Ceased Operators

Western Safaris / East Kimberley Tours / Kununurra Tourist Service
5 records
DenningD47-69Denning 25501/70C37Ft
Unknown (Canberra)
ex-TC238 ⁄ KM13720 All States Charters (Lesmurdie) [Kostera]
ex-Western Safaris [R Arnold (subcontractor)]
ex-ISW257 ⁄ ISR882 Sundowner Coach Tours (Ryde NSW) [Hand]
ex-ISR882 Sundowner Coach Tours (Ryde NSW) [Hand]
UAO180 Albion Viking VK5551606EDenning 28610/70RC45F
1CUV264 motorhome
ex-TC260 Bowey Contractