BCI Classmaster -/13 C57F

CVL3457 Kinetic
ex-CVL3457 / DBC002 / 1EGP401 Dingo Bus Charter (Midvale) `Peggy`
   Limo Bus 430 [D Roberts]
1HXY255 Registration added

Nissan JP251P 00118 6T9G16WA1X1CAZ017 / BCI-Gemilang MSSB024 06/99 B51F

1HXY255 Limo Bus 430 [D Roberts]
ex-UQB825 Swan Transit [TransBusselton] (825)
ex-UQB825 Swan Transit [TransBunbury] (825)
ex-TC3922 Transdev [TransBunbury] (3922)
ex-TC3922 Veolia Transport [TransBunbury] (3922)
ex-TC3922 Veolia Transport [Bunbury City Transit]
ex-TC3922 South West Coach Lines [Bunbury City Transit] [D Adams]
ex-TC3922 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie)
   Liverpool Corporation Passenger Transport (Liverpool UK)
L604 Subsequent disposal

Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 L00750 / MetroCammell 11/63 H43/33F

Swan Valley Paintball Skirmish (Henley Brook)
ex-7LT499 unknown
ex-Wentworth Motors (dealer)
ex-TC735 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury)
ex-Port Macquarie Bus Service (NSW)
ex-604KD Liverpool Corporation Passenger Transport (L604)
   Love (Bunbury) (dealer)
Not previously recorded

Hino RN8J / CustomCoaches -/17 C__F

Love (Bunbury) (dealer)
Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster XZB70R JTGFP718706401113 11/19 B21C

Love (Bunbury) (dealer)
1GGW593 Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster HZB50R JTGFP518X04501660 08/12 B21C

1GGW593 Love (Bunbury) (dealer)
1HNO258 Not previously recorded

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 01/07 C21C

1HNO258 Love (Bunbury) (dealer)
251 Subsequent disposal

Mercedes-Benz O305 307.001-21-006138 / JWBolton 08/78 B41D

Dash Paintball (Gidgegannup)
ex-TC5037 A20 Bus Charter (Bayswater)
ex-UQB251 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (251)
ex-UQB251 Perth Bus [Transperth] (251)
ex-UQB251 MetroBus [Transperth] (251)
ex-UQB251 Transperth (251)
ex-UQB251 MTT (251)
416 Subsequent disposal

Mercedes-Benz O305 307001 61 034467 / JWBolton 07/83 B43D

ex-AK9888 Van Kuyls Bus & Coach Charters (Kelmscott) [B L & K L Van Kuyl] (44)
ex-UQB416 PATH Transit [Transperth] (416)
ex-UQB416 Transperth (416)
ex-UQB416 MTT (416)
935 Subsequent disposal

Hino RC520P 40096 / FreighterWA A5048 11/72 B45F

ex-TC2523 / 7YS571 Guildford Flyer Bus Charter (Redcliffe)
ex-Wentworth Motors (Redcliffe) (dealer)
ex-UQB935 Transperth (935)
ex-UQB935 MTT (935)
941 Subsequent disposal

Hino RC520P 40102 / FreighterWA A5054 01/73 B41D

PJ4645 motorhome Spots Ashes Tour
ex-TC2243 Nicholls Bus & Coach Service (Narrogin) [R W Nicholls]
ex-Wentworth Motors (Redcliffe) (dealer)
ex-UQB941 Transperth (941)
ex-UQB941 MTT (941)
   Millar (Toodyay)
1CFP211 Subsequent disposal

Hino RK260 JHDRK1JSMXXX10063 / UBC-Chiron 05012 08/06 B57F

1CFP211 Jiladine Bus Service (Northam)
ex-1CFP211 Lucas (Toodyay)
ex-1CFP211 Millar (Toodyay)
   Miro Training Centre (Kenwick)
1GMK831 Registration expired

MCA 6F9301D04VB004349 / AustralDenning Classic III LAB446 04/97 C48Ft

1GMK831 Miro Training Centre (Kenwick)
ex-1062AO / XCU756 / 2102AO Driver Bus Lines (Mt Waverley VIC)
ex-2102AO / OEU264 Thomsons Bus Lines (Yarrawonga VIC) [Arica]
Registration 1GMK831 expired 13 Nov 2023
   NKV Tours (Milperra NSW) [Vassilakis]
m/o3406 Registration expired

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821093327 / Volgren CR225L VG1243 05/00 B41Dw

m/o3406 NKV Tours (Milperra NSW) [Vassilakis]
ex-8891MO Premier Motor Service (Shoalhaven NSW) [Nowra]
ex-TP1728 Transdev [Transperth] (1728)
ex-TP1728 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1728)
Registration m/o3406 expired 14 Nov 2023
   Pauls Bus Co [P Gilham]
1GOB574 Requires confirmation

Hino RG230 JHDRG1JSKXXX10052 / APG Starliner 2728 C57F

1GOB574 Lesmurdie Bus Service (Pickering Brook) [R & M Waters]
ex-1GOB574 Pauls Bus Co [P Gilham]
ex-172FWX Grace Lutheran College (Rothwell QLD)
ex-MO4108 Eggtranz (Mudgee NSW)
Was reported as being acquired by Lesmurdie Bus Service [Waters] but advertised on facebook on 22 Feb 2024 by Paul Gillam
PWC012 Registration expired

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518304501760 -/12

PWC012 People Who Care
Registration PWC012 expired 1 Nov 2023
PWC015 Registration expired

Toyota HiAce Commuter -/13

PWC015 People Who Care
Registration PWC015 expired 1 Nov 2023
   People Who Care
PWC023 Registration expired

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518804502256 -/13

1IDK171 unknown
ex-PWC023 People Who Care
Registration PWC023 expired 1 Nov 2023
PWC023 Disposal

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518804502256 -/13

1IDK171 unknown
ex-PWC023 People Who Care
   Pioneer Tours
702 Subsequent disposal

GMC PD4107 1024 / GMC 09/67 C38Ft

XO70WM / XO19FW motorhome
ex-TV437 / REY720 Pioneer Tours (702)
836 Disposal

MCI MC8 12555 / 32111 -/76 C44Ft

918VQQ motorhome
ex-Pioneer Tours (836)
   Private owner
Not previously recorded

Scania / PMC Apollo 01/97

Private Owner (Bunbury)
1HMI753 Registration expired

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JMFBE649J0BC00035 12/01 B24C

1HMI753 Private Owner (Dowerin)
ex-1HMI753 Buswest
ex-1HMI753 / CVL3196 / 1EJV253 Chart-A-Bus [Matheson] (R2)
ex-1EJV253 Chart-A-Bus (Safety Bay) [L & R Pember]
ex-1CLA604 McLarens Hire & Drive (Osborne Park)
Registration 1HMI753 expired 25 Nov 2023
MY14840 Not previously recorded

Mercedes-Benz OHL1627 WDB3964736K540921 / BCI-Gemilang -/02 C51F

MY14840 Private Owner (Barragup)
ex-Transnasional (Johore Malaysia)
   Public Transport Authority
1143 Subsequent disposal

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821091405 / Volgren CR225L VG1135 08/99 B41Dw

ex-8814MO Simes Bros (Lismore NSW)
ex-TP1143 Transdev [Transperth] (1143)
118 Withdrawn

Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG WEB63422021000307 / Volgren CR228L VP0450 04/06 B32Dw

TP0118 Transdev [Transperth] (118)
ex-CAT12 Transdev [Transperth] (12)
Withdrawn ex-Palmyra 27 Nov 2023
1190 New AOA

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821097209 / Volgren CR225L VP0106 11/00 B39Dw

TP1190 Transdev [Transperth] (1190)
ex-TP1190 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1190)
ex-TP1190 Transdev [Transperth] (1190)
New `Subway` AOA
120 Withdrawn

Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG WEB63422021000312 / Volgren CR228L VP0452 04/06 B32Dw

TP0120 Transdev [Transperth] (120)
ex-CAT14 Transdev [Transperth] (14)
Withdrawn ex-Rockingham 27 Nov 2023
121 Withdrawn

Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG WEB63422021000335 / Volgren CR228L VP0496 05/06 B32Dw

TP0121 Transdev [Transperth] (121)
ex-CAT15 Transdev [Transperth] (15)
Withdrawn ex-Rockingham 27 Nov 2023
122 Withdrawn

Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG WEB63422021000336 / Volgren CR228L VP0497 05/06 B32Dw

TP0122 Transdev [Transperth] (122)
ex-CAT16 Transdev [Transperth] (16)
Withdrawn ex-Rockingham 27 Nov 2023
1337 Subsequent disposal

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821096892 / Volgren CR225L VG1359 11/00 B41Dw

1GZN297 Horizons West [WABC] (450)
ex-1GZN297 Sealink
ex-TP1337 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1337)
ex-TP1337 Connex [Transperth] (1337)
ex-TP1337 Perth Bus [Transperth] (1337)
1622 Withdrawn

Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG WEB63422021000390 / Volgren CR228L VP0519 09/06 B40Dw

TP1622 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1622)
Withdrawn ex-Gosnells 15 Dec 2023
1623 Withdrawn

Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG WEB63422021000391 / Volgren CR228L VP0520 09/06 B40Dw

TP1623 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1623)
Withdrawn ex-Gosnells 24 Jan 2024
1624 Withdrawn

Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG WEB63422021000415 / Volgren CR228L VP0521 09/06 B40Dw

TP1624 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1624)
Withdrawn ex-Gosnells 15 Dec 2023
1625 Withdrawn

Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG WEB63422021000351 / Volgren CR228L VP0522 09/06 B40Dw

TP1625 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1625)
Withdrawn ex-Gosnells 15 Dec 2023
1627 Withdrawn

Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG WEB63422021000400 / Volgren CR228L VP0524 09/06 B40Dw

TP1627 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1627)
Withdrawn ex-Gosnells 23 Jan 2024
1628 Withdrawn

Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG WEB63422021000427 / Volgren CR228L VP0531 12/06 B40Dw

TP1628 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1628)
Withdrawn ex-Gosnells 23 Jan 2024
1718 Subsequent disposal

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821091971 / Volgren CR225L VP0031 01/00 B41Dw

PARTS Private owner
ex-1GQP109 Quokka Coaches (Rottnest) (B90)
ex-1GQP109 Adams Coachlines (B90)
ex-TP1718 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1718)
1918 Withdrawn

Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG WEB63422021000319 / Volgren CR228L VP0487 04/06 B32Dw

TP1918 Transdev [Transperth] (1918)
Withdrawn 27 Nov 2023
2412 New AOA

Volvo B7RLE YV3R6R726DA161472 / Volgren CR228L VP1187 07/13 B41Dw

TP2412 Swan Transit [Transperth] (2412)
New `Subway` AOA
2578 New AOA

Volvo B7RLE YV3R6R729JA187639 / Volgren Optimus VP1712 11/17 B41Dw

TP2578 Swan Transit [Transperth] (2578)
New `Subway` AOA
3150 New

Volvo B8RLEA YV3T7U526PA211204 / Volgren Optimus VP2311 01/24 AB57Tw

TP3150 PATH Transit [Transperth] (3150)
Activated 17 Jan 2024. Allocated to Malaga.
3440 New

Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U523PA213508 / Volgren Optimus VP2307 12/23 B41Dw

TP3440 Swan Transit [Transperth] (3440)
Activated 13 Dec 2023. Allocated to Beckenham.
3441 New

Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U529PA213772 / Volgren Optimus VP2308 12/23 B41Dw

TP3441 Swan Transit [Transperth] (3441)
Activated 13 Dec 2023. Allocated to Beckenham.
3442 New

Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U521PA213796 / Volgren Optimus VP2309 12/23 B41Dw

TP3442 Swan Transit [Transperth] (3442)
Activated 21 Dec 2023. Allocated to Beckenham.
3443 New

Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U523PA213797 / Volgren Optimus VP2310 12/23 B41Dw

TP3443 Swan Transit [Transperth] (3443)
Activated 21 Dec 2023. Allocated to Beckenham.
3444 New

Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U525PA213798 / Volgren Optimus VP2312 12/23 B41Dw

TP3444 Swan Transit [Transperth] (3444)
Activated 21 Dec 2023. Allocated to Beckenham.
3445 New

Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U523PA213812 / Volgren Optimus VP2313 12/23 B41Dw

TP3445 Swan Transit [Transperth] (3445)
Activated 21 Dec 2023. Allocated to Beckenham.
3446 New

Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U528PA213813 / Volgren Optimus VP2314 12/23 B41Dw

TP3446 Swan Transit [Transperth] (3446)
Activated 21 Dec 2023. Allocated to Beckenham.
3446 New

Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U528PA213813 / Volgren Optimus VP2314 12/23 B41Dw

TP3446 Swan Transit [Transperth] (3446)
Activated 21 Dec 2023. Allocated to Beckenham.
3447 New

Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U522PA213886 / Volgren Optimus VP2315 01/24 B41Dw

TP3447 Swan Transit [Transperth] (3447)
Activated 17 Jan 2024. Allocated to Beckenham.
3448 New

Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U524PA213887 / Volgren Optimus VP2316 01/24 B41Dw

TP3448 Swan Transit [Transperth] (3448)
Activated 17 Jan 2024. Allocated to Beckenham.
3449 New

Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U523PA213962 / Volgren Optimus VP2317 01/24 B41Dw

TP3449 Swan Transit [Transperth] (3449)
Activated 17 Jan 2024. Allocated to Beckenham.
3449 Chassis no corrected

Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U523PA213962 / Volgren Optimus VP2317 01/24 B41Dw

