1387 records
   4 U We Do Bus Charters (Esperance) [P Grobler]
1EOX054 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster

1EOX054 4 U We Do Bus Charters (Esperance) [P Grobler]
   A20 Bus Charter (Bayswater) [J Thomas]
TC6799 Operator identified

Toyota HiAce Commuter

TC6799 A20 Bus Charter (Bayswater) [J Thomas]
NOTE: rego not current
101 Re-registered

Scania K420EB YS2K6X20001862928  ⁄ CoachConcepts 98 01/09 C50Dt

9997AO ⁄  mo2993 ⁄  TC6469 ⁄  SB67CF AAT-Kings (101)
151 Registration not current

Denning Landseer Decker 8v92 DBLB0016-16-10-88  ⁄  B0016 10/88 HC44/16Dt

TV003 AAT-Kings (151);
ex-VBM387 Premier Stateliner (Mile End SA) (387);
ex-VBM387 Premier Roadlines (SA) (387);
ex-VBM387 Greyhound Pioneer Australia (394);
ex-VBM387 Pioneer Express (394);
ex-mo485 Deluxe Coachlines (194)
   ABC Tours (NZ)
7 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 307001 61 030623  ⁄ JWBolton 06/82 B49F (originally B43D)

CEJ267 ABC Tours (NZ) (7);
ex-CEJ267 Bethlehem Coachlines (Tauranga NZ) (19);
ex-Unknown (New Zealand) (dealer);
ex-UQB388 PATH Transit [Transperth] (388);
ex-UQB388 Transperth (388);
ex-UQB388 MTT (388)
Rego CEJ267 expired
   Acacia Living Group
1DMZ384 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518104500574 -/10

1DMZ384 Acacia Living Group
   Action Tours (Somerton VIC)
8507AO Registration not current

Austral Tourmaster DC122 B495  ⁄  1444 5/88 RC52F (originally RC46Ft)

8507AO Action Tours (Somerton VIC);
ex-TV2181 Alstonville Bus Lines (Alstonville NSW);
ex-TV2181 Symes Coaches (Inverell NSW);
ex-TV2181 King Bros Bus Service (Kempsey NSW);
ex-TV1573 Forest Coach Lines (Terry Hills NSW);
ex-mo176 Deluxe Coachlines (168)
   Adams Coachlines
B89 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821092095  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VP0015 10/99 B41Dw

1GQI496 Adams Coachlines (B89);
ex-TP1510 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1510)
MR7 Original operator identified

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE649J0BE00527 7/07 C24C

CVL2280 Adams Coachlines (MR7);
ex-314TKU ⁄  7945AO Murrays Coaches
NOTE: rego CVL2280 not current
   Adelaide Coachlines (Edwardstown SA)
SB09FY Registration not current

Austral Allstar 6F9R3GJ20MD001012  ⁄ Austral 1674 06/91 B57F (originally DP49F)

SB09FY Adelaide Coachlines;
ex-399SHO ⁄  BCO90 Currumbin Valley Coaches (Currumbin Waters QLD) [Brims];
ex-1CTM021 ⁄  TC5015 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury);
ex-8EX694 Hamersley Iron (Tom Price) (5-35)
Rego SB09FY expired 12.12.2016
   Adshead Bus Hire
1ALW319 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster HZB50R -/99 B21C

1ALW319 Adshead Bus Hire (Attadale) (80)
1AER070 Subsequent disposal

Toyota Coaster HZB50R JT743PB5108003816 -/98 B21C

406YXG motorhome;
ex-229MXI Barefoot Tours (Cairns QLD);
ex-1AER070 Pendragon Bus Service (Sawyers Valley);
ex-1AER070 Adshead Bus Hire (Attadale) (77)
NOTE: rego not current
7SS066 Disposal

Hino RK176K JHDRK176KXXX40313  ⁄ TOST 92 07/89 B49F

7SS066 Unknown (non-PSV);
ex-7SS066 Adshead Bus Hire (Attadale) (49);
ex-7SS066 Mears (C) (Waroona)
Rego current
   Affordable Bus Charters [Pollard]
CVL2756 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DG0RG10191 -/12

CVL2756 Affordable Bus Charters [Pollard]
   Airlink Ground Transport
CVL3550 Original registration added

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108003537 -/97

CVL3550 ⁄  TC6931? Airlink Ground Transport;
ex-537FZX Unknown (QLD)
NOTE: registration CVL3550 subsequently on a 2009 Holden Caprice, also not current
   Alavant Tours
1HOK672 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0RG10511 -/12

1HOK672 ⁄  CVL1226 ⁄  TC7802? Alavant Tours
1EYW909 For Sale

BCI 6KT2CC113EX00733 01/16 B57F

1EYW909 Alavant Tours
CVL1529 Registration not current

Toyota HiAce Commuter JTFSS22P100016272 -/06

CVL1529 Alavant Tours
   All Aboard Coach Tours (Craigie)
1DUX447 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0RG10094 -/12 B24C

1DUX447 All Aboard Coach Tours (Craigie)
   Alpine Spirit Coaches (Myrtleford VIC)
6253AO Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821091845  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VP0002 1/99 B41Dw

6253AO Alpine Spirit Coaches (Myrtleford VIC);
ex-6253AO Victorian Touring Coaches (Moorabbin VIC) (53);
ex-TP1703 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1703)
Rego 6253AO cancelled 11.07.2021
   Australian Pinnacle Tours [PTG]
C114 Original operator identified

BCI PK6850AT LSFC030847C002002 -/07 C53F

1GVC577 Australian Pinnacle Tours [PTG] (C114);
ex-1GVC577 Adams Coachlines (C114);
ex-027WGB Point to Point Transfers (Mermaid Beach QLD);
ex-044LXO Crisps Coaches (Stanthorpe QLD)
   Aranmore Catholic College (Leederville)
1BRY035 Disposal

Toyota Coaster JT743PB3009000750 -/91 B22C

1BRY035 Private Owner (non-PSV);
ex-1BRY035 Aranmore Catholic College (Leederville) (3)
   Auld (C A & H J) (Mt Helena)
8AC181 Chassis no corrected

Isuzu LT1-11P JALLT111PG2511850  ⁄ PMCA 160 2034 12/89 B53F

158JJO Bus Queensland (Toowoomba QLD) (158);
ex-158JJO Kynoch Coaches (Toowoomba QLD);
ex-8AC181 Auld (C A & H J) (Mt Helena)
Previously recorded as JALLT111PG2511380 [source not noted]; Rego 158JJO not current
   Aussie Redback Tours [Kersting]
CVL4602 Original registration added

Isuzu FTS800 JALFTS34LB7000020 -/11

CVL4602 Aussie Redback Tours [Kersting];
ex-047OZT Unknown (QLD)
1GOG284 Original registration added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JMFBE649J0B__0086 -/00

1GOG284 Aussie Redback Tours [Kersting];
ex-108FXT Unknown (QLD)
NOTE: rego 1GOG284 not current
   Aussie Wanderer Tours & Safari
1APW936 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/00

1APW936 Aussie Wanderer
1DOX687 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/05

1DOX687 Aussie Wanderer Tours & Safari
   Australian Islamic College
1EWX980 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/96

1EWX980 Australian Islamic College;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
1BYR117 Registration not current

Hino Blue Ribbon HU276A 45005 -/84

1BYR117 Australian Islamic College
   Autopia Tours
BS04SY Re-registered

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0RG10067 12/12

BS07BA ⁄  BS04SY Autopia Tours
1HIN087 Original registration added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0RF10028 -/11

1HIN087 Autopia Tours;
ex-2280NC Unknown (VIC)
NOTE: rego 2280NC cancelled 14.09.2017
   Axis Hire [Brogen]
1HGL165 Original registration added

Isuzu NPS300 4x4 JAANPS75HD7100396 -/14

1HGL165 Axis Hire [Brogen];
ex-358WNY Unknown (QLD)
   Baptist Church
1CEB560 Registration not current

Hino RJ170B 40292  ⁄  K25863 -/86 C25F

1CEB560 Baptist Church (Mt Pleasant);
ex-1CEB560 Winthrop Baptist College;
ex-Unknown (Japan)
1CII624 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/06

ex-1CII624 Winthrop Baptist College;
ex-1CII624 Unknown
   South Coast Baptist College
1EQE118 Registration not current

Mitsubishi  ⁄ MMC -/86 B49F

1EQE118 South Coast Baptist College;
ex-Unknown (Japan)
   Barefoot Tours (Cairns QLD)
618SRW Disposal

Toyota Coaster JTGFG518X07000718 -/04

618SRW motorhome;
ex-618SRW Barefoot Tours (Cairns QLD);
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
NOTE: rego not current
   Barminco (Hazelmere)

Toyota Coaster JTGFB528702000203 03/01 B21C

940MUP Unknown (QLD);
ex-Barminco (Hazelmere)
NOTE: rego 940MUP not current
   Kojonup Bus Service [M Baulch]
KO7529 Registration not current

Kia Cosmos 828 KN2GAD4C01C300150  ⁄ BCI-Gemilang MSSB163 --/01 B43F

KO7529 Kojonup Bus Service [M Baulch];
ex-KO7529 Kojonup Bus Service
KO1432 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster HZB50R JTGFG518X07000590 --/04 B21C

KO1432 Kojonup Bus Service [M Baulch];
ex-KO1432 Australian Transit Group (Boyup Brook)
   BCI (stock)

BCI FBC6840 6KT1AA117BX000154  ⁄ BCI PromaDX -/12 C33F

JZW612 Stewarts Buses (Kaeo NZ);
ex-JZW612 Mahu City Express (Snells Beach NZ);
ex-BCI (stock);
   BCM Charter Services
1HRB739 Correction

Mercedes-Benz LO814 9BM688176VB111910  ⁄ ABDenning Vario 82228 -/97

1HRB739 ⁄  CVL3420 ⁄  1GPI727 ⁄  CVL3399 BCM Charter Services;
ex-Mercedes-Benz (stock)
Registered 1HRB739 (current)
   Beechboro Christian School
1GAI776 Chassis No added

Higer Munro H7170 LKLS1CS82BA558185 -/11 C27C

1GAI776 Beechboro Christian School
   Belbins (Copping TAS)
C74ZK Registration not current

Metrotec Delta 16.210 6F2BACR00TDC00939  ⁄ NCBC 150 01/97 B57F

C74ZK Belbin (Copping TAS);
ex-SW12460 Gidge Springs Bus Services (Chidlow) [M ODea]
Rego expired 17.06.2022
   Bethanie Care Services
1ETQ190 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518404502657 -/15

1ETQ190 Bethanie Care Services
   BGC Contracting (Osborne Park)
1EXG356 Registration not current

DongFeng Brahman EQ6860L5DY 4x4 -/14 C28C

1EXG356 BGC Contracting (Osborne Park)
   Bingo Party Bus Hire (Malaga)
310 Registration not current

Volvo B10ML YV3B10M5500008036  ⁄ Fuji 334104 12/84 AB66T

1GPN522 Bingo Party Bus Hire (Malaga);
ex-BUS310 ⁄  1GDR010 West Coast Bus Charters [Mead] (310);
ex-CJ32VU ⁄  TV5051 Cumberland Coachlines (St Marys NSW) (21);
ex-344RDR Cumberland Coachlines (St Marys NSW) (8);
ex-KBL08 Kangaroo Bus Lines (Burpengary QLD) (8);
ex-Tsukuba Expo (Japan) (6.06)
   Boddington Gold Mine
1CNX122 Subsequent disposal

Hino BD190 JHDAD2JLKXXX10034  ⁄ Rogers Primero B515 04/99 B35F

424WVH Unknown (Tin Can Bay QLD);
ex-312TUE ⁄  536TCK Sisils Bus Lines (Lindum QLD);
ex-1CNX122 Boddington Gold Mine;
ex-Joint Defence Facility (Pine Gap NT)
NOTE: rego 424WVH not current
   Bound For Glory Transport (Bellevue)
1CGA116 Registration not current

Austral Interbus 200S-GM  ⁄ Austral --/86 C49F

1CGA116 Bound For Glory Transport / Porkys Party Bus (Bellevue);
   Bowden (T) (Toodyay)
T5344 Registration not current

Hino RG197K JHDRG197KXXX40473  ⁄ TOST 195 01/95 B55F

T5344 ⁄  8KO027 Bowden (T) (Toodyay)
   Bretts Coach Service (Gunns Plains TAS)
C01177 Disposal

Denning DenAir 6v92TTA DA1010-694-84  ⁄  1010 2/84 RC45Ft

1CQ5QM Unknown (VIC);
ex-C01177 Bretts Coach Service (Gunns Plains TAS);
ex-C01177 Burns Coach Lines (Gunns Plains TAS);
ex-EPT382 Ohlin Coaches (Shepparton VIC) (21);
ex-TV100 Sunliner Express (Manly QLD);
ex-TV100 ⁄  ISY691 Chalmers Coaches (Killara NSW)
NOTE: rego C01177 expired 08.03.2014
   Broughton Anglican College (Menangle NSW)
XN79SS Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz 815D WDB6703742N083998  ⁄ ABDenning Vario II 82329 --/02 C35F (originally -/02 C33F)

XN79SS Broughton Anglican College (Menangle NSW);
ex-1GSO335 Busy Blue Bus [McCabe] (W32);
ex-663IVO Unknown (QLD)
   Budget Hire
1DNY519 Partial chassis no added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0R__0055 --/10

1DNY519 Budget Hire
1CFH289 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600

1CFH289 Budget Hire
   Bullsbrook Community Bus
BE459 Disposal

Toyota Coaster JTGFB518501000093 -/00

BE459 Unknown (non-PSV);
ex-BE459 Bullsbrook Community Bus;
ex-BE459 Unknown (orange school bus)
Chassis no added
   Bunbury Bus Service [Pilatti]
1DLU866 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster HZB50R JTGFB528102000312 -/01

1DLU866 Bunbury Bus Hire [Pilatti]
BY069P Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFG518607000358 -/04

BY069P Bunbury Bus Hire [Pilatti]
NOTE: rego not current
1DFU091 Disposal

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108000711 -/94 B21C

1DFU091 Private Owner (non-PSV);
ex-1DFU091 Bunbury Bus Hire [Pilatti]
   Bunbury Catholic College
BY67881 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz LO814 9BM688176VB119383  ⁄ ABDenning Vario 82212 -/98 B31F

BY67881 Bunbury Catholic College;
ex-Mercedes Benz (stock)
   Burkes Bus Service (Moonah TAS)
A76DN Withdrawn & sold

Hino BC144K JHDBC144KXXX10036  ⁄ TOST 91 06/89 B32FL

A76DN Burkes Bus Service (Moonah TAS);
ex-A76DN Gilberts Coaches (Sorell TAS);
ex-AK3883 Brooks (G) (Jerramungup);
ex-6QW670 Education Dept
   Burrow (A H) (Denmark)
7PY066 Subsequent disposal

Hino RK176K JHDRK176KXXX40416  ⁄ TOST 110 07/90 B49F

848WVB motorhome;
ex-204TLH Trans North Bus & Coach (Bowen QLD) (204);
ex-936SQK Trans North Bus & Coach (Bowen QLD) (4);
ex-936SQK ⁄  284KAU Bowen Transit (Bowen QLD) (4);
ex-7PY066 Burrow (A H) (Denmark)
1DGL470 Body date corrected

Hino RN8J JHDRN8JSKXXX10079  ⁄ TOST 324 11/09 B57F

1DGL470 Burrow (A H) (Denmark)
   Busabout (Harden NSW) [Fearnes]
6645MO Registration not current

Volvo B10M 15301  ⁄ Volgren VG217 09/88 B57F

6645MO Busabout (Harden NSW) [Fearnes];
ex-m/o8685 Busabout (West Hoxton NSW) [Nevilles Bus Service];
ex-m/o8685 Hawkesbury Valley Bus & Coach (NSW);
ex-m/o8685 Busabout / Coachways (Casula NSW);
ex-7NR073 Hamersley Iron (Dampier) (5-8)
   Bus Australia
78 Disposal

Bova Futura FHSD12-332 XL9AB21CG03003577 8/87 C46Ft

TRT791 motorhome;
ex-UOV583 ⁄  WV95AB Bus Australia / Across Australia Coachlines (78)
NOTE: rego TRT791 cancelled 05.08.2021
79 Disposal

Bova Futura FHSD12-332 XL9AB21CG03003584 10/87 C46Ft

WG7452 Autorent (Methven NZ);
ex-686BIZ ⁄  UZJ717 ⁄  TC2195 ⁄  UPF539 ⁄  WV32AC Bus Australia / Across Australia Coachlines (79)
84 Disposal

Bova Futura FHSD12-332 XL9AB21CG03003825 9/88 C48Dt

PJMH01 motorhome;
ex-UUY817 Greyhound Pioneer Australia (784);
ex-UUY817 ⁄  WV45AD Bus Australia (84)
NOTE: rego PJMH01 cancelled 23.03.2019
89 Disposal

Bova Futura FHSD12-332 XL9AB21CG03003873 8/89 C48Dt

QDW623 motorhome;
ex-023CWK Greyhound Pioneer Australia (789);
ex-WV06AB Bus Australia (89)
766 Body No added

Bova Futura FHSD12-332 XL9AB21CG03003471 6/87 C57F (originally 3741 7/86 C53Ft)

Private Owner (Barragup);
ex-TC6591 Horizons West (Welshpool);
ex-1DSY086 ⁄  TC6591 Unknown;
ex-3726AO ⁄  OHC452 Phillip Island Bus Lines (Cowes VIC) (26);
ex-188DGK ⁄  166COG Greyhound Pioneer (766);
ex-TC2000 Bus Australia / Across Australia Coachlines (766);
ex-TC2000 ⁄  RI9889 Bus Australia / Across Australia Coachlines (66)
mo132 Disposal

Bova Futura FHSD12-332 XL9AB21CG03003732  ⁄  3732 2/88 C46Ft

ex-m/o9250 Pleasure Tours (Fairy Meadow NSW) [R J Wood];
ex- (780);
ex-mo132 ⁄  UON143 Bus Australia / Across Australia Coachlines (80)
   Bus Buddys (Sunshine VIC)
2097AC Registration not current

Bova Futura FHSD12-332 XL9AB21CG03003481 6/86 C57F (originally C46Ft)

2097AC Bus Buddys (Sunshine VIC);
ex-3728AO ⁄  QGG058 Phillip Island Bus Lines (Cowes VIC) (28);
ex-UUD600 Greyhound Pioneer (769);
ex-UUD600 Bus Australia / Across Australia Coachlines (769);
ex-UUD600 Bus Australia / Across Australia Coachlines (69)
   Busfleet (Mt Buller VIC) [Australia Travel Safe]
B055 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821097194  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VP0104 12/00 B41Dw

TV789A Busfleet (Mt Buller VIC) [Australia Travel Safe] (B055);
ex-TV437A Busfleet Australia (Alexandria NSW) (B055);
ex-TP1767 Transdev [Transperth] (1767);
ex-TP1767 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1767)
Rego TV789A expired 01.12.2022
TV1307 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821093335  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VP0052 3/00 B41Dw

TV1307 Busfleet Australia (Alexandria NSW) (B038) `Kal`;
ex-TP1169 Transdev [Transperth] (1169)
Rego TV1307 expired
TV1306 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821092334  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VG1212 1/00 B41Dw

TV1306 Busfleet Australia (Alexandria NSW) (B039);
ex-TP1315 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1315);
ex-TP1315 Connex [Transperth] (1315);
ex-TP1315 Perth Bus [Transperth] (1315)
Rego TV1306 expired 12.12.2021
   Bush Tucker Tours (Margaret River)
AU33050 Correction

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DG0RH10104 -/13

AU33050 Bush Tucker Tours (Margaret River)
Registered AU33050
   Buslink Vivo (Howard Springs NT)
CC59FO Registration not current

BCI JXK6127BRZ1 -/11 C57F

CC59FO Buslink Vivo (Howard Springs NT) (4xx);
ex-Go West (239)
   Bust-A-Move Party Charters (Osborne Park)
CVL1527 Acquired

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter WDB9066352S320860 --/08

CVL1527 Bust-A-Move Party Charters (Osborne Park);
ex-CVL1527 Unknown
CVL1254 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF00087 -/08 B24C

CVL1254 ⁄  TC5973 Fortesque Bus Service (Karratha) [Buswest]
Registration now on a Higer
CVL1254 Registration not current

Higer RoadBoss H12300s LKLR1KSJ6BB565971 7/11 C53F

CVL1254 Buswest;
ex-1DSA035 Unknown (mining company)
CVL1260 Registration not current

Volvo B10M Mk IV YV31M3F10RD041567  ⁄ AustralDenning B021530 6/95 B__F (originally B47D)

CVL1260 ⁄  TC7678 Buswest;
ex-520ECH ⁄  520CQD Brisbane Transport (520);
ex-520CQD Brisbane City Council (520)
CVL1303 Registration not current

IVECO Delta C260 6F2BACR009DS00134  ⁄ CustomCoaches SB50 10-115 -/11

CVL1303 Buswest;
ex-IVECO (stock)
CVL1313 Registration not current

Volvo B10M Mk IV YV31M3F12SD042001  ⁄ AustralDenning B021640 3/95 B47D

CVL1313 Buswest;
ex-531CQD Hornibrook Bus Lines (Clontarf QLD) (531);
ex-531CQD Brisbane Transport (531);
ex-531CQD Brisbane City Council (531)
CVL1322 Registration not current

Volvo B10M Mk III YV31MGC1XPD032240  ⁄ Austral B02135 3/94 B45D

CVL1322 ⁄  TC7657 Buswest;
ex-502CIO Brisbane Transport (502);
ex-502CIO Brisbane City Council (502)
CVL1343 Requires confirmation

Volvo FLH6 4WD YV2E4CCA11B282421  ⁄ ABDenning Corsair VM047 7/01 C30Ft

CVL1343 ⁄  TC7259 Buswest;
ex-136ICW ⁄  868GFO ⁄  mo2689 Down Under Tours (Cairns QLD) (306)
Had also been registered 868GFO, presumably pre-136ICW? NOTE: rego CVL1343 not current
CVL1348 Registration not current

Volvo B10M Mk III YV31MGC15PD031626  ⁄ AustralDenning B02108 11/93 B47D

CVL1348 ⁄  TC7713 Buswest;
ex-326BVK Brisbane Transport (326);
ex-326BVK Brisbane City Council (326)
CVL1387 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O500R 9BM382177CB850826  ⁄ BCI -/13

CVL1387 ⁄  TC7352 Mandurah Bus Charters
CVL1630 Registration not current

Volvo B10M Mk III YV31MGC17PD031627  ⁄ AustralDenning B02109 11/93 B47D

CVL1630 ⁄  TC7709 Buswest;
ex-327BVK Brisbane Transport (327);
ex-327BVK Brisbane City Council (327)
CVL3416 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0RK31082 -/18

CVL3416 Buswest
Crown Casino Shuttle livery
TC4665 Disposal

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE649J0BD00532 06/04 C24C

1JV3NX Unknown (VIC);
ex-TC4665 Buswest
NOTE: rego 1JV3NX expired 15.03.2022
TC5244 Registration not current

Volvo B58H-05 5600 14777  ⁄ PMCSA 5633 09/80 B49F (originally B45D)

CVL3194 Albany Limousines & Charters [S Winchester];
ex-RO25280 Unknown;
ex-TC5244 Buswest;
ex-TC5244 Kalamunda Bus Service [ATG];
ex-VTI927 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1483);
ex-VTI927 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (1483);
ex-TA1483 TransAdelaide (1483);
ex-STA483 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1483)
Not CVL3194 at Buswest but was sold to unknown operator & registered RO25280 by 3/16
TC5924 Correction

Mercedes-Benz O303-3 WDB60041561068072  ⁄ Denning Majestic F222 05/92 C50Ft

Private Owner (Highett VIC);
ex-TC5924 Buswest;
ex-TC5924 Fortesque Bus Service (Karratha) [Buswest];
ex-0937AO ⁄  moCOBB52 Dysons (Bundoora VIC) (234);
ex-moCOBB52 Cobb & Co Coaches (Tullamarine VIC) (52);
ex-mo2142 ⁄  TC2837 ⁄  EUV446 Australian Pacific Tours (Sandringham VIC) (44)
As at 01.01.2023, still unconverted & for sale
1CSV984 Correction

Mercedes-Benz OH1830L 9BM3821766B483331  ⁄ Express 505 11/07 B57F

CVL1807 Gannaways Charters & Tours [ATG];
ex-CVL1807 ⁄  1CSV984 Gannaways Charters & Tours (Busselton)
Rego is current
KO6067 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster --/85 B21C

KO6067 Kojonup Bus Service (67);
ex-Laverton Bus Charters
KO6170 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster --/86 B21C

KO6170 Kojonup Bus Service (70);
ex-Mt Barker School Bus Service
KO4854 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster BB20 4106 --/83 B21C

KO4854 Kojonup Bus Service (54);
ex-Mt Barker School Bus Service
1DHR072 Re-registered

Mercedes-Benz OH1830LE 9BM382176AB683365  ⁄ TOST 331 -/10 B57?F

C385 ⁄  1DHR072 Buswest
CVL1257 Disposal

Toyota Coaster JTGFB518701002850 -/01

1HEA455 Unknown (non-PSV);
ex-CVL4647 ⁄  CVL1257 ⁄  TC7103 Buswest
1CHP226 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE649J0BD01524 -/06 B24C

1HHB026 ⁄  1CHP226 Buswest
1HKB935 Additional information

Mercedes-Benz OH1830 9BM382177CB854948  ⁄ Irizar Century 3500 262.534 05/12 C48F

1HKB935 ATG Downunder (PTR996);
ex-mo4189 ATG Downunder (Alice Springs NT);
ex-266SIK Buslink Vivo (Howard Springs NT) (303);
ex-266SIK Vivo Connect (Moranbah QLD) (15)
1CVG743 Registration not current

IVECO Delta C260 6F2BACR007DP00726  ⁄ Express 536 06/07 B57FL

1CVG743 Buswest [PTA SBS];
ex-1CVG743 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) [PTA SBS];
ex-1CVG743 TransGoldfields [EGTB];
ex-1CVG743 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie)
1BOC056 Registration not current

Toyota HiAce Commuter JT743LHJ401003285 -/00 C12C

1BOC056 Buswest;
ex-1BOC056 ANA Bus Charters
Withdrawn c2014
1BKB430 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108002029 -/95 B22F

1BKB430 Buswest;
ex-1BKB430 ANA Bus Charters
1AJI900 Registration not current

Hino RG230 JHDRG1JSKXXX10677  ⁄ APG Starliner 8708417 01/99 C57F

1AJI900 Buswest;
ex-1AJI900 Van Kuyls Bus & Coach Charters (Kelmscott) [B L & K L Van Kuyl] (51);
ex-1AJI900 Adshead Bus Hire (Attadale) (78)
9BY009 Registration not current

Hino RK176K JHDRK176KXXX40661  ⁄ PMCA Commuter 2665 08/96 B57F

9BY009 Buswest;
ex-9BY009 Hough (Bunbury) (9);
ex-Hino Australia (stock)
9BY021 Registration not current

Hino RG197K JHDRG197KXXX40389  ⁄ TOST 179 01/94 B55F

9BY021 Buswest;
ex-9BY021 Houghs Bus Service (Bunbury) [Buswest] (2);
ex-9BY021 ⁄  8KO018 Hough (Bunbury) (21)
1ELK724 Registration not current

BCI 6KT2CC115DX000439 -/14

1ELK724 Buswest
1CEB202 Subsequent disposal

Mercedes-Benz OH1728 9BM3821755B414201  ⁄ Express 403 01/06 B57F

1CEB202 Unknown;
ex-1CEB202 West Coast Bus Charters [Mead];
ex-1CEB202 Fortesque Bus Service [Buswest]
1BND805 Subsequent disposal

Hino RG230 JHDRG1JSKXXX10640  ⁄ BCI-Gemilang MSSB006 12/98 B57F

XQ80QG Unknown (QLD);
ex-728TUU Cavbus (Logan Village QLD) (113);
ex-1BND805 Buswest;
ex-1BND805 Van Kuyls Bus & Coach Charters (Kelmscott) (52);
ex-1AIX768 Adshead Bus Hire (Attadale) (76)
NOTE: rego XQ80QG not current
1DGQ069 Chassis No added

BCI JXK6127AT LSFC130879C005265  ⁄ BCI -/10

1DGQ069 Buswest;
ex-1DGQ069 Northside Bus Charter (Duncraig) [F L De Vos] (10)
1CMA638 Withdrawn for parts

MAN 18.360 WMAR33ZZ76C006972  ⁄ CoachDesign 499 12/06 C57F

PARTS ⁄  1CMA638 Buswest;
ex-1CMA638 Warwick Bus Co (11)
1CZA042 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF00571 -/08 B24C

1CZA042 Buswest
9BY005 Sold

Hino RG230 JHDRG1JSKXXX10904  ⁄ TOST 289 --/02 B57F

ex-9BY005 Buswest;
ex-1AFU564 Nicholls Bus & Coach Service (Narrogin) [R W Nicholls];
ex-1AFU564 Hough (Bunbury)
Sold at auction 14.12.2022; rego 9BY005 expired 30.09.2022
1CZX536 Operator identified

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF00807 -/08

1CZX536 Buswest
1GJA478 Chassis No added

Mercedes-Benz O500R WEB63440021000023  ⁄ TOST -/17

1GJA478 Buswest
1ESB008 Partial chassis no added

Higer Roadboss LKLR1KSJ0EB__7585 -/14

1ESB008 Buswest;
ex-1ESB008 Pilbara Car & Truck Rentals (Newman)
1GUV681 Original registration added

Higer LKLR1KSKXCB581830 -/14

1GUV681 Buswest;
ex-7111AO Unknown (VIC)
Rego 7111AO cancelled 23.03.2019
1EHD369 Additional information

Mercedes-Benz OH1830L 9BM382177BB798139  ⁄ Express 802 -/13 B57F

1EHD369 Buswest
The real identity of Express body 802
1HMW831 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O500RF WEB63440121000170  ⁄ BCI -/16

1HMW831 ATG Downunder
1HLN316 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O500RF WEB63440121000169 -/16

1HLN316 ATG Downunder
1HNC891 Original registration added

Mercedes-Benz OH1830 9BM382177DB892166  ⁄ KingLong 6126AU HVAB13-010 -/13 C47Dt

1HNC891 ATG Downunder;
ex-SB98HO ATG Downunder (Alice Springs NT)
1HUF760 New

BCI 6KT2CC113MX001671 -/22

1HUF760 Buswest
1HUM096 Not previously recorded

Fuso Rosa BE741 JLFBE741J0RM30619 -/22

1HUM096 Buswest
1HUM098 Not previously recorded

Fuso Rosa BE741 JLFBE741J0RM30617 -/22

1HUM098 Buswest
1HUM097 Not previously recorded

Fuso Rosa BE741 JLFBE741J0RM30616 -/22

1HUM097 Buswest
1HUM095 Not previously recorded

Fuso Rosa BE741 JLFBE741J0RM30614 -/22

1HUM095 Buswest
   Busy Blue Bus [McCabe]
1CRK922 Disposal

Hino FD230 JHDFD1JPPXXX11217  ⁄ TOST 302 -/07 B43F

m/o7081 ⁄  1CRK922 Berry Bus Service (Berry NSW) [Ogle];
ex-1CRK922 Brothers Buses (Alexander Heights) [M & S Gusic];
ex-1CRK922 Busy Blue Bus (Paraburdoo) [McCabe]
STHHYDEN Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP528505500277 --/11

STHHYDEN Busy Blue Bus (Hyden) [McCabe]
   Byron Bay Tours (Byron Bay NSW)
TV6978 Registration not current

Hino FD166 JHDFD3WLLXXX10507  ⁄ TOST 230 07/96 B39F

TV6978 Byron Bay Tours (Byron Bay NSW);
ex-9BY036 Thomas (M B & D L) (Geraldton);
ex-9BY036 Fedderson (G) (Geraldton)
NOTE: rego TV6978 expired 18.01.2017
   Capricorn Sea Kayaking
1EDD363 Registration not current

Ford Transit

1EDD363 Capricorn Sea Kayaking
   Carey Baptist College
1BXZ751 Registration not current

Mitsubishi  ⁄ MMC -/85 B45F

1BXZ751 Carey Baptist College
   Carine Senior High School
1QBQ899 Chassis No added

BCI JXK6830 LSFC03089AC005338  ⁄ BCI Proma33 -/10 C33F

1QBQ899 Carine Senior High School
   Carnarvon Caravan Park
C929 Registration not current

Dodge -/29 charabanc

C1929 Carnarvon Caravan Park
C1924 Registration not current

Ford -/24? charabanc

C1924 Carnarvon Caravan Park
   Carrotts (P) (Boddington)
BT2 Registration added

Hino FD230 JHDFD8JPKXXX10363  ⁄ TOST 315 -/09

BT2 Carrotts (P) (Boddington)
   Christian Brothers College (Fremantle)
1CSW911 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 307001 61 033992  ⁄ JWBolton 03/83 B43D

1CSW911 Christian Brothers College (Fremantle);
ex-UQB402 PATH Transit [Transperth] (402);
ex-UQB402 Transperth (402);
ex-UQB402 MTT (402)
   Chapman & Co
6CX057 Registration not current

Thornycroft A1 -/27 tower wagon

6CX057 Chapman & Co;
ex-12750 Western Australian Government Tramways (tower wagon)
   Classic Travel Australia [Matheson]
CVL3124 Additional information

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JMFBE649J0BB00343 -/02 B24C

CVL3124 ⁄  1GGK278 Chart-A-Bus [Matheson] (R7);
ex-1GDA032 ⁄  1DLX150 Kwinana Knights Football Club;
ex-Unknown (mining company);
ex-Adventure Tours Australia (NSW);
ex-197KPK Unknown (QLD)
Was previously registered 197KPK (Qld).
CVL3216 Registration not current

Toyota HiAce Commuter JTFSS22P700009228 09/05 C13C

CVL3216 Chart-A-Bus [Matheson] (C12);
ex-1DTI843 Nicholls Bus & Coach Service (Narrogin) [R W Nicholls];
ex-Dept of Defence
   Chevron (Barrow Island)
BS01KL Body date corrected

IVECO Delta 6F2BACR00CDV00556  ⁄ Volgren SC222 VG3662 12/10 C53F

BS01KL Popes Bus Lines (Timboon VIC);
ex-Chevron (Barrow Island) (GB099)
as per Vicroads; originally entered as 10/13
   Chisholm College (Bedford)
1DDS628 Registration not current

Mitsubishi MK116J 90288  ⁄ MMC

1DDS628 Chisholm College (Bedford);
ex-Unknown (Japan)
   Shire of Chittering
CH5464 Requires confirmation

Yutong LZYTETC26L1__1293 -/21

CH5464 Shire of Chittering UNCONFIRMED
CH5464 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JTGFG518307001077 -/06

CH5464 Shire of Chittering
   Christians Bus Co (Bendigo VIC)
TC3677 Registration not current

Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01828221  ⁄ Volgren CR221L VG959 01/98 B40Dw

2966AO Christians Bus Co (Bendigo) (125);
ex-2966AO Christians Bus Co (Bendigo) (25);
ex-TC3677 Geraldton Bus Service [L G Backshell]
Rego 2966AO expired 03.02.2022
   Churchlands SHS
1QBI105 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF00499 -/08

1QBI105 Churchlands SHS
   Citic Pacific Mining
1CYE506 Disposal

Hino JHDRN8JSKXXX10049  ⁄ CustomCoaches SB400 08-005A 10/08

1CYE506 Unknown (non-PSV);
ex-1CYE506 Citic Pacific Mining;
ex-Hino Australia (stock)
   Clontarf Aboriginal College (Manning)
1AYA356 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 307 001 61 030058  ⁄ JWBolton 05/82 B43D

1AYA356 Clontarf Aboriginal College (Manning);
ex-UQB385 PATH Transit [Transperth] (385);
ex-UQB385 Transperth (385);
ex-UQB385 MTT (385)
Rego 1AYA356 expired
1BPT242 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Fuso  ⁄ Mitsubishi -/86 B__F

1BPT242 Clontarf Aboriginal College (Manning);
ex-Unknown (Japan)
1CVF027 Disposal

Toyota Coaster JTGFC528X05000157 -/08 B20C

XQ46KN Private Owner (VIC) (motorhome);
ex-1CVF027 motorhome;
ex-1CVF027 Clontarf Girls Academy (Manning)
NOTE: rego XQ46KN expired; Full VIN added
   Clydes Bus Charter (Beechboro)
CVL1694 Original registration added

BCI FBC6127 6KT1CC112BX000049  ⁄ BCI -/11 C53F

CVL1694 Perth Bus Lines [Clydes];
ex-911RRL Unknown (QLD)
   Coastal Bus Service & Hire (Rockingham)
1DVS671 Subsequent disposal

Toyota Coaster JTGFB528102000259 -/01

1DVS671 Private Owner (non-PSV);
ex-1DVS671 Vanhar Bus & Coach ;
ex-1DVS671 Coastal Bus Service & Hire (Rockingham)
   Coaster Bus Service
1DLV656 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/93

1EKO338 ⁄  1DLV656 Coaster Bus Service
   Coastline Cruisers / Perth Bus Charter Services (Joondalup)
9GN938 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OH1418  ⁄ PMC -/95

9GN938 Coastline Cruisers / Perth Bus Charter Services (Joondalup);
ex-9GN938 Unknown (orange school bus)
   Cockburn Care
1GCX392 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0RK30282 -/16

1GCX392 Cockburn Care (2943)
   Colin Lockley Bus Charters
8JL369 Registration not current

Hino FD166L JHDFD3WLKXXX10175  ⁄ TOST 146 08/92 B39F

8JL369 Colin Lockley Bus Charters;
ex-8JL369 Van Dongen (K H & G J) (Rockingham)
   Coolangatta Coachlines (Cobaki QLD)
OOL11 Registration not current

Austral Tourmaster DC122 B474  ⁄  1410 9/87 RC46Ft

OOL11 ⁄  087IMV Coolangatta Coachlines (Cobaki QLD);
ex-mo2178 Travel North (Katherine NT);
ex-TV1687 Sid Foggs Coachlines (Fullarton Cove NSW) (7);
ex-TV1687 Blue Ribbon Coaches (Maitland NSW) (R87);
ex-TV1687 Singleton Coaches (NSW);
ex-(not operated) Hawkesbury Valley Bus & Coach (Windsor NSW) [Calabro];
ex-mo145 Deluxe Coachlines (156)
   Christian Aboriginal Parent-Directed School (Coolgardie)
CG4280 Registration not current

MAN 7.80FOC 51.04  ⁄ Smithfield SB927 3/81 RC49F

CG4280 Christian Aboriginal Parent-Directed School (Coolgardie);
ex-TV518 Challenge Coaches (Sydney);
ex-TV518 Capital Coaches (Wamboin NSW);
ex-TV518 ⁄  TV377 Challenge Coachlines (Moorebank NSW);
ex-TV707 Bankstown Coaches (Greenacre NSW) [Tegel];
ex-TV707 ⁄  LEU425 Bankstown Coaches (Greenacre NSW) [Stephens]
   Coombes Bus Service (Donnybrook)
1BWW445 Registration not current

Hino FD230 JHDFD1JPPXXX10245  ⁄ CustomCoaches 04-015A 01/05 B43F

1BWW445 Coombes Bus Service (Donnybrook);
ex-Hino Australia (stock)
   Coral Bay Ecotours
1DPH534 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/01

1DPH534 Coral Bay Ecotours
Subsequent disposal

Toyota Coaster JTGFC518104000717 04/08

XV74AJ ⁄  1BY1TC Unknown (VIC);
   Cotter (V) (Wangara)
1CBS487 Registration not current

Nissan CMF89  ⁄ BCI-Gemilang -/05 B32FL

1CBS487 Cotter (V) (Wangara)
   Crawford (S & A) (Tocumwal VIC) [Fenhill]
MO2745 Withdrawn & sold

Mercedes-Benz OH1625  ⁄ JWBolton C49F

MO2745 Crawford (S & A) (Tocumwal VIC) [Fenhill];
ex-8JG724 Unknown
   Caversham Training & Education Centre
1DQJ702 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/88

1DQJ702 Caversham Training & Education Centre
   Cunderdin Agricultural College
1QBK124 Disposal

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF00328 -/08

XB93CL Unknown (QLD);
ex-1QBK124 Cunderdin Agricultural College
1QBM004 Registration not current

BCI JXK6127AT __5210  ⁄ BCI -/09 C53F

1QBM004 Cunderdin Agricultural College
1QAH161 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE649J0BD00484 05/04 C24C

1QAH161 Cunderdin Agricultural College
   Cyril Jackson High School (Bassendean)
1QCA018 Registration not current

Yutong Goanna ZK6760DAA LZYTFTC29G1039527 -/17 C27C

1QCA018 Cyril Jackson Senior High School (Bassendean)
   Daewoo (stock)
WA demonstrator Correction

Daewoo BH117L KL5UR61PE8P000192  ⁄ UBC-Chiron 08016AA 07/08 B57F

5687MO Wards Yamba-Maclean Buses (Maclean VIC);
ex-Daewoo (stock)
CAT 13 Registration not current

DAB Midcity Series 2 0860S-022 UH9LX2FT5TSDA3018  ⁄ DAB 9/96 B15Dw (originally B19Dw)

XKL937 Daiquiri King (Marleston SA) (mobile cocktail bar);
ex-XKL937 Carbridge (Adelaide Airport) (C103);
ex-CAT13 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (13);
ex-CAT13 MetroBus [Transperth] (13);
ex-CAT13 Transperth (13)
   Darmody (Cunderdin)
CMT169 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster PB30 JT743PB3009000747 -/91 B19C

CMT169 Darmody (Cunderdin)
DW304 Registration not current

MAN SG192 157.1199.1206  ⁄ CAC 139 03/79 AB71FR

DW304 Dart Racing;
ex-TC040 South West Coach Lines [D Adams];
ex-BUS538 ⁄  ZIB538 ACTION (Canberra) (538)
   Deluxe Coachlines
122 Subsequent disposal

Austral Tourmaster DC122 B435  ⁄  1322 4/87 C44Ftb

VNO865 motorhome;
ex-VNO865 LinkSA;
ex-VNO865 Barrosa Valley Coaches (Angaston SA);
ex-VNO865 Coachlines of Australia (Trinity Gardens SA);
ex-VNO865 Festival Tours (Adelaide);
ex-TV1520 King Bros (Kempsey NSW) (42);
ex-TV1520 Executive Coachlines (East Bentleigh);
ex-TV1520 Dial A Holiday (Umina NSW);
ex-TC783 ⁄  QV00LL Deluxe Coachlines (122)
NOTE: Rego VNO865 expired 05.04.2019
154 Subsequent disposal

Denning Landseer DL1245-929-31-12-87  ⁄  1245 12/87 C57F

ex-Australian Bus & Coach Sales (Seaford VIC) (dealer) [Mullens];
ex-TV4091 Gerringong Buses (Gerringong NSW);
ex-TV4091 ⁄  BC1692 Bilpin Coaches (Berambing NSW);
ex-TV430 Kings of Newcastle (Newcastle NSW) (6);
ex-TV1599 Leslies Coaches (Doonside NSW);
ex-TC2190 ⁄  mo122 Deluxe Coachlines (154)
161 Subsequent disposal

Austral Tourmaster DC122 B477-2-88  ⁄  1414 3/88 RC46Ft

060XMG motorhome;
ex-728FYV Bus Queensland (Lockyer Valley QLD);
ex-728FYV Laidley Bus Service (Laidley QLD);
ex-TV1723 Kirkland Bros Omnibus Service (Lismore NSW) (270);
ex-TV1723 Shorelink (Mt Kuring-gai NSW) [Hornsby Bus Group] (84);
ex-TV1723 Kirkland Bros Omnibus Service (Lismore NSW) (270);
ex-mo147 Deluxe Coachlines (161)
Chassis no = B477-2-88; NOTE: rego 060XMG not current
165 Subsequent disposal

Austral Tourmaster DC122 B484-4-88  ⁄  1431 4/88 RC46F (originally RC44Ftb)

1MW9MS motorhome;
ex-Scania Australia (Chipping Norton NSW);
ex-TV1519 Terra Australis Tours (Toronto NSW) (3);
ex-496BIZ Surfers Paradise Coaches (Southport QLD);
ex-TC2134 ⁄  mo179 Deluxe Coachlines (165)
Chassis no = B477-4-88
187 Subsequent disposal

Denning Landseer Decker DBLB0009-9-7-88  ⁄  B0009 7/88 HC54/16Dt (originally HC44/16Dt)

ex-TV5200 Moores Tours (Blakehurst NSW) `Daisy`;
ex-553ITC Imperial Coaches (Tanah Merah QLD);
ex-761HTD Trailblazer Coaches (Grafton NSW) [Bultitude];
ex-MO59 Valley Coaches (Fyshwick ACT) [Gillan];
ex-MO59 Monaro Coaches (Wanniassa ACT) [Risby];
ex-Trans State Express (Canberra ACT);
ex-0330AC ⁄  EZT550 ⁄  VX77BK Firefly Express (Maidstone VIC) (101);
ex-mo432 Deluxe Coachlines (187)
195 Subsequent disposal

Denning Landseer Decker DBLB0017-17-10-88  ⁄  B0017 10/88 HC56/19Dt (originally HC44/16Dt)

TV530A Unknown (NSW);
ex-TV1410 ⁄  TV4705 Mount Panorama Coaches (Bathurst NSW);
ex-614KZC ⁄  SPT86 Imperial Pacific Coaches (Molendinar QLD);
ex-SPT86 Ultimate Explorer Tours (Gold Coast QLD);
ex-SPT86 Sun Palm Tours (Bundall QLD);
ex-TV1433 King Bros Bus Service (Kempsey NSW) (40);
ex-TV1433 Trans City Express (Parkes NSW) (203);
ex-mo561 Deluxe Coachlines (195)
   Denmark Agricultural College
1QBG766 Correction

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF00315 06/08 B24C

1QBG766 Denmark Agricultural College
1QBF451 Disposal

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE649J0BE00748 -/07

1HRX645 Unknown (non-PSV);
ex-1QBF451 Denmark Agricultural College
1QAZ704 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 B__F

1QAZ704 Denmark Agricultural College
DE2044 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster HZB50R -/05

DE2044 Denmark Community Bus
   Denmark High School
1CIE242 Registration not current

Mitsubishi MK116J 90600 -/87 B__F

Nazzari Bus Sales (Welshpool) (dealer);
ex-1CIE242 Denmark High School;
ex-Unknown (Japan)
   Dennis (M & C)
9GN641 Registration not current

Hino FD166L JHDFD3WLLXXX10229  ⁄ MBS B459 04/96 B28F

9GN641 Dennis (M & C) (Bicton)
   Desert Storm Adventures (Lancelin) [G Doyle]
1CZT069 Registration not current

Unknown Make  ⁄ Volgren? -/08 B36R

1CZT069 Desert Storm Adventures (Lancelin) [G Doyle]
1DGM751 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster __0229 -/09

1DGM751 CPB Contractors (VA1502)
   Dingo Bus Charter (Midvale)
CVL3226 Registration not current

Hino RG230 JHDRG1JSKXXX10483  ⁄ APG Starliner 2788 01/98 DP57F

CVL3226 Dingo Bus Charter (Midvale);
ex-1ACX114 Warwick Bus Co [Jensen] (10)
DBC004 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108001088 -/94

DBC004 ⁄  1DRX335? Dingo Bus Charter (Midvale) `Joanna`
   Donaldson (Cowaramup)
1CGO125 Registration not current

Hino FD230 JHDFD1JPPXXX10448  ⁄ UBC-Chiron 05010 -/06 B43F

1CGO125 Donaldson (Cowaramup)
   Don Greens Driving School (Kalgoorlie)
8XG480 Registration not current

Mazda T3500 -/86

8XG480 Don Greens Driving School (Kalgoorlie)
   Donric (Sunbury VIC)
87 Re-registered

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821096039  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VG1287 06/00 B41Dw

2387AO ⁄  BS05QZ Donric (Sunbury VIC) (87);
ex-BS05QZ South East Bus Lines (Cranborne VIC);
ex-TP1748 Transdev [Transperth] (1748);
ex-TP1748 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1748)
92 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821098695  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VP0171 7/01 B35Dw

3392AO ⁄  BS06QV Donric (Sunbury VIC) (92);
ex-TP1210 Transdev [Transperth] (1210)
   Down Under Bus Charter [A Chalkley]
6 Additional information - historic

Leyland National 10951/2R 02186  ⁄ Leyland-PMC 11/78 B46D

8YK056 CityBus (Joondanna) [A J Chalkley] (D46);
ex-8YK056 Down Under Bus Charter [A Chalkley] (46);
ex-TC2698 ⁄  8YC228 Down Under Bus Charter [A Chalkley] (6);
ex-655AKO ⁄  MO9235 Surfside Bus Lines (655);
ex-m/o969 Deanes Coaches (North Ryde NSW)
   Dudley Park Primary School
1QBX828 Registration not current

Toyota HiAce Commuter

1QBX828 Dudley Park Primary School
   Dysons Bus Service (Bundoora VIC)
196 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O303-3 WDB60041561058524  ⁄ Denning Majestic F219 04/92 C57F

1NS5PR Dysons Bus Service (Bundoora VIC) (196);
ex-4021AO ⁄  WXW753 ⁄  4021AO Dysons (Bundoora VIC) (196);
ex-4021AO ⁄  m/o1659 Cobb & Co Coaches (Tullamarine VIC) (41);
ex-OOZ320 ⁄  TC2386 ⁄  ESJ199 Australian Pacific Tours (Sandringham VIC) (41)
rego 4021AO cancelled 07.11.2015; rego 1NS5PR cancelled 22.08.2022
   Ellenbrook & Valley Shuttle Service
CVL1987 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JMFBE649J0BC00096 -/02 B24C

1HHR653 ⁄  CVL1987 Ellenbrook & Valley Shuttle Service
NOTE: now a cleanksin & advertised on gumtree
   Town of East Fremantle
1DTB605 Disposal

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0RF10299 -/11

1DTB605 Private Owner (non-PSV);
ex-1DTB605 Town of East Fremantle
   East Kimberley Tours (Kununurra) [P K R & S M Wainwright]
TC3160 Disposal

OKA 4x4 6N544B3M4SA140259  ⁄  259 04/95 C13C

OKA259 ⁄  663FR4 Private Owner (QLD) (motorhome);
ex-TC3160 East Kimberley Tours (Kununurra) [P K R & S M Wainwright]
   Eastside Commercials (Welshpool) (dealer)
1DWL317 Registration not current

Nissan -/99 B37F

1DWL317 Eastside Commercials (Welshpool) (dealer);
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
   East Fremantle Football Club
CGG4877 Registration not current

Hino Rainbow RR172B 40561 -/87 B29F

CGG4877 East Fremantle Football Club;
ex-Unknown (Japan)
   X-Factor Coachlines [MacNish]
CVL1244 Registration not current

Volvo B10M YV31MGC17GD013175  ⁄ Volgren VG149 12/86 B44D

CVL1244 X-Factor Coachlines [MacNish];
ex-CVL1244 ⁄  ? General Busfleet Mangement / Purple Coaches (Bayswater) [MacNish];
ex-TV5937 Westbus (St Marys NSW);
ex-4935AO Westrans (Hoppers Crossing VIC) (56);
ex-4935AO Westrans (Hoppers Crossing VIC) (76);
ex-CZU476 Eastrans (Oakleigh VIC) (76);
ex-CZU476 Sinclair Bus Service (Oakleigh VIC) (76)
Not the bus that was registered 1ESI122
   Exmouth Bus Charter
1GKQ344 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Fuso MS725S 6U9000MS725S88830 -/90

1GKQ344 ⁄  CVL2053 Exmouth Bus Charter `Spike`
r/r 1GKQ344 11.01.2019 & for sale
   Explore Tours Perth
1GEL215 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DG0R______

Unknown (Mullaloo) (non-PSV);
ex-1GEL215 Explore Tours Perth
Note: not a r/r of TC7744
1GLQ326 Not previously recorded

Toyota HiAce Commuter -/15

1GLQ326 Explore Tours Perth
NOTE: rego not current
   Farr (A) (Two Rocks)
9KH874 Registration not current

Hino RK176K JHDRK176KXXX40666  ⁄ PMCA 01/97 B53F

9KH874 Farr (A) (Two Rocks)
   Fire & Emergency Services Authority
7BY149 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster

7BY149 Belmont Fire Service (Incident Control Vehicle) (ICV3)
1DKH183 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster HZB50R JT743PB5108000064 -/93

1DKH183 Fire & Emergency Services Authority
8NB503 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster

8NB503 Fire & Emergency Services Authority
   Fleetspec Hire [Daikel]
1DVN566 Disposal

Higer MidiBoss H9250 LKLR1DSB3BA572726 02/12

XV11EO motorhome;
ex-1DVN566 Fleetspec Hire [Daikel]
1GKN624 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0RK30874 -/17

1GKN624 Fleetspec Hire [Daikel]
1DZQ957 Registration not current

King Long 6102 LA6R1FSE3BB202604  ⁄ KingLong 6102AU -/12 C45?F

1DZQ957 Fleetspec Hire [Daikel]
    Football Club
1GDJ308 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 307001 61 034005  ⁄ JWBolton 03/83 B36D (originally B43D)

1GDJ308 Northam Football Club;
ex-1GDJ308 Private Owner (Merredin);
ex-TC5434 Redlion Bus & Coach (M403);
ex-TC5434 Nightcruiser [Adams] (B7);
ex-TC5434 Nightcruiser [R Ott] (34);
ex-UQB403 Swan Transit [Transperth] (403);
ex-UQB403 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (403);
ex-UQB403 MetroBus [Transperth] (403);
ex-UQB403 Transperth (403);
ex-UQB403 MTT (403)
   Foundation Christian College (Greenfields)
1DKN659 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518X04500833 --/11

1DKN659 Foundation Christian College (Greenfields)
   Bayview Travel Agency (Perth) [Frayma]
Not previously recorded - historic

Nissan RB30P  ⁄ Nambucca 08/82 RC49F

Bayview Travel Agency (Perth) [Frayma];
ex-DXC226 Downunder Coach Services (Blackburn NSW) [MDH Holdings];
ex-DXC226 Armstrongs Driving School (Thomastown VIC);
ex-DXC226 Downunder Coach Services (Blackburn NSW) [MDH Holdings];
ex-ISK021 ⁄  MO3188 MorgansCoachlines (Cessnock NSW)
   Fringe World
1ECF765 Registration not current

Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1 7200690  ⁄ PMC DD203 09/72 H29/31F (originally H39/27D)

1ECF765 Fringe World;
ex-TC2394 Horizons West (Welshpool);
ex-TC2394 Down Under Bus Charter [A Chalkley] (D67);
ex-TC2394 Down Under Bus Charter [A Chalkley] (67);
ex-TC2394 ⁄  TC2159 ⁄  TC2145 Down Under Bus Charter [A Chalkley] (1);
ex-TC788 ⁄  TC779 ⁄  TC773 ⁄  TC747 Skybus (Bellevue) [Thence] (2);
ex-TC333 Skybus (Bellevue) [Thence] (19);
ex-BLS556 Australian Pacific Touring (102);
ex-LIP700 Australian Pacific Touring (101);
ex-m/o1203 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1203);
ex-m/o1203 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1203)
   Funcoach 4u (Thornton NSW) [Limond]
TV9489 Withdrawn

Scania K112TR YS4KC4X2B01809526  ⁄ PMCSA 4568 12/86 C46Ft

TV9489 Funcoach 4u (Thornton NSW) [Limond];
ex-VIP009 West Coast Bus Charters [Mead];
ex-VIP009 Oakleys Coaches (Snug TAS);
ex-B56HH Saintys Coaches (Launceston TAS);
ex-332JJG ⁄  961HLI Saintys Bus Service (Mount Nathan QLD);
ex-mo37 ⁄  875BUA ⁄  TV1330 ⁄  mo80 Murrays Coaches (320);
ex-182PUL Sunliner Express (Manly QLD) (204)
Accident damaged
   Gannaways Charters & Tours (Busselton)
TC4251 Subsequent disposal

Mercedes-Benz O404-3 WDB61823821079113  ⁄ AustralDenning Majestic CM01080 06/95 C48Ft

UAN011 Coastal Bus Service;
ex-1HRG844 ⁄  CVL1808 Buswest;
ex-CVL1808 Chart-A-Bus [Matheson] (21);
ex-CVL1808 ⁄  TC4251 Gannaways Charters & Tours (Busselton);
ex-660IBW Sun Palms Transport (Port Douglas QLD) (52);
ex-BUS699 Ocean Grove Coaches;
ex-MO3272 King Bros (Kempsey NSW) (108);
ex-MO3272 Coffs Harbour Coaches (Coffs Harbour NSW) (45)
1CEI400 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OH1830 9BM3821765B436765  ⁄ Express 405 02/06 B52F

CVL1806 ⁄  1CEI400 Gannaways Charters & Tours (Busselton)
   Geraldton Buccaneers Basketball Club
CGG992B Chassis No added

BCI Proma33 LSFC030829C005225 -/09 C33F

CGG992B Geraldton Buccaneers Basketball Club
   Giblett (G) (Bridgetown)
B96 Chassis No added

BCI FBC6960CRZ1 6KT1BB117EX000713  ⁄ BCI -/14 C33F

B96 Giblett (G) (Bridgetown) (OSB) `Miss Bridgetown`
   Gleneda Pastoral Co (Kununurra)
1ESW457 Registration not current

Volvo B7R  ⁄ Express

1ESW457 Gleneda Pastoral Co (Kununurra)
   Goldrush Tours (Kalgoorlie)
1HOK515 Registration not current

BCI 6KT2CC11XMX001585 -/22

1HOK515 Goldrush Tours (Kalgoorlie)
   Go on a Bus (Forrestfield)
CVL1803 Original registration added

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter WDB9036622R317780 -/02

CVL1803 Chase Charters (Forrestfield) [Go Ona Bus];
ex-CVL1803 ⁄  TC6360 Here We Go Charters (Carabooda) [J Jambanis];
ex-PDL27 Unknown (QLD)
DLLIMO Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108001797 -/95 C14C

DLLIMO ⁄  CVL3530 Diamond Loung Limo Coach [GoPartyBus]
Plates now on a 2009 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter CDi
   Gossage (M E & H M) (Mundijong)
8JS423 Registration not current

Hino BG100P 40015  ⁄ PMCSA 6707 12/84 B53F

8JS423 Gossage (M E & H M) (Mundijong);
ex-Royal Australian Air Force
   Go West
418 Registration not current


1GGA644 BusLink Vivo (Howard Springs NT) (418)
TC5763 Disposal

Hino Ranger FB125 JHDFB4JGLXXX10154  ⁄ ABM 89071 02/00 B29F

1EPP179 motorhome;
ex-TC5763 Go West;
ex-2169AC ⁄  QZF092 Hertz Rentals;
ex-Hino Australia (stock)
1GZC473 Not previously recorded

Volvo B8R YV3T7V727LA199349  ⁄ Irizar -/20

1GZC473 Go West (933)
1GYS199 Partial chassis no added

BCI 6KT2CC113KX__1358 --/20

1GYS199 Go West (922)
1GEO994 Chassis No added

Higer V Series 9M LKLR1DSBXBA562324 07/11 C33F

1GEO994 Go West (444)
NOTE: rego not current
1GZC474 Not previously recorded

Volvo B8R YV3T7V725LA199348  ⁄ Irizar -/20

1GZC474 Go West (960)
1HAT353 Not previously recorded

Volvo B8R YV3T7V72XLA190820  ⁄ Irizar -/20

1HAT353 Go West (1077)
1DYC883 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DG0RJ10043 -/12 C24C

1DYC883 Go West
1DMY174 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Canter JLFFG84DE0KJ10136 -/10

1DMY174 Go West (169)
1GGB585 Registration not current

BCI __0391 -/13

1GGB585 Go West
1DPX045 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600

1DPX045 Go West
1GYS198 Chassis No added

BCI 6KT2CC11XKX001356 -/20

1GYS198 Go West
1GYS197 Chassis No added

BCI 6KT2CC116KX001354 -/20

1GYS197 Go West
1GYS196 Chassis No added

BCI 6KT2CC114KX001353 -/20

1GYS196 Go West
1GYS194 Partial chassis no added

BCI 6KT2CC110KX001351 -/20

1GYS194 Go West
1GYS193 Chassis No added

BCI 6KT2CC119KX001350 -/20

1GYS193 Go West
1GYS192 Chassis No added

BCI 6KT2CC112KX001349 01/20

1GYS192 Go West
1GYS191 Chassis No added

BCI 6KT2CC119KX001333 -/20

1GYS191 Go West
1GZU820 Not previously recorded

Volvo B8R YV3T7V724LA199356  ⁄ Irizar -/20

1GZU820 Go West
1GEO871 Requires confirmation

Higer V-series __7515 -/11

1GEO871 Go West
WA Rego Check=rego current to 13.02.2023; NHVR & PPSR=expired; NHVR not updated since 14.02.2017
1GGA645 Registration not current

BCI 6KT2CC113CX000258 -/13

1GGA645 Go West
   Graham Farmer Foundation
1EOK843 Disposal

Higer Munro H7170 LKLS1CS84EA630573 -/14

BS02WG Unknown (VIC);
ex-1EOK843 Graham Farmer Foundation
   Grand Touring (Hobart TAS)
71 Registration not current

Scania K124EB YS2K6X20001843414  ⁄ Volgren C222TX VP0284 05/03 C56FtL

F05XR Grand Touring (Hobart TAS) (71);
ex-6TRANSWA ⁄  TRANSWA6 Transwa (06)
Rego expired 06.04.2020
1014 Disposal

Higer RoadBoss H12300s LKLR1KSJ1CB579469  ⁄ Higer --/12 C57F

TV4966 Warrigal Transport (Port Kembla NSW);
ex-1EWQ610 Greyhound Australia (1014);
ex-274VXC ⁄  857SHO Nationwide Leasing (Fortitude Valley QLD) [Bechtel] (100)
   Greyhound Australia
809 Registration corrected

Scania K114IB YS2K6X20001857120  ⁄ MillsTui Majestic Valere PCGHA0502 06/07 C48FtbL

mo4243 mo4243? Greyhound Australia (809);
ex-mo4063 ⁄  mo3944 ⁄  809DOG ⁄  mo3240 ⁄  XOD493 Greyhound Australia (809)
   Greyhound Pioneer Australia
531 Subsequent disposal

Scania K113TR YS4KT6X2B01827705  ⁄ APG Majestic M015010 01/97 C49F (originally C44Ftb)

XV06YE Private Owner (VIC) (motorhome);
ex-8908AO GLV Coaches (VIC);
ex-506GOP Network Coaches (North Arm QLD);
ex-Cabarita Coaches (Bogangar NSW);
ex-TC3822 McCaffertys Coaches (Toowoomba QLD) (631);
ex-TC3822 McCaffertys Coaches (Toowoomba QLD) (531);
ex-TC3822 Greyhound Pioneer (531);
ex-VXJ066 Greyhound Pioneer (569);
ex-VXJ066 Hoys Roadliners (Wangaratta VIC) (569)
   Guildford Grammar School
GGS099 Registration not current

Austral Allstar 6F9R3GJ20ND001010  ⁄ AustralDenning 1670 --/94 C57F

GGS099 Guildford Grammar School (9);
ex-4336MO Valley Bus & Coach (Narrabi & Wee Waa NSW) (5);
ex-4336MO ⁄  MO2091 Lowder Coaches (Wee Waa NSW)
Rego now on a 2007 Custom Made truck
   Hamersley Iron
5-33 Subsequent disposal

Austral Allstar - Cummins "C" 6F9R3GJ20MD001014  ⁄ Austral 1676 08/91 C57F

TV9041 Fangia (J) (NSW);
ex-TV9041 ⁄  5729MO ASF Tours (Ingleburn NSW);
ex-5729MO Atwal Bus (Grafton NSW);
ex-310MCC Carbrook Coaches (Loganholme QLD);
ex-4948AO Coles Coaches (Colac VIC);
ex-Brims Coaches (Murwillumbah NSW);
ex-8EX699 Hamersley Iron (Tom Price) (5-33)
Note: rego TV9041 expired 29.07.2021
1BOC145 Subsequent disposal

IVECO Delta C215 6F2BACR002DJ00642  ⁄ ABM StarlinerIII 03-022A 10/03 C53F

3292AO Berwick Bus Lines (Officer VIC) (32);
ex-5808AO Warragul Bus Lines (Warragul VIC);
ex-1BOC145 Hamersley Iron (05H 522)
7KG815 Subsequent disposal

Mercedes-Benz OH1316 345-202-61-707862  ⁄ Centurion 240-309 09/87 DP49F

XQ02NH motorhome;
ex-850KYK Loves Bus Service (Cairns QLD);
ex-TC4952 ⁄  TC3210 Hedland Bus Lines (South Hedland) [Love];
ex-TC3210 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury);
ex-7KG815 Hamersley Iron (Tom Price) (5-9)
NOTE: rego not current
   Hapgood (I Q & P L) (Yorketown SA)
XCS505 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OH1316 34520261725178  ⁄ HowardPorter 87/5124 -/87 B49F

XCS505 Hapgood (I Q & P L) (Yorketown SA);
ex-7MI171 Nicholls Bus & Coach Service (Narrogin) [R W Nicholls];
ex-7MI171 Bilmans Bus Service (Narrogin)
   Harrison (Capel)
BY71511 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OH1421 9BM382058WB159385  ⁄ APG Apollo 88102 3/99 B57F

BY71511 Harrison (Capel)
   Harrower (Wyalkatchem)
1BPR683 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster BB50R JTGFG518107000218 09/03 B21C

1BPR683 Unknown;
ex-1BPR683 Harrower (Wyalkatchem)
   Hartley (E H) (Yangebup)
9GE224 Disposal

Hino FD164L JHDFD3WLKXXX10174  ⁄ MBS B458 02/96 B28F

947ENE Unknown (QLD) (non-PSV);
ex-9GE224 Hartley (E H) (Yangebup)
NOTE: rego 947ENE not current
   Hawkesfords Pleasure Charter Buses (Enfield NSW)
322 Registration not current

Austral Tourmaster DC122 B483  ⁄  1426 3/88 RC46Ft

TV6194 ⁄  1897AO ⁄  TV4463 Hawkesfords International (Enfield NSW) (322);
ex-TV365 Hopkinsons Coaches (Smithfield NSW);
ex-TV365 ⁄  TV831 ⁄  QV01RG Deluxe Coachlines (164)
Rego TV6194 expired by 01.01.2012
1HBC389 Disposal

Toyota HiAce Commuter -/14

1HBC389 Unknown (non-PSV);
ex-1HBC389 Hedland Bus Lines (South Hedland) [Love] (80)
   Hedland Bus Lines (South Hedland) [Love]
CVL2689 Original registration added

BCI JXK6840 LA9C08RW1BBJXK024 9/11 C33F

CVL2689 Hedland Bus Lines (South Hedland) [Love];
ex-521SBT Unknown (QLD)
Note: rego CVL2689 not current
1GNZ681 Registration not current

Hino RN8J JHDRN8JSKXXX12057  ⁄ KingLong -/10

1GNZ681 ⁄  1DUT928 Hedland Bus Lines (South Hedland) [Love] (28)
   Helena College
1EEY890 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600

1EEY890 Helena College
   Hendriks (F & L) (Merredin)
1EGK991 Body no corrected

Volvo B7R YV3R6R622DA158439  ⁄ Express 800 -/13 B57F

MD1 ⁄  1EGK991 Hendriks (F & L) (Merredin)
1EYE084 Chassis No added

Volvo B7R YV3R6R626GA174065  ⁄ Express -/16 B57F

1EYE084 Hendriks (F & L) (Merredin)
   Hermit Park Bus Service (QLD)

Domino Tourmaster DC122 B158  ⁄  B158 10/80 RC45Ft

802DHL Stradbroke Island Coaches (QLD);
ex-273ABG Hermit Park Bus Service (QLD);
ex-VV10BM ⁄  VIP11 ⁄  IT6536 Australian VIP Leisure Tours;
ex-IT6536 Deluxe Coachlines (5);
ex-IT6536 Hoys Intercapital (Wangaratta VIC)
Rego was 273ABg
   Hertz Rentals
1EYX522 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0RKE0248 -/16

1EYX522 Hertz Rentals
1GIM534 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0RK30724 -/17 B24C

