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WesternXposure / Planet Perth Tours
56 records

Isuzu FRR600JALFRR34P87000274AAPSmartCoach C19Fv
mo2890 Adventure Tours Australia
1 Isuzu FTS750 4x4JALFTS34H37000041Amesz -/03
CVL2115 / TC5478 WesternXposure (1)
3 Isuzu FTS -/03
TC5480 WesternXposure (3)
4 Isuzu 550 -/01
TC4669 WesternXposure (4)
ex-TC4669 Redback Safaris (Mt Lawley) [K W Cousins]
8 Hino FT 4x4Able C15C
TC4817 WesternXposure (8)
9 Hino FT 4x4Able -/01C18Fv
TC5491 WesternXposure (9)
21 Mitsubishi Rosa BE600MMC -/05C24F
TC5311 WesternXposure (21)
22 Mitsubishi Rosa BE600JLFBE649J0BD00778MMC 01/05
1SG4VS motorhome
ex-TC5622 WesternXposure (22)
23 Mitsubishi Rosa BE60000774MMC C24F
TC5773 WesternXposure (23)
24 Mitsubishi Rosa BE600MMC
TC5424 WesternXposure (24)
29 Toyota Coaster HZB50RToyota -/99B21C
TC3985 WesternXposure (29)
30 Toyota CoasterToyota -/02
TC4630 WesternXposure (30)
31 Toyota CoasterToyota -/97B__F
TC4436 WesternXposure (31)
31 Toyota Coaster HZB50RToyota B21C
TC5431 WesternXposure (31)
32 Toyota Coaster02000344Toyota -/02
TC4632 WesternXposure (32)
33 Toyota Coaster HZB50RToyota -/01B21C
TC4633 WesternXposure (33)
33 Toyota Coaster HB302000370Toyota
TC4631 WesternXposure (33)
34 Toyota Coaster HB302000342Toyota
TC4634 WesternXposure (34)
ex-TC4634 Adventure Tours
43 Toyota Coaster02000375Toyota -/01
TC5532 WesternXposure (43)
46 Toyota Coaster HZB50RToyota -/99B21C
TC5346 WesternXposure (46)
49 Toyota CoasterJTGFG528209500018Toyota
TC5749 WesternXposure (49)
51 Isuzu FTS750Able -/02C18Fv
TC4970 WesternXposure (51)
58 Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota
TC5573 WesternXposure (58)
59 Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota -/06
TC5574 WesternXposure (59)
59 Isuzu FRR600AAP SmartCoachC19Fv
TC6003 WesternXposure (59)
60 Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota
TC5344 WesternXposure (60)
63 Mitsubishi Rosa BE600MMC -/06C24C
TC5677 WesternXposure (63)
81 Isuzu
TC5979 WesternXposure (81)
83 Isuzu FRR600AAP SmartCoach-/08C19Fv
TC6020 WesternXposure (83)
85 Isuzu FRR600JALFRR34P87000276AAP SmartCoach-/08C19Cv
CVL2737 / TC6325 / TC6056? WesternXposure (85)
86 Isuzu FRR600AAP SmartCoach-/08C19Fv
TC6078 WesternXposure (86)
87 Isuzu FRR600AAP SmartCoachC19Fv
TC6103 WesternXposure (87)
TC6123 Isuzu FRR600JALFRR34P87000340 10/08
1HUI050 unknown
ex-CVL2736 Adventure Tours
ex-TC6123 WesternXposure (88)
89 Isuzu FRR600JALFRR34P87000658AAP SmartCoach-/08C19Fv
CVL2733 / TC6201 WesternXposure (89)
TC3399 Nissan CivilianNissan B21C
TC3399 Planet Perth Tours
ex-PN5022 unknown
TC4222 Toyota Coaster HZB50RToyota -/94B21C
TC4222 WesternXposure
ex-TC4222 Planet Perth Tours
TC4435 Toyota CoasterToyota -/01B22C
TC4435 WesternXposure
ex-TC4435 Travelabout Outback Adventures (Wembley) [Nora Ben]
TC4550 MAN 14.224 4WDWMAL80ZZZ2Y093418CoachDesign 28507/02C27Ftv
TC4550 WesternXposure
ex-TC4550 Australian Pinnacle Tours (50)
TC4848 Toyota Coaster HZB50RToyota -/96B21C
TC4848 Planet Perth Tours
TC4858 Hino Rainbow CH160A40101 -/88C__F
1CPZ646 motorhome
ex-TC4858 WesternXposure
ex-unknown (Japan)
TC4884 Toyota Coaster HZB50RToyota -/94B21C
TC4884 Planet Perth Tours
TC5179 Isuzu FTS750 -/03
TC5179 WesternXposure
TC5256 Mitsubishi Canter -/05
TC5256 WesternXposure
TC5321 Toyota CoasterToyota -/03
TC5321 WesternXposure
TC5479 Isuzu FTS 4x4 -/03
TC5479 WesternXposure
TC5531 Toyota Coaster HZB50RToyota -/02
TC5531 WesternXposure
TC5774 Toyota Coaster HZB50RToyota B21C
TC5774 WesternXposure (44)
TC6175 Isuzu FRR600
TC6175 WesternXposure
TC6330 Mitsubishi Rosa BE600MMC
TC6330 WesternXposure
TC6331 Mitsubishi Rosa BE600MMC
TC6331 WesternXposure
TC6332 Mitsubishi Rosa BE600MMC -/09
TC6332 WesternXposure
TC6333 Mitsubishi Rosa BE600MMC
TC6333 WesternXposure
TC6418 Mitsubishi Rosa BE600MMC -/09
TC6418 WesternXposure
CVL2731 Isuzu FRR600JALFRR34P87000002 -/08
CVL2731 WesternXposure
TC3861 Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota B12C
TC3861 WesternXposure
SB08CQ Mitsubishi Rosa BE6001036MMC
SB08CQ WesternXposure

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