TP3449 Swan Transit [Transperth] (3449)
3450 New

Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U525PA213963 / Volgren Optimus VP2318 01/24 B41Dw

TP3450 Swan Transit [Transperth] (3450)
Activated 31 Jan 2024. Allocated to Beckenham.
3451 New

Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U527PA213964 / Volgren Optimus VP2319 01/24 B41Dw

TP3451 Swan Transit [Transperth] (3451)
Activated 31 Jan 2024. Allocated to Beckenham.
3452 New

Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U528PA214041 / Volgren Optimus VP2321 01/24 B41Dw

TP3452 Swan Transit [Transperth] (3452)
Activated 31 Jan 2024. Allocated to Beckenham.
3453 New

Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U528PA214069 / Volgren Optimus VP2322 01/24 B41Dw

TP3453 Swan Transit [Transperth] (3453)
Activated 31 Jan 2024. Allocated to Beckenham.
3455 New

Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U527RA214230 / Volgren Optimus VP2324 01/24 B41Dw

TP3455 Swan Transit [Transperth] (3455)
Activated 31 Jan 2024. Allocated to Beckenham.
3455 Chassis & Body Nos corrected

Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U527RA214230 / Volgren Optimus VP2324 01/24 B41Dw

TP3455 Swan Transit [Transperth] (3455)
   West Coast Bus Charters [GoPartyBus]
665 Subsequent disposal

Mercedes-Benz O305G WDB30710161047466 / HowardPorter 86/9032 12/86 AB65FR

1ICZ709 West Coast Bus Charters [GoPartyBus] (W45)
ex-(not operated) The Transporter
ex-UQB665 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (665)
ex-UQB665 Transperth (665)
   Raw Hire (Karratha)
244 Correction

Daewoo BH117L KL5UR61NECU000523 / NCBC-Gemilang 612 -/12 C49Ft

1GYU570 Raw Hire (Karratha) (244)
ex-CVL2273 / TC7704 Adams Coachlines (244)
Registration is current
   Remote Outback Cycle Tours
TC2348 Not previously recorded

Toyota Landcruiser

TC2348 Remote Outback Cycle Tours
TC6970 Additional information

Mitsubishi Canter 4x4 / MMC -/02

TC6970 / TC2348 Remote Outback Cycle Tours
Rego expired, but this is the same unit that was registered TC2348
   Remote Tours (Alice Springs NT)
moYUMMO Registration expired

Austral Tourmaster DC122 B323-4-85 / B323 04/85 RC44Ftb

moYUMMO Remote Tours (Alice Springs NT)
ex-1416AC Southern Cross Tours (Hamilton VIC)
ex-TV3502 Pacific City Coaches (Coffs Harbour NSW) [J Woodward]
ex-841GBX Cooloola Coaches (Gympie QLD)
ex-MO0634 Burnett Nominees (Alstonville NSW)
ex-TC484 / IU1974 Deluxe Coachlines (44)
Registration moYUMMO expired 13 Nov 2023
   School Bus Logistics (Beresford)
1ETE326 Registration added

Daewoo BH117L KL5UR61NEDU000612 / UBC CS120 120540AB 06/14

1ETE326 West Coast Bus Charters [GoPartyBus]
ex-1ETE326 School Bus Logistics (Beresford)
ex-Daewoo (stock)
   Settlers Transport (Jarrahdale)
CVL3041 Registration not current

BCI 6KT2CC11XBX000076 -/12

CVL3041 Settlers Transport (Jarrahdale)
Registration CVL3041 not current
   Shepherdson Transport (Margaret River)

Volvo B8R / Irizar i6

Shepherdson Transport (Margaret River)
SHV158 Registration expired

Mercedes-Benz O500R WEB63443121000118 / BCI -/20

1HCR837 Sodexo (SHV158)
Registration 1HCR837 expired 17 Nov 2023
SHV34 Chassis no corrected

Scania K320IB YS2K4X20001890659 / Higer A30 -/15 C53F

1ETY091 Sodexo (Hope Downs) (SHV34)
   Southern Bus Charters (Albany) [Edwards]
1GXK771 Registration expired

IVECO Delta 6F2BACR00CDV00011 / Irizar Century3500 262.560 -/12 C48Ft

1GXK771 Southern Bus Charters (Albany) [Edwards]
ex-XQ21HT / 597TKF / SB77FX Greyhound Australia (162)
Registration 1GXK771 expired 5 Nov 2023
   Thomsons Coachlines
1GEG884 Registration expired