1GIM534 Hertz Rentals
   Christian College (Highton VIC)
1CZ1JD Correction

Mercedes-Benz OH1725 9BM3821862B321040  ⁄ Volgren SC222 VG1727 06/03 B57F

1CZ1JD Geelong Christian College (Geelong VIC) (28);
ex-1BKX726 Go West;
ex-Mercedes Benz (stock)
Registration current to 15.03.2023
   Hopetoun Bus Service [P J & M A Bland]
8KO006 Subsequent disposal

Hino RK176K JHDRK176KXXX40499  ⁄ TOST 152 12/92 B49F

395TRK motorhome;
ex-206TLH Trans North Bus & Coach (Bowen QLD) (206);
ex-526LHK Trans North Bus & Coach (Bowen QLD) (6);
ex-526LHK Bowen Transit (Bowen QLD) (6);
ex-8KO006 Hopetoun Bus Service [P J & M A Bland]
NOTE: rego 395TRK not current
   Horizons West [Balla]
48 Disposal

BCI PK6127AT LSFC130817C001614 -/07 C53F

TV666A Kingsford Smith Transport (Banksmeadow NSW);
ex-CVL2821 Unknown;
ex-CVL2821 ⁄  TC5475 Horizons West (Welshpool) (48);
ex-Unknown (mining company);
ex-TV4164 Dayes Coach Lines (Bankstown NSW)
202 Registration not current

Renault PR100.2 VF6PS08A200000184  ⁄ Ansair Mk I R1919 12/88 B42D

CVL2452 Horizons West (Welshpool) (202);
ex-CVL2452 ⁄  TC6794 Westwide Charter;
ex-TC6794 Adams Coachlines (Malaga) (B52);
ex-BUS787 ACTION (Canberra) (787)
203 Registration not current

Renault PR100.2 VF6PS08A200000263  ⁄ Ansair Mk I R2056 10/89 B42D

1HMA555 ⁄  CVL2453 Horizons West (203);
ex-CVL2453 ⁄  TC6795 Westwide Charter (B53);
ex-TC6795 Adams Coachlines (B53);
ex-BUS824 ACTION (Canberra) (824)
204 Registration not current

Renault PR100.2 VF6PS08A200000186  ⁄ Ansair Mk 1 R1921 02/89 B42D

CVL2459 Horizons West (Welshpool) (204);
ex-CVL2459 ⁄  TC6968 Westwide Charter (B55);
ex-TC6968 Adams Coachlines (Malaga) (B55);
ex-BUS789 ACTION (Canberra) (789)
205 Registration not current

Renault PR100.2 VF6PS08A200000187  ⁄ Ansair Mk I R1922 02/89 B42D

1HLN105 ⁄  CVL2460 Horizons West (205);
ex-CVL2460 ⁄  TC6969 Westwide Charter (B56);
ex-TC6969 Adams Coachlines (Malaga) (B56);
ex-BUS790 ACTION (Canberra) (790)
207 Registration not current

Renault PR100.2 VF6PS08A200000256  ⁄ Ansair Mk I R2049 08/89 B42D

1HMA552 Horizons West (207);
ex-CVL2461 Horizons West (Welshpool) (207);
ex-CVL2461 ⁄  TC7000 Westwide Charter (B71);
ex-TC7000 Adams Coachlines (Malaga) (B71);
ex-BUS817 ACTION (Canberra) (817)
219 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305G 307-101-61-042807  ⁄ PMCSA 5366 11/85 AB66T

Horizons West [WABC] (219);
ex-1GKS785 Horizons West [Balla] (218);
ex-1GKS785 Westwide Charter (M4);
ex-WJM723 Southlink (Adelaide) (R571);
ex-WJM723 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (571);
ex-WJM723 Serco (Adelaide) (571);
ex-TA1571 TransAdelaide (1571);
ex-STA571 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1571)
Rego expired
234 Registration not current

Higer T-series 12.3M LKLR1KSJ9BB557699 04/11 C57F

1HCD841 Horizons West [Balla] (234);
ex-1HCD841 Horizons West [Balla] (603);
ex-332RYW Tropic Wings Coach Tours (Cairns QLD) (30);
ex-322RYW Unknown (QLD)
1GBM945 Re-numbered

Mercedes-Benz O305 307-001-61-041209  ⁄ PMCSA 5334 04/85 B50F (originally B45D)

1GBM945 Horizons West [WABC] (193);
ex-1GBM945 Horizons West [Balla] (193);
ex-1GBM945 Horizons West [Balla] (194);
ex-1GBM945 Horizons West [Balla] (78);
ex-WJI655 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (535);
ex-WJI655 Serco (Adelaide) (535);
ex-TA1535 TransAdelaide (1535);
ex-STA535 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1535)
1GBM688 Re-numbered

Mercedes-Benz O305 307-001-61-041160  ⁄ PMCSA 5329 03/85 B53F (originally B45D)

1GBN688 Horizons West [WABC] (194);
ex-1GBN688 Horizons West [Balla] (194);
ex-1GBN688 Horizons West [Balla] (193);
ex-1GBN688 Horizons West [Balla] (77);
ex-WJI650 Southlink (Adelaide) (R530);
ex-WJI650 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (530);
ex-WJI650 Serco (Adelaide) (530);
ex-TA1530 TransAdelaide (1530);
ex-STA530 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1530)
   Hough (Bunbury)
15 Subsequent disposal

IVECO Turbo Daily 59-12 ZCFC5980002177601  ⁄ TOST 244 05/97 nB24FL

YCZ459 motorhome;
ex-6023AO Mees Bus Lines (Heidelberg Heights VIC) (70);
ex-Nazzari Bus Sales (Welshpool) (dealer);
ex-9BY015 Hough (Bunbury) (15)
9BY006 Subsequent disposal

Hino RK176K JHDRK176KXXX40440  ⁄ TOST 116 01/91 B49F

374KRU motorhome;
ex-486RZK Childers Backpackers (Childers QLD);
ex-486RZK Loves Bus Service (Cairns QLD);
ex-9BY006 ⁄  7PY071 Hough (Bunbury) (6)
NOTE: rego 374KRU not current
BSN6642 Correction

Mercedes-Benz OH1316 345-202-61-725177  ⁄ HowardPorter 88/5126 01/88 B49F

9BY020 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury);
ex-9BY020 ⁄  BSN6642 Hough (Bunbury);
ex-BSN6642 Beck (Busselton)
BSN6642 & 9BY020 is the same bus
1DEN529 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/84

1DEN529 Hound Dog Mobile Grooming
   Hughes Limousines
TC6557 Subsequent disposal

BCI JXK6830 LSFC030809C005207  ⁄ BCI Proma33 04/09 C33F

BS07QW Unknown (VIC);
ex-BS01RL Sundancer Buses (Taylors Hill VIC);
ex-TC6557 Hughes Limousines;
ex-BCI (stock)
   Horizons West [WABC]
68 Registration not current

Hino RG230 JHDRG1JSKXXX10730  ⁄ P&D 133 07/99

CVL2845 Horizons West [WABC] (68);
ex-CVL2845 Horizons West [Balla] (68);
ex-CVL2845 Horizons West [Balla] (88);
ex-052GJT Thompson Bus Service (Joyner QLD) (52);
ex-BCI (stock);
ex-MO6618 Nowra Coaches (Nowra NSW);
ex-MO6618 Surf City Coaches (Southport QLD);
ex-MO6618 ⁄  BUS910 Nowra Coaches (Nowra NSW);
ex-MO4807 King Bros (Heatherbrae NSW) (295);
ex-MO4807 Great Lakes Coaches (Heatherbrae NSW)
   Hype Limousines [Valenti]
CVL1666 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OHL1627 WDB3964736K304979  ⁄ BCI-Gemilang -/01

CVL1666 Hype Limousines [Valenti];
ex-CVL1666 Buswest
   Immaculate Heart College (Lower Chittering)
1GEL397 Original registration added

Higer LKLR1KSJ0CB579480 -/12

1GEL397 Immaculate Heart College (Lower Chittering);
ex-303VZF Unknown (QLD)
Carries a Qld accreditation number
   Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims]
C5 Subsequent disposal

Austral Tourmaster DC122 B444  ⁄  1343 RC46Ft

Unknown (Nyora VIC);
ex-Unknown (Waroona);
ex-TC7133 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims] (C5);
ex-VUL173 Corston Coaches (Two Wells SA) (9);
ex-443AZX Doyles Coaches (Camira QLD) (219);
ex-486ADW ⁄  535PSX Deluxe Coachlines (126)
   James Hardie (Wittenoom) (mine bus)
WP145 Not previously recorded - historic

Bedford SB  ⁄ HowardPorter

WP145 James Hardie (Wittenoom) (mine bus)
   James (D R & N K) (Busselton)
1CKJ120 Registration not current

Hino RN8J

1CKJ120 James (Busselton) (D R & N K)
   Jedanns Party Bus
1HRM481 New operator

Renault PR100.2 VF6PS08A200000308  ⁄ HowardPorter 89/8011 01/90 B45D

1HRM481 Jedanns Party Bus;
ex-CVL3282 Vibrations Party Bus (Bateman);
ex-TP1011 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1011);
ex-TP1011 MetroBus [Transperth] (1011);
ex-TP1011 ⁄  UQB911 Transperth (1011)
   Jindalee Bus Charter
CVL2314 Registration not current

Mitsubishi MK515J 90096  ⁄ MMC -/87

CVL2314 Jindalee Bus Charter
CVL2317 Registration not current

Hino RG197K JHDRG197KXXX40238  ⁄ Austral Starliner 1713 06/92 C57F

CVL2317 Jindalee Bus Charter;
ex-CVL2317 ⁄  TC6532 Mirrors Bus & Coach;
ex-580BVX Cairnstrans;
ex-580BVX Raft & Rainforest White Water Rafting (Cairns QLD);
ex-580BVX Tropic Wings Coach Tours (Cairns QLD) (23);
ex-580BVX Torys Tours (Hervey Bay QLD)
   John J Hill (Wollongong NSW)
m/o7935 Subsequent disposal

Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3RSp TR00418  ⁄ PMCA 160 2005 8/89 B57F

ex-(not operated) Chart-A-Bus [Matheson];
ex-m/o7935 Southside Bus & Coach (Blakehurst NSW);
ex-m/o7935 Nowra Coaches (South Nowra NSW);
ex-m/o7935 Premier Illawarra (Shellharbour NSW);
ex-m/o7935 John J Hill (Wollongong NSW)
   John Walliston College (Armadale)
8KO028 Registration not current

Hino BD186K JHDFD3HLLXXX10249  ⁄ TOST 196 01/95 B38FL

8KO028 John Walliston College (Armadale);
ex-8KO028 Wilson (D) (Armadale)
   John XXIII College (Mount Claremont)
1AUS396 Registration not current

MAN 16.240 6AB4790124MX00268  ⁄ CustomCoaches 93-124 05/93 RB53F

1AUS396 John XXIII College (Mount Claremont);
ex-King Bros (Kempsey NSW);
ex-MO3614 Newman Bros (Macksville NSW)
   Jones (G)
JONEZEE Registration not current

Hino FD230 JHDFD1JPPXXX11213  ⁄ TOST 305 01/08 B37Fw

   Jurien Bay Adventure Tours
1ENJ126 Disposal

Toyota Landcruiser

1ENJ126 Unknown (non-PSV);
ex-1ENJ126 Jurien Bay Adventure Tours
   Kalbarri Adventure Tours
1EBL319 Registration not current

Isuzu NPS300 4x4  ⁄ AAP SmartCoach

1EBL319 Kalbarri Adventure Tours
1AFW039 Registration not current

AEC Regent III 9612E -/50 H33/26R

1AFW039 Kalfuel;
ex-Department of Government Transport (Sydney)
   Kalgoorlie Tours & Charters
CVL3516 Chassis No added

BCI 6KT2AA113JX001272 -/19

CVL3516 Kalgoorlie Tours & Charters
   Karamfiles Builders (Deanmill)
WA23001 Registration not current

MAN 10.155 6AB7520533MX00820  ⁄ Ansair Orana 3011 03/97 C27Dw (originally B29Dw)

WA23001 Karamfiles Builders (Deanmill);
ex-5600AO ⁄  0650AO Wangaratta Coachlines (Wangaratta VIC) (23);
ex-613DRU Brisbane Transport (613)
   Kegan (Busselton)
7LY373 Registration not current

Hino AK176K 40178  ⁄ TOST 87 02/89 B49F

1HLZ761 ⁄  OLDBOYJR1 motorhome;
ex-1DWL034 Eastside Commercials (Welshpool) (dealer);
ex-7LY373 Kegan (Busselton)
   Kelmscott Senior High School
1QBI113 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/08

1QBI113 Kelmscott Senior High School
Accident damaged
   Kent St Senior High School (Kensington)
1QBX196 Chassis No added

BCI 6KT2AA112EX000720 -/15

1QBX196 Kent St Senior High School (Kensington)
   Killarnee Team Green Motorsport
1CMI278 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600

1CMI278 Killarnee Team Green Motorsport
   Kimberley Cultural Adventures (Broome) [Dann]
1CPH496 Registration not current

Toyota HiAce Commuter

1CPH496 Kimberley Cultural Adventures (Broome) [Dann]
   King Mini Bus Charter
CVL3439 Operator identified

Toyota Coaster JTGFP528305500021 -/09

CVL3439 King Mini Bus Charter
   Kittens Table Top Venue / Adult Club (Melbourne)
KITBUS Registration not current

Austral Tourmaster DC122 B470  ⁄  1399 12/87 C46Ft

KITBUS ⁄  TPS183 Kittens Table Top Venue / Adult Club (Melbourne);
ex-TPS183 ⁄  1620AC Victorian Touring Coaches (Moorabbin VIC);
ex-0776AO ⁄  EXP231 Melbourne on the Move / Chriss Sightseeing Tours (114);
ex-TC2472 Transcontinental (Midvale) (24);
ex-282AAX Deluxe Coachlines (152)
   Kojonup Bus Service [Pryor]
KO4857 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster BB20 6674 10/84 B21C

KO4857 Kojonup Bus Service [Pryor] (57)
KO4859 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster BB20 7637 12/84 B21C

KO4859 Kojonup Bus Service [Pryor] (59)
8KG915 Not previously recorded - historic

Toyota Coaster --/93 B22C

8KG915 Kojonup Bus Service [Pryor]
   Lalor (Esperance)
1AOP869 Subsequent disposal

Nissan LKA211N 00043 6T9G16WA1Y1CAZ004  ⁄ BCI-Gemilang MSSB071 01/00 B47F

XV20GI Private Owner (non-PSV) (VIC);
ex-Sub Zero Recovery;
ex-1AOP869 Lalor (Esperance)
NOTE: rego XV20GI cancelled 15.07.2021
   Lansdowne (S) (Northam)
1CRL689 Chassis No added

BCI PK6850AT LGG5SKCM77H001736  ⁄ BCI -/07 C33F

1CRL689 Lansdowne (S) (Northam);
ex-1CRL689 Leslie (B) (Tammin)
   Leckie (Katanning)
400KA Requires confirmation

Volvo B7R YV3R6R624EA164423  ⁄ Express 861 05/14 B43F

400KA Leckie (Katanning) (OSB)
Rego 400KA now on a 2013 Toyota Hiace
   Lesmurdie Bus Service (Pickering Brook) [R & M Waters]
LBS2001 Original registration added

Mercedes-Benz O500RS 9BM634011NB249025  ⁄ Irizar i6 255.405 -/22 B57F

LBS2001 ⁄  1HSH275 Lesmurdie Bus Service (Pickering Brook) [R & M Waters]
   Lewis (Merredin)
MD516 Disposal

Toyota Coaster --/85 B19C

MD516 Private Owner (non-PSV);
ex-MD516 Lewis (Merredin)
   Limo Bus Perth
8USTAMOVE Registration not current

Toyota HiAce Commuter

8USTAMOVE Limo Bus Perth
   Limo Bus 430 [D Roberts]
1HBH470 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JT743PB3009000843 01/92

1HBH470 Limo Bus 430 [D Roberts];
ex-CVL2249 The Transporter;
ex-CVL2249 ⁄  TC7553 Limo Bus 430 [D Roberts];
ex-TC7553 Pulse
   Lockridge Senior High School
1QBM398 Chassis No added

BCI JXK6127BR1 LSFC130829C005223 -/09

1QBM398 Lockridge Senior High School
   Logan Coaches (Logan Village QLD)
115 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OH1421 9BM382058WB152024  ⁄ AustralPacific Starliner 8728021 09/98 B57F

634VOF Logan Coaches (Logan Village QLD) (115);
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
d/r by 9/16
757TOX Registration not current

Hino RK176K JHDRK176KXXX40648  ⁄ TOST 225 05/96 B57F (originally B49F)

757TOX Logan Coaches (Logan Village QLD) (30);
ex-9BY023 Mandurah Bus Charters [Buswest];
ex-9BY023 Houghs Bus Charters (Bunbury) [Buswest];
ex-9BY023 Hough (Bunbury) (23)
756TOX Registration not current

MAN 10.155 HOCL 6AB7520535MX00822  ⁄ Ansair Orana 3013 05/97 B35Dw

756TOX Logan Coaches (Logan Village QLD);
ex-TC6517 Mandurah Bus Charters;
ex-XOF395 Carbridge (Adelaide Airport) (C105);
ex-YBW735 Carbridge (Mascot NSW) (16);
ex-615DRU Brisbane City Council (615)
1HAQ886 Registration not current

Fiat MD4 ZFA25000002943866  ⁄ Mellor 6153 08/16 B15Fw

1HAQ886 Logan Coaches (Logan Village QLD);
ex-1HAQ886 Hedland Bus Lines (South Hedland) [Love];
ex-1GCT054 Nazzari Bus Sales (Welshpool) (dealer);
ex-1GCT054 Loves Bus Service
No record of VIN on Qld rego checker
1CRQ308 Registration not current

Hino Rainbow -/88

1CRQ308 The Lolly Bus (Canning Vale)
Not a Mitsubishi
   Loves Bus Service (Albany)
A21 Disposal

Hino FD166L JHDFD3WLLXXX10193  ⁄ TOST 188 08/94 B41F

A54239 Unknown (non-PSV);
ex-A54239 ⁄  TC3936 ⁄  TC3930 ⁄  AL2820 Loves Bus Service (Albany) (A21)
A49 Registration not current

Hino RK260 JHDRK1JSMXXX10135  ⁄ CustomCoaches SB40 07-044A 08/07 C57F

A259 Loves Bus Service (Albany) (A49)
A41 Registration not current

Hino RK176K 40146  ⁄ TOST 56 10/85 B49F

A45 Loves Bus Service (Albany) (A41);
ex-7CE516 Flegg (Carnamah)
A24 Disposal

Toyota Coaster HZB50R -/95 B21C

1CKF885 Unknown (non-PSV);
ex-1CKF885 ⁄  A27 Loves Bus Service (Albany) (A24)
A52 Registration not current

Hino RN8J JHDRN8JSKXXX10078  ⁄ KingLong 6126AU KLAB08-059 12/08 C57F

A11 ⁄  1DAV317 Loves Bus Service (Albany) (A52)
A56 Registration not current

Hino FD230 JHDFD8JPKXXX10375  ⁄ TOST 320 10/09 B43F

1DEO797 Loves Bus Service (Albany) (A56)
A12044 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster HZB50R JTGFG518X07000699 -/04 B21C

A12044 Loves Bus Service (Albany) (A43)
9BY022 Subsequent disposal

Hino RK176K JHDRK176KXXX40642  ⁄ TOST 221 03/96 B57F

8USS5 Unknown (QLD);
ex-1EDR202 Unknown (Auburn NSW);
ex-9BY022 Loves Bus Service (Albany) (A26)
NOTE: rego 8USS5 not current
A35 Registration not current

Hino RG230 JHDRG1JSKXXX10814  ⁄ ABM Starliner 80160 02/01 B53FL (originally B59F)

A24 Loves Bus Service (Albany) (A35)
1AOR373 Registration not current

Nissan LKA211N 00010 6T9G16WA1Y1CAZ008  ⁄ BCI-Gemilang MSWB081 -/00 B23FL

1AOR373 Loves Bus Service (Albany) (A31)
1HAJ292 Registration not current

Hino RN8J JHDRN8JSKXXX12060  ⁄ KingLong -/10

1HAJ292 ⁄  CVL2599 Loves Bus Service
   Loves Bus Service (Bullsbrook)
9BY027 Requires confirmation

Hino RK176K JHDRK176KXXX40635  ⁄ TOST 215 12/95 B51F

9BY027 Loves Bus Service (Bullsbrook)
Chassis no duplicates that recorded for 1995 PMC-bodied RK176K new as MO8985 Cullen (Tocumwal NSW)
   Loves Bus Service (Bunbury)
1BCN130 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 307 001 61 023609  ⁄ HowardPorter 80/9012 11/80 B41D

1BCN130 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury);
ex-8QG988 ⁄  UQB349 Perth Bus [Transperth] (349);
ex-UQB349 MetroBus [Transperth] (349);
ex-UQB349 ⁄  8QG988 ⁄  UQB349 Transperth (349);
ex-UQB349 MTT (349)
1DEB012 Registration not current

Hino RK260  ⁄ CustomCoaches SB400 11/07 C53F

1DEB012 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury)
3 other similar but d/r units also advertised
   Loves Bus Service (Cairns QLD)
7PY042 Registration not current

Hino RK176K JHDRK176KXXX40392  ⁄ TOST 97 09/89 B49F

608KLU ⁄  383JQI Loves Bus Service (Cairns QLD);
ex-7PY042 Halden (Busselton)
607RFM Registration not current

Hino RG197K JHDRG197KXXX40476  ⁄ TOST 194 01/95 B55F

607RFM Loves Bus Service (Cairns QLD);
ex-8KO026 Redlion Bus & Coach (H29);
ex-8KO026 Esperance Bus Charters;
ex-8KO026 Ballantyne (Esperance)
228VIL Registration not current

Nissan JP251P 00030 6T9G16WA1Y1CAZ005  ⁄ BCI-Gemilang MSSB074 05/01 B57F

228VIL Loves Bus Service (Cairns QLD);
ex-9BY016 Hough (Bunbury) (16)
448KDF Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OH1418 WDB38200461870819  ⁄ PMCA Commuter 4903 04/91 B49F

448KDF Loves Bus Service (Cairns QLD);
ex-8FA147 Attwood (A B & L J) (Donnybrook)
NOTE: rego 448KDF expired by 6/16
   Lucas (I R & C E) (Carnamah)
1BEX213 Registration not current

Hino BD190 JHDAD2JLKXXX10077  ⁄ Express 227 08/02 B43F

1BEX213 Lucas (I R & C E) (Carnamah)
   Mackay Transit Coaches (Paget QLD)
109 Registration not current

Hino FD166 JHDFD3WLLXXX10154  ⁄ TOST 181 4/94 B39F

219LVU Mackay Transit Coaches (Paget QLD) (109);
ex-Ken Chauvier (Archfield QLD) (dealer);
ex-CP884 Matthews (J) (Capel)
   Mackerel Islands (Onslow)
1DQY650 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Canter -/11

1DQY650 Mackerel Islands (Onslow)
NOTE: rego not current
   The Magic Bus
9DC717 Registration not current

Mazda T3500 -/92

9DC717 The Magic Bus;
1GGE715 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF00346 -/08

1GGE715 ⁄  TC7588? The Magic Bus;
Possibly a r/r of TC7588
   Majestic Tours & Charters (Byford)
CVL2416 Registration renewed

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE649J0BD01177 -/05 C24F

CVL2416 ⁄  TC5423 Majestic Tours & Charters (Byford)
previously reported as expired by 16.05.2021
CVL2417 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE649J0BD01261 -/05 C24F

CVL2417 ⁄  TC4549? Majestic Tours & Charters (Byford)
NOTE: rego not current
   Manions Coaches (Beaconsfield TAS)
B08VG Registration not current

Hino RG197K JHDRG197KXXX40493  ⁄ TOST 211 08/95 B49F

B08VG Manions Coaches (Beaconsfield TAS);
ex-1CHL738 McLarens Hire & Drive (Osborne Park);
ex-8KO039 Robe River Mining Co (Pannawonica)
A73CG Registration not current

Hino FD166L JHDFD3WLKXXX10067  ⁄ MBS Jetliner B378 02/92 B39F

A73GG Manions Coaches (Beaconsfield TAS);
ex-Western Mining Corp
Rego expired 08.02.2018
   Marsh (Alexander Bridge)
9EY214 Registration not current

Hino BD186K JHDAD3HLLXXX10049  ⁄ PMCA Cadet 4081 04/86 B45F

9EY214 Marsh (Karridale);
ex-Nazzari Bus Sales (Welshpool) (dealer)
   Marsh (R S & Y) (Webberton)
BUS3 Chassis No added

IVECO Delta 6F2BACR00DDW00101  ⁄ CustomCoaches SB50 9/09

BUS3 Marsh (R S & Y) (Webberton)
   Maudsley Investments (Meandarra QLD)
1EIQ406 Registration not current

Hino GT 1322  ⁄ BCI? -/13 C37C

1EIQ406 Maudsley Investments (Meandarra QLD);
ex-1EIQ406 Unknown
   McCaffertys Coaches (Toowoomba QLD)
28 Subsequent disposal

Denning GM-8V71 D217-75  ⁄ Denning Monocoach 530 2/76 RC45Ft

145IEP motorhome;
ex-137ALQ Wills (Avondale QLD);
ex-137ALQ Duffys City Buses (Bundaberg QLD);
ex-TV350 ⁄  CT672 ⁄  KYF460 Crossways Travel (Wollongong NSW) (72);
ex-273NBK ⁄  OPA173 McCaffertys Coaches (Toowoomba QLD) (28)
NOTE: rego 145EIP not current
   McHugh (A J & J A) (High Wycombe)
1EGK975 Partial chassis no added

Scania YS2K4X420001__7804  ⁄ Higer A30 -/13 B57F

1EGK975 McHugh (A J & J A) (High Wycombe)
   McLaren Hire (Karratha)

Daewoo BH117L KL5UR61PE9P000232  ⁄ UBC-Chiron CS120 090227AB 10/09 C57F

918XQH Unknown (QLD);
ex-1CXD705 McLaren Hire (Karratha)
1DDD880 Subsequent disposal

Daewoo BH117 KL5UR61PE8P000220  ⁄ Chiron 080198AB 08/09 C57F

036TNW Coast & Country Buses (QLD);
ex-036TNW Agnes Waters Buses (Agnes Waters QLD);
ex-1DDD880 McLaren Hire (Karratha);
   Melville Senior High School
IQBM393 Chassis No added

BCI JXK6830 LSFC030829C005211  ⁄ BCI Proma33 -/09

1QBM393 Melville Senior High School
   Mercedes College (Perth)
1ANN782 Disposal

Mazda T3000 -/83 B19C

1ANN782 Private Owner (non-PSV) (Byford);
ex-1ANN782 Mercedes College (Perth)
   Mercy College (Koondoola)
MC03 Chassis No added

BCI Proma33 6KT2AA114DX000426 -/13 C33F

1EID050 Mercy College (Koondoola) (MC03)
1DUH266 Chassis No added

BCI JXK6830 6KT2BB117AX000032  ⁄ BCI Proma33 01/11 C33F

1DUH266 Mercy College (Koondoola)
   Merendino (Geraldton)
1DWN201 Requires confirmation

Scania K310IB  ⁄ Higer -/12 B57F

1DWN201 Merendino (Geraldton)
Gen from circa 3/12 photo of OSB Scania/Higer A30 parked outside a residential house, however WA Rego Check records a white 2012 Rosa as 1DWN201
1QBI109 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0P0503 -/08

1QBI109 Merredin High School
   Metropolitan Omnibus Co [Pearce]
8 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 307001 61 038575  ⁄ JWBolton 06/84 B__F (originally B43D)

1GIO899 ⁄  TC4454 Metropolitan Omnibus Co [Pearce] (8);
ex-UQB454 Swan Transit [Transperth] (454);
ex-UQB454 Transperth (454);
ex-UQB454 MTT (454)
Rego 1GIO899 expired
9 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 307001 61 041793  ⁄ HowardPorter 07/85 B43D (originally B41Dwℓ)

1EDI845 Metropolitan Omnibus Co [Pearce] (9);
ex-1EDI845 ⁄  1DQP008 ⁄  1DNJ139 ForestRail (Maddington) [D Hockey];
ex-UQB499 Swan Transit [Transperth] (499);
ex-UQB499 MetroBus [Transperth] (499);
ex-UQB499 Transperth (499);
ex-UQB499 MTT (499)
Rego 1EDI845 expired
Registration not current

Leyland National 10951/2R

Engine seized
Not previously recorded

Bedford SB  ⁄ CAC --/58

Not previously recorded

MAN 10.180  ⁄ Ansair B__D

Not previously recorded

Austral Tourmaster DC122 -/82

BUS047 Registration not current

Denning D706-374-78 3/79

BUS047 ⁄  916GSO motorhome;
ex-721OZU Belshams Charters & Tours (Coopers Plain QLD) (26);
ex-721OZU Brisbane Bus Lines (Enoggera QLD);
ex-721OZU ⁄  MO3581 ⁄  173NLI Border Coaches (Armidale NSW) (32)
8GD119 Registration not current

Bedford VAM  ⁄ Smithfield -/68 B__F

8GD119 motorhome;
7XS191 Registration not current

Bristol MW6G  ⁄ ECW B__F

7XS191 motorhome `Nomadix`;
1DBE259 Registration not current

Bedford BLP2 BLP2 BLP2DZ 602663 BLP2DHJ610335  ⁄ CustomCoaches 78-391 12/78 B44F

1DBE259 motorhome;
ex-TC4259 ⁄  8YS708 ⁄  TC3038 Robinsons Bus Charter (Bayswater);
ex-6BB450 Vosnacos (Marangaroo) (6)
1CVF308 Registration not current

Nissan  ⁄ CustomCoaches -/77

1CVF308 motorhome
1CTK690 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 307001 61 038489  ⁄ JWBolton 04/84 B43D

1CTK690 motorhome;
ex-UQB446 PATH Transit [Transperth] (446);
ex-UQB446 Transperth (446);
ex-UQB446 MTT (446)
1CUE736 Registration not current

Ford R226  ⁄ Ansair -/67

1CUE736 motorhome `Take It Easy`
8PN763 Not previously recorded

Leyland National 10951/2R

8PN763 motorhome `The Wanderer`;
ex-ACTION (Canberra)
8DW776 Registration not current

Hino RK176K JHDRK176KXXX40441  ⁄ TOST 115 11/90 B49F

8DW776 motorhome;
ex-8DW776 Wholagan (Mundijong)
1BFX842 Registration not current

Bedford VAM  ⁄ Mee -/81 B__F

1BFX842 motorhome;
ex-Mees Bus Lines (Heidelberg Heights VIC);
ex-Australian Army
CM877 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 307 001 61 007917  ⁄ JWBolton 01/80 B41D

CM877 motorhome;
ex-UQB299 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (299);
ex-UQB299 MetroBus [Transperth] (299);
ex-UQB299 Transperth (299);
ex-UQB299 MTT (299)
CVL2643 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0RF01392 -/10

CVL2643 2K Tours (Kununurra) [Wright]
NOTE: rego previously on 2006 Toyota JTFSX22P806011097
TC3551 Requires confirmation

IVECO Turbo Daily 59-12 ZCFC5980002177736  ⁄ TOST 235 09/96 nB20FL

1CYC179? motorhome;
ex-TC3551 Kalamunda Bus Service [ATG];
ex-TC3551 Mandurah Bus Charter;
ex-BCI (stock)
9DH138 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JT743BB2109______ -/90

8DH138 motorhome
7NR500 Disposal

Leyland Worldmaster ERT1/1 B46FR

static accommodation (Bridgetown);
ex-7NR500 motorhome `Cankickacanfasta`
POMH Registration not current

Denning Landseer HDDL1214-898-87  ⁄  1214 8/87 C53Ft (originally C48Ft)

904LPV motorhome;
ex-TV4429 Australian Luxury Travel (Bonnyrigg NSW) [S McDonald];
ex-TV4429 ⁄  TV4428 Northland Coach & Travel (Grafton NSW) [Northlander];
ex-205CKD McCafferty Greyhound (Toowoomba QLD) (205);
ex-205CKD Greyhound Australia (205);
ex-TC2129 Westliner Coach Services (Midvale) (32);
ex-TC2129 ⁄  mo359 Deluxe Coachlines (132)
A55150 Registration not current

Volvo B10M YV31MKC17GD012448  ⁄ VolgrenQ C58 10/86 H46/12Dt

45ROO ⁄  A55150 motorhome `The Ark`;
ex-2726AO ⁄  PCI029 Sita Coaches (West Footscray VIC) (126);
ex-264CTA Coachtrans Australia (Coomera QLD) (264);
ex-730CWK ⁄  VHH019 Greyhound Australia (268);
ex-818ABL ⁄  UQF444 Greyhound Australia (818)
A58934 Registration not current

Denning D150-74  ⁄  461 03/74

461THW ⁄  A58934 motorhome;
ex-SUN07 ⁄  SUN12 Sunshine Coast Coaches (Maroochydore QLD) (D7);
ex-m/o300 ⁄  m/o5437 Chalmers Coaches (Gordon NSW)
Rego 461THW expired 07.04.2022
9C0284 Partial chassis no added

Bedford EJ__4332 -/76

9CO284 motorhome
BY75609 Registration not current

Denning Monocoach D664-330-77 12/77 RC46F (originally 664 RC38Ftv)

BY76509 motorhome;
ex-moNTAT34 Northern Territory Adventure Tours (Alice Springs NT);
ex-mo1447 ⁄  mo820 Down Under Tours (Alice Springs NT);
ex-421PIY Down Under Tours (Cairns);
ex-421PIY Phil Dixon Tours (Cairns QLD);
ex-SHS778 Stateliner Coaches (Adelaide) (109)
1COB780? Registration not current

GMC PD4106  ⁄ GMC

1COB780 motorhome;
ex-Pioneer Tours
7JW617 Registration not current

Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/13  ⁄ HowardPorter -/66 B38D

7JW617 motorhome
1DOJ925 Re-registered

Zhong Tong LDY6KS8D990001853 -/10

429XIL ⁄  1DOJ925 motorhome
1CWH246 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O303-3 WDB60041561070562  ⁄ AustralDenning Majestic -/93 C50Ft

ex-Unknown (Barrigup);
ex-1CWH246 Unknown;
ex-TV3874 Dayes Coach Lines (Bankstown NSW);
ex-511HTE Unknown (QLD)
1CVF3XX Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 -/75 B41D

1CVF396 motorhome
1AEWx16 Registration not current

Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1  ⁄ PMC -/79 H39/27D

1AEW916 motorhome;
ex-Urban Transit Authority (Sydney);
ex-Public Transport Commission (Sydney)
1CII018 Registration not current

Denning Monocoach D20-68  ⁄  198 07/68

896RYN ⁄  1CII018 motorhome;
ex-1CII018 motorhome `Priscilla`;
ex-911NCB Campbells Coaches (Bohle QLD) [Bywater];
ex-911NCB Campbells Tours & Travel (Mount Isa QLD);
ex-TV558 Deanes Clipper Tours (Turramura NSW);
ex-TV558 ⁄  TV434 Cotrills Clipper Tours (Turramurra NSW) [Deane];
ex-TV434 Pleasure Tours (Fairy Meadow NSW)
1AYH461 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/84

CM1512 motorhome;
ex-1AYH461 Private Owner (motorhome)
1EMZ654 Registration not current

Bedford __4180  ⁄ Ansair -/77

BLAID ⁄  1EMZ654 motorhome
DA938 Registration not current

Denning DenAir DA938-622-83 4/83

V8SBUS motorhome
Rego V8SBUS cancedlled 03.05.2021
1FAN764 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Bus MS725 85921  ⁄ MMC

1HPK683 ⁄  BUSLIFE ⁄  1FAN764 motorhome
429 Identity established

Domino Tourmaster DC122 B182-7-81  ⁄  B182 09/81 RC49F

429 motorhome `Wheredowegotwo`;
ex-Wodonga Charter Specialists (Leneva VIC);
ex-QYD475 Kean Travel & Tours (Albury NSW);
ex-QYD475 Michaels Murray River Getaway Tours (Albury NSW) [Kean];
ex-MO100 Pro-Oz Tours (Page ACT);
ex-MO9619 Gold Star Tours Australia (Page ACT) [Potham & Tomlinson];
ex-MO9619 Transborder Express (Yass NSW);
ex-MO9619 OMara Bros (Yass NSW) [T W & B W OMara];
ex-ISF413 Watts Bus & Coach Service (Wollongong NSW);
ex-TV812 ⁄  RK630 ⁄  LIU733 Hawkesbury Valley Bus & Coach (Oakville NSW) [Kirkpatricks]
1294 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz 36146720702668 -/74

1294 motorhome
2332 Registration not current

AEC Regal III O962  ⁄ CharlesHope FB__FR

2332 motorhome;
ex-Brisbane City Council
A669 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster

A669 motorhome;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
N219 Not previously recorded - historic

Trailer  ⁄ Campbell&Mannix

N219 Private Owner (motorhome)
1CAL904 Registration not current

Bedford  ⁄ HowardPorter? -/69 B__F

1CAL904 motorhome;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
1EHW811 Registration not current

Nissan Civilian RGRW40 JN10RGRW40A0051146 -/93 B22C

1EHW811 motorhome;
ex-8MO330 Buswest;
1BJD211 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 307 001 61 021480  ⁄ HowardPorter 80/9009 08/80 B41D

1BJD211 motorhome;
ex-UQB338 Swan Transit [Transperth] (338);
ex-UQB338 Transperth (338);
ex-UQB338 MTT (338)
1CUE270 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 307 001 61 029152  ⁄ JWBolton 02/82 B43D

1CUE270 ⁄  UFO222 motorhome;
ex-TC4440 General Busfleet Management / Purple Coaches (Bayswater);
ex-UQB380 PATH Transit [Transperth] (380);
ex-UQB380 Transperth (380);
ex-UQB380 MTT (380)
Rego 1CUE270 expired 28.12.2021
FR0518 Registration not current

Hino FD166L JHDFD3WGKXXX10022  ⁄ TOST 145 06/92 B36F

FR0518 motorhome;
ex-FR0518 Tasman Peninsula Buses (Nubeena TAS);
ex-7PY076 Harrower (Wyalkatchem)
NOTE correct rego ie FR0518 which expired 17.10.2017 [not FR0158 as per ABP17.1 p58]
1DKG223 Registration not current

Bedford BLP2 BLP2DFJ528944?  ⁄ Newnham 76-350? 11/76 B34D

1DKG223 motorhome;
ex-IRW109? Dysons (Bundoora VIC) (15?)
1GEO174 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 307 001 61 023784  ⁄ JWBolton 01/81 B43D

1GEO174 motorhome;
ex-1CRN585 Go West;
ex-1CRN585 Redlion Bus & Coach (M353);
ex-UQB353 Swan Transit [Transperth] (353);
ex-UQB353 Transperth (353);
ex-UQB353 MTT (353)
Rego 1GEO174 expired 15.03.2021
1CDN686 Registration not current

Denning DenAir 6v92TTA DA995-679-83  ⁄  995 10/83 RC45Ft

1CDN686 motorhome;
ex-284AEF McCaffertys Coaches (Toowoomba QLD) (284);
ex-636OVA McCaffertys Coaches (Toowoomba QLD) (84)
1CPM746 Registration not current

Volvo B10M 3745  ⁄ CustomCoaches 82-294 12/82 B49D

CN1845 motorhome;
ex-1CPM746 General Busfleet Mangement / Purple Coaches (Bayswater);
ex-m/o7003 Westbus (Bonnyrigg NSW)
SIN666? Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 307001 61 038531  ⁄ JWBolton 05/84 B43D

SIN666 motorhome;
ex-TC5234 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome);
ex-UQB449 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (449);
ex-UQB449 Transperth (449);
ex-UQB449 MTT (449)
1GME090 Not previously recorded

Bedford SB3 SB378______  ⁄ Comair

1GME090 motorhome `Hakrumun`
NOTE: rego not current
JUSDRIFTN Registration not current

Bova Futura FHSD12-332 XL9AB21CG03003454 6/86 C42Ftb

JUSDRIFTN motorhome `Jusdriftn`;
ex-TC3335 Nicholls Bus & Coach Service (Narrogin) [R W Nicholls] (20);
ex-628DLL ⁄  514BSW Greyhound Pioneer (764);
ex-734BMK ⁄  TC734 ⁄  UDC371 Bus Australia / Across Australia Coachlines (64)
1CRH053 Registration not current

Leyland National 10951/2R 01443  ⁄ LeylandUK 12/74 B39D

1CRH053 motorhome;
ex-TC2093 South West Coach Lines [D Adams] (93);
ex-ZIB265 ACTION (Canberra) (265);
ex-ZIB265 Canberra Bus Service (265)
XQ16KR Registration not current

Hino RC320P 40652  ⁄ FreighterWA 06/69 C28Ftv

XQ16KR ⁄  WEV581 ⁄  7IL099 motorhome;
ex-TC756 ⁄  TC523 Skybus (Bellevue) [Thence];
ex-XQA129 Westrail (H106);
ex-XQA129 ⁄  UQC470 Westrail (H109);
ex-UQC470 Western Australian Government Railways (H109)
BM20067 Registration not current

Volvo B58-56 4755  ⁄ Smithfield SBC366 10/74 B41D

BM20067 ⁄  UWD092 motorhome;
ex-MO104 ⁄  MO20 Murrays Coaches (146);
ex-BUS250 ⁄  ZIB250 ACTION (Canberra) (250);
ex-ZIB250 Canberra Bus Service (250)
A54214 Registration not current

Hino FD166L JHDFD3WLLXXX10194  ⁄ TOST 189 09/94 B39F

A54214 motorhome;
ex-A54214 ⁄  TC3931 ⁄  8KO021 Loves Bus Service (Albany) (A22)
1ANT672 Registration not current

Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/13 -/67 B38D

1ANT672 motorhome
XV86CI Registration not current

Hino FD166 JHDFD3WLLXXX10164  ⁄ TOST 184 07/94 B39F

XV86CI motorhome;
ex-BS00FY Flexible Tours & Services (VIC);
ex-8XS924 BHP Billiton (5186);
ex-8XS924 Western Mining Corp
1APO549 Registration not current

GMC DSPA5019  ⁄ Ansair Scenicruiser -/63 C__F

1APO549 motorhome;
ex-McKenzies Tourist Services (Kew VIC);
ex-Pioneer Tours
A52895 Registration not current

Leyland Leopard PSU3A/2R  ⁄ Bolton -/69 B46D

A52895 motorhome
1DLB930 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 307001 61 042327  ⁄ JWBolton 07/85 B43D

1DLB930 motorhome;
ex-UQB514 Swan Transit [Transperth] (514);
ex-UQB514 Connex [Transperth] (514);
ex-UQB514 Perth Bus [Transperth] (514);
ex-UQB514 MetroBus [Transperth] (514);
ex-UQB514 Transperth (514);
ex-UQB514 MTT (514)
1HKA969 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821091975  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VP0026 12/99 B41Dw

1HKA969 motorhome;
ex-TP1158 Swan Transit [TransBusselton] (1158);
ex-TP1158 Swan Transit [TransBunbury] (1158);
ex-TP1158 Transdev [TransBusselton] (1158);
ex-TP1158 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (1158)
XV81CT Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OH1418 WDB38200461979398  ⁄ PMCA 160 2366 02/94 B55F

XV81CT motorhome;
ex-SB60HG Illawonga School Camp (Punyelroo SA);
ex-1BYT595 Unknown (orange school bus);
ex-1BYT595 Schmidt (E W & N M) (Lower Chittering)
NOTE: rego XV81CT cancelled 13.06.2022; rego SB60HG expired 15.02.2018
1DVI379 Registration not current

Hino BX341E 40348  ⁄ TOST 31 12/83 B48F

1DVI379 motorhome;
ex-6SS508 Swanleigh Hostel (Middle Swan) (3)
1BML298 Registration not current

Leyland Leopard PSU3A/2R  ⁄ Bolton -/69 B46D

1BML298 motorhome
CO17315 Registration not current

Ford R192 CG2BMY__036D -/71

CO17315 motorhome `The Mule`
1CYX496 Registration not current

Austral Tourmaster DC122 B489-5-88  ⁄  1441 05/88 RC46Ft

1CYX496 Private Owner (motorhome);
ex-2072AO ⁄  PUV368 Jay Tee Coaches (Park Orchards VIC);
ex-TC3249 ⁄  UKJ673 Greyhound Pioneer Australia (431);
ex-UKJ673 Greyhound Pioneer Australia (446);
ex-UKJ673 Stateliner Tours (Somerton Park SA) [A Crawford] (446)
BV001 Registration not current

Hino FD166L JHDFD3WLLXXX10062  ⁄ TOST 159 02/93 B39F

BV001 motorhome `Nillionaires on Tour`;
ex-Barrie Watts (Woolloongabba QLD) (dealer);
ex-N4797 Northam Bus Service [Nuich];
ex-9LP929 Herriott (B) (Northam);
ex-8KO003 Hough (Bunbury)
1BDP296 Registration not current

Leyland Panther PSUR1/1R -/69

1BDP296 motorhome;
ex-Brisbane City Council
1DCH663 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 307 001 61 026814  ⁄ JWBolton 07/81 B49F (originally B43D)

1DCH663 motorhome;
ex-TC6017 Adams Coachlines (Redcliffe) (B20);
ex-TC4516 Redlion Bus & Coach / Esperance Bus Charter (M360);
ex-UQB360 Perth Bus [Transperth] (360);
ex-UQB360 MetroBus [Transperth] (360);
ex-UQB360 Transperth (360);
ex-UQB360 MTT (360)
Rego 1DCH663 expired 15.12.2022
9CX758 Registration not current

Leyland National 10951/2R 02053  ⁄ LeylandAU 09/75 B39D

9CX758 motorhome;
ex-TC867 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie) (2);
ex-BUS310 ⁄  ZIB310 ACTION (Canberra) (310);
ex-ZIB310 Canberra Bus Service (310)
1BDS195 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305  ⁄ JWBolton -/79 B43D

1BDS195 motorhome `Dabusmob`
1ATB872 Registration not current

Volvo B58  ⁄ CustomCoaches? -/81

1ATB872 motorhome
8SX216 Registration not current

International  ⁄ Freighter -/75 B__F

8SX216 motorhome
8GX833 Registration not current

AEC Regal III O962  ⁄ Bolton FC30F

8GX833 motorhome;
ex-Western Australian Government Railways
1DJY761 Chassis no corrected

Mercedes-Benz LO812 9BM688177RB030463  ⁄ CustomCoaches 94-388 05/95 B26F

1DJY761 motorhome;
ex-TC6126 ⁄  1CPJ023 Purple Coaches (Bayswater) [MacNish];
ex-m/o8901 Westbus (Bonnyrigg NSW)
935WRU Registration not current

Hino AK176K 40011  ⁄ TOST 62 05/86 B40F

935WRU motorhome;
ex-TC4583 ⁄  AU2224 Shepherdson Transport (Margaret River);
ex-AU2224 Wise (A W) (Margaret River)
9BY013 Registration not current

Hino BX341E 40534  ⁄ TOST 54 09/85 B48F

9BY013 motorhome `Itlldous`;
ex-9BY013 Hough (Bunbury) (13);
ex-CP909 OConnell (Boyanup)
AU14961 Registration not current

Albion  ⁄ Smithfield -/78

AU14961 motorhome `Unknown`;
ex-AU14961 motorhome `Just Doin` It!`
Albion not Bedford
1DNF802 Registration not current

Volvo B6FA-5600 314  ⁄ HowardPorter 83/5064 06/83 B49F

1DNF802 motorhome;
ex-TC3824 Churinga Bus Charters (Baldivis) (2);
ex-6ON239 Churinga Bus Charters (Baldivis);
ex-6ON239 Palmer (Baldivis);
ex-6ON239 Edmunds (Baldivis) (K D & K)
1GPY962 Registration not current

Hino RK176K JHDRK176KXXX40607  ⁄ TOST 203 05/95 B51F

1GPY962 ⁄  8KO034 motorhome;
ex-8KO034 Cobblers Tavern (Falcon);
ex-8KO034 Carnarvon Bus Charters [Buswest];
ex-8KO034 Carnarvon Bus Charters (4)
1DBS414 Registration not current

Hino AC140K 40285  ⁄  K26490 04/86 B28F

1DBS414 motorhome;
ex-7FB489 Towes (H & E J) (Green Range)
1CRE890 Registration not current

Volvo B58 -/76

1CRE890 motorhome
TZJ937 Registration not current

Kassbohrer-Setra S228DT WKK13900001037013  ⁄ Kassbohrer 5/86 HC47/14Dt

TZJ937 motorhome;
ex-1392AO ⁄  QLI746 Gippsland Coach Tours (Mirboo VIC);
ex-AWC004 ⁄  TV2599 Australia Wide Coaches (Dubbo NSW);
ex-Scania Australia;
ex-TV1722 Premier Motor Service (Nowra NSW) (268);
ex-TV1722 Kirkland Bros Omnibus Service (Lismore NSW) (268);
ex-TC676 ⁄  IU4133 Deluxe Coachlines (106)
Rego TZJ937 cancelled 17.10.2015
1BTP681 Registration not current

Hino RC320P 47300  ⁄ Smithfield Euro 10/79 RB__F

1BTP681 motorhome
9MB734 Registration not current

Bedford YMT3 FW457169  ⁄ Duple Dominant II 718/2683 -/77 C49F

9MB734 motorhome `Vagabond Villa`;
ex-ACJ613 Pyles Alpine Coach Service (Tawonga VIC)
1GQD399 Registration not current

Kia Cosmos 818 KN2GAD4C5VD000005  ⁄ BCI-Gemilang MSSB005 -/99 B41F

1GQD399 motorhome;
ex-1AJM296 Rules Bus Service (Gingin) (2)
1ARX362 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108005264 -/00

1ARX362 motorhome;
ex-1ARX362 Unknown (orange school bus)
1BXB262 Registration not current

Leyland Panther PSUR1/1R  ⁄ FreighterWA? B45D

1BXB262 motorhome
B87QY Registration not current

Hino RG197K JHDRG197KXXX40490  ⁄ TOST 201 04/95 B55F

B87QY motorhome;
ex-B87QY Oakleys Coaches (Snug TAS);
ex-B87QY Wisbys (Margate TAS);
ex-8KO032 Smeathers (Nornalup);
ex-8KO032 Hewitt (Denmark)
1DNT298 Registration not current

Hino BY320E 40011  ⁄ PMC 4118 05/79 C45F

1DNT298 motorhome;
ex-WKX718 Robinson (D) (Lucindale VIC) (24);
ex-NDQ370 ⁄  EZH299 ⁄  BOZ916 Western Stage Lines (Hoppers Crossing VIC) [Kefford Group] (24);
ex-BOZ916 ⁄  SON801 Blue Riband (Hoppers Crossing VIC) (24)
1AOO664 Registration not current

Leyland -/81

1AOO664 motorhome `Lucy`
1DAO279 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF00784 -/09

1DAO279 motorhome;
ex-1DAO279 Unknown (orange school bus)
9CL205 Registration not current

AEC Swift 5P5R  ⁄ DenningSA -/69 B46D

9CL205 motorhome;
ex-State Transport Authority (Adelaide);
ex-Municipal Tramways Trust (Adelaide)
BY72580 Registration not current

GMC DSPA5019 DNG117971C  ⁄ Ansair Scenicruiser -/72 C45F

BY72580 motorhome;
ex-Ansett Pioneer
WY9187 Registration not current

Leyland Panther PSUR1/1R 803099  ⁄ AtholHedges 04/69 B39D

WY9187 motorhome `Dawdling Along`;
ex-748PFT ⁄  PLC406 Brisbane City Council (554)
1BSD196 Registration not current

Hino RC520P  ⁄ FreighterWA -/72 B41D

1BSD196 motorhome;
ex-1BSD196 Mandurah Bus Charter
1EUQ208 Registration not current

Hino RG197  ⁄ TOST ?

1EUQ208 motorhome;
ex-A45 Loves Bus Service (Albany) (A58);
1CXN448 Registration not current

Austin -/65

1CXN448 motorhome;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
1BPC257 Registration not current

Albion Viking AVK43-505 53432D  ⁄ Denning 281 06/70 C45F

1BPC257 motorhome `Sun Chaser`;
ex-VB0769 Ace Bus Service (Hobart) (27)
9GD652 Registration not current

AEC Swift 3MP2R  ⁄ Smithfield -/71 B41D

9GD652 motorhome;
ex-ACTION (Canberra)
1CJC137 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster __2893

1CJC137 motorhome
DA1808 Registration not current


DA1808 motorhome `Straye on the Road`
Registration transferred to a 1986 Mercedes Benz mobile home
1HJQ557 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OH1421 9BM382058VB129339  ⁄ APG Starliner 8728357 08/98 B51F

1HJQ557 motorhome;
ex-1AID419 Pauls Bus Co [P Gilham];
ex-1AID419 Warren Bus Service (Manjimup);
ex-1AID419 Rooney (P) (Manjimup)
AK890 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OH1418 WDB38200461786760  ⁄ PMCSA 4722 05/89 B49F

AK890 motorhome;
ex-AK890 Buswest;
ex-AK890 Van Kuyls Bus & Coach Charters (Kelmscott) (9);
ex-AK890 Van Kuyls Bus & Coach Charters (Kelmscott) (10)
AK15136 Registration not current

Hino -/84

AK15136 motorhome
1CTR869 Registration not current

MAN SL200  ⁄ Ansair Mk I -/79 B__D

1CTR869 motorhome;
ex-Metropolitan Transit Authority (Melbourne);
ex-Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board
8NN942 Registration not current

Ford ___0678  ⁄ Ansair -/78

8NN942 motorhome
CH1861 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/70

CH1861 motorhome
1AAS100 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/77

1AAS100 motorhome
1BGA855 Registration not current

Mazda T3500

1BGA855 motorhome;
ex-1BGA855 Unknown (orange school bus)
1CMH762 Registration not current

AEC Swift 3MP2R 983  ⁄ Freighter 4966A 10/71 B43D

1CMH762 motorhome;
ex-618NVL Pioneer Bus Service (Ipswich QLD) (8);
ex-Bethel Fellowship (Booval QLD);
ex-BUS191 ⁄  ZIB191 ACTION (Canberra) (191);
ex-ZIB191 Canberra Bus Service (191)
AU1055 Registration not current

Dodge D5N  ⁄ HowardPorter? -/78 nB__F

AU1055 motorhome
8FA870 Registration not current

Bedford VAL14 VAL146B36174S  ⁄ CustomCoaches -/66 C__F

8FA870 motorhome
1CZA335 Registration not current

Hino Blue Ribbon RU606B 40031 -/88

1CZA335 motorhome;
ex-Unknown (Japan)
1DQW637 Registration not current

Bedford  ⁄ Freighter -/68 B__F

1DQW637 motorhome;
ex-Education Department (SA)?
COOLBUS Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108005357 -/00

COOLBUS motorhome;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
9KA605 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108002990

9KA605 motorhome;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
AI569 Registration not current

Silver Eagle 05 9748  ⁄ MOL -/77 RC46Ft

AI569 motorhome `569`;
ex-SSA427 Australian Coaches Group [Greyhound] (569);
ex-SSA427 Stateliner Coaches (Adelaide) (569)
1BOG036 Registration not current

Leyland B21/1R/DDA SPEC  ⁄ JWBolton B43D

1BOG036 motorhome `Destination Unknown`
117JYK Registration not current

Austral Tourmaster DC122 B328-5-85  ⁄  B328 05/85 C46Ft

117JYK Private owner (Harding River) (motorhome);
ex-2348AO ⁄  NLO923 ⁄  X30CJ Sita Coaches (West Footscray VIC) (48);
ex-VJZ283 Greyhound Pioneer Australia (454);
ex-MO120 Deanes Buslines (Queanbeyan NSW) (D10);
ex-mo910 Pioneer Trailways (NSW) (D10)
1ECG768 Registration not current

Hino FD166L  ⁄ Rogers -/95 B30F

1ECG768 motorhome `Old farts on tour`;
ex-1ECG768 Unknown (orange school bus)
1CJR739 Registration not current

Hino RC320P 41041  ⁄ PMC? -/79

1CJR739 motorhome
7PY069 Registration not current

Hino RK176K JHDRK176KXXX40430  ⁄ TOST 113 10/90 B49F

7PY069 motorhome;
ex-7PY069 Coombes Bus Service (Donnybrook)
B8236 Registration not current

Albion Viking VK43L 53422C  ⁄ Denning 195 02/68 RC41Ft

B8236 motorhome;
ex-RDB546 Coachlines of Australia (Trinity Gardens SA) (6);
ex-RDB546 Greyhound (SA);
ex-RDB546 Parlorcars (Melbourne)
BSN13389 Registration not current

Bedford VAM70  ⁄ Comair 84 11/68 C45F

BSN13389 motorhome;
ex-FQZ769 ⁄  KCM620 Jacobsen (Mooroopna VIC);
ex-KCM620 Grieves (Shepparton VIC)
WU278 Registration not current

Leyland B21/DDA/SPEC 064  ⁄ PMC 80-1173 01/81 B49F (originally 80/1173 B41D)

WU278 motorhome;
ex-320DRR Red & White Coaches (Sandgate QLD) (9);
ex-836DAE Surfside Bus Lines (836);
ex-MO2599 Surfside Bus Lines (503);
ex-617NZT Surfside Bus Lines (617)
9HZ719 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/85

9HZ719 motorhome
9IZ294 Registration not current

Nissan Civilian -/85

9IZ294 motorhome
7OZ597 Registration not current

Hino RC520P  ⁄ FreighterWA B45D

7OZ597 motorhome
1CJA583 Registration not current

Mazda E4100

1CJA583 motorhome `Buster`
BSN041A Registration not current

Bedford  ⁄ Smithfield -/74

BSN041A motorhome `Baillie n Out`
CMT2557 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 B41D

CMT2557 motorhome
BK6438 Registration not current

MAN  ⁄ Smithfield -/76 B__F

BK6438 ⁄  BK063 motorhome `Southams Waltzing Matilda`
8IS623 Registration not current

Bedford VAL70 WRQ3D9T 477195?  ⁄ VanHool 4833? -/71 C49F

8IS623 motorhome;
ex-174NPN Palm Island Tours (QLD) UNCONFIRMED;
ex-TV619 AAT Tours (Mascot NSW) UNCONFIRMED (171);
ex-TV619 Pykes Tours (Sydney) UNCONFIRMED (171)
1CYL436 Registration not current

Hino RC320P 40001  ⁄ CustomCoaches

1CYL436 motorhome `Excess Baggage`
8OZ281 Chassis No added

Nissan Civilian MGW40 010753 -/85

8OZ281 motorhome;
ex-8OZ281 Unknown (orange school bus)
BROTTON Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JMFBE649J0BB00430 07/01 B24F

BROTTON ⁄  1HCA346 motorhome;
ex-1DEZ807 Unknown (CCVL15)
6HK028 Registration not current

International ACCO630A-135 K02464  ⁄ HowardPorter 81/5018 09/80 B41F

6HK028 motorhome;
ex-6HK028 Ballantyne (Esperance);
ex-6HK028 Spicer (Esperance) (orange school bus);
ex-International Harvester (stock)
BK6658 Registration not current

Nissan Civilian -/95 B22C

BK6658 motorhome;
ex-BK6658 Unknown (Bruce Rock) (orange school bus)
1DVD515 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OH1316  ⁄ HowardPorter TransPorter -/86 B__F

1DVD515 motorhome
CC90RY Registration not current

MCI MC8 8VA43842770__7396  ⁄ MCI -/76 C44Ft

CC90RY motorhome `Queen of the Highway`;
ex-Pioneer Tours
BM23579 Registration not current

Austral Tourmaster DC122 B270  ⁄  B270 06/84 C46Ft

BM23579 motorhome;
ex-904LRI Unknown;
ex-ESZ603 ⁄  1707AO Cobden Coaches (Cobden VIC) (7);
ex-TV663 Sunliner Coaches (Gosford NSW)
1ARE922 Registration not current

Hino BX341  ⁄ HowardPorter B48F

1ARE922 motorhome;
ex-Churinga Bus Charters (Baldivis) (9)
1DIV356 Registration not current

Hino _001H  ⁄ PMC -/76

1DIV356 ⁄  CR5300 motorhome `Three Weeks`
1BOD630 Registration not current

Bedford BLP2 BLP2DHFJ______  ⁄ Smithfield Euro -/78 B__F

1BOD630 motorhome `Sun Chaser`
BLUEBELLE Registration not current

Austin K8  ⁄ Bolton -/54 B__F

BLUEBELLE motorhome;
ex-Unknown (Bencubin) (orange school bus)
1CWI404 Chassis No added

Nissan Civilian RGW40 JN10RGW40A0200551 -/96 B20F

1CWI404 motorhome
DB2361 Registration not current

AEC Regal VI U2RA 1/63 B49F (originally HowardPorter -/63 B48F)

DB2361 motorhome
1AXB505 Registration not current

AEC  ⁄ Denning -/71 C__F

1AXB505 motorhome `No Fixed Address`
BSN07CD Correction

Mercedes-Benz LO814 9BM688176SB0072686  ⁄ PMCA Cub 4079 05/96 B29F

BSN07CD ⁄  WA26404 motorhome;
ex-9GT582 Warren Bus Service (Manjimup)
1DPR073 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OH1418 WDB38200461979399  ⁄ PMCA 160 2364 02/94 B55F

1DPR073 motorhome;
ex-1DPR073 ⁄  AU2852 Shepherdson Transport (Margaret River);
ex-9BY018 Hough (Bunbury);
ex-9BY018 Heptinstall (Margaret River)
185WYI Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OH1418 WDB38200461811084  ⁄ Volgren VG291 01/90 B49F

185WYI motorhome;
ex-763IKX Ruggeris Bus Service (Mareeba QLD) [Vecchio-Ruggeri];
ex-8BN254 Wise (A W) (Margaret River)
KN1852 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster HZB50R JT743PB5108001245 -/95 B21C

KN1852 ⁄  VFF016 motorhome;
ex-9CP129 Nicholls Bus & Coach Service (Narrogin) [R W Nicholls] (14)
1DWB870 Registration not current

Hino FD166L JHDFD3WLLXXX10355  ⁄ TOST 219 01/96 B39FL

1DWB870 motorhome;
ex-9BY031 Adshead Bus Hire (Attadale) (71)
1DYN963 Registration not current

Volvo B10M  ⁄ Centurion --/87 C5D

1DYN963 motorhome;
ex-Royal Australian Air Force (Darwin) (Ambibus)
1BHR056 Identity established

Domino Tourmaster DC112 B178-6-81  ⁄  B178 06/81 RC45Ft

1BHR056 motorhome `Fishin if Possible`;
ex-TC3062 Mountford (Serpentine);
ex-TC3062 Celebrity Tours (Forrestdale) [T Belcher & P J Hargreaves];
ex-Feature Tours (36);
ex-EUV425 Chriss Coaches (Campbellfield VIC);
ex-SEV214 Highbury Coaches (SA);
ex-SEV214 Dial-a-Tour / Coachlines of Australia (Trinity Gardens SA) (8)
1BLU233 Additional information

Denning DBD772-457  ⁄  772 03/80 C38Ftv

1BLU233 motorhome `Out of the Blue`;
ex-TC4478 Go West Tours [Stanley & Haoust];
ex-TC2985 Top Gun Fishing Charters (Welshpool) [G H Smith];
ex-SDZ730 Greyhound Pioneer Australia (312);
ex-SDZ730 Greyhound Pioneer (312);
ex-SDZ730 Greyhound (312);
ex-SDZ730 Stateliner Tours (Somerton Park SA) [A Crawford] (112)
NOTE: rego ceased 12.04.2020
9KH873 Registration not current

Hino RK176K JHDRK176KXXX40664  ⁄ PMCA Commuter 2657 08/96 B57F

9KH873 motorhome;
ex-9KH873 Anzellino (V J & L D) (Waroona)
7HH992 Registration not current

Hino BG144KA 10011  ⁄ TOST 79 04/88 B29F

7HH992 motorhome `The Silver Brick`;
ex-7HH992 Warren Bus Service (Manjimup)
BY98130 Registration not current

Leyland -/70

BY98130 motorhome;
8FY689 Registration not current

Denning Monocoach -/72

8FY689 motorhome
1DFI287 Registration not current

Leyland Terrier __2491  ⁄ PMC -/82

1DFI287 motorhome
1DFR271 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/00

1DFR271 motorhome
1DQJ744 Registration not current

Leyland Worldmaster ERT1/1  ⁄ Freighter -/65

1DQJ744 motorhome
9CX833 Registration not current

Leyland Worldmaster ERT1/1  ⁄ Comeng B43FR

9CX833 Private Owner (motorhome);
ex-OXU156 Private Owner (Sydney);
ex-Private Owner (Coogee NSW);
ex-Hill (Fairy Meadow NSW);
ex-m/o3462 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (3462);
ex-m/o3462 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (3462);
ex-m/o3462 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (3462)
SRT003 Registration not current

Kassbohrer-Setra S228DT WKK13900001037002  ⁄ Kassbohrer 4/86 HC44/14Dt

SRT003 motorhome;
ex-TAFE (Wodonga) (V8 supercar support vehicle);
ex-TV1715 Fantastic Aussie Tours (Katoomba NSW);
ex-TV1715 Premier Motor Service (Nowra NSW) (290);
ex-TV1715 Kirkland Bros Omnibus Service (Lismore NSW) (290);
ex-TV1715 Simes Bros (Lismore NSW);
ex-mo213 Deluxe Coachlines (100)
BM23680 Registration not current

Domino Tourmaster DC122 B172-4-81  ⁄  B172 04/81 RC46Ft

BM23680 motorhome;
ex-Unknown (NT);
ex-1058AC ⁄  EEH770 Diamond Valley Coaches (Bundoora VIC) (40);
ex-CZH384 ⁄  IT9881 Glenhenry Tours (Morwell (Vic) [H Beames];
ex-TC288 ⁄  6PA160 ⁄  IU4148 ⁄  IT7146 Deluxe Coachlines (7);
ex-IT7146 Hoys Intercapital (Wangaratta VIC)
AJ92DJ Registration not current

Leyland B21/1R/DDA SPEC  ⁄ JWBolton -/85 B43D

AJ92DJ motorhome
CA5290 Registration not current

Volvo B58 7625 -/75

CA5290 motorhome `Follow That Dream`
1DMY603 Registration not current

Bedford FJ______  ⁄ Smithfield Euro -/79

1DMY603 motorhome `Playin it by ear`
1BLK629 Registration not current

Leyland Leopard PSU3C/2R 7504969  ⁄ HowardPorter 76/5088 05/76 C45F

1BLK629 motorhome;
ex-XMX934 Hamersley Iron (Dampier) (5-8)
1BXH019 Registration not current

Ford CLBPB______  ⁄ Ansair -/74

1BXH019 motorhome
1DGM029 Registration not current

MAN 16.240 34100______  ⁄ PMC -/79

1DGM029 motorhome
1EJD024 Registration not current

Bedford EJ______  ⁄ CustomCoaches -/76 B__F

1EJD024 motorhome `Miss Molly`
1DYY388 Chassis No added

Bedford H192632  ⁄ AtholHedges -/71

1DYY388 motorhome `The Dutchess`
NOTE: rego not current
1EEM692 Registration not current

Hino FD166L JHDFD3WLKXXX_____  ⁄ TOST ? -/91 B__F

1EEM692 motorhome `We live under a southern sky`;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
9BD776 Registration not current

Mitsubishi FB__F

9BD776 motorhome;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
DA503 Registration not current

Nissan ___6949 -/73 C__F

DA503 motorhome
1CPU753 Registration not current

Bedford YRQ YRQ2DCW______  ⁄ Smithfield -/74 RC49F

1CPU753 motorhome `Mobile Mayhem`
1AXZ977 Registration not current

Austin -/65 B__F

1AXZ977 motorhome
AK9933 Registration not current

Bedford SB  ⁄ HowardPorter? -/69 B__F

AK9933 motorhome
CO17878 Registration not current

Hino AC140 -/85 FB__F

CO17878 motorhome;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus) (7)
1BPN792 Registration not current

Bedford SB  ⁄ CAC -/56

1BPN792 motorhome
BU004 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Canter  ⁄ Melba? -/83 FB__F

BU004 motorhome
1BHT150 Registration not current

International 8VA3773970__7040  ⁄ GBW -/79

1BHT150 motorhome `Buddy Cruisin`
621KRP Registration not current

Volvo B58  ⁄ CustomCoaches -/82

621KRP motorhome
A2689 Identity established

Mercedes-Benz O302 30229220017017  ⁄ Denning 418 03/73 C45F

A2689 motorhome;
ex-261POH Williams Coaches (Hillcrest QLD);
ex-Parsons Bus Service (Wauchope NSW);
ex-BF3698 ;
ex-IS0016 Australian Rambler Coaches (Bayswater VIC) (30)
NOTE: rego not current
1CHS846 Registration not current


1CHS846 motorhome
A62789 Registration not current

MAN SL200  ⁄ Ansair MkI

A62789 motorhome;
ex-Metropolitan Transit Authority (Melbourne)
1BGL955 Registration not current

Leyland Lion PSR1/1 Q1NVAAA______  ⁄ Denning -/66 C45?F

1BGL955 ⁄  9MZ162 motorhome;
ex-Red & White Coaches (Sandgate QLD) (17?);
ex-Continental Coach Lines (Sandgate QLD);
ex-Black & White Buses (Sandgate QLD)
1CIC162 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz L406 -/70

1CIC162 motorhome;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
1CQZ475 Registration not current

Volvo B10M YV31MKC18HD014694  ⁄ Volgren -/87

1CQZ475 motorhome `About Bloody Time`
1CPZ274 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/83

1CPZ274 motorhome
FD4482 Registration not current

Domino Tourmaster DC122 B185  ⁄  B185 08/81 C46Ft?