Scania K124EB YS2K6X20001843417 / Volgren C222TX VP0287 05/03 C56FtL

1GEG884 Thomsons Coachlines (Maddington)
ex-9TRANSWA / TRANSWA9 Transwa (09)
Registration 1GEG884 expired 16 Nov 2023
   Tsukuba Expo (Japan)
6.06 History corrected

Volvo B10ML YV3B10M5500008036 / Fuji 334104 12/84 AB70T

1GPN522 Bingo Party Bus Hire (Malaga)
ex-BUS310 / 1GDR010 West Coast Bus Charters [Mead] (310)
ex-CJ32VU / TV5050 Cumberland Coachlines (St Marys NSW) (22)
ex-344RDR / KBL09 Kangaroo Bus Lines (Burpengary QLD) (9)
ex-Tsukuba Expo (Japan) (6.06)
   WZ Travel WA
1HXQ332 Not previously recorded

Yutong LZYTCTD63P1__6730 01/23

1HXQ332 WZ Travel WA
   Walkabout Tours / Robertsons Northern Services
UAN567 Disposal

Albion Viking / Denning -/67 C__F

RBK772 Port Pirie Bus Service (Port Pirie SA)
ex-UAN567 Walkabout Tours / Robertsons Northern Services
   Waroona Harvey Bus Services
Not previously recorded

Volvo / Irizar i6 -/23? C57F

Waroona Harvey Bus Services
1BFT260 Additional information

Hino RG230 JHDRG1JSKXXX11133 / ABM Starliner III 02-064A 09/02 B57F

1DON531 Rove Charters
ex-1DON531 X-Factor Coachlines [MacNish]
ex-1BFT260 Waroona Harvey Bus Service
ex-1BFT260 Whitehouse (J & S J)
1BSJ783 Additional information

Mercedes-Benz OH1725 9BM3821753B358863 / Express 324 07/04 B57F

1HAD829 West Coast Bus Charters [GoPartyBus] (WCBC3)
ex-1BSJ783 Nazzari Bus Sales (Welshpool) (dealer)
ex-1BSJ783 Waroona Harvey Bus Service
ex-Turners Bus Charter (Harvey)
1CXD752 Acquired

Hino FD230 JHDFD8JPKXXX10064 / TOST 308 -/08

1CXD752 Waroona Harvey Bus Service
ex-1CXD752 De Rosa (T)
1GJA599 Operator identified

Volvo B7R YV3R6R622HA186649 / TOST -/17

1GJA599 Waroona Harvey Bus Service
2 Operator identified

BCI 6KT2CC111JX001275 -/19

1GUQ129 Waroona Harvey Bus Services (2)
6 Not previously recorded

Toyota HiAce Commuter

1EZY034 Waroona Harvey Bus Services (6)
7 Not previously recorded

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600

Waroona Harvey Bus Services (7)
8KO004 Additional information

Hino FD166L JHDFD3WLLXXX10061 / TOST 158 02/93 B39F

8KO004 motorhome
ex-8KO004 Waroona Harvey Bus Service
ex-8KO004 Leach (H) (Harvey)
   West Coast Bus Charters [GoPartyBus]
W45 Registration & Fleet No added

Mercedes-Benz O305G WDB30710161047466 / HowardPorter 86/9032 12/86 AB65FR

1ICZ709 West Coast Bus Charters [GoPartyBus] (W45)
ex-(not operated) The Transporter
ex-UQB665 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (665)
ex-UQB665 Transperth (665)
Registered 1ICZ709 30 Jan 2024
W46 New

BCI 6KT2CC116PX00____ -/24

1ICU316 West Coast Bus Charters [GoPartyBus] (W46)
W47 New

BCI 6KT2CC114PX00____ -/24

1ICU318 West Coast Bus Charters [GoPartyBus] (W47)
W48 New

BCI 6KT2CC112PX00____ -/23

1ICU317 West Coast Bus Charters [GoPartyBus] (W48)
W49 New

BCI 6KT2CC110PX001812 -/23

1ICN583 West Coast Bus Charters [GoPartyBus] (W49)
W50 New

BCI 6KT2CC118PX001816 -/24

1ICN584 West Coast Bus Charters [GoPartyBus] (W50)
M181 Subsequent disposal

Mercedes-Benz O303 301204 64 032740 / Ansair MB1598 10/85 C42Ft

SB36JD / 1DOA797 motorhome
ex-TC2021 South West Coach Lines [D Adams]
ex-6QG239 Westrail (M181)
   Westrail (Chief Civil Engineers Dept)
SVG633 Subsequent disposal