FD4482 motorhome `Buzzin Around`;
ex-726ACG Panorama Coaches (Innisfail QLD);
ex-TC292 ⁄  6PO842 ⁄  IU0638 Deluxe Coachlines (8);
ex-BJN898 Eldreds Coach Tours (Leongatha VIC);
ex-MO31 Murrays Coaches (Red Hill ACT) (118);
ex-MO31 Canberra Cruises & Tours (ACT)
rego expired 04.09.2018
80DND Registration not current

Leyland B21/1R/DDA SPEC Q1NVAAA807010  ⁄ JWBolton -/85 B43D

80DND ⁄  372KDV motorhome `Dun n Dusted`
1EMM020 Registration not current

Mitsubishi -/86

1EMM020 Private Owner (motorhome)
9KO000 Registration not current

Isuzu LT1-11P JALYB12N8G2508418  ⁄ TOST ? B__F

9KO000 motorhome `Trust Inn?`;
1AAS982 Registration not current

Leyland National 10951/2R 02087 9/75 B39D

1AAS982 motorhome `Perfect Hours Lousy Pay`;
ex-m/o8845 Telford Tours (Turella NSW);
ex-Rockhampton City Council;
ex-739BPQ Sunbus / Rocky Transit (Rockhampton QLD);
ex-332BNY Rockhampton City Council (11);
ex-BUS315 ⁄  ZIB315 ACTION (Canberra) (315)
1CPU256 Registration not current

Bedford  ⁄ CustomCoaches -/73

1CPU256 motorhome
981GDM Registration not current

Denning Denflex DSC04802482  ⁄ Denning B24 12/82 C53F

981GDM motorhome;
ex-981GDM Knight (S G & P A) (Emerald QLD);
ex-981GDM Vaughan (D G & R R) (Emerald QLD);
ex-016BIL Biloela Coaches (Biloela QLD);
ex-MO9467 Grafton Bus Co (Grafton NSW) (26)
1DLG899 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108000179 -/93

1DLG899 motorhome
1EIV091 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/81

1EIV091 motorhome
1BBP736 Registration not current

Mazda __3460 -/79

1BBP736 motorhome
408GG Registration not current

Leyland National 10951/2R 01417  ⁄ Leyland 12/74 B39D

408GG motorhome `Just Heaven`;
ex-ACT Institute of TAFE (Canberra);
ex-201945 ⁄  ZIH088 Department of the Territories and Local Government (information bus);
ex-BUS264 ⁄  ZIB264 ACTION (Canberra) (264)
Reported to have been scrapped; evidently not; Note: Rego 408GG now on a 2010 Mazda BT-50
1DMN624 Registration not current

International C002______  ⁄ GBW C0028 11/79

1DMN624 motorhome;
ex-MO1972 Norris (C R & J L) (Junee NSW);
ex-TV951 Auburn Coaches (Merrylands NSW);
ex-322NPV Skennars Coaches (Brisbane)
1CTQ143 Registration not current

Mitsubishi 2108 -/88

1CTQ143 motorhome
CH10087 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OH1316 34520265638011  ⁄ Newnham 84-118 8/84 C49F

CH10087 motorhome;
ex-4121AO ⁄  FWR121 ⁄  CHU151 Crown Coach Lines (East Burwood VIC) (21);
ex-CHU151 Hawthorn Bus Service (Hawthorn VIC) (21);
ex-CHU151 Australian Rambler (Box Hill VIC) (7)
1DQQ220 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Fuso MS725S  ⁄ MMC -/88

1DQQ220 motorhome
VAV037 Registration not current

Austral Tourmaster DC122 B240  ⁄  B240 4/83 C46Ft

VAV037 motorhome;
ex-VAV037 Lincoln City Coachlines (Port Lincoln SA);
ex-VAV037 Steel City Coaches (Whyalla SA);
ex-TC286 ⁄  6OR098 Deluxe Coachlines (21)
Rego VAV037 expired 27.03.2018
MH97016 Registration not current

Austral Tourmaster DC122 B259  ⁄  B259 10/83 C46Ft

MH97016 motorhome;
ex-PXJ987 G&T Silver City Coaches (Broken Hill SA);
ex-Warragul Bus Lines (Warragul VIC);
ex-ABS (Warragul VIC) (dealer);
ex-TC291 ⁄  6PY332 Deluxe Coachlines (25)
AW532 Registration not current

Denning DenAir 6v92TTA DA894-578-82  ⁄  DA894 03/82 RC53F

AW532 motorhome;
ex-YXY244 Good Az Gold Tours & Transfers (Windsor NSW);
ex-XYX244 Pegasus Coach Tours (Riverstone NSW) [Hainsworth];
ex-XYX244 (dry hired) Mosman Coaches (Allambie Heights NSW) [Kirkwood];
ex-XYX244 Pegasus Coach Tours (Riverstone NSW) [Hainsworth];
ex-274AEF Awon Bus Service (Wynnum QLD) (40);
ex-274AEF Awon Bus Service (Wynnum QLD) (36);
ex-274AEF McCaffertys Coaches (Toowoomba QLD) (274);
ex-074PMN ⁄  JFM74 McCaffertys Coaches (Toowoomba QLD) (74)
1EKP465 Registration not current

Hino Rainbow -/88

1EKP465 motorhome
1EOO291 Registration not current

Leyland Leopard PSU3A/2RT 803551  ⁄ CCMC 69-40 04/69 RC41F

1EOO291 motorhome `Wimaway`;
ex-m/o756 Hunters Hill Bus Co (Gladesville NSW)
1BZC865 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 WDB30700161______ -/78 B41D

1BZC865 motorhome `White Cloud`
944LBP Registration not current

Denning Landseer DL1237-921-87  ⁄  1237 10/87 RC46Ft

944LBP motorhome `Endless`;
ex-051JDF ⁄  346BXY Greyhound Australia (346);
ex-346BXY McCaffertys Coaches (Toowoomba QLD) (346);
ex-033AHK Pioneer Coaches (Ipswich QLD) (24);
ex-033AHK ⁄  mo393 ⁄  MO367 Deluxe Coachlines (137)
XQ30EC Registration not current

MCA 3-87-63  ⁄ Denning Majestic F0167 7/87 RC30Ft

XQ30EC ⁄  820RPZ motorhome;
ex-Mullens (Seaford VIC) (dealer);
ex-Kangaroo Island Holiday Tours (SA);
ex-VV13BO ⁄  320PXW Deluxe Coachlines (129)
1CHN564 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/87

1CHN564 motorhome;
ex-1CHN564 Unknown (orange school bus)
1DMN648 Registration not current

Bedford SB5  ⁄ Comair -/66

1DMN648 motorhome
1DLJ900 Registration not current

Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/13 -/66 B38D

1DLJ900 motorhome
UYU415 Registration not current

Austral Tourmaster DC122 B487-4-88  ⁄  1437 4/88 RC46Ft

UYU415 motorhome;
ex-UYU415 ⁄  0368AC Wodonga Charter Specialists (Leneva VIC) [Leitch];
ex-MID71 ⁄  516IZU Concorde Coach Charter (Redbank QLD);
ex-TV686 Macquarie Education Tours (Lake Macquarie NSW);
ex-TV686 Durhams Coaches (Temora NSW);
ex-mo187 Deluxe Coachlines (167)
Chassis No B487-4-88; Rego UYU415 cancelled 07.09.2018
CREEPY Registration not current

Volvo B58 4338  ⁄ Volgren 4/83

CREEPY motorhome
1AMK119 Registration not current

Denning DenAir DA88______ -/81

1AMK119 motorhome
1ANX002 Registration not current

Denning Monocoach __3475 -/76

1ANX002 motorhome `Livin the Dream`
DA683 Registration not current

Bedford VAL  ⁄ CustomCoaches

DA683 motorhome `Cruis`n Round`
BY75538 Registration not current

Bedford SB  ⁄ Freighter -/68

BY75538 motorhome;
ex-Education Department (SA)
1DAM192 Registration not current

Denning D722-386-79 -/79

1DAM192 motorhome;
ex-Mayfield Bus Hire (Newcastle NSW);
ex-King Bros (NSW);
ex-MO1699 Newmans Tours (Arncliffe NSW);
ex-290AEF McCaffertys Coaches (Toowoomba QLD) (290);
ex-090PMN ⁄  810OXT McCaffertys Coaches (Toowoomba QLD) (90);
ex-SUN11 Sunshine Tours (Deer Park West VIC) (D9)
1AHP893 Registration not current

Leyland Worldmaster ERT1/1 -/62 B48F

1AHP893 motorhome
1DTV782 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster 0837 -/92

1DTV782 motorhome;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
1DOL809 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/88 B21C

1DOL809 motorhome;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
1BNG117 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O303  ⁄ Ansair

1BNG117 motorhome `Mercilla Princess of Kal`
CGG551A Registration not current

Bedford  ⁄ PMC -/79

CGG551A motorhome `Where 2 Next`
7PX443 Registration not current

Bedford __614P  ⁄ Freighter -/70

7PX443 motorhome
1IDEGLE Chassis No added

Mitsubishi MM515H 60095  ⁄ MMC -/88

1IDEGLE motorhome;
ex-Unknown (Japan)
1CJK019 Registration not current

Nissan __1211 -/84

1CJK019 motorhome;
ex-Unknown (Japan)
1AZU246 Correction

Leyland Leopard  ⁄ CustomCoaches? -/74

1AZU246 motorhome
Was registered 1AZU246 not 1AZU216; NOTE: rego not current
1ERN830 Registration not current

OKA 4x4 6N544V1M4RA000167  ⁄  167 -/94 C12C

1ERN830 ⁄  THESWAG motorhome
1CSK301 Registration not current

Nissan Civilian 1857 -/86

1CSK301 motorhome
9KT820 Registration not current

Denning Monocoach - GM 6v92T D678-343-78 05/78 RC49F

9KT820 motorhome `Vagabond`;
ex-DPH947 Ohlin Coaches (Shepparton VIC);
ex-DPH947 Doyle (Shepparton VIC);
ex-DAVIS1 Davis Coaches (Ourimbah);
ex-Sid Foggs Coachlines (Fullarton Cove NSW)
1ACL974 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/86

1ACL974 motorhome;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
1EKZ017 Registration not current

Austin --/63 (originally HowardPorter -/63)

1EKZ017 motorhome `The Old Lady`
1BUI563 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz LO912 9BM688123RB______  ⁄ PMCSA Cub -/95

1BUI563 motorhome;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
BSN14370 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/85

BSN14370 motorhome
C27470 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/85

C27470 motorhome
1EYF532 Registration not current

Bedford SB  ⁄ CAC -/53? B33F

1EYF532 motorhome
1ALW699 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108004726 -/99

1ALW699 motorhome
1EOC606 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OH1418 WDB38200461______  ⁄ CustomCoaches -/88

1EOC606 motorhome `Freedom at Last`
1BUU410 Registration not current

Nissan Civilian MGW40 011632 -/85

1BUU410 motorhome
1DPO104 Registration not current

Hino BX341E  ⁄ HowardPorter -/82

1DPO104 motorhome;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus) (15)
KD577 Registration not current

Bedford SB3 3171  ⁄ CAC -/60 B33F

KD577 ⁄  BL37UY motorhome;
ex-BL37UY motorhome `Purple People Eater`
1BZB946 Registration not current

Denning D139-73  ⁄  448 09/73 RC45F

1BZB946 motorhome;
ex-622BFQ Peters Coaches (Oakey QLD);
ex-622BFQ Unknown Church (Dalby QLD);
ex-827NZD Baines (Toowoomba QLD);
ex-827NZD Hagan (D & N) (Toowoomba QLD);
ex-827NZD McCaffertys Coaches (Toowoomba QLD)
1EGU419 Registration not current

Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/13 -/66 B38D

1EGU419 motorhome
DARKEE Registration not current

Hino BC144K  ⁄ PMC

DARKEE motorhome `Mojo`;
1DII197 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OH1418  ⁄ PMC -/91 B__F

1DII197 motorhome
1CYP675 Registration not current

Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/13  ⁄ HowardPorter -/66 B38D

1CYP675 motorhome;
ex-Unknown (Balcatta?) (mobile food van)
1ATM103 Registration not current

AEC Regal VI U2RA WREPAEM______ -/65

1ATM103 motorhome
CF8087 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OC1617 35509865004252  ⁄ PMCSA 4544 4/86 C49F (originally C41Fv)

CF8087 Private Owner (Busselton);
ex-CF8087 ⁄  UDB838 Tasmanian Redline Coaches (Inveresk TAS) (43)
842HTN Registration not current

Bedford  ⁄ Domino

842HTN motorhome
1EXX083 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/95

1EXX083 motorhome
1DJF138 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/90

1DJF138 motorhome
1BYN853 Registration not current

MAN 051.0400.0400 -/81

1BYN853 motorhome `Good Busness`
1EIY463 Registration not current

Leyland Panther PSUR1/1R 703837  ⁄ AtholHedges 08/68 B39D

1EIY463 ⁄  1DNF633 motorhome;
ex-726AGP Brisbane City Council (726);
ex-433PBC ⁄  PFT775 Brisbane City Council (433)
CB91QG Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O303-3 WDB60041561______  ⁄ AustralDenning -/94

CB91QG motorhome;
ex-Go West
1EUH965 Registration not current

Bedford FJ__1277  ⁄ CustomCoaches -/79

1EUH965 motorhome `The Boozebus`;
ex-m/o8290 Cumberland Coachlines (St Marys NSW) (7);
ex-m/o8290 ⁄  m/o122 Kingsgrove Bus & Coach (Peakhurst NSW) [G Newham] (5);
ex-MO8528 Orange Coaches (NSW) [J A Gilbert] (9)
1AUO030 Registration not current

Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/11 626415  ⁄ Freighter 4420 -/65 C33F

1AUO030 motorhome;
ex-21312 Murray Valley Coaches (SA) (7);
ex-21312 Wadmores Coach Lines (SA)
1BOK683 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/80

1BOK683 motorhome;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
1EXM718 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster

1EXM718 motorhome
1DJE070 Registration not current

Mitsubishi MK517 _2003  ⁄ MMC -/88

1DJE070 motorhome `Adventure in Dementia`
YAJOKIN Registration not current

Denning DenAir 6v92T DA105____

YAJOKIN motorhome `Big Charlie`
Has been r/r onto standard WA plates but rego not eligible from photos
BD743 Registration not current

Bedford  ⁄ Freighter Moonraker -/72

BD743 motorhome
1EHY110 Partial chassis no added

Nissan Civilian BHW41A JN1UBHW41A0__0065 -/00

1EHY110 motorhome
1COO328 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/79

1COO328 motorhome
1BMJ065 Registration not current

Bedford -/74

1BMJ065 motorhome `In-Between Days`
139VGH Registration not current

Bedford TRP2 L154281  ⁄ Bolton? -/71

139VGH motorhome;
1DQF627 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/89

1DQF627 motorhome
1DPU267 Registration not current

Nissan Civilian __3653 -/87

1DPU267 motorhome
1DHB444 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/95 B19C

1DHB444 motorhome;
ex-1DHB444 Zion Transport Services
8SN707 Registration not current

Bedford TPP2D70__2103  ⁄ PMC -/72

8SN707 motorhome `Aotearoa`
1ERK811 Registration not current

Volvo B10M B10M60964X29026  ⁄ CustomCoaches Euro II 84-271 02/85 B49D

1ERK811 Private Owner (motorhome) `Aquila`;
ex-General Busfleet Mangement / Purple Coaches (Bayswater);
ex-m/o7474 CDC;
ex-m/o7474 Westbus
1DVT024 Registration not current

Mazda T3500 -/88

1DVT024 motorhome
1EOQ834 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/06 B24C

1EOQ834 motorhome;
ex-1EOQ834 Unknown (Kelleberrin) (orange school bus)
1GCU652 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE649J0BD00522 -/04

1GCU652 motorhome `Ramblin Rosa`;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
1DFJ745 Registration not current

Hino  ⁄ PMCSA

1DFJ745 motorhome `Frostys Travels`
8LO379 Registration not current

AEC Regal III 9621E --/51 B__F (originally -/51 B41FR)

8LO379 motorhome;
ex-Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board
7HE344 Registration not current

Daimler CVG6  ⁄ Comeng -/53 FB31FR

7HE344 motorhome;
ex-Department of Government Transport (Sydney)
1BHH219 Registration not current

Bedford N9__466P  ⁄ AtholHedges -/67

1BHH219 motorhome
1GEY607 Registration not current

Bedford ___2564  ⁄ CustomCoaches -/71

1GEY607 motorhome `Beast`
1AOP769 Registration not current

Kia Combi -/99

1AOP769 motorhome
1CWJ902 Registration not current

Nissan Civilian

1CWJ902 motorhome `CostaLotta`
1AOS812 Registration not current

Nissan JP251P 00128 6T9G16WA1Y1CAZ012  ⁄ BCI-Gemilang MSSB053 -/00

1AOS812 motorhome;
ex-1AOS812 Rules Bus Service (Gingin)
1ATE924 Registration not current

Albion Viking VK55L 640989  ⁄ Denning 519 04/75

1ATE924 motorhome `Ourebago`;
ex-IGH416 Golden Era Tours (Beechworth VIC);
ex-IGH415 ⁄  IS3826 Quinces Scenicruisers (Oakleigh VIC) (16)
1EXE822 Registration not current

Bedford VAL70 WRQ3D9T 476731?  ⁄ VHool 4832? -/71 C49F

1EXE822 motorhome;
ex-TV620 AAT Tours (Mascot NSW) UNCONFIRMED (271);
ex-TV620 Pykes Tours (Sydney) UNCONFIRMED (271)
1AEZ740 Registration not current

Leyland Leopard PSU3/2R L61151  ⁄ Freighter 7528 -/67 B40D

1AEZ740 motorhome `Day by Day`;
ex-PLA877 ⁄  PIC647 Brisbane City Council (370)
1BCW576 Registration not current

Hino RC520P  ⁄ FreighterWA -/72 B__D

1BCW576 motorhome
1CTG436 Registration not current

Commer CA__563A  ⁄ FreighterLawton -/60

1CTG436 motorhome `Rollscanardly`
1CVV764 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/97 B3CL

1CVV764 motorhome
1GEY626 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster __0941 -/05 B20C

1GEY626 motorhome
1DTZ704 Registration not current

Nissan __2763 -/86

1DTZ704 motorhome
DB2704 Registration not current

Ansair Transett 9E -/51 B31D

DB2704 motorhome;
ex-Transway Passenger Services (Elizabeth SA);
ex-Municipal Tramways Trust (Adelaide)
A2330 Registration not current

Bedford ____8060 -/79 B__F

A2330 ⁄  A66052 motorhome `Location`
XQ19LV Registration not current

MAN 22.280 6AB3870082BX00099  ⁄ GBW C75 03/89 C48Ft

XQ19LV ⁄  DNV89 motorhome `Thunder Rolls`;
ex-291GPL ⁄  013AVK Stewart & Sons (Bundaberg QLD) (15)
BY944F Registration not current

Denning Monocoach WREPAEC__2117 -/73

BY944F motorhome `GDay GDay`
1BRF442 Registration not current

Bedford VAM VAM368__9615  ⁄ Coachmaster? -/69

1BRF442 motorhome
1CQN001 Registration not current

Denning Monocoach -/75

1CQN001 motorhome
AK15772 Registration not current

Bedford GJ______  ⁄ Centurion

AK15772 motorhome
1EFM850 Registration not current

MAN  ⁄ CustomCoaches -/88

1EFM850 motorhome
1GFO195 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster BB50R JTGFG518507000783 -/05

1GFO195 motorhome;
8DP804 Registration not current

Bedford SB -/62

8DP804 motorhome `Western Belle`
1GKQ535 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JTGFB518201003470 -/02

1GKQ535 motorhome;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
1BCI565 Registration not current

Leyland -/80

1BCI565 motorhome
CB82VE Registration not current

Isuzu FSR500 JALFSR12LK3______  ⁄ MBS Jetliner

CB82VE motorhome
1ADM256 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster RB11 000506 -/78

1ADM256 motorhome;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
1ALX739 Registration not current

Hino BD190 JHDAD2JLK________  ⁄ ABM -/99

1ALX739 motorhome;
ex-1ALX739 Unknown (orange school bus)
XQ19JQ Registration not current

MCI MC9 38963  ⁄ MCI 38963 04/84 C53F (originally C44Ft)

XQ19JQ ⁄  542VAQ motorhome `Duckin` About`;
ex-168DST Pursers Coaches (South Burnett QLD);
ex-Greyhound (841);
ex-CFK299 Pioneer Tours (841)
1CFM687 Registration not current

AEC Reliance 6MU3RE 6MU3RE____  ⁄ AtholHedges -/67 B43D

1CFM687 motorhome;
ex-Canberra Bus Service UNCONFIRMED
1ELZ440 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/01

1ELZ440 motorhome
CG4963 Registration not current

Bedford VAL14 1721S  ⁄ Superior 10/74 C48F (originally Coachmaster 727 -/66 C44F)

CG4963 motorhome `Explorer 1`;
ex-MO191 ⁄  MO7XXX Fearnes (Wagga NSW);
ex-OKC396 Dowlands College (Toowoomba QLD);
ex-m/o5156 Oatley Bus Service (Oatley NSW) [Mead & ODonnell];
ex-TV501 Foleys Bus Service (Kogarah NSW)
BM5563 Registration not current

AEC Swift 5P5R  ⁄ DenningSA -/70 B46D

BM5563 motorhome;
ex-State Transport Authority (Adelaide);
ex-Municipal Tramways Trust (Adelaide)
1AFU304 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/82

1AFU304 motorhome
AU12062 Registration not current

Leyland Leopard PSU3A/2R  ⁄ Bolton -/69 B46D

AU12062 motorhome `Lunar Circus`
CO18403 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/77

CO18403 motorhome
W10657 Registration not current

Albion  ⁄ Lewis? -/76

W10657 motorhome `Colinda`;
ex-7DE065 motorhome
1EFV161 Registration not current

Volvo B10M 17434  ⁄ CustomCoaches Hyliner 88-300 05/89 RC48Ft

1EFV161 motorhome;
ex-SB22BY Betta Tours (Morphett Vale SA);
ex-ER8117 Calow (Scamander TAS);
ex-812GKL Coachlink (Molendiner QLD);
ex-TV1204 Westbus (Arncliffe NSW)
1EIC984 Registration not current

Mitsubishi MS715S 90038 -/88

1EIC984 motorhome
1DAP723 Registration not current

Albion Viking VK57 56800D  ⁄ Denning 386 -/72

1DAP723 motorhome;
ex-Private Owner (QLD) (motorhome);
ex-Campbells Tours & Travel (Mount Isa QLD);
ex-Cairns Tropic Tours (Cairns QLD);
ex-Starliner Coaches (Cairns QLD)
1COS356 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 -/78

1DHY279 Private owner (motorhome);
ex-1COS356 Private owner (motorhome);
ex-1COS356 Kalgoorlie Security Services
1BKB746 Registration not current

Bedford ____0356  ⁄ CustomCoaches -/78

1BKB746 motorhome
AU11395 Registration not current

AEC Regal VI U2RA HA5906B__1515 -/65 B46FR

AU11395 motorhome
1ENL447 Registration not current

Hino BX341  ⁄ TOST B__FL

1ENL447 failed motorhome;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
1BFE234 Registration not current

Bedford SB  ⁄ Ansair -/59

1BFE234 motorhome;
ex-Metropolitan Transport Trust (TAS)?
AU14228 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/99

AU14228 motorhome;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
1BCG942 Registration not current

Volvo B6FA B6FA5__0145  ⁄ CustomCoaches -/80

1BCG942 motorhome;
ex-1BCG942 Unknown (orange school bus)
8PN461 Registration not current

Leyland Worldmaster ERT1/1 B43FR

8PN461 motorhome;
ex-Department of Government Transport (Sydney)
1CQX290 Registration not current

Denning WREPAE__2702 -/82

1CQX290 motorhome
CP1176 Registration confirmed

Denning GM-8V71 D172-74  ⁄ Denning DenAir 485 6/74 RC45Ft

CP1176 motorhome;
ex-MO1548 Talbragar Omnibus Charter Services (Dubbo NSW) [L Lewis];
ex-MO9611 ⁄  MO4702 State Rail Authority (NSW) (C1.8001)
022DON Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O303-3 WDB60031561059186  ⁄ MCA B162 09/91 C53F

022DON ⁄  1AAU044 motorhome `Spirit of Gemma`;
ex-Australian Army
1DVA782 Registration not current

MAN Q1NVAAA__3029  ⁄ Freighter Moonraker -/74

1DVA782 motorhome `Never Endin Story`
1GUX357 Additional information

Mercedes-Benz OH1316 34520261704911  ⁄ Ansair TL6004 06/87 B49F

1GUX357 motorhome;
ex-1EN4IV Unknown (VIC);
ex-WRJ878 Hunter (Mt Gambier SA);
ex-MET355 ⁄  GV4549 Metropolitan Transport Trust (Hobart) (355)
rego MET355 expired 01.03.2002; rego WRJ870 expired 24.07.2012; rego 1EN4IV cancelled 22.05.2018; rego 1GUX357 not current
BY74340 Registration not current

Hino  ⁄ Hino

BY74340 motorhome `Wots Next`
BSN91AP Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFG518107000204 -/03

BSN91AP motorhome
6XO421 Registration not current

International AB160 ABM13362  ⁄ MBB -/66

6XO421 motorhome `Nomad`;
ex-Geraldton Primary School
1COI059 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JT743PB3009001015 -/92

1COI059 motorhome
1AK1ZB Registration not current

Austral Tourmaster DC122 B499-7-88  ⁄  B499 07/88

1AK1ZB motorhome;
ex-Firefly Express (Maidstone VIC) (36)
rego cancelled 06.08.2019
BENNOSBUS Correction

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 __4875 -/99

BENNOSBUS motorhome;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
Toyota Coaster, not a Rosa. NOTE: rego BENNOSBUS not current
AL1870 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JT743PB3009000701 -/91

AL1870 motorhome
BY33280 Registration not current

Bedford SB  ⁄ HowardPorter -/68

BY33280 motorhome
1946WP Registration not current

Daimler Roadliner SRC6 36238  ⁄ Freighter -/69 B46D

1946WP motorhome `4 Winds Sumawhere Sumatime`;
ex-RST964 Municipal Tramways Trust (Adelaide) (215)
XGX162 Registration not current

Denning D660-337-78 2/78

XGX162 motorhome `Its Now or Never`
Rego XGX162 cancelled 13.10.2016
RLN695 Registration not current

Denning DenAir DA784-71-80 6/80

RLN695 motorhome
Rego RLN695 cancelled 28.08.2017
XV44WQ Registration not current

Denning DenAir 6v92TTA DA983-667-83  ⁄  983 9/83 RC45Ft

XV44WQ ⁄  RANK1 motorhome;
ex-MO6095 ⁄  0013AO ⁄  FTH125 ⁄  EEU649 Coomealla Bus Lines (Dareton NSW);
ex-DCV628 ⁄  ISW253? Firefly Express (Maidstone VIC) (28);
ex-ISW353? VIP Express (Taren Point NSW)
E21782 Registration not current

Denning DenAir DA845-529-82

E21782 ⁄  240HLS motorhome;
ex-195CTA ⁄  095AYR ⁄  444PTD Coachtrans Australia (QLD);
ex-444PTD Coachways Friendly Tours [Burnham];
ex-m/o964 AAT Tours (Mascot NSW) (30);
ex-SPS294 Australian Pacific Tours (Sandringham VIC) (54)
1CNR529 Registration not current

Mazda T3500 -/89

1CNR529 motorhome `Out to Pasture`
1FF5ZZ Chassis No added

Denning DenAir 6v92TTA DA986-670-083  ⁄  986 9/83 RC45Ft

1FF5ZZ motorhome `Shootin Thru 2`;
ex-VBV920 Roulstens Roadways (Mt Gambier SA);
ex-VBV920 PJ Contractors (Mt Gambier SA);
ex-MO9761 State Rail Authority (NSW) (C3.8045)
XLJ006 Registration not current

Denning DenAir 8v71 DA816-500-80  ⁄  500 11/80 C53F

XLJ006 motorhome
Rego XLJ006 expired 28.02.2021
BM21319 Registration not current

Ford Cargo CL3AYE83439G  ⁄ Nambucca -/81 B35F

BM21319 motorhome;
ex-055EVS Cahill (P F) (Beaudesert QLD);
ex-MO7998 Brunswick Valley Coaches (Billinudgel NSW);
ex-MO7998 Cornwell (Mooball NSW)
BULLYZ1 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster HB30R -/88

BULLYZ1 motorhome `Maddbull`
1KJ7KY Additional information

Volvo B10M YV31MKC11GD012333  ⁄ VolgrenQ C57 9/86 HC46/12Dt

1KJ7KY ⁄  284WCF motorhome;
ex-405DYQ Crisps Coaches (Stanthorpe QLD);
ex-VRI015 ⁄  057CMM Greyhound Pioneer Australia (267);
ex-817ABL ⁄  UOF858 Greyhound (817)
Was registered 284WCF priot to 1KJ7KY
NR870 Registration not current

Denning DenAir 6v92TTA DA868-522-81  ⁄  868 11/81 RC45Ft

NR870 ⁄  017CLC motorhome `great white`;
ex-017CLC Suncoast Pacific Coaches (Tewantin QLD) (17);
ex-SUN49 Sunshine Coast Coaches (Maroochydore QLD);
ex-ISX243 VIP Express (Bexley NSW) [Max Holman]
1GFQ449 Registration not current

Hino Rainbow AB115A -/88

1GFQ449 motorhome
1GTO827 Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster -/95

1GTO827 motorhome
NOTE: rego not current
1EXV373 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/97

1EXV373 motorhome
AS8395 Registration not current

Volvo B10M YV31MKC11HD014696  ⁄ CustomCoaches Hyliner 87-118 10/87 C48Ft

AS8395 motorhome;
ex-XLM811 ⁄  TV1267 Keans Travel Express (Scone NSW);
ex-Newmans Tours (Arncliffe NSW)
BY419Q Chassis No added

Nissan Civilian RGW40 JN10RGW40A0200648 -/97

BY419Q motorhome
BY99248 Registration not current

Mazda T3500 -/88

BY99248 motorhome
1CDF522 Registration not current

Bedford SB SB5785______  ⁄ Comair -/69

1CDF522 motorhome
A64828 Registration not current


A64828 motorhome
AL92BX Registration not current

Hino FD166L JHDFD166LXXX10145 -/87

AL92BX motorhome
1DBO080 Registration not current

Nissan Civilian RGW40 JN10RGW40A0100215 -/95

1DBO080 motorhome
1HPH120 Registration added

Denning Landseer 6v92TTA DL1266-950-17-3-88  ⁄  1266 03/88 C57F

1HPH120 ⁄  07654J motorhome;
ex-07654J ⁄  TV9248 Funcoach 4u (Thornton NSW) [Limond];
ex-TV9248 Rowes Scenic Tours (East Branxton NSW);
ex-856GZT Robertsons Bus & Coach Service (Toowoomba QLD);
ex-856GZT Underwood Bus Service (Bethania QLD);
ex-TV3164 Sid Foggs Coachlines (Fullarton Cove NSW);
ex-mo177 Australian Pacific Tours (Sandringham VIC) (46);
ex-mo177 Australian Kakadu Tours (Darwin NT)
1DBO433 Registration not current

Leyland Terrier  ⁄ PMC -/78

1DBO433 motorhome
1HFL484 Registration not current

Hino Rainbow RR170B 40080 -/85

1HFL484 motorhome
WXI473 Registration not current

Denning DenAir 8v71 DA788-475-80  ⁄  788 8/80 RC46Ft

WXI473 motorhome;
ex-TV887 Broken Hills Outback Tours (Broken Hill NSW);
ex-TV887 ARTS (Padstow NSW);
ex-TV887 Westbus (NSW);
ex-TV887 Calabro Bros (Bonnyrigg NSW);
ex-m/o902 AAT Tours (Mascot NSW) (30);
ex-SEF257 Australian Pacific Tours (Sandringham VIC) (45)
Rego WXI473 cancelled 19.08.2019
1GYL746 Original registration added

Mitsubishi MK116J 90467  ⁄ MMC -/87

1GYL746 ⁄  DRFTRS motorhome;
ex-Unknown (Japan)
rego DRFTRS cancelled 17.11.2019
1GBA675 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518704500448 -/10

1GBA675 motorhome
1DPX368 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/77

1DPX368 motorhome
1CTI364 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/75

1CTI364 motorhome
1DXJ843 Registration not current

Hino AC140 -/85

1DXJ843 motorhome
1CNC727 Registration not current

Mitsubishi MK515J 90156  ⁄ MMC -/87

1CNC727 motorhome;
ex-BOYUP Private Owner (motorhome)
AB29DO Registration not current

Bedford VAM70 (UF)  ⁄ CustomCoaches 71-103 10/71 RB51D

AB29DO motorhome `Pist n Broke`;
ex-m/o683 Baxters Bus Lines (Girraween NSW) (2);
ex-MO5814 Macquarie Towns Coach Lines (Windsor NSW) [Guild];
ex-MO5814 Duffys Bus Lines (Grose Vale NSW)
9IG274 Partial chassis no added

Bedford VAS VAS__384P

9IG274 motorhome `Shake Rattle & Roll`
1IU4BQ Registration not current

Bedford SB3 SB396419M  ⁄ Comair -/65

1IU4BQ motorhome `Izzy`
AU29880 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/96

AU29880 motorhome
1BSZ367 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JTGFG518307000558 -/04

1BSZ367 motorhome
XQ87UR Registration not current

Volvo B58 14554  ⁄ Austral 0655 03/83 C45F

XQ87UR motorhome `The Us Bus`;
ex-485PSF Vassallo Buses (Sarina QLD);
ex-485PSF Sarina Bus & Coach (Sarina QLD);
ex-485PSF Network Coaches (North Arm QLD) [Hartshorne];
ex-485PSF Wintons Suncoast Tours (Wurtulla QLD);
ex-485PSF Sunstate Coaches (Eagle Farm QLD) (5)
929VAE Registration not current

Nissan Civilian MGW40 -/89

929VAE motorhome;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
1CLX637 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JT743BB2109______ -/91

1CLX637 motorhome
1DGD295 Registration not current

Mazda T3500 WVL4B______ -/87

1DGD295 motorhome;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
1AKX444 Registration not current

Denning Monocoach  ⁄  400 12/72 C39F

1AKX444 motorhome;
ex-Greyhound (87)
603WNS Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz LO812 9BM688177PB976163  ⁄ CustomCoaches 93-288 04/94 B26F

603WNS motorhome;
ex-2425AO ⁄  FVT085 National Bus Co (Fitzroy VIC) (425)
BSN10AN Previous registration added

MAN WMAL80ZZ97Y180634 -/07

BSN10AN ⁄  997LGV motorhome
1CJK136 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/76

1CJK136 motorhome;
ex-1CJK136 Kalbarri Abseil
BY76676 Registration not current

Hino AM100K 42347 -/82

BY76676 motorhome
1GPZ901 Not previously recorded

Nissan RB30R 00429  ⁄ CustomCoaches 88-188 10/88 RB61F

1GPZ901 motorhome `Taku Wahine II`;
ex-2905MO ⁄  MO9287 ⁄  m/o7787 Kiama Coachlines (Kiama NSW);
ex-m/o7787 John J Hill (Wollongong NSW)
BSN14471 Registration not current

Denning Monocoach D1576 -/76 C__F

BSN14471 motorhome
Not ex-6GA393
1HRM063 Identity established

Hino BX340E 40025  ⁄ PMC 1072 -/79 B42F

1HRM063 motorhome `Bugger Me`;
ex-697ERK Woodhill Bus & Coaches (Woodhill QLD) [Murphy];
ex-MO5629 Finch (W D) (West Wyalong NSW);
ex-Freighter Australia
9AD638 Registration not current

AEC Swift 5P5R  ⁄ DenningSA -/71

9AD638 motorhome `Down the Road a-Piece`;
ex-Municipal Tramways Trust (Adelaide)
1BIG100 Partial chassis no added

OKA 6N544V1M4RA000159  ⁄  159 -/94

1BIG100 motorhome
C11851 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/82

C11851 motorhome
E47893 Not previously recorded

Fiat 110NC 018590  ⁄ Superior B352 09/78 B36F (originally sB52F)

E47893 Private Owner (motorhome) `Moments`;
ex-451ADF ⁄  622NIJ Kelly (Yarwun QLD);
ex-622NIJ Goodyear (J) (Gympie QLD)
1AFU687 Not previously recorded

Bedford  ⁄ Comeng Coach70 -/70 B__D

1AFU687 motorhome;
ex-Koala Koaches (Burleigh Heads QLD) UNCONFIRMED
NOTE: rego not current
A65755 Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster HB30 JT743HB3009000304 -/89

A65755 motorhome
MH8076B Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster --/91

MH8076B Private Owner (Australind) (motorhome);
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
1HGF937 Not previously recorded

Hino RR192B 40195  ⁄ Hino -/88

1HGF937 motorhome `The Ark`
YBT395 Not previously recorded

OKA 4x4 6N544B3M4NA__0062  ⁄  62 -/93

YBT395 motorhome
Rego YBT395 expired 24.06.2004
   Middleton (Corrigin)
CR177 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster

CR177 Middleton (Corrigin) UNCONFIRMED
   Morawa Agricultural College
1QBU981 Registration not current

Toyota HiAce Commuter

1QBU981 Morawa Agricultural College
   Shire of Morowa
MO403 Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108002513 -/96

MO403 Shire of Morowa
NOTE: rego expired 31.12.2021
   Margaret River Blue Bus
CVL1019 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108002221 -/96

CVL1019 ⁄  CH25JF Margaret River Blue Bus;
ex-CH25JF Unknown (NSW)
138 Disposal

Mercedes-Benz O305 30700121002151  ⁄ HowardPorter 76/5061 08/76 B41D

1EOA857 Unknown (Coolgardie) (non-PSV);
ex-UQB138 Perth Bus [Transperth] (138);
ex-UQB138 MetroBus [Transperth] (138);
ex-UQB138 Transperth (138);
ex-UQB138 MTT (138)
NOTE: rego 1EOA857 not current
241 Subsequent disposal

Mercedes-Benz O305 30700121005617  ⁄ JWBolton 04/78 B41D

ex-TC4439 General Busfleet Management / Purple Coaches (Bayswater);
ex-UQB241 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (241);
ex-UQB241 PATH Transit [Transperth] (241);
ex-UQB241 Transperth (241);
ex-UQB241 MTT (241)
434 Correction

Mercedes-Benz O305 307001 61 035233  ⁄ JWBolton 11/83 B43D

TC4237 Rottnest Island Authority;
ex-UQB434 PATH Transit [Transperth] (434);
ex-UQB434 Transperth (434);
ex-UQB434 MTT (434)
Not the 434 that was acquired by James Burns for motorhome conversion; disposal referes to ex-ACTION (434)
809 Subsequent disposal

Leyland Leopard PSU3A/2R 900178  ⁄ Bolton 07/69 B46D

8JX466 ⁄  motorhome;
ex-UQB809 Transperth (809);
ex-UQB809 MTT (809)
NOTE: rego 8JX466 expired 22.08.2020
879 Subsequent disposal

Hino RC520P 40045  ⁄ FreighterWA 05/71 B45D

1EZE409 ⁄  7PG202 Private Owner (motorhome);
ex-UQB879 Transperth (879);
ex-UQB879 MTT (879)
978? Registration not current

Leyland Panther PSUR1A/1R -/74 B41D

035NFC Northampton Rams Football Club
   Muir (B) (Northam)
9KH872 Registration not current

Hino BD186F JHDAD3HLLXXX10047  ⁄ MBS Citiliner B469 09/96 B43F

9KH872 Muir (B) (Northam)
   Murton Staff (Broken Hill NSW)
342 Subsequent disposal

Denning DenAir 6v92TTA DA972-656-83  ⁄  972 10/83 RC45Ft

WUZ619 motorhome;
ex-FTN485 Ballarat Coachlines (Ballarat VIC) (B8);
ex-DCP512 Concorde Coach Tours (Warracknabeal VIC) [Daniels];
ex-UWZ416 Briscoes (Broken Hill NSW) (342);
ex-UWZ416 Murton Staff (Broken Hill NSW) (342)
   National Lifestyle Villages
1CBP607 Registration not current

Mitsubishi MK517 _2064 -/88

1CBP607 National Lifestyle Villages
   Newman College (Doubleview)
1EAB467 Owner identified

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0R__0521 -/12

1EAB467 Newman College (Doubleview)
   Newman College
1BMB183 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JMFBE649J0BC00053 -/02 B24C

1BMB183 Newman College
   Newman Cycling
Not previously recorded - historic

Toyota Coaster -/73?

Newman Cycling
   Nicholls Bus & Coach Service (Narrogin) [R W Nicholls]
1BHC951 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JMFBE649J0BB00291 -/01 C24C

1BHC951 Nicholls Bus & Coach Service (Narrogin) [R W Nicholls] (38)
1ETH690 Subsequent disposal

Toyota Coaster JTGFP528305500732 08/13

9237MO QCity Transit & Transborder Express (Queanbeyan QLD);
ex-329WTC Unknown (QLD);
ex-1ETH690 Nicholls Bus & Coach Service (Narrogin) [R W Nicholls] (97)
1GAS337 Chassis No added

BCI JXK6840 6KT2AA119FX000845 -/16 C33F

1GAS337 Nicholls Bus & Coach Service (Narrogin) [R W Nicholls] (93)
1DCA481 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster

1DCA481 Nicholls Bus & Coach Service (Narrogin) [R W Nicholls]
Rego now on a 1995 Volvo B10M
1GBY824 Registration not current

BCI 6KT2CC11XEX000731 -/16 C57F

1GBY824 Nicholls Bus & Coach Service (Narrogin) [R W Nicholls]
   Nicks Bus Charter (Wanneroo) [N & S Jambanis]
CVL1804 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108001222 -/94

CVL1804 Nicks Bus Charter (Wanneroo) [N & S Jambanis]
   Northfleet Bus Contractors (Port Hedland & Karratha)
1EHK031 Registration not current

Hino GT 1322 JHDGT8JKMXXX10481  ⁄ RAV 38400011 08/13 C37C

1EHK031 Northfleet Bus Contractors (Port Hedland & Karratha) (216)
1DVX348 Registration not current

BCI -/12

1DVX348 Northfleet Bus Contractors (Port Hedland & Karratha) (130)
1HIE301 Chassis no corrected

Toyota Coaster JTGFF728806601029 -/21

1HIE301 Northfleet Bus Contractors (Port Hedland & Karratha) (665)
1GNQ532 Re-registered

Yutong LZYTMTF64H1__8858 -/18

1GNQ532 Northfleet Bus Contractors (Port Hedland & Karratha) (439)
1CRQ306 Registration not current

Hino HU275B 40105 -/87 C39F

1CRQ306 Northfleet Bus Contractors (Port Hedland & Karratha)
1EDY702 Registration not current

Hino RU637B 40486 10/88 C49F

1EDY702 Northfleet Bus Contractors (Port Hedland & Karratha);
ex-Unknown (Japan)
1EDY552 Registration not current

Nissan RA53E -/88 C49F

1EDY552 Northfleet Bus Contractors (Port Hedland & Karratha)
1CQZ416 Registration not current

Hino  ⁄ Hino -/89 C45F

1CQZ416 Northfleet Bus Contractors (Port Hedland & Karratha);
ex-Unknown (Japan)
   Northland Coaches (Carnarvon)
8 Disposal

GMC PD4106 PD1406626  ⁄ Ansair -/61 C38Ft

8IS751 motorhome;
ex-TC835 Northland Coaches (Carnarvon) (8);
ex-NTK364 ⁄  IS2048 Pioneer Tours (626)
NOTE: registered with chassis no PD1406626
   Northside Bus Charter (Duncraig) [F L De Vos]
8KO017 Subsequent disposal

Hino RK176K JHDRK176KXXX40566  ⁄ TOST 177 01/94 B51F

1GFF614 Private Owner (non-PSV);
ex-1GFF614 CKU School Bus Services (Baldivis) [Ullbrecht];
ex-8KO017 Northside Bus Charter (Duncraig);
ex-8KO017 Sita (G & A) (Stirling)
9IX725 Registration not current

Hino RG197K JHDRG197KXXX40574  ⁄ APG Starliner S004100 10/96 B57F

9IX725 Northside Bus Charter (Duncraig) [F L De Vos]
   North Sydney Bus Charters (Artarmon NSW)
TV609A Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821093357  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VG1256 2/00 B41Dw

TV609A North Sydney Bus Charters (Artarmon NSW);
ex-BS00CN T2B Transit (VIC) [Dineen] (163);
ex-TP1532 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1532)
Rego TV609A expired
TV610A Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821093328  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VG1254 2/00 B41Dw

TV610A North Sydney Bus Charters (Artarmon NSW);
ex-BS00CM T2B Transit (VIC) [Dineen] (155);
ex-TP1531 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1531)
Rego TV610A expired
TV611A Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821092696  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VG1228 1/00 B41Dw

TV611A North Sydney Bus Charters (North Ryde NSW);
ex-BS00CD T2B Transit (VIC) [Dineen] (153);
ex-TP1520 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1520)
TV614A Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821096073  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VP0080 07/00 B41Dw

TV613A North Sydney Bus Charters (North Ryde NSW);
ex-BS00CE T2B Transit (VIC) [Dineen] (172);
ex-TP1746 Transdev [Transperth] (1746);
ex-TP1746 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1746)
Rego TV613A expired
TV847A Re-registered

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821093225  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VP0053 05/00 B41Dw

TV847A North Sydney Bus Charters (Artarmon NSW);
ex-TV608A North Sydney Bus Charters (North Ryde NSW);
ex-BS00CU T2B Transit (VIC) [Dineen] (154);
ex-TP1729 Transdev [Transperth] (1729);
ex-TP1729 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1729)
   Ken Nottle Tours (Waroona)
1EGB871 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/07 C24C

1EGB871 Ken Nottle Tours (Waroona)
   Nowra Coaches (South Nowra NSW)
2428MO Withdrawn

Volvo B10M 14.5m YV31MKC14HD015230  ⁄ Volgren VG187 11/87 B69F

2428MO ⁄  MO6454 ⁄  BUS513 Nowra Coaches (South Nowra NSW);
ex-7LA541 Hamersley Iron (Dampier) (5-4)
   Unknown (non-PSV)
AL598 Registration not current

Leyland Panther PSUR1/1R

AL598 Non-PSV (Albany) (horsefloat);
ex-Brisbane City Council
1DYM321 Identity established

Austral HD1 6B9HRP000LGAA8025  ⁄  1613 11/90 C48Ft

1DYM321 Unknown (High Wycombe) (non-PSV);
ex-ACTS (Alexandria NSW);
ex-2346AO Sita Coaches (West Footscray VIC) (220);
ex-2346AO Sita Coaches (West Footscray VIC) (120);
ex-2346AO ⁄  PCI079 ⁄  VV68DA Sita Coaches (West Footscray VIC) (46);
ex-TV666 ⁄  NX60BH Husseys Road Liners (Deniliquin NSW) (46)
1DXN987 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/92

1DXN987 Unknown (Armadale) (non-PSV);
ex-1DXN987 St Patricks Primary School (Fremantle);
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
1HTA213 Original registration added

Toyota Coaster HZB50R JT743PB5108003285 02/97

1HTA213 Unknown (non-PSV);
ex-1CK1WI Unknown (VIC)
NOTE: rego 1CK1WI cancelled 03.07.2020
1DZD407 Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster JTGFP528705500491 --/12

1DZD407 Unknown (non-PSV)
   Christian Surfers (Busselton)
Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/86 B20F

AU0690 Christian Surfers (Busselton)
   Northam Bus Service [Nuich]
N101 Registration not current

IVECO Delta C260 6F2BACR007DP00896  ⁄ Volgren SC222 VP0700 -/09 B57F

N101 ⁄  1CXC623 Northam Bus Service [Nuich]
Rego N101 now on a Nissan Micra
N900 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OH1418 WDB38200461072620  ⁄ PMCA XL 2688 01/97 B57F

N900 Northam Bus Service [Nuich]
1CTC279 Registration not current

Unknown Make  ⁄ Express

1CTC279 Northam Bus Service [Nuich]
   Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC)
1GUM621 Not previously recorded

Volvo B7R YV3R6H1143A006136  ⁄ Autobus 385 01/04 C57F (originally C50Ft)

1GUM621 Bunbury Bus Service [Pilatti] (60);
ex-7543AO Martyrs Bus Lines (Warburton VIC) [Dineen] (43);
ex-7543AO Panorama Coaches (Diamond Creek VIC) [Dineen] (12);
ex-5432AO Martyrs Bus Lines (Warburton VIC) [Mountjoy] (43);
ex-5432AO Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC) (32)
   Nungarin Shire
NUNGARIN Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster JTGFC518504000056 -/06

NUNGARIN Nungarin Shire
   OCallaghan (W M & A R) (Coorow)
1BMX363 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster HZB50R -/04 B21C

1BMX363 OCallaghan (W M & A R) (Coorow)
   Omni Bus Charter (Dianella) [T & M Congrene]
TC3166 Subsequent disposal

Toyota Coaster HZB50R JT743PB5108001366 05/95 B21C

1HRG844 motorhome;
ex-UAN011 Coastal Bus Service;
ex-1DBW489 Camp Coolongup;
ex-TC3166 Collie Bus Service [E & M Pilatti];
ex-TC3166 Omni Bus Charter (Dianella) [T & M Congrene]
BY73548 Registration not current

Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/13  ⁄ Bolton or Freighter -/66 B38D

BY73548 One Nation (Maddington)
   Oral Health Centre
1BMG189 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFG518007000212 -/03

1BMG189 Oral Health Centre
   Orange Coach Charters (Busselton) [P Turner]
1CYK016 Registration not current

BCI PK6127AT LSFC130848C005254 10/08 C57F

Nazzari Bus Sales (Welshpool) (dealer);
ex-CVL2529 ⁄  1CYK016 Orange Coach Charters [P Turner]
JXK6127AT on chassis plate; PK6127AT on compliance plate
1DSQ170 Registration not current

BCI FBC6127BRZ1 6KT1CC110BX000048  ⁄ BCI Classmaster 03/11 C57F

1DSQ170 Orange Coach Charters [P Turner];
ex-BCI (stock)
   Organ (Kyneton VIC)
2914AO Chassis no corrected

BCI 6KT2CC117CX000313 01/13 C57F

2914AO Organ (Kyneton VIC) (14);
   Oz West Commute
1HKY414 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE649J0BD01379 -/06

1HKY414 Oz West Commute
NOTE: rego expired 16.12.2021
   Paperbark Books & Education
1BTE155 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/04 B24C

1BTE155 Paperbark Books & Education;
ex-1BTE155 Unknown (orange school bus)
   Parkinson (G)
1DOD558 Body No added

Hino RN8J JHDRN8JSKXXX12047  ⁄ CustomCoaches 10-155 -/10 B57?F

1DOD558 Parkinson (G) (Clackline);
ex-Hino Australia (stock)
   PATH Transit
1CXL910 Acquired

Hino RN8J JHDRN8JSKXXX10022  ⁄ Express 543 08/08 B57F

1CXL910 PATH Transit (6033);
ex-1CXL910 Peters Bus Charter
1CXN827 Registration not current

Hino RN8J JHDRN8JSKXXX10042  ⁄ KingLong 6126AU KLAB08-041 -/08 B57F

1CXN827 PATH Transit (6011);
ex-1CXN827 Aston (G & L) (Viveash)
   Pauls Bus Co [P Gilham]
1BME955 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OH1725 9BM3821863B332285  ⁄ Express 286 09/03 B59Fw

1BME955 Pauls Bus Co [P Gilham];
ex-1BME955 Warren Bus Service (Manjimup)
   Police & Citizens Youth Club
1CAP564 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JTGFG518307000897 01/05

1CAP564 Police & Citizens Youth Club (Carnarvon)
   Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
CVL3182 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz 815D WDB6703742N107330  ⁄ CustomCoaches CB20 03-033 12/03 B29Fw

CVL3182 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome);
ex-597HMG Sunbus / Rocky Transit (Rockhampton QLD) (5545)
   Pendragon Bus Service (Sawyers Valley)
1DBG482 Partial chassis no added

Isuzu FTS800 JALFTS34L87__0256 -/08

1DBG482 Pendragon Bus Service (Sawyers Valley)
   Perth College (Mt Lawley)
9KO009 Registration not current

IVECO Turbo Daily 59-12 ZCFC5980002177581?  ⁄ TOST ? 04/98 B29F

9KO009 Unknown;
ex-9KO009 Perth College (Mt Lawley)
8HG192 Disposal

Mazda T3500 B__C

8HG192 Unknown (non-PSV);
ex-8HG192 Perth College (Mt Lawley)
9HZ257 Disposal

Volvo B58-61 12928  ⁄ PMCSA 4238 07/81 C49F

1DGB476 Unknown (Baldivis);
ex-9HZ257 National Bus Lines (Jandakot);
ex-9HZ257 Perth College (Mt Lawley);
ex-TC2984 Omni Bus Charter (Dianella) [T & M Congrene];
ex-BIL045 Moorabbin Transit (Melbourne VIC) (45);
ex-BIL045 Southland Bus Service (VIC) (45)
   Perth Maxi Charters (Wangara)
1HDW427 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFG518507000044 -/03

1HDW427 Perth Maxi Charters (Wangara)
   Perth Modern School
1QBM021 Chassis No added

BCI JXK6830 LSFC030859C005221  ⁄ BCI Proma33 -/09 C33F

1QBM021 Perth Modern School
   Piggott (R & A) (Ferguson Valley)
949LJI Subsequent disposal

Hino RK176 JHDRK176KXXX40284  ⁄ TOST 80 06/88 B49F

835XQJ ⁄  530VFA motorhome;
ex-023RYO ⁄  949LJI Cochrane Buses (Pomona QLD);
ex-541HVC Boreen Point Bus Service (Boreen Point QLD) [AA & CM Hopkins];
ex-Piggott (R & A) (Ferguson Valley)
NOTE: rego 835XQJ not current
   Pinjarra Senior High School
1QBK986 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF00751 -/09

1QBK986 Pinjarra Senior High School
   Private Owner
1ERV729 Registration not current

Hino RK176K 40131  ⁄ TOST ? -/85 B49F

1ERV729 Private Owner (Warnbro);
ex-TC6479 ⁄  1AKX099 Churinga Bus Charters (Baldivis)
1BAF668 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/86

1BAF668 Private Owner;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
1CHC868 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O303 -/80

1CHC868 motorhome
1GDJ708 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/07

1GDJ708 Unknown (Northam)
   Pollock (R) (Pickering Brook)
8KO019 Subsequent disposal

Hino FD166 JHDFD3WLLXXX10163  ⁄ TOST 185 07/94 B39F

1DXQ824 motorhome;
ex-1DXQ824 Keswick Ministries (Toodyay);
ex-8KO019 Pollock (R) (Pickering Brook)
AS891 Registration not current

Denning  ⁄  454 -/73

AS891 motorhome `Just A Snag`;
   Premier Motor Service (Nowra NSW)
8872MO Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821093677  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VP0043 3/00 B41Dw

8872MO Premier Motor Service (Shoalhaven NSW) [Nowra];
ex-TP1525 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1525)
Rego 8872MO expired 07.02.2022
8891MO Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821093327  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VG1243 05/00 B41Dw

8891MO Premier Motor Service (Shoalhaven NSW);
ex-TP1728 Transdev [Transperth] (1728);
ex-TP1728 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1728)
Rego 8891MO expired
10 Registration not current

Renault PR100R PN1 0001  ⁄ Renault -/80 B41D

48316H Private Owner (NSW) PRESERVED;
ex-4215MO ⁄  MO5083 Cavanaghs (Kempsey NSW);
ex-BUS674 ⁄  ZIB674 ACTION (Canberra) (674);
ex-ZIB674 (on loan) ACTION (Canberra) (674);
ex-ZIB672 (on loan) ACTION (Canberra) (672);
ex-7BD174 (on loan) MTT (10);
ex-ZIR888 (on loan but not operated) ACTION (Canberra);
ex-Mack Trucks Australia;
ex-Renault Vehicles Industriels
Rego 48316H expired 30.05.2015
500 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 307001 61 041819  ⁄ HowardPorter 07/85 B43D (originally B41Dwℓ)

1EUL500 ⁄  preserved (500);
ex-UQB500 Buswest [TransGeraldton] (500);
ex-UQB500 Geraldton Bus Service [TransGeraldton] [L G Backshell] (500);
ex-UQB500 Swan Transit [Transperth] (500);
ex-UQB500 MetroBus [Transperth] (500);
ex-UQB500 Transperth (500);
ex-UQB500 MTT (500)
668 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305G WDB30710161047618  ⁄ HowardPorter 86/9035 12/86 AB65FR

1EPW340 preserved (668);
ex-UQB668 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (668);
ex-UQB668 Transperth (668)
708 Registration not current

Renault PR180.2 VF6PU04A200000059  ⁄ JWBolton 07/88 AB64FR

1GET878 preserved (708);
ex-UQB708 Swan Transit [Transperth] (708);
ex-UQB708 Connex [Transperth] (708);
ex-UQB708 Perth Bus [Transperth] (708);
ex-UQB708 MetroBus [Transperth] (708);
ex-UQB708 Transperth (708)
715 Registration not current

Renault PR180.2 VF6PU04A200000063  ⁄ JWBolton 11/88 AB64FR

UOB715 ⁄  1GEH452 preserved (715);
ex-UQB715 Swan Transit [Transperth] (715);
ex-UQB715 Connex [Transperth] (715);
ex-UQB715 Perth Bus [Transperth] (715);
ex-UQB715 MetroBus [Transperth] (715);
ex-UQB715 Transperth (715)
   Prestige Bus Charter (Cannington)
1EOX074 Registration not current

Hino RG197K JHDRG197KXXX40340  ⁄ MCA B275 12/93 B51D

1EOX074 Prestige Bus Charter (Cannington);
ex-SXB975 Charles Sturt University (Wagga Wagga NSW)
Rego 1EOX074 expired 06.01.2023
1GTW261 Disposal

Hino RG230 JHDRG1JSKXXX10029  ⁄ CustomCoaches 96-353 04/97 C53F

XW49BK Unknown (VIC);
ex-1GTW261 Prestige Bus Charter (Cannington);
ex-1095AC Dysons (Bundoora VIC) (1054);
ex-1095AC ⁄  OEU245 McDonalds Bus Service (Euroa VIC)
   PTS Charter
CVL1774 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108004510 -/99

CVL1774 PTS Charter
PTS=Passenger Transport Solutions
CVL1541 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz LO814 9BM688176VB129223  ⁄ ABDenning Vario 82220 -/98 B31F

CVL1541 ⁄  TC7550 Pulse;
ex-BE313 Unknown (Canning Vale);
ex-BE313 Hunter (M) (Beverley) (3)
   Purple Coaches (Bayswater)
CVL2553 Subsequent disposal

MAN 16.290 6AB4790119MX00322  ⁄ CoachDesign 34 09/94 C53F

1HDB191 motorhome;
ex-1HDB191 West Coast Bus Charters [GoPartyBus] (4);
ex-CVL2553 Purple Coaches [Comfort Delgro Swan] (P8);
ex-CVL2553 General Busfleet Mangement / Purple Coaches (Bayswater) [MacNish];
ex-2462MO Anvil Bus Charters (Singelton NSW) (3);
ex-084CRT Tropic Wings Coach Tours (Cairns QLD) (6)
1CXS057 Registration not current

Volvo B58 B586113527  ⁄ Domino 0629 06/81 C57F

1CXS057 Purple Coaches (Bayswater) [MacNish];
ex-m/o8295 Shire Coaches (Heathcote NSW) [Formquay];
ex-633FNU Bakers (Maleny QLD);
ex-180PJB South Burnett Coaches (Kingaroy QLD) [S & M Walters];
ex-MO3696 Forster Bus Service (Forster NSW)
8NZ802 Disposal

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108000231 -/93

8NZ802 Unknown (non-PSV);
ex-8NZ802 General Busfleet Mangement / Purple Coaches (Bayswater);
ex-8NZ802 Unknown (Karratha);
ex-8NZ802 Unknown (Lake King)
1ESI122 Registration not current

Volvo B10M  ⁄ Volgren

1ESI122 Purple Coaches (Bayswater) [MacNish];
ex-Westbus (Bonnyrigg NSW)
   Purple Coaches [Comfort Delgro Swan]
P4 Registration not current

Volvo B10M Mk II YV31MGC12GD012337  ⁄ Volgren VG148 11/86 B44D

1GBE645 Purple Coaches [Comfort Delgro Swan] (P4);
ex-1GBE645 General Busfleet Mangement / Purple Coaches (Bayswater) [MacNish];
ex-TV5723 Westbus (St Marys NSW);
ex-2853AO Westrans (Hoppers Crossing VIC) (68);
ex-2853AO ⁄  OGR305 Westrans (Hoppers Crossing VIC) (102);
ex-CYR702 Davis Bus Lines (Ballarat VIC)
P10 Registration not current

MCA 2-86-24  ⁄ CustomCoaches 87-08 04/87 B61F

1DXM270 Purple Coaches [Comfort Delgro Swan] (P10);
ex-1DXM270 General Busfleet Management / Purple Coaches (Bayswater);
ex-655CJP T-Fleet (Hillcrest QLD);
ex-655CJP ⁄  950FWK Williams Coaches (Hillcrest QLD) `Tuppence`;
ex-950FWK Stonestreets Coaches (Toowoomba QLD) (23);
ex-MO1006 Sonters Bus Service (Laurieton NSW)
CVL1225 Original registration added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE649J0BD00628 8/04

030JRY Unknown (QLD);
ex-CVL1225 Purple Coaches [Comfort Delgro Swan] (P3);
ex-CVL1225 General Busfleet Mangement / Purple Coaches (Bayswater) [MacNish]
NOTE: rego CVL1225 not current
1EYL817 Registration not current

Volvo B10M 6668  ⁄ PMCSA 6749 07/84 C57F (originally C49F)

1EYL817 Purple Coaches [Comfort Delgro Swan] (P2);
ex-1EYL817 General Busfleet Mangement / Purple Coaches (Bayswater) [MacNish];
ex-3031AO ⁄  EUV407 Panorama Coaches (Diamond Creek VIC) (31);
ex-Royal Australian Navy
1ETQ506 Registration not current

Volvo B10M Mk II YV31MEC17FD011249  ⁄ Volgren VG108 02/86 B44D

1ETQ506 Purple Coaches [Comfort Delgro Swan] (P1);
ex-1ETQ506 General Busfleet Mangement / Purple Coaches (Bayswater);
ex-TV5724 Westbus (St Marys NSW);
ex-2849AO Westrans (Sunshine VIC) (70);
ex-2849AO Westrans (Sunshine VIC) (98);
ex-CSM198 Davis Tours (Welshpool)
1GOV585 Registration not current

Volvo B10M Mk II YV31MGC15JD020388  ⁄ PMC Metro90 1903 08/89 B57F

1GOV585 Purple Coaches [Comfort Delgro Swan] (P17);
ex-1GOV585 General Busfleet Mangement / Purple Coaches (Bayswater) [MacNish];
ex-Private Owner;
ex-m/o8115 Transdev (Taren Point NSW) (91);
ex-m/o8115 Veolia Tansport NSW (South Granville NSW) (91);
ex-m/o8115 Southtrans (Menai NSW) [Deanes Coaches (South)] (91)
   Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Education Committee
1HCV188 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JTGFC518504000963 -/08

Love (Bunbury) (dealer);
ex-1HCV188 Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Education Committee;
ex-CVL2597 Unknown
Registration not current

Mitsubishi Fuso MS725S 85195  ⁄ MMC -/86 C45F

1EUG428 ⁄  1CUQ056 Unknown
   Unknown (NT)
CE66OP Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821098706  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VP0167 8/01 B35Dw

CE66OP Unknown (Leanyer NT);
ex-TP1352 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1352);
ex-TP1352 Connex [Transperth] (1352);
ex-TP1352 Perth Bus [Transperth] (1352)
Rego CE66OP expired
   Unknown (New Zealand)
AUB481 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 307 001 61 030033  ⁄ JWBolton 04/82 B43D

AUB481 Unknown (New Zealand);
ex-AUB481 Bethlehem Coachlines (Tauranga NZ) (33);
ex-Unknown (New Zealand) (dealer);
ex-UQB382 PATH Transit [Transperth] (382);
ex-UQB382 Transperth (382);
ex-UQB382 MTT (382)
Rego AUB481 expired
   Unknown (orange school bus)
Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster HZB50R JTGFB518701003173 12/01

ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108000433 -/93

8NJ865 motorhome;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster XZB50R

Mountain District Christian School (Mt Evelyn VIC);
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
1CMJ934 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/07 B24C

1CMJ934 Unknown (Australind) (orange school bus)
7JB177 Registration not current

Hino BX341E  ⁄ TOST ? B__F

7JB177 Unknown (orange school bus) (4)
1BIG823 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/02

1BIG823 Unknown (Hamersley) (orange school bus) (9)
KN1852 Disposal

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518604500358 -/10

VFF016 Unknown (orange school bus);
ex-KN1852 Unknown (Hyden) (orange school bus)
1EOO806 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/97

1EOO608 motorhome;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
CM96 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster

CM96 Unknown (Kellerberrin?) (orange school bus)
CM96 Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster JTGFF718506401030 -/21

CM96 Unknown (orange school bus)
D272 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DF0PE10364 -/07 B24C

D272 Unknown (Dowerin) (orange school bus)
rego now on a 2009 Nissan Navara
1GHH025 Registration not current

Volvo B7R  ⁄ TOST -/17 B57?F

1GHH025 Unknown (Kununurra) (orange school bus)
1CNA388 Registration not current

Toyota HiAce Commuter

1CNA388 BCM Charter Services;
ex-1CNA388 Unknown (orange school bus)
NOTE: rego not current
1DCW452 Chassis No added

BCI JXK6930AT LGG5SKCM99H006035  ⁄ BCI -/09

1DCW452 Unknown (orange school bus)
KBS003 Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster JTGFP528X05500825 --/14

KBS003 Unknown (orange school bus)
9HK580 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster HZB50R -/96

9HK580 Unknown (orange school bus)
1CXE508 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF00425 07/08 B24C

1CXE508 Unknown (orange school bus)
1AFI633 Subsequent disposal

Toyota Coaster HZB50R JT743PB5108003959 -/98

959CI4 ⁄  1AFI633 motorhome;
ex-1AFI633 Unknown;
ex-1AFI633 Unknown (orange school bus)
1AYO758 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster

1AYO758 Unknown (orange school bus)
1BOD201 Disposal

Toyota HiAce Commuter

1BOD201 Private Owner (non-PSV);
ex-1BOD201 Unknown (Corrigin) (orange school bus)
1DEE724 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JT743PB510800____ -/94

1DEE724 Unknown (orange school bus)
NOTE: rego no longer current
9HH482 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108002138 -/95

9HH482 Private Owner (non-PSV);
ex-9HH482 Unknown (orange school bus)
1DQW496 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518804500832 --/11

1DQW496 Unknown (orange school bus)
1BBX716 Registration not current

Nissan Civilian 01/01

1BBX716 Unknown (Ravenswood) (orange school bus)
1DXS554 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster

1DXS554 Unknown (orange school bus)
1AOH872 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/99

1AOH872 Unknown (orange school bus)
1CTT787 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz LO912 -/93 nB__F

1CTT787 Unknown (orange school bus)
1DOG793 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0RF00127 -/10

1DOG793 Unknown (orange school bus)
1QBE117 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster HZB50R -/06

1QBE117 Unknown (orange school bus)
1DRD926 Registration not current

Nissan Civilian -/00 B19C

1DRD926 Unknown (Westonia) (orange school bus)
CM777 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster

CM777 Unknown (Cunderdin) (orange school bus)
AW252 Registration not current


AW252 Unknown (Darkan) (orange school bus)
8PF976 Registration not current

Nissan Civilian

8PF976 Unknown (orange school bus)
1BNI135 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/04 B20C

1BNI135 Unknown (orange school bus)
1DPP311 Re-registered?