Scania F92 YS4FC4X2Z01813785 / TOST 121 04/91 C32Fv

1EWP089 motorhome / car transporter
ex-9IT576 John Holland
ex-7QE702 Westrail (Chief Civil Engineers Dept) (SVG633)
   X-Factor Coachlines [MacNish]
1HTA250 Registration expired

Nissan JP251P 00123 6T9G16WA1X1CAZ014 / BCI-Gemilang MSSB023 06/99 B51F

1HTA250 X-Factor Coachlines [MacNish]
ex-UQB823 Swan Transit [TransBunbury] (823)
ex-TC3920 Transdev [TransBunbury] (3920)
ex-TC3920 Veolia Transport [TransBunbury] (3920)
ex-TC3920 Veolia Transport [Bunbury City Transit]
ex-TC3920 South West Coach Lines [Bunbury City Transit] [D Adams]
ex-TC3920 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie)
Registration 1HTA250 expired 28 Nov 2023
Chassis No added

Austral Tourmaster DC122 B335 -/85 RC48Ft

ex-2351AO / CGR640 Sita Coaches (West Footscray VIC) (51)
Not previously recorded

Isuzu -/85?

1294 Identity established

Mercedes-Benz 1418 36146720702668 / Superior B36x 11/79 RC53F

1294 motorhome
ex-unknown (QLD)
ex-MO8333 Kirkland Bros Omnibus Service (Lismore NSW) (295)
ex-MO8333 Simes Bros Bus Service (Lismore NSW)
1CXE825 Re-registered

Hino Rainbow RB145A JHDRB145AXXX40739 -/87

1IAH986 / 1CXE825 motorhome
Re-registered 1IAH986
1DOZ265 Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518204500809 -/11

1DOZ265 motorhome
NOTE: rego 1DOZ265 expired 27 Dec 2022
1DUT602 Not previously recorded

Mercedes-Benz OH1625 WDB39637861210939 / Newnham 87-192 09/87 C53F

1DUT602 motorhome
ex-1790AO Driver Bus Lines (Mt Waverley VIC) (117)
ex-1790AO Mawsons Coaches (Balnarring VIC)
ex-0199AO / NCY781 Carpenters (Lakes Entrance VIC)
ex-NCY781 Warragul Bus Lines (Warragul VIC)
ex-NCY781 / DFM417 Panorama Coaches (Diamond Creek VIC) (3)
ex-DFM417 Rambler Coaches (Box Hill VIC) (3)
1HJB228 Re-registered

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE649J0BD00772 01/05

1HYF773 / 1HJB228 / 1PK5SN motorhome
Re-registered 1HYF773 29 Jun 2023
1HQM293 Not previously recorded

Isuzu LT1-11P JALYB12N2G2508429 / MBS Citiliner B375 01/92 B61F

1HQM293 motorhome
ex-XQ27QH unknown (QLD)
ex-621GOF Fassifern Coaches (Boonah QLD)
ex-MO1770 King Bros (Kempsey NSW) (331)
ex-MO1770 Sonters Bus Service (Laurieton NSW) (44)
1HQN741 Registration expired

Volvo FLH6 4WD YV2E4CCA41B282428 / ABDenning Corsair VM044 07/01 C30Ftv

1HQN741 motorhome
ex-CVL1258 West Coast Bus Charters [GoPartyBus] (1)
ex-CVL1258 West Coast Bus Charters [Mead]
ex-CVL1258 / TC7260 Buswest
ex-mo2312 / 316ICN / 307GER Down Under Tours (Cairns QLD) (304)
Registration 1HQN741 expired
1IBE549 Not previously recorded

Nissan Civilian RGW40 JN10RGW40A0__0152 01/94

1IBE549 motorhome
1ICZ029 Not previously recorded

Hino RG197K JHDRG197KXXX40343 / MCA B271 10/93 B57F

1ICZ029 motorhome
ex-ZDH309 unknown (VIC)
ex-4075AO Rutherglen Bus & Tour Service (Rutherglen VIC)
ex-MO2885 Gee (Corowa NSW)
ex-MO2885 Knight (NSW)
1KJ7KY Registration expired

Volvo B10M YV31MKC11GD012333 / VolgrenQ C57 09/86 HC46/12Dt

1KJ7KY / 284WCF motorhome
ex-405DYQ Crisps Coaches (Stanthorpe QLD)
ex-VRI015 / 057CMM Greyhound Pioneer Australia (267)
ex-817ABL / UOF858 Greyhound (817)
Registration 1KJ7KY expired 30 Nov 2023
848WVB Registration expired