Mercedes-Benz O500RF  ⁄ Irizar

1DPP311 Unknown (orange school bus)
1DGH523 Registration not current

Nissan Civilian 01/95

1DGH523 Unknown (orange school bus)
1DVX072 Registration not current

BCI FBC6127CRZ3 6KT1CC11XBX000137

1DVX072 Unknown (orange school bus)
1DUR553 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/02

1DUR553 Unknown (orange school bus)
1BLX716 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/03 B21C

1BLX716 Unknown (Pinjarra) (orange school bus)
1QBE116 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/05

1QBE116 Unknown (orange school bus)
1BMR131 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/04

1BMR131 Unknown (Hyden) (orange school bus)
1DWC512 Registration not current

Higer Munro H7170

1DWC512 Unknown (orange school bus)
1EFV703 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/03

1EFV703 Unknown (Dardanup) (orange school bus)
1DZO909 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/02

1DZO909 Unknown (orange school bus)
1ENG372 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster

1ENG372 Unknown (orange school bus)
WA Rego Check=2010 Holden Captiva
1BNH019 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/04 B24C

1BNH019 Unknown (orange school bus)
1EPF144 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster BB50R -/03

1EPF144 Unknown (Quairading) (orange school bus)
1DUK554 Subsequent disposal

Mercedes-Benz LO912 9BM688123PB986275  ⁄ PMC Cub 4006 06/94 B29F

1DUK554 ⁄  806ANS motorhome `Serendipity`;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus);
ex-Mercedes Benz (stock)
NOTE: rego not current
1BNL792 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/04

1BNL792 Unknown (Boddington) (orange school bus)
1CBX327 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFG518807D00958 -/05

1CBX327 Unknown (Byford) (orange school bus)
1BUR541 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/04

1BUR541 Unknown (Currambine) (orange school bus)
1BPH258 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/89

1BPH258 motorhome;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
1DGS496 Chassis No added

BCI LGG5SKCM18H006027 -/09

1DGS496 Unknown (orange school bus)
1EVA586 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP528005501000 -/15

1EVA586 Unknown (orange school bus)
1CEN300 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/06 B21C

1CEN300 Unknown (orange school bus)
1GAC929 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFG528709500290 -/04

1GAC929 Unknown;
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
1DOR177 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/11

1DOR177 Unknown (Coorow) (orange school bus)
1AZS353 Registration not current

Hino BD190  ⁄ Express -/01 B39F

1AZS353 Unknown (orange school bus)
BT202 Partial chassis no added

BCI 0719 -/16 B33F

BT202 Unknown (Boddington) (orange school bus)
1CZY806 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF00643 -/08 B24C

1CZY806 Unknown (Ravensthorpe?) (orange school bus)
1CXN901 Registration not current

Toyota HiAce Commuter -/08 C13C

1CXN901 Unknown (orange school bus)
1CLF855 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE649J0BE00166 -/07 C24C

1CLF855 Unknown (orange school bus)
1AZC526 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/01 B22C

1AZC526 Unknown (South Fremantle) (orange school bus)
1CKC513 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/06 C24C

1CKC513 Unknown (orange school bus)
1EYW723 Registration not current

Yutong -/16

1EYW723 Unknown (orange school bus)
1GGS349 Correction

Toyota Coaster JTGFG518X07001013  ⁄ MMC -/05 B21C

1GGS349 Unknown (orange school bus)
Toyota Coaster not a Mitsubishi Rosa
1DYT039 Chassis No added

BCI 6KT1BB11XCX000329 -/12

1DYT039 Unknown (orange school bus)
1CTM147 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/08 B24C

1CTM147 Unknown (Nannup) (orange school bus)
1CVQ050 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DF0PF00228 -/08 C24C

1CVQ050 Unknown (orange school bus)
CM1686 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600

CM1686 Unknown (orange school bus)
1GEJ886 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0P000100 -/08 B24C

1GEJ886 Unknown (Wongan Hills) (orange school bus)
1CQP558 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster HB30 JT743HB3009000078 --/89

1CQP558 Unknown (orange school bus)
1GIC912 Correction

Toyota Coaster JTGFP728906600128 -/17

1GIC912 Unknown (Geraldton) (orange school bus)
Rego renewed
1COP314 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/07 B24C

1COP314 Unknown (orange school bus)
1CTQ031 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Canter JLFFG649E0KJ41048 -/07

1CTQ031 Unknown (orange school bus)
1CSX794 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Canter JLFFG649E0KJ41064 -/07

1CSX794 Unknown (orange school bus)
1GFF611 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/98

1GFF611 Unknown (orange school bus)
1DHB539 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518X04500301 -/10

1DHB539 Unknown (orange school bus)
1DHZ442 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518704500398 -/10

1DHZ442 Unknown (Mt Barker) (orange school bus)
1CTX669 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Canter 4x4 JLFFG649E0KJ41065 -/07

1CTX669 Unknown (orange school bus)
1DMB694 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JTGFP528X05500212 -/10

1DMB694 Unknown (Sawyers Valley) (orange school bus)
1GQO208 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0RK31179 -/18

1GQO208 Unknown (orange school bus)
1DES430 Disposal

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518104500641 -/10

1DES430 Private Owner (non-PSV);
ex-1DES430 Unknown (orange school bus)
1DOF568 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JTGFP528605500286 -/11

1DOF568 Unknown (Sawyers Valley) (orange school bus)
CM1491 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP528705500264 -/11

CM1491 Unknown (Cunderdin) (orange school bus)
1CZZ367 Disposal

Toyota Coaster -/98

1CZZ367 Unknown (non-PSV);
ex-1CZZ367 Unknown (orange school bus)
KBS004 Not previously recorded

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0R__0432 -/14

KBS004 Unknown (orange school bus)
1CIN503 Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster -/90

1CIN503 motorhome;
ex-1CIN503 Unknown (orange school bus)
KBS002 Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster JTGFP528805500791 --/14

KBS002 Unknown (orange school bus)
KBS005 Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster JTGFP528005500896 --/14

KBS005 Unknown (orange school bus)
KBS006 Not previously recorded

IVECO Eurorider ZGA7B2N100E001935 --/14

KBS006 Unknown (orange school bus)
KBS007 Not previously recorded

Toyota HiAce Commuter --/15

KBS007 Unknown (orange school bus)
KBS008 Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster JTGFP528405501016 --/15

KBS008 Unknown (orange school bus)
KBS009 Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster JTGFP528605501017 --/15

KBS009 Unknown (orange school bus)
KBS010 Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster JTGFP528805501018 --/15

KBS010 Unknown (orange school bus)
400KA Not previously recorded

Toyota HiAce Commuter -/13

400KA Unknown (orange school bus)
CM777R Not previously recorded

Fuso Rosa BE741 JLFBE741J0RM30458 -/22

CM777R Unknown (orange school bus)
1GNF052 Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster JTGFP528305 JTGFP528305______ -/15

1GNF052 Unknown (orange school bus)
   Unknown (QLD)
969LLK Registration not current

Domino Tourmaster DC122 B235  ⁄  B235 -/83 RC44Ft

969LLK Unknown (QLD);
ex-228GLF Tropical Wonderland Tours (Cairns QLD);
ex-TV1013 Downtown Coaches (Botany NSW);
ex-True Blue Coaches (Berala NSW) [K Beck];
ex-PCH294 Selwoods Coaches (Orange NSW);
ex-TC284 ⁄  6OF651 ⁄  IT9118 Deluxe Coachlines (18)
   Unknown (school bus)
1QMB015 Chassis No added

BCI JXK6830 LSFC030889C005214  ⁄ BCI Proma33 -/09 C33F

1QBM015 Unknown (school bus)
1QBL481 Partial chassis no added

BCI Proma33 LGG5SKCMX9H006013 -/09 C33F

1QBL481 Unknown (school bus)
1QBN001 Chassis No added

BCI JXK6830 LSFC030879C005219  ⁄ BCI Proma33 -/09 B33F

1QBN001 Unknown (school bus)
1QBG601 Chassis No added

Hino RN8J JHDRK1JSMXX100136  ⁄ TOST ?

1QBG601 Unknown (school bus)
1QBM016 Chassis No added

BCI LSFC030849C005212 -/09

1QBM016 Unknown (school bus)
1DLF336 Registration not current

Higer V Series 9M LKLR1DSA0AA537342  ⁄  10QBG0001 06/10 C33F

1DLF336 Unknown (school bus)
1QBL482 Registration not current

BCI JXK6960BR1 LGG5SKCM09H006019  ⁄ BCI Classmaster 43 C43F

1QBL482 Unknown (school bus)
1QBM123 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF00937 -/09

1QBM123 Unknown (school bus)
1QBS617 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/11

1QBS617 Unknown (school bus) (Geraldton)
1QBN083 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF01210 -/09

1QBN083 Unknown (school bus)
1EQB654 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/07 B24C

1EQB654 Unknown (school bus)
1EGE754 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/07 B24C

1EGE754 Unknown (Geraldton)
1QBM110 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600

1QBM110 Unknown (school bus)
8QF460 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600

8QF460 Unknown (school bus) (Geraldton)
1QBO980 Registration not current

Toyota HiAce Commuter

1QBO980 Unknown (school bus)
1QBJ329 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF00382 -/08

1QBJ329 Unknown (school bus)
1EIO145 Disposal

BCI Proma33 LSFC030818C005232 -/08 C33F

1EIO145 motorhome;
ex-1EIO145 Unknown (Warrona) (school bus)
1QBK930 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF00914 -/09

1QBK930 Unknown (school bus)
1QBK997 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF00759 -/08

1QBK997 Unknown (school bus)
1QBV305 Registration not current

Higer LKLR1DSA0AA__ -/10

1QBV305 Unknown (school bus)
1QBI116 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF00500 -/08

1QBI116 Unknown (school bus)
1QBK929 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF00916 -/09

1QBK929 Unknown (school bus)
1QBK948 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF00843 -/09

1QBK948 Unknown (school bus)
1QBJ337 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF00541 -/08

1QBJ337 Unknown (school bus)
1QBY398 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518304502620 -/15

1QBY398 Unknown (school bus)
1QBI112 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF00498 -/08

1QBI112 Unknown (school bus)
Subsequent disposal

Toyota Coaster HZB50R JT743PB5108001713 07/95 B__CL

XV20RY Unknown (VIC);
ex-6717AO Crown Coach Lines (East Burwood VIC) (717);
note: rego cancelled 25.02.2021
Subsequent disposal

Mercedes-Benz OF1315 9BM384098PB981462 -/93

XQ04ZR ⁄  195WWX motorhome;
Note: rego XQ40ZR not current
Not previously recorded

Bedford OB  ⁄ CAC --/47

DERELICT Unknown (Midinni Beach);
ex-Private Owner (motorhome)
TC2639 Not previously recorded - historic

Ford Transit --/04

TC2639 Unknown
TC4613 Not previously recorded - historic

Unknown Make --/86

TC4613 Unknown
via WA Rego Check
CVL1561 Registration not current

Hino AK176K 40013  ⁄ TOST 64 07/86 B49F

CVL1561 Unknown;
ex-7FS616 ODowd (Carnamah)
CVL1797 Registration not current


CVL1797 Unknown
CVL2243 Registration not current

Nissan LKA211N 00050 6T9G16WA1X1CAZ035  ⁄ BCI-Gemilang 1199 11/99 B37F

CVL2243 Unknown (Golden Bay);
ex-1AOJ443 Ferrari (K) (Katanning)
Rego now on a 2010 BCI
CVL2243 Not previously recorded

BCI __6121 --/10

CVL2243 Unknown
CVL2868 Correction

Toyota Landcruiser JTMHV09J404135670  ⁄ MMC --/14

CVL2868 Unknown
Toyota Landcruiser not a Mitsubishi Rosa; NOTE: rego expired
CVL3466 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter WDB9066332P______ -/17

CVL3466 Unknown
CVL3626 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP728506600465 -/19

CVL3626 Unknown
CVL3803 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821096535  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VG1336 9/00 B41Dw

CVL3803 Unknown (Bellevue);
ex-TP1184 Transdev [Transperth] (1184);
ex-TP1184 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1184);
ex-TP1184 Transdev [Transperth] (1184)
Rego CVL3803 expired
CVL4646 Registration not current

MAN 10.155 HOCL 6AB7520540MX00839  ⁄ Ansair Orana 3014 05/97 B26Dw

CVL4646 Unknown;
ex-CVL3309 ⁄  1GJQ990 Rove Charters (Ellenbrook) (3);
ex-1GJQ990 Limousine Bus 430 [D Roberts];
ex-1GJQ990 ⁄  308BUS ⁄  TC7750 West Coast Bus Charters (Hocking) [Mead] (308);
ex-TC7750 Adams Coachlines (B76);
ex-SB56AI ⁄  TV5110 ⁄  YBW734 Carbridge (Perth Airport) (15);
ex-616DRU Brisbane City Council (616)
9BY907 Registration not current

Hino RK176K 40131  ⁄ TOST 53 07/85 B49F

1EMV738 Unknown;
ex-7BY907 Gillespie Bus Charter (Collie)
Note: Duplicate chassis no
1DZE823 Registration not current


1DZE823 Unknown (Tropicana gold mine) (BUS01)
1DOE393 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFB518101002195 -/01

1DOE393 Unknown (48)
1DBJ860 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/84

1DBJ860 Unknown (Beechboro) (Beechboro);
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
1DFM028 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE649J0BD01175 -/05 B24C

1GMN674 ⁄  1DFM028 Unknown
D1216L Correction

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600

D1216L Australian Defence Forces
Rego is D1216L therefore presumbaly operated by the ADF
1HMG269 Chassis No added

Isuzu NPS JAANPS75HJ7001897  ⁄ Able -/21

ABLEADV Unknown (non-PSV);
ex-1HMG269 Unknown
1CLC667 Registration not current

DAB Midcity Series 2 0860S-022 UH9LX2FT5TSDA3007  ⁄ DAB 9/96 B15Dw (originally B19Dw)

1CLC667 Unknown;
ex-CAT8 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (8);
ex-CAT8 MetroBus [Transperth] (8);
ex-CAT8 Transperth (8)
1EAA570 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 307 001 61 020591  ⁄ JWBolton 05/80 B53F (originally B41D)

1EAA570 Unknown (Mandurah);
ex-TC746 Lynns Charter (Bullcreek) [E D & J R Lynn];
ex-UQB316 PATH Transit [Transperth] (316);
ex-UQB316 Transperth (316);
ex-UQB316 MTT (316)
1BSN072 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 307 001 61 020592  ⁄ Hilquip 08/80 B41D

1BSN072 Unknown (Williamstown);
ex-TC4625 Bound For Glory Transport / Porkys Party Bus (Bellevue);
ex-UQB333 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (333);
ex-UQB333 MetroBus [Transperth] (333);
ex-UQB333 Transperth (333);
ex-UQB333 MTT (333)
1BXK125 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 307 001 61 021570  ⁄ HowardPorter 80/9010 09/80 B41D

1BXK125 Unknown (Mirrabooka);
ex-UQB341 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (341);
ex-UQB341 MetroBus [Transperth] (341);
ex-UQB341 Transperth (341);
ex-UQB341 MTT (341)
1CBL406 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz  ⁄ PMC 06/85 C46F

1CBL406 Unknown
1DTV057 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/01

1DTV057 Unknown
1CYR612 Registration not current

Volvo B58-50 2799  ⁄ Freighter 4969A 02/72 B43D

1CYR612 Unknown Football Club;
ex-1CYR612 ⁄  TC4541 ⁄  1AID110 Horizons West (Welshpool) (32);
ex-1AID110 Down Under Bus Charter [A Chalkley];
ex-ZIB207 ACTION (Canberra) (207);
ex-ZIB207 Canberra Bus Service (207)
1EVQ689 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz LO812 9BM688176SB070123  ⁄ ABDenning Vario 82071 02/96 B29F

1EVQ689 ⁄  1BYA021 Unknown;
ex-1BYA021 Loves Bus Service (Albany) (A45);
ex-Education Dept
1CVG746 Registration not current

Hino HT275B 40045 B41F

1CVG746 Unknown
9CC288 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108001537 -/94 B__F

9CC288 Unknown
1BZZ285 Registration not current

Bedford  ⁄ Ansair -/77 C__F

1BZZ285 Unknown (Balcatta);
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
9JN167 Registration not current

AEC Swift 3MP2R 101138  ⁄ Smithfield SB360 06/74 B41D

9JN167 Unknown (Australind);
ex-m/o8127 Arrow Coaches (NSW);
ex-m/o7083 Merrylands Bus Co (NSW);
ex-ZIB233 ACTION (Canberra) (233);
ex-ZIB233 Canberra Bus Service (233)
1BGA646 Registration not current

Mitsubishi  ⁄ MMC -/84 B__F

1BGA646 Unknown
1CHH342 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Bus MS725N 70051  ⁄ MMC -/85 C45F

1CHH342 Unknown;
ex-1CHH342 Bethel Christian School (Albany);
ex-Unknown (Japan)
1EOD443 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108002350 -/96

1EOD443 Unknown
AL11160 Registration not current

Bedford  ⁄ Domino

AL11160 ⁄  7IB245 Unknown
1BFT837 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JMFBE649J0BB00350 -/02

0121AO Bendigo Coachlines (Bendigo VIC) (34);
ex-0121AO Bendigo Coachlines (Bendigo VIC) (45);
ex-1BFT837 Unknown
1AUS925 Disposal

Toyota Coaster HZB50R JT743PB5108005393 06/00 B25FL

8220AO Transdev (VIC) (006);
ex-8220AO Melbourne Bus Link (Footscray VIC) (006);
ex-1AUS925 Unknown
Note: rego 8220AO cancelled 31.12.2019
AK15918 Registration not current

Nissan Civilian -/84 B21C

AK15918 Unknown (Kelmscott)
1ELH604 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/98 B22C

1ELH604 Unknown
1DPU120 Registration not current

Hino Rainbow RJ172B 41715 -/88

1DPU120 Unknown
1BLK932 Registration not current

Hino Rainbow -/86

1BLK932 Unknown
BO563 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster

BO563 Shire of Brookton
1DRK492 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster

1DRK492 Unknown
1DLH041 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster B__CL

1DLH041 Unknown (Highbury);
ex-Health Department (WA)
1DGM737 Disposal

Hino Rainbow CH160A 40400 01/88

XW97EY motorhome;
ex-1DGM737 Unknown;
ex-Unknown (Japan)
1CTR139 Registration not current

Hino Rainbow CH160A 40046 -/88

1CTR139 Unknown
1BEZ119 Registration not current

Mitsubishi MK117J -/86 B37F

1BEZ119 Unknown
1CZV989 Registration not current

Mitsubishi MK117J

1CZV989 Unknown
1DJM984 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/90

1DJM984 Unknown
1DHS925 Registration not current

Hino Rainbow RR172B 40385

1DHS925 Unknown
1BKA289 Partial chassis no added

Nissan Civilian RGW40 JN10RGW40A0050007 -/91

1BKA289 Private Owner (non-PSV);
ex-1BKA289 Unknown
1BGI601 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/99

1BGI601 Unknown
1BPS144 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster

1BPS144 Unknown
1DZT877 Registration not current

Mitsubishi  ⁄ MMC -/86 C43F

1DZT877 Unknown;
ex-Unknown (Japan)
1DWG044 Registration not current

Mitsubishi  ⁄ MMC -/86

1DWG044 Unknown (Geraldton);
ex-Unknown (Japan)
1CAG501 Disposal

Toyota Coaster HZB50R JT743PB5108003903 03/98

1HJ7ZE Unknown (VIC);
ex-1CAG501 Unknown
1CZN602 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JTGF0518904001016 08/08 B21F

1CZN602 Unknown
1BLK844 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/03

1BLK844 Unknown
1BKS998 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster BB50R JTGFG518807000104 -/03

1BKS998 Unknown
1BZA469 Registration not current

Hino Rainbow RB145A 40517 -/86 B20F

1BZA469 Unknown
1EOJ148 Disposal

Toyota Coaster JTGFG518X07000024 01/03 B18F

968WJV motorhome;
ex-1EOJ148 Unknown
NOTE: rego 968WJV expired
1BEW828 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster HZB50R JT743PB5108000310 -/93 B22F

1BEW828 Unknown
1CTP796 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JMFBE649J0BB00116 08/00 B24F

1CTP796 Unknown
1BNZ692 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/04

1BNZ692 Unknown
WYLIEBUS Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFG528009500079 -/03

1DZT516 Registration not current

Mitsubishi  ⁄ MMC -/87 C__F

1DZT516 Unknown;
ex-Unknown (Japan)
1AHP255 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster

1AHP255 Unknown
1DOQ995 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster

1DOQ995 Unknown
1CJW770 Registration not current

Hino Rainbow RR170 -/84

1CJW770 Unknown (Collie);
ex-Go West;
ex-Unknown (Japan)
1BTB704 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/04

1BTB704 Unknown
1BWS000 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster HZB30R -/01 B22F

1BWS000 Unknown
rego now on a 1959 Austin
1DGG707 Registration not current

Hino AM100 -/83

1DGG707 Unknown (Gosnells)
1ESR928 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108003751

1ESR928 Unknown
1DFI296 Registration not current

OKA 4x4 -/09

1DFI296 Unknown
Registration no longer current
1CLN405 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JTGFC518904000139 -/07 B21C

1CLN405 Unknown
1EDY553 Registration not current

Nissan -/88 C45F

1EDY553 Unknown (Karratha)
1DLN902 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/94

1DLN902 Unknown (Mt Richon);
ex-WA Fire Brigade (Forrestfield) (PC3)
1DQG177 Disposal

Nissan Civilian JN10RGW40A0100217 -/95

757VXV motorhome;
ex-1DQG177 Unknown
NOTE: rego not current
1BDE337 Subsequent disposal

Toyota Coaster HZB50R JTGFB518101003282 --/02 B18DL

XV35FQ Private Owner (VIC) (motorhome);
ex-6496AO Crown Coach Lines (East Burwood VIC) (96);
ex-1BDE337 Unknown
1BDR070 Subsequent disposal

Toyota Coaster HZB50R JTGFB518201003419 02/02 B12DL

BXQ059 Unknown (VIC);
ex-6497AO Crown Coach Lines (East Burwood VIC) (97);
ex-1BDR070 Unknown
1EDV566 Registration not current

Mitsubishi MK -/87 C24F

1EDV566 Unknown (Welshpool)
1CMP713 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster

1CMP713 Unknown
1DJK732 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JMFBE649J0BC00105 06/02

1DJK732 Unknown
1DRK017 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Canter FG JLFFG84DE0KJ10316  ⁄ Amesz 12/10 C16C

1DRK017 Unknown
1AZA270 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz LO814 9BM688176TB108291  ⁄ ABDenning Vario 82201 02/98 B35F

1AZA270 Unknown (Cockburn);
ex-1AZA270 Ningaloo Whaleshark Swim (Exmouth);
ex-1AZA270 Hunter (M) (Beverley);
ex-Mercedes Benz (stock)
1DTM325 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/04 B21C

1DTM325 Unknown (Neerabup)
1BZR991 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster --/00

1BZR991 Unknown (Kalamunda)
1ELK565 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster XZB50R __0052 -/09

1ELK565 Unknown
1EIZ402 Registration not current

Hino RK176  ⁄ TOST ? B49F

1EIZ402 Unknown (Wangara);
ex-Unknown (orange school bus) (6)
1DTG673 Registration not current

Higer Munro H7170 LKLS1CS8XBA______

1DTG673 Unknown
major accident 22.05.2014
1BUT407 Registration not current

Mitsubishi  ⁄ Mitsubishi -/84 B__F

1BUT407 Unknown
1DFL729 Registration not current

Hino Rainbow -/86 C37F

1DFL729 Unknown
1GGN455 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JTGFP528605500014 -/09 C20C

1GGN455 Unknown
1EES105 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/95

1EES105 Unknown (Landsdale)
1DHY421 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518404500360 -/10 C21C

1DHY421 Unknown
1DMY104 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518604500604 -/10

1DMY104 Unknown (Midvale)
1AIM819 Registration not current

Mazda T3000 -/83

1AIM819 Unknown
1DRP234 Registration not current

BCI JXK6960BRZ1 LGG5SKCM0AH006123  ⁄ BCI Fleetmaster 08/10 C43F

1DRP234 Unknown
1CLZ034 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster XZB50R JTGFC518404000128 -/07

1CLZ034 ⁄  454KNF Unknown
1CZV792 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Bus MS725  ⁄ MMC -/86 C45F

1CZV792 Unknown
BM26494 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/94

BM26494 Unknown (Broome)
1EEX145 Registration not current

Isuzu NPS300 -/13 C18C

1EEX145 Unknown
1BFZ687 Registration not current

Hino -/84

1BFZ687 Unknown
1ESC875 Registration not current

Mitsubishi -/87 C25F

1ESC875 Unknown;
ex-Unknown (Japan)
1ENM555 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108002955 -/96 B21C

1ENM555 Unknown
1DFY709 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/09 B24C

1DFY709 Unknown
1DQE551 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518604500876 -/11

1DQE551 Unknown
1DUG499 Registration not current

Isuzu FTS800 -/11 C30C

1DUG499 Unknown (Bunbury)
1EFM321 Registration not current

Hino RK176K  ⁄ HowardPorter -/88 B49F

1EFM321 Unknown (Narrikup);
ex-Loves Bus Service (Albany)
possibly ex-TC2412
1DJC595 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/09

1DJC595 Unknown
1CUX585 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFC528505000180 -/08

1CUX585 Unknown
BM21185 Registration not current

Nissan Civilian -/93 B22C

BM21185 Unknown (Broome)
1DIX795 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Fuso MS725S 85894  ⁄ MMC BS711 07/86

1DIX795 Unknown (Bullsbrook);
ex-Martidja Banyjima Bus Line (Fortescue);
ex-Unknown (Japan)
1DSC414 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/11

1DSC414 Unknown
1ETG082 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz LO812  ⁄ PMC -/93 B33F

1ETG082 Unknown (Avon Valley)
1DWF361 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/12 C24C

1DWF361 Unknown (Bunbury)
1EWR621 Disposal

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518304501273 -/12 B21C

1EWR621 Unknown (non-PSV);
ex-1EWR621 Unknown
1DBD873 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF00793 -/09 B24C

1DBD873 Unknown;
ex-1DBD873 Orange Coach Charters (Busselton) [P Turner]
1EWS772 Registration not current

Hino  ⁄ Hino -/82 C28F

1EWS772 Unknown
1DQJ500 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster __4934 -/87

1DQJ500 Unknown
1ESF599 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518104000056 -/09 B17CL

1ESF599 Unknown (non-PSV);
ex-1ESF599 Unknown
9MI541 Registration not current

Nissan Civilian JN10RGW40A0200627 -/97

9MI541 Unknown (nursing home)
1EDG750 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster

1EDG750 Unknown
1DPR018 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108000655 -/94

1DPR018 Unknown
1EXL642 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster B21C

1EXL642 Unknown (The Vines)
1CRF809 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/07

1CRF809 Unknown
1EVP522 Registration not current

Nissan Civilian -/97

1EVP522 Unknown (Merriwa)
1GAI452 Disposal

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518204502110 -/13 B21C

300WMJ Unknown (QLD);
ex-1GAI452 Unknown
1ECB416 Registration not current

Isuzu NPS 75-155 4x4 JAANPS75HB7101227

1ECB416 Unknown
1GBE571 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster XZB50R JTGFP518804502158 -/13 B21C

1GBE571 Unknown
1EFZ088 Registration not current

Isuzu NPS300 4x4 JAANPS75HD7100136 -/13

1EFZ088 Unknown
1DKE554 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/03

1DKE554 Unknown
1GAL244 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF00507 -/08

1GAL244 Unknown
1GBX950 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/02 B22CL

1GBX950 Unknown
1EKG337 Registration not current

DongFeng Brahman EQ6860L5DY 4x4 __3348 -/12 C28C

1EKG337 Unknown
1DFJ307 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 B24C

1DFJ307 Unknown
1EZP900 Disposal

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518504501212 -/11 B19C

XQ58OM Unknown (QLD);
ex-1EZP900 Unknown
1DZK413 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/12

1DZK413 Unknown
1GCV076 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster XZB50R -/08 B21C

1GCV076 Unknown
1ESN936 Disposal

Scania K310IB YS2K4X20001886236  ⁄ Higer 13ETQ0007 02/15 C53F

2054AO Warragul Bus Lines (Warragul VIC);
ex-1ESN936 Unknown
1DSS491 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/11

1DSS491 Unknown
1GDA381 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O303-3 WDB30031561045025  ⁄ Denning Majestic F099 05/86 C48Ft

1GDA381 Unknown (Geraldton);
ex-1GDA381 Alans Coachlines (Secret Harbour) [A Chase];
ex-TV3672 Maloys Coach Service (Ourimbah NSW);
ex-TV3672 ⁄  WXE630 Ridleys Coaches (Gosford NSW) [G Ridley];
ex-WXE630 Tunarama Coachlines (Port Lincoln SA);
ex-TV173 Canberra Coaches;
ex-TV173 Frasers Coaches (Dubbo NSW);
ex-TV173 ⁄  CUX671 Australian Pacific Touring (Hampton VIC) (52)
1EHK030 Registration not current

BCI FBC6127BRZ1  ⁄ BCI Fleetmaster -/13 C55F

1EHK030 Unknown
1ENL195 Disposal

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/02 B24C

1ENL195 Unknown (non-PSV);
ex-1ENL195 Unknown
1DNO047 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFG518307000172 -/03 B21C

1DNO047 Private Owner (non-PSV);
ex-1DNO047 Unknown
1DTL732 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518204501068 --/11

1DTL732 Unknown
1GET273 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster __2640 -/15

1GET273 Unknown
1BXL310 Disposal

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE649J0BD00676 -/04 B14Cw

813XRH Unknown (QLD) (non-PSV);
ex-1BXL310 Unknown
1DBA597 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/93

1DBA597 Unknown
1DEY892 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/09 B21C

1DEY892 Unknown
1CVF048 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster HZB50R JTGFC518604000745 04/08 B21C

1CVF048 Unknown
CP9970 Disposal

Isuzu NPS300 JAANPS75HB7100718 12/11 C18C

574TSU Unknown (QLD);
ex-CP9970 Unknown (Busselton)
NOTE: rego 574TSU not current
1DZZ095 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518204500633 -/10 B21C

1DZZ095 Unknown
1CRI093 Registration not current

Mitsubishi  ⁄ MMC

1CRI093 Unknown
9IJ793 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster HZB50R JT743PB5108002719 08/96 B21C

9IJ793 Unknown
1GJB192 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/08 B22CL

1GJB192 Unknown
1GIV828 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/10 C24C

1GIV828 Unknown
1EMY459 Chassis No added

BCI 6KT2AA110DX000570 -/14

1EMY459 Unknown
1GJX885 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster 5106542 -/11 B21C

1GJX885 Unknown
1GAH866 Original registration added

Isuzu NPS300 JAANPS75H87101568 08/10

1GAH866 Unknown;
ex-243SVO Unknown (QLD)
1CZX535 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/08

1CZX535 Unknown
Accident damaged
1EMY458 Chassis No added

BCI Proma33 6KT2AA114EX000587 -/14 C33F

1EMY458 Unknown
1GMD778 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE649J0B______ -/04 B24C

1GMD778 Unknown (Byford)
1DXT704 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518704501454 -/12 B21C

1DXT704 Unknown (Midvale)
1EXG329 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFG518407000536 -/04 B21C

1EXG329 Unknown (non-PSV);
ex-1EXG329 Unknown
1CYX812 Requires confirmation

Hino RK260 JHDRK1JSMXXX10171?  ⁄ CustomCoaches SB400 07-184? 11/07 C53F

XG36EI Whitsunday Transit (Proserpine QLD) UNCONFIRMED;
ex-1CYX812 Unknown;
ex-Hino Australia (stock) UNCONFIRMED
1CYX811 Disposal

Hino RK260 JHDRK1JSMXXX10138  ⁄ CustomCoaches SB400 07-159A 10/07 C57F

BS02QX Rockleigh Tours (Diggers Rest VIC);
ex-1CYX811 Unknown;
ex-Hino Australia (stock)
1GRF979 Registration not current

Austral Tourmaster DC122 PB290  ⁄  B290 1/85 RC53F (originally RC46Ft)

1GRF979 ⁄  CVL3498 Unknown;
ex-TV1253 Bronzewing Tours (Tahmoor NSW) (2);
ex-QJA359 Bowral Coaches (Moss Vale NSW) [McQueeney];
ex-TV1310 SC Tours (Alexandria NSW);
ex-CBO260 Firefly Express (Maidstone VIC) (11)
1GQE329 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE649J0BD01615 -/06 C24C

1GQE329 Unknown
1CWW391 Registration not current

Isuzu FSR700 JALFSR34787000075 -/08 C35C

1CWW391 Unknown
BY441S Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFC518404000288 -/07

BY441S Unknown
1GNO141 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108000149 -/93 B__CL

1GNO141 Unknown;
ex-1DRC380 Toodyay Community Bus
1DEZ218 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0PF01202 -/09

1DEZ218 Unknown
1EAB233 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DG0RG10038 07/12

1EAB233 Unknown
1BOM928 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Canter -/03

1BOM928 Unknown
1GMP513 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0RF10409 -/11 B24C

1GMP513 Unknown
1DRT169 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518704501051 --/11

1DRT169 Unknown
1EHR044 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster

1EHR044 Unknown
1DHA016 Chassis No added

BCI Proma33 LSFC030819C005250 -/10

1DHA016 Unknown
BS00ZC Correction

BCI Proma DX 6KT2AA112DX000585 05/14 C33F

Unknown (Rivervale);
ex-BS00ZC Sandlant Bus Service (Stawell VIC)
BIC PromaDX not Yutong Blue Tongue ZK6930H
1DRT138 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JTGFP528605500384 -/11