Hino RK176K JHDRK176KXXX40416 / TOST 110 07/90 B49F

848WVB motorhome
ex-204TLH Trans North Bus & Coach (Bowen QLD) (204)
ex-936SQK Trans North Bus & Coach (Bowen QLD) (4)
ex-936SQK / 284KAU Bowen Transit (Bowen QLD) (4)
ex-7PY066 Burrow (A H) (Denmark)
Registration 848WVB expired 9 Nov 2023
9AD528 Not previously recorded

AEC Reliance 2HMU2RA 3423 / AtholHedges 07/61 B49F

9AD528 motorhome
ex-NMP072 Sandgate-Lutwyche Bus Service (Brighton QLD) [Mitchell] (2)
C11987 Not previously recorded

Denning DenAir 8v71 DA831-515-81 / 831 03/81 RC45Ft

C11987 motorhome
ex-590GFS Stonestreets Coaches (Toowoomba QLD)
ex-590GFS Dunkleys (Toowoomba QLD)
ex-257AEF McCaffertys Coaches (Toowoomba QLD)
ex-057PMN McCaffertys Coaches (Toowoomba QLD) (257)
ex-057PMN McCaffertys Coaches (Toowoomba QLD) (57)
C3215 Not previously recorded

AEC Regent III O961 -/48? H33/26R

C3215 motorhome
ex-Department of Government Transport (Sydney)
NOTE: rego not current
DL1086 Registration expired

Denning Landseer DL1086-770-85 / 1086 07/85 RC48Ft

XN87UP / 772KBV motorhome
ex-TV503 Caringbah Bus Service (Caringbah NSW)
ex-MO8769 Casino Bus Service (Casino NSW)
Registration XN87UP expired 28 Oct 2023
MH8762B Not previously recorded

Isuzu FRR500 JALFRR90787000115 / Able 01/08

MH8762B motorhome
ex-Unknown (mine)
RTK612 Registration expired

Denning Monocoach D149-73 07/73 RB57F

RTK612 motorhome Bella
ex-RTK612 Victorian Touring Coaches (Moorabbin VIC) (3)
ex-1103AO / NSK507 / DJI250 Armstrongs Driving School (Thomastown VIC) (3)
ex-DJI250 Langdons Bus Lines (Myrtleford QLD)
ex-Denning (Acacia Ridge QLD)
ex-ISX668 Southern Highlands Bus Service (Moss Vale NSW) [Ould]
ex-ISX668 Pleasure Tours (Fairy Meadow NSW) [R J Wood]
Registration RTK612 expired 9 Nov 2023
SMYTH Not previously recorded

Mercedes-Benz OC1617 33509864831161 / Ansair OC1384 09/82 C49F

SMYTH motorhome
ex-BLH642 Organs Bus Service (Kyneton VIC) (32)
UMG738 Registration expired

Denning D54-70 / 267 09/70 RC41F

UMG738 motorhome Judy
ex-UMG738 Christian Family Centre (Murray Bridge SA)
ex-UMG738 Murray Bridge Passenger Service (Murray Bridge SA)
ex-UMG738 Riverside Tours (Murray Bridge SA) (11)
ex-TC239 All States Charters (Lesmurdie) [Kostera]
ex-Gilbert (Mt Kuring-gai NSW)
ex-m/o5384 Higletts Motor Coach Service (Camden NSW)
Registration UMG738 expired 14 Nov 2023
W10360 Not previously recorded

Denning Landseer 6v92TTA DL1193-877-87 / 1196 06/87 RC48Ft

W10360 motorhome
ex-1465AO / NSU548 / XV30BM Moreland Bus Lines (Brunswick VIC)
ex-TV890 Calabro Bros (Bonnyrigg NSW)
ex-TV890 Westbus (NSW)
WY29005 Not previously recorded

Bedford B56__7599 01/63

WY29005 / 951XZH / UHU225 motorhome `Gunnado`
NOTE: rego WY29005 expired 2 Jul 2022
   Harleys (Korumburra VIC)
XB10KA Not previously recorded

Volvo B7R YV3R6G9184A006799 / Autobus 05/04 C57F

1IDU148 / XB10KA motorhome
ex-1773AO Harleys (Korumburra VIC)
XQ92UE Registration expired

Leyland B21 67 / CustomCoaches 83/164 05/84 B53F

XQ92UE / M11167 motorhome SeeinOz
ex-TC3867 Joondalup Coachlines (Quinns Rock) [J A Buckingham]
ex-MO1762 Kent (Corindi NSW)
ex-MO1762 Matthews (Corindi NSW)
ex-MO1762 Corindi Bus Service (Corindi NSW)
ex-MO1762 / m/o5096 King Bros (Kempsey NSW) (21)
ex-m/o5096 Delwood Bus Lines (Villawood NSW)
Registration XQ92UE expired 2 Mar 2024
XS54CN Visitor to the West