1DRT138 Unknown
1GZJ077 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster XZB50R JTGFP518604500280 -/10 B20C

1GZJ077 Unknown;
ex-Unknown (mine)
1DEU117 Re-registered

Toyota Coaster HZB50R JT743PB5108004254 10/98

1DEU117 Unknown
Accident damaged
1DRT871 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518304501094 --/11

1DRT871 Unknown
8SS114 Registration not current

Nissan Civilian

8SS114 Unknown
1HCU990 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE649J0B001527 -/06 B__CL

1HCU990 Unknown (Bunbury)
1DEB391 Partial chassis no added

Zhong Tong LDY6KS8D670__0771 -/09

1DEB391 Unknown
1HHG966 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0RM31793 -/21

1HHG966 Unknown
Accident damage
CW3573 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108002823 -/96

CW3573 Unknown (Latham)
1DOX812 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518604500649 -/10

1DOX812 Unknown
1DUN077 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518404501234 --/11

1DUN077 Unknown
1GEH005 Registration not current

BCI __5200 -/09

1GEH005 Unknown
1DAI550 Partial chassis no added

BCI LSFC1308X8C005288 -/09

1DAI550 Unknown
1HIN432 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DG0RH10018 -/13

1HIN432 Unknown
1HKF048 Original registration added

Volvo B9R YV3S5M1278A123321  ⁄ CoachConcepts 087 10/08 C53F

1HKF048 Unknown;
ex-768LSR Jubo Tours (Gold Coast QLD);
ex-XQ35CF Unknown (QLD)
1DRH680 Disposal

Scania K280IB YS2K4X20001870750  ⁄ Higer A30 03/11 C53F

BS07OI Melmax Bus Group (Craigieburn VIC);
ex-1DRH680 Unknown
1DZD407 Registration not current

Higer Munro H7170 LKLS1CS83BA564318 12/11 C28C

1DZD407 Unknown
NOTE: rego 1DZD407 is now on a NPSV 2012 Toyota Coaster (NHVR change 28.09.2022)
DEI390 Registration not current

Bessemer -/15

DEI390 Unknown
1CEB906 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JT743PB3009000137 -/90

1CEB906 Unknown;
ex-1CEB906 Unknown (orange school bus)
1HNO225 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518604501493 -/12

1HNO225 Unknown;
ex-185TLR Unknown (QLD)
1ECE166 Registration not current

Isuzu FRR500 JALFRR907B7000326  ⁄ Able -/12 C30Cv

1ECE166 Unknown
1QBL486 Registration not current

BCI Proma33

1QBL486 Unknown
NOTE: rego not current
1QBF450 Re-registered

IVECO Turbo Daily ZCFC50D0005__2608 -/07

1QBF450 Unknown
C28907 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JTGFC528005000023 -/06 C17C

C28907 Unknown
1ESI092 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518104500879 -/11

1ESI092 Unknown
1HFS150 Original registration added

Isuzu FSS550 JALFSS90JB7000169  ⁄ BCI -/12

1HFS150 Unknown;
ex-315WJI Unknown (QLD)
NOTE: rego 1HFS150 not current
1GEJ670 Registration not current

BCI FBC6127BRZ1 6KT2CC116CX000237  ⁄ BCI 04/12 C57F

1GEJ670 Unknown
1GGB661 Registration not current

BCI FBC6127BRZ1 6KT2CC113AX000001  ⁄ BCI 01/11 C57F

1GGB661 Unknown
1DRC670 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0RF10284 06/11

1DRC670 Unknown
1DWD042 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0RF10522 10/11

1DWD042 Unknown
CB22SE Registration not current

BCI -/12

CB22SE Unknown
1HQS757 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster HZB70R JTGFP728706600340 -/19 C__CL

1HQS757 Unknown
1EEX085 Not previously recorded

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DG0RH10037 -/13

1EEX085 Unknown
NOTE: rego not current
1EKG355 Disposal

DongFeng Brahman EQ6860L5DY 4x4 LGC17AD34C6010756 12/12 C29C

XB78CJ Unknown (QLD);
ex-1EKG355 Unknown
1GQV932 Registration not current

Hino GT 1322 4x4  ⁄ BCI -/18 C38C

1GQV932 Unknown
1GKM545 Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster HZB50R JT743PB5108004525 -/99 B18C

1GKM545 Unknown
NOTE: rego not current
1DWN201 Requires confirmation

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 --/12

1DWN201 Unknown
1HUP302 Not previously recorded

Higer Munro H7170 LKLS1CS83FA__7994 -/16

1HUP302 Unknown
1CRN266 Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster -/07

1CRN266 Unknown
NOTE: rego not current
1GOI163 Not previously recorded

Yutong LZYTCTD68J1__8321 -/18

1GOI163 Unknown
   Rathjen (J & J M) (Mandurah)
1AHM599 Registration not current

Hino RG230 JHDRG1JSKXXX10642  ⁄ APG Starliner 8728374 07/98 B57F

1AHM599 Rathjen (J & J M) (Mandurah)
WA Rego Check=rego now on a 1979 MAN truck
   Raw Hire (Karratha)
1GST960 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JTGFP728806600377 -/18

1GST960 Raw Hire (Karratha) (BS1011)
1CKU151 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JTGFB528502000362 01/02 B21F

1CKU151 Raw Hire (Karratha)
1DYI055 Registration not current

Isuzu NPS300 -/12 C18C

1DYI055 Raw Hire (Karratha)
1DOA967 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/12

1DOA967 Raw Hire (Karratha)
1ERT557 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 AUVFUSO2014AEBS -/14

1ERT557 Raw Hire (Karratha)
1EGQ019 Disposal

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DG0RH10106 02/13

840XUB Unknown (QLD);
ex-1EGQ019 Raw Hire (Karratha)
NOTE: rego 840XUB not current
1EBB838 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/12

1EBB838 Raw Hire (Karratha)
1EAR053 Registration not current

Isuzu -/12 C21C

1EAR053 Raw Hire (Karratha)
1DIQ304 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518404500214 -/10 B21C

1DIQ304 Raw Hire (Karratha)
1HAX596 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP718506401224 -/20

1HAX596 Raw Hire (Karratha)
   Tasmanian Redline Coaches (Inveresk TAS)
104 Registration not current

Denning DenAir 8v71 DA850-514-81  ⁄  830 8/81 RC48Ft

ER2685 ⁄  DE7040 Tasmanian Redline Coaches (Inveresk TAS) (104);
ex-CH9944 Kentish Coaches (Davenport TAS);
ex-SKO824 AAT-Kings (27);
ex-SKO824 Australian Pacific Tours (Sandringham VIC) (49)
Rego ER2685 expired 02.02.2015
109 Registration not current

Denning Landseer DL1248-932-87  ⁄  1248 12/87 RC46Ft

DEN109 ⁄  ER4603 Tasmanian Redline Coaches (Inveresk TAS) (109);
ex-CZ0352 Tasmanian Redline Coaches (Inveresk TAS);
ex-Warragul Bus Lines (Warragul VIC);
ex-MO146 Deluxe Coachlines (157)
   Redlion Bus & Coach
B66 Subsequent disposal

BCI PK6127AT LSFC130897C002011 -/07 C45Ft

002WRX Unknown (QLD);
ex-TC5877 Pilbara Car & Truck Rentals (Newman);
ex-TC5877 Redlion Bus & Coach (B66)
   Regent College
1BUU640 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Fuso  ⁄ Mitsubishi B__F

1BUU640 Regent College;
ex-Unknown (Japan)
   Rehoboth Christian College (Kenwick)
1EWL563 Original registration added

Higer RoadBoss H12300s LKLR1KSJ4CB602842 -/12 C57F

1EWL563 Rehoboth Christian College (Kenwick);
ex-514SPV Unknown (QLD)
   Reline Australia (Welshpool)
1GRO608 Original registration added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DG0RG10133 -/13

1GRO608 Reline Australia (Welshpool);
ex-227XIG Unknown (QLD)
   Ride A Rainbow (Bunbury) [S Haoust]
7YP498 Registration not current

Bedford YMT3  ⁄ Mee MO48 04/81 C45F

7YP498 Ride A Rainbow (Bunbury) [S Haoust];
ex-Australian Army
7YH810 Registration not current

Bedford VAM70 7858424/65  ⁄ Comair 06/68 B42D

7YH810 Ride A Rainbow (Bunbury) [S Haoust];
ex-Hawthorn Bus Service (Hawthorn VIC) [V Haoust];
ex-KAP564 Willis Bus Service (24)
1DUW822 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz LO814

1DUW822 Rightway Industrial (Eaton)
   Rio Tinto
1DIK280 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OH1830L  ⁄ MillsTui Orbit -/10

1DIK280 Rio Tinto
   Riverside Gardens Estate (Gosnells)
1GZR705 Owner identified

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821096043  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VG1318 09/00 B41Dw

1GZR705 Riverside Gardens Estate (Gosnells);
ex-TP1752 Transdev [Transperth] (1752);
ex-TP1752 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1752)
   Road King Coachlines (Northfield SA)
SB20LE Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OH1418 WDB38200461042621  ⁄ AustralDenning Starliner CS00760 10/95 B45F

SB20LE Road King Coachlines (Northfield SA);
ex-TC6329 Go West;
ex-Joint Defence Facility (Pine Gap NT)
Rego SB20LE expired 08.02.2020
   Robe River Mining Co (Pannawonica)
8KO038 Subsequent disposal

Hino RG197K JHDRG197KXXX40470  ⁄ TOST 210 08/95 B49F

Port Pirie Transport Museum (SA) PRESERVED;
ex-WWS346 Corston Coaches (Two Wells SA) (22);
ex-8KO038 Robe River Mining Co (Pannawonica) (9961)
Donated to Port Pirie Transport Museum
   Robinsons Bus Charter (Bayswater)
1DFZ417 Disposal

Mercedes-Benz OC1621 35509965__9254  ⁄ CustomCoaches 87-261 12/87 RB61F

1DFZ417 Unknown (non-PSV);
ex-1DFZ417 ⁄  TC5936 Robinsons Bus Charter (Bayswater);
ex-MO0985 Berrima Buslines (Mittagong NSW) (19)
   Rotel Tours Australia (Adelaide)
WX95AC Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz 2232

WX95AC ⁄  6XI647 Rotel Tours Australia (Adelaide)
964FCA Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O404-3 WEB61823821090220  ⁄ Autobus 179 06/99 C23Ftb

964FCA Rotel Tours Australia (Adelaide)
562FSF Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O404-3 WEB61823821093646  ⁄ Autobus 234 -/00 C23Ftb24

562FSF Rotel Tours Australia (Adelaide)
234FLF Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O404-3 WEB61823821093647  ⁄ Autobus 215 03/00 C23Ftb24

234FLF Rotel Tours Australia (Adelaide)
   Rottnest Express
1BTW858 Registration not current

Hino Rainbow -/87 B37F

1BTW858 Rottnest Express;
ex-1BTW858 Boat Torque Cruises;
ex-Unknown (Japan)
1GUV165 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0RL31322 -/19

1GUV165 Rottnest Express
   Royal Perth Tours
CVL3657 Registration not current

Toyota HiAce Commuter -/19

CVL3657 ⁄  1GXN659 Royal Perth Tours
   Rules Bus Service (Gingin)
01GG Registration not current

Hino RN8J JHDRN8JSKXXX10053  ⁄ TOST 309 -/08

01GG ⁄  1CYK008 Rules Bus Service (Gingin)
GG4535 Correction - historic listing

Hino AM100K 42267 --/81 B27F

GG4535 GG4535 Rules Bus Service (Gingin)
Although former owner gave rego as GG4536, WA Rego Check confirms GG4535=1981 Hino whilst GG4536 was a 1976 Toyota
   Rule (D L) (Gingin)
GG787 Subsequent disposal

Metrotec Delta 16.210 6F2BACR00VDD00325  ⁄ APG Starliner 2766 09/97 B57F

ex-112TDC Darling Downs Transit (Wyreema QLD);
ex-GG787 Glenorie Coaches (Dural NSW);
ex-GG787 Rules Bus Service (Gingin)
   Safari Treks Australia (Maylands) [N Crane]
TC2713 Operator identified

OKA 4x4

TC2713 Safari Treks Australia (Maylands) [N Crane] (4)
   Satellite Bus Charter (Baldivis)
9KR795 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/97 B21F

9KR795 Satellite Bus Charter (Baldivis);
1CDA587 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz LO812  ⁄ PMCA Cub nB33F

1CDA587 Satellite Bus Charter (Baldivis)
   Southern Cross Electrical Engineering (Naval Base)
1ECF144 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JTGFP518404501783 09/12

1ECF144 Southern Cross Electrical Engineering (Naval Base)
   Church of Scientology
ZCB945 Registration not current

Austral Allstar 1015  ⁄ Austral 1677 06/91 DP49F

ZCB945 Church of Scientology (Sydney);
ex-8EX700 Hamersley Iron (Tom Price) (5-32)
NOTE: rego ZCB945 expired 06.02.2012
   Scotts Bus Charter
DE1185 Registration not current

International D1610  ⁄ HowardPorter 6/75 nB__F

7YT374 Scotts Bus Charter;
ex-DE1185 Burrow (A H) (Denmark)
   Sears (V) (Geraldton)
7PR592 Registration not current

Isuzu ECR570S J873984  ⁄ JWBolton -/84 B49F

7PR592 Sears (V) (Geraldton);
ex-TC693 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury)
   State Emergency Service
1GIG091 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/86

1GIG091 State Emergency Service (Forward Control Unit)
   St Hildas Anglican Grammar School (Mosman Park)
1DIW209 Subsequent disposal

BCI JXK6960BRZ1 LGG5SKCM89H006043  ⁄ BCI Proma33 -/10 C43F

XB38AB Unknown (QLD);
ex-8793MO J&B Buses (Murwillumbah NSW) [Singh] (4);
ex-Nazzari Bus Sales (Welshpool) (dealer);
ex-1DIW209 St Hildas Anglican Grammar School (Mosman Park)
1GBX843 Registration not current

Higer __1487 -/16 C57F

1GBX843 Shalom House
   Shark Bay Coaches & Tours
1GVI647 Disposal

Toyota HiAce Commuter -/19

1GVI647 Unknown (non-PSV);
ex-1GVI647 Shark Bay Coaches & Tours
   Shepherdson Transport (Margaret River)
TC5684 Registration not current

Scania K92CR YS4K2CX2801810220  ⁄ CustomCoaches Mk85 87-137 09/87 C49F

TC5684 ⁄  MO65 Shepherdson Transport (Margaret River);
ex-MO65 Transborder Express (Mitchell ACT)
AU2811 Correction

IVECO Delta 6F2BACR006DN00355  ⁄ CustomCoaches 10/07 C57F

AU2811 Shepherdson Transport (Margaret River)
Rego is current
AU4909 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OH1421 9BM382058WB184141  ⁄ ABM 80140 10/00 B57F

AU4909 Shepherdson Transport (Margaret River)
AU4909 Not previously recorded

Volvo B8R YV3T7V72XNA208208 -/22

AU4909 Shepherdson Transport (Margaret River)
AU2852 Correction

Volvo B7R YV3R6R627BA146414  ⁄ Express 07/11 B57F

AU2852 Shepherdson Transport (Margaret River)
Reported in 7/12 as being registered AU582 but photo taken that month shows it as AU2852
   Shooting Stars Party Buses
1GGW762 Registration not current

Volvo B10M Mk II YV31MGC13JD016893  ⁄ Comeng 9/88 B45D

1GGW762 Shooting Stars Party Buses;
ex-CVL1282 ⁄  TC6510 Buswest;
ex-425ECH ⁄  425AEC Brisbane Transport (425);
ex-425AEC Brisbane City Council (425)
1GGW763 Registration not current

Volvo B10M Mk II YV31MGC11JD016578  ⁄ Comeng 6/88 B45D

1GGW763 ⁄  1GGW761 Shooting Stars Party Buses;
ex-CVL1283 ⁄  TC6513 Buswest;
ex-420FZC ⁄  420AEC Brisbane Transport (420);
ex-420AEC Brisbane City Council (420)
1GGW764 Registration not current

Volvo B10M Mk II YV31MGC10JD018127  ⁄ Comeng 3/89 B49F (originally B45D)

1GGW764 Shooting Stars Party Buses;
ex-CVL1273 ⁄  TC6511 Buswest;
ex-184ECH ⁄  184AIC Brisbane Transport (184);
ex-184AIC Brisbane City Council (184)
   Sims (D D & R A) (Narrogin)
1AHD192 Registration not current

Hino FD186 10167  ⁄ Rogers Primero B502 08/98 B35F

1AHD192 Sims (D D & R A) (Narrogin)
   Sisils Bus Lines (Lindum QLD)
6 Registration not current

Denning Landseer DL1242-926-27-11-87  ⁄  1242 11/87 C53F

175IZZ Sisils Bus Lines (Lindum QLD) (6);
ex-TC4428 ⁄  348BXY Greyhound Australia (348);
ex-348BXY McCaffertys Coaches (Toowoomba QLD) (348);
ex-156AZL Hunt (Tallebudgera QLD);
ex-MO121 Deluxe Coachlines (148)
17 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OH1418 WDB38200461056223  ⁄ PMCA XL 2647 05/96 B55F

839VWU Sisils Bus Lines (Lindum QLD) (17);
ex-502TIF ;
ex-9KH011 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury);
ex-9KH011 Forrest (Narrogin)
   Six Mile Country Coaches (Postmans Ridge QLD)
553MWV Registration not current

Denning Landseer DL1299-983-88  ⁄  1299 9/88 RC46Ft

553MWV Six Mile Country Coaches (Postmans Ridge QLD);
ex-MTC12 Mackay Transit Coaches (Paget QLD) (12);
ex-TV1684 Toronto Bus Service (Toronto NSW) (34);
ex-mo459 Deluxe Coachlines (175)
Rego 553MWV expired by 2/14
   Skybus (Tullamrine VIC)
26 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE649J0BD00667 10/04 C17DL

1GGZ386 ⁄  287WUN motorhome;
ex-5497AO Skybus (Tullamarine VIC) (26)
   Skydive Geronimo (Rottnest)
1GBM256 Registration not current

Volmac EG6118K L4F6AB8K7F0______

1GBM256 Skydive Geronimo (Rottnest)
   Skyline Tours (Victoria Park)
CVL1138 Original registration added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE649J0BE00108 -/06

CVL1138 Skyline Tours (Victoria Park);
ex-929RFN Unknown (QLD)
NOTE: rego CVL1138 not current
   St Marks Anglican Community School (Hillarys)
1ESY671 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108001689 05/95

1ESY671 St Marks Anglican Community School (Hillarys)
   Smithson (K & S) (Kendenup)
9KH975 Registration not current

Hino RG230 JHDRG1JSKXXX10030  ⁄ P&D 073 1/97 B57F

9KH975 Smithson (K & S) (Kendenup)
   Smokin BBQ Bus
1DFO286 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JT743PB5108000408 -/93

1DFO286 Smokin BBQ Bus
1HGR592 Partial chassis no added

Yutong LZYTMTF66J1__0318 -/19

1HGR592 Sodexo
   South Bundy Buses (Bundaberg QLD) [Hayes]
770 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OH1418 WDB38200461943700  ⁄ PMCA 160 2297 03/93 B49F

770THL South Bundy Buses (Bundaberg QLD) (770);
ex-12SBB ⁄  999IMT South Bundy Buses (Bundaberg QLD) (12);
ex-8LG415 Wandaglu Hostel (Geraldton)
1GMW107 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DG0RK30144 -/18

1GMW107 Southcare
   Southeastern (Dunedin NZ)
64 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O305 307 001 61 028257  ⁄ JWBolton 11/81 B43D

AQY289 ⁄  U/R Southeastern (Dunedin NZ) (64);
ex-Unknown (NZ) (dealer);
ex-UQB372 PATH Transit [Transperth] (372);
ex-UQB372 Transperth (372);
ex-UQB372 MTT (372)
Rego AQY289 expired 29.01.2006
   Southern Cross Homes
1GLG046 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP728906600176 -/17

1GLG046 Southern Cross Homes
   City of South Perth
1EKD758 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP528805500774 -/13

1EKD758 City of South Perth
NOTE: rego not current
   The Spunky Spud (mobile kitchen)
1ETU080 Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster -/87

1ETU080 The Spunky Spud (mobile kitchen)
   St Brigids College (Lesmurdie)
994KM Registration not current

Toyota Coaster HZB50R -/97 B21C

994KM St Brigids College (Lesmurdie)
NOTE: rego transferred to a 2012 Toyota Coaster
994KM2 Not previously recorded

Toyota Coaster JTGFP5_8___50____ -/12

994KM2 St Brigids College (Lesmurdie)
   Stewart (R & D) (Geraldton)
CGG865A Registration not current

Higer T-series 12M LKLR1KSJ7DB626795 -/15

CGG865A Stewart (R & D) (Geraldton)
   St Josephs School (Moora)
8IA846 Disposal

Mazda T3500 WVL4B00503052 -/92 B19C

8IA846 Unknown (non-PSV);
ex-8IA846 St Josephs School (Moora)
   St Mary MacKillop College (Busselton)
1CVU006 Body No added

Hino RB8 JHFZU32H800001094  ⁄ Chiron 060139 05/08

1CVU006 St Mary MacKillop College (Busselton)
   Suckroo (B)
1AEF727 Disposal

Hino RG230 JHDRG1JSKXXX10564  ⁄ APG Starliner 2/98 B57F

845TOF Gatton Bus Service (Gatton QLD);
ex-1AEF727 Suckroo (Busselton)
   Supreme Chauffeur Driven Services South West (Dalyellup)
1HGY742 Original operator identified

Toyota Coaster JTGFP528X05500260 -/10 B20C

1HGY742 Supreme Chauffeur Driven Services South West (Dalyellup);
ex-2035AC Ouyen Bus Service (Ouyen VIC)
   Swan Care
1EMI853 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP528505500800 -/14

1EMI853 Swan Care
   South West Coach Lines [D Adams]
TC564 Subsequent disposal

Mercedes-Benz OH1316 345202 61 671077  ⁄ HowardPorter TransPORTER III 85/5090 11/85 B47F

1DTI780 motorhome;
ex-1DTI780 Whitford Catholic Primary School;
ex-TC564 South West Coach Lines [Veolia];
ex-TC564 South West Coach Lines [D Adams]
TC580 Subsequent disposal

MAN SL200 292.0039.0039  ⁄ CAC MAN027 03/76 B42D

1CTX824 motorhome;
ex-1CTX824 Private Owner ;
ex-TC580 South West Coach Lines [D Adams];
ex-BUS434 ⁄  ZIB434 ACTION (Canberra) (434);
ex-ZIB434 Canberra Bus Service (434)
NOTE: rego 1CTX824 not current
1ESV628 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OH1316    ⁄ HowardPorter -/85

1ESV628 motorhome;
ex-South West Coach Lines [D Adams]
   Southern Cross Transit (Karana Downs QLD) [Oliveri]
BUS09 Registration not current

Austral Tourmaster DC122 B456  ⁄  1367 8/87 C48Ft

BUS09 Southern Cross Transit (Karana Downs QLD) [Oliveri] (9);
ex-BUS09 ⁄  676DKQ Southern Cross Transit (Karalee QLD) [Horwood] (9);
ex-676DKQ Sundowner Coaches (Ipswich QLD);
ex-EMS903 Panorama Coaches (Diamond Creek VIC) (50);
ex-EMS903 Warragul Bus Lines (Warragul VIC);
ex-MO388 ⁄  TC2077 Deluxe Coachlines (134)
   T2B Transit (VIC) [Dineen]
151 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821093210  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VP0049 02/00 B41Dw

BS00CB T2B Transit (VIC) [Dineen] (151);
ex-TP1727 Transdev [Transperth] (1727);
ex-TP1727 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1727)
Rego BS00CB cancelled 04.09.2021
167 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821092329  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VG1205 10/99 B41Dw

BS00CQ T2B Transit (VIC) [Dineen] (167);
ex-TP1516 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1516)
Rego BS00CQ cancelled 04.09.2020
169 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821096343  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VP0083 8/00 B41Dw

BS00CP T2B Transit (VIC) [Dineen] (169);
ex-TP1538 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1538)
Rego BS00CP cancelled 04.09.2021
170 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821092835  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VP0040 2/00 B41Dw

BS00CG T2B Transit (VIC) [Dineen] (170);
ex-TP1323 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1323);
ex-TP1323 Connex [Transperth] (1323);
ex-TP1323 Perth Bus [Transperth] (1323)
Rego BS00CG cancelled 04.09.2020
   Taylor (P) (Denmark)
SCH001 Disposal

BCI PK6127AT LSFC130887C002534 2/08 B57F

1HMS227 Landsdale Bus Charters;
ex-SCH001 Taylor (P) (Denmark)
SCH001 Not previously recorded

Yutong ZK6129HCA LZYTMTF63M1__9740 -/22

SCH001 Taylor (P) (Denmark)
Ocean Beach
   Taylors Bus Service (Moree NSW)
1EGC841 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/06

1EGC841 Taylors College
   Teddy Bear Corner Child Care (Hamilton Hill)
1CAX378 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster JTGFG518407000911 -/05

1CAX378 Teddy Bear Corner Child Care (Hamilton Hill);
ex-1CAX378 Unknown (orange school bus)
   Thomsons Coachlines (Maddington)
CVL3263 Registration not current

Scania K124IB YS4K6X20001836527  ⁄ Autobus 274 7/01 C60Ft

CVL3263 ⁄  TC7081? Thomsons Coachlines (Maddington);
ex-TV4761 Pegasus Coach Tours (Riverstone NSW) [Hainsworth];
ex-TV4761 ⁄  PMS161 ⁄  WRG864 Nowra Coaches (Nowra NSW)
1GXX217 Additional information

Higer V Series 12.3m LKLR1KSK7CB579825  ⁄  V111016 04/13 C57F

1GXX217 Thomsons Coachlines (Maddington);
ex-SB70JZ Grants Coaches (Woodville North SA);
ex-744TCA Unknown (QLD);
ex-Higer (stock)
registered 744TCA prior to SB70JZ; rego SB70JZ expired 12.12.2019
1DUG657 Partial chassis no added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DJ0R__0603 -/11 B24C

1DUG657 Thrifty
NOTE: rego renewed
1DTY132 Registration not current

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 -/11

1DTY132 Thrifty
   Thyssen Krupp
1COB722 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster HZB50R -/99

1COB722 Thyssen Krupp
   Tom Price Speedway (courtesy bus)
1AZC769 Disposal

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JMFBE649J0BB00404 06/01 C24C

XW92BH ;
ex-1AZC769 Tom Price Speedway (courtesy bus)
   Swan Transit [Transperth]
1518 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821092343  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VP0029 1/00 B41Dw

TP1518 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1518)
Rego TP1518 expired
3105 Body No added

Volvo B8RLEA YV3T7U521LA203649  ⁄ Volgren Optimus VP1992 01/21 AB57Tw

TP3105 Swan Transit [Transperth] (3105)
3332 New

Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U524PA210049  ⁄ Volgren Optimus VP2189 01/23 B41Dw

TP3332 Swan Transit [Transperth] (3332)
3333 New

Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U520PA210050  ⁄ Volgren Optimus VP2191 01/23 B41Dw

TP3333 Swan Transit [Transperth] (3333)
3334 New

Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U528PA210099  ⁄ Volgren Optimus VP2192 01/23 B41Dw

TP3334 Swan Transit [Transperth] (3334)
3335 New

Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U520PA210100  ⁄ Volgren Optimus VP2193 01/23 B41Dw

TP3335 Swan Transit [Transperth] (3335)
   Transdev [Transperth]
3120 Body No added

Volvo B8RLEA YV3T7U527MA206301  ⁄ Volgren Optimus VP2062 10/21 AB57Tw

TP3120 Transdev [Transperth] (3120)
3121 Body No added

Volvo B8RLEA YV3T7U529MA206509  ⁄ Volgren Optimus VP2066 11/21 AB57Tw

TP3121 Transdev [Transperth] (3121)
3122 Body No added

Volvo B8RLEA YV3T7U524MA206563  ⁄ Volgren Optimus VP2070 11/21 AB57Tw

TP3122 Transdev [Transperth] (3122)
   Warren Bus Service [TransBridgetown]
1204 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821097690  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VP0140 5/01 B41Dw

TP1204 Warren Bus Service [TransBridgetown] (1204);
ex-TP1204 PATH Transit [TransGoldfields] (1204);
ex-TP1204 TransGoldfields [EGTB] (1204);
ex-TP1204 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1204);
ex-TP1204 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (1204)
Rego TP1204 expired 31.12.2022
   transit First (Bankstown NSW) [Demerton]
m/o7934 Registration not current

Leyland Leopard PSU4E/4R 7902106  ⁄ Hilquip-HowardPorter 9.76 & 80/5012 09/81 B49F (originally C45F)

m/o7934 transit First (Bankstown NSW) [Demerton];
ex-m/o7934 Westway Bus & Coach Services (Moorebank NSW);
ex-6IK506 Hamersley Iron (Dampier) (5-12)
d/r 11/04
   Trans North Bus & Coach (Bowen QLD)
216 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz OH1418 WDB38200461943719  ⁄ TOST 153 01/93 B51F

216TLH Trans North Bus & Coach (Bowen QLD) (216);
ex-044KVJ Trans North Bus & Coach (Bowen QLD) (16);
ex-044KVJ Bowen Transit (Bowen QLD) (16);
ex-AK894 Van Kuyls Bus & Coach Charters (Kelmscott) (17)
44 Disposal

Renault PR100.2 VF6PS08A200000209  ⁄ HowardPorter 88/9002 12/88 B45D

ex-UQB044 Transdev [Transperth] (44);
ex-UQB044 PATH Transit [Transperth] (44);
ex-UQB044 Transdev [Transperth] (44);
ex-UQB044 PATH Transit [Transperth] (44);
ex-UQB044 Transperth (44)
1183 Disposal

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821096534  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VG1335 9/00 B41Dw

ex-TP1183 Transdev [Transperth] (1183);
ex-TP1183 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1183);
ex-TP1183 Transdev [Transperth] (1183)
Purpose of use: produce carrying (Farming)
1185 Disposal

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821096532  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VG1334 9/00 B41Dw

ex-TP1185 Transdev [Transperth] (1185);
ex-TP1185 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1185);
ex-TP1185 Transdev [Transperth] (1185)
Purpose of use: produce carrying (Farming)
1545 Subsequent disposal

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821096543  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VG1337 10/00 B41Dw

XB18BF Unknown (QLD);
ex-XQ62QP MediBus (Gladstone QLD) [Outback Australia Health Services];
ex-TP1545 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1545)
1719 Disposal

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821092652  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VG1227 02/00 B41Dw

West Coast Bus Charters [GoPartyBus];
ex-TP1719 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1719)
1852 Disposal

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821097685  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VP0135 5/01 B35Dw

ex-TP1852 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1852);
ex-TP1852 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1852);
ex-TP1818 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1818)
1611 Disposal

DAB Midcity Series 2 0860S-022 UH9LX2FT5TSDA3013  ⁄ DAB 9/96 B15Dw (originally B19Dw)

866VLL Unknown (QLD);
ex-CAT11 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (11);
ex-CAT11 MetroBus [Transperth] (11);
ex-CAT11 Transperth (11)
NOTE: rego 866VLL not current
1606 Subsequent disposal

DAB Midcity Series 2 0860S-022 UH9LX2FT5TSDA3010  ⁄ DAB 8/96 B15Dw (originally B19Dw)

49GJD Donges (G) (Murrumba Downs QLD);
ex-960563 Wright (P) (Darwin);
ex-960563 Aboriginal Mission (Bathurst Island);
ex-CAT6 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (6);
ex-CAT6 MetroBus [Transperth] (6);
ex-CAT6 Transperth (6)
NOTE: rego 49GJD not current
1607 Subsequent disposal

DAB Midcity Series 2 0860S-022 UH9LX2FT5TSDA3008  ⁄ DAB 9/96 B15Dw (originally B19Dw)

691RFY Unknown (QLD);
ex-GEN002 Nickolas (G E) (Ascot) (horsefloat);
ex-CAT7 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (7);
ex-CAT7 MetroBus [Transperth] (7);
ex-CAT7 Transperth (7)
NOTE: rego 691RFY not current
   The Transporter
1HJB916 Registration not current

Mercedes-Benz O405NH WEB61241821096335  ⁄ Volgren CR225L VP0085 9/00 B41Dw

1HJB916 The Transporter;
ex-CVL3578 Purple Coaches [Comfort Delgro Swan];
ex-TP1540 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1540)
Rego 1HJB916 expired
16 Subsequent disposal

Scania K124EB YS2K6X20001843610  ⁄ Volgren C222TX VP0293 06/03 C56FtL

XQ54VN ⁄  TV9218 Seacliff Coaches (Albion Park NSW) [Dunn];
ex-16TRANSWA Transwa (16)
   Triangle Tours & Charters (Kununurra)
TC3711 Chassis no corrected

Hino BC144K JHDBC144KXXX10028  ⁄ Superior B504 05/89 C29Fv

TC3711 Triangle Tours & Charters (Kununurra);
ex-683EKY ⁄  835AMK Gold Coast Tourist Shuttle
JHDBC144KXXX10028; NOTE: rego TC3711 not current
   Turner (K) (Cannington)
1xxF052 Registration not current

Toyota Coaster -/18

1XXF052 Turner (K) (Cannington)
1DGJ606 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE64DF0PF01259 -/09

1DGJ606 Turner (K) (Cannington)
   Turner (P)
1BGF408 Disposal

Hino BD190 JHDAD2JLKXXX10075  ⁄ Express 228 08/02 C39F

1GWT879 ⁄  1BGF408 motorhome `Wild Jaffa`;
ex-1BGF408 Turner (P) (Busselton)
   Umbrella Community Care
1GMN068 Re-registered

Toyota Coaster JTGFP728006600230 -/18

1GMN068 Umbrella Community Care
Note: registration expired 10.04.2020
   University of Western Australia (Crawley)
1BRC462 Chassis No added

Mitsubishi Rosa BE600 JLFBE649J0BD00401 -/04

1BRC462 University of Western Australia (Crawley)
   Valentino Holidays (Belmont)
CVL3669 Registration not current

BCI 6KT2AA115KX001341 -/19

CVL3669 Valentino Holidays (Belmont)
CVL3468 Chassis No added

Toyota Coaster JTGFP728306600383 -/18

1HJI272 ⁄  CVL3468 Valentino Holidays (Belmont)
   Vanhar Bus & Coach