MCA 6F9301K06NB004205 / MCA Marathon B196 07/92 B53F

XS54CN motorhome Muttley
ex-m/o7550 Port Stephens Coaches (Anna Bay NSW) (22)
ex-224CTA Surfside Bus Lines (Southport QLD) (424)
ex-224CTA Coachtrans Australia (Gold Coast QLD) [Sita]
1HOJ601 Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster JTGFC518104001141 01/08

1HOJ601 Non-PSV (Kelmscott)
ex-unknown (mine)
GO2259 Registration expired

Leyland National 10951/2R 01653 06/75 B39D

GO2259 non-PSV
ex-TC2097 South West Coach Lines [D Adams] (97)
ex-ZIB285 ACTION (Canberra) (285)
ex-ZIB285 Canberra Bus Service (285)
Registration GO2259 expired 11 Nov 2023
1CLQ418 Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster PB51 JT743PB5108003258 01/97

1CLQ418 Unknown (14)
1EQJ399 Registration expired

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF00358 07/08 B24C

1EQJ399 unknown (Kambalda East)
ex-1EQJ399 / A311 / 1CWW014 Loves Bus Service (Albany) (A51)
Registration 1EQJ399 expired 12 Nov 2023
1GZN922 Not previously recorded

Yutong LZYTCTD62K1__8187 01/20

1GZN922 unknown
1HCR920 Registration expired

Isuzu FTS JALFTS34LK7000197 -/20

1HCR920 unknown
Registration 1HCR920 expired 20 Nov 2023
1HLF912 Registration expired

Scania K124EB YS4K6X20001840023 / CoachDesign 263 11/01 C50Dt

1HLF912 unknown
ex-XQ52UD unknown (QLD)
ex-Bus Stop Sales (Oxley QLD) (dealer)
ex-TV8549 NRC Buses (Coonamble NSW)
ex-TV8549 Langleys Coaches(Dubbo)
ex-SB29DL Kanga Coachlines (Mawson Lakes SA)
ex-SB29DL Premier Stateliner (Adelaide) (248)
ex-TC5601 / TV4043 / 1204AO / WRG814 AAT-Kings (21A)
Registration 1HLF912 expired 28 Oct 2023
BM29713 Registration expired

Toyota Coaster JTGFP528305500973 -/15

BM29713 unknown (White)
Registration BM29713 expired 19 Nov 2023
CVL1186 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108005143 -/00

CVL1186 unknown
Registration CVL1186 not current
CVL2114 Disposal

Mitsubishi Canter FG649 JLFFG649E0KJ40324 / Amesz -/05 C16C

BM34805 motorhome
ex-CVL2114 unknown (Broome)
CVL4044 Registration expired

Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3342 AK 6x6 W1T96420720__8688 -/22

CVL4044 unknown
Registration CVL4044 expired 14 Nov 2023
N11583 Registration expired

Hino Rainbow CH160A 40282 -/88

N11583 unknown
Registration N11583 expired 15 Nov 2023
WY25665 Registration expired

Volvo B10M Mk III YV31MGC10MD027950 / Austral Metroliner B02022 12/91 B45D

WY25665 unknown (Kununurra)
ex-240MEW / 240BIQ Brisbane Transport (240)
Registration WY25665 expired 31 Oct 2023
   unknown (QLD)
224HZ2 Registration expired

Hummer Krystal H2 5GRGN23U57H101989 -/06

224HZ2 / MARRYME / FLEXIN unknown (QLD)
ex-CVL2589 unknown
Registration 224HZ2 expired 4 Nov 2023
XB07GA Registration expired

Isuzu FTS800 JALFTS34LE7000244 -/15

XB07GA unknown (QLD)
ex-CVL1687 unknown
Registration XB07GA expired 2 Nov 2023
   unknown (orange school bus)
1AFO157 Not previously recorded

Nissan Civilian RGW40 JN10RGW40A0__0779 01/98

1AFO157 motorhome
ex-1AFO157 unknown (orange school bus)
1CXU816 Not previously recorded

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DF0P__0434 -/08 B24C

1CXU816 unknown (orange school bus)
1GAL249 Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster JTGFG518107000560 01/04

1GAL249 non-PSV
ex-unknown (orange school bus)

  Non‑PTA operators

Northam Bus Service [Nuich]

  Non‑PTA operators

Waroona Harvey Bus Services

  Transperth Ferries


  Transperth Ferries


  Transperth Ferries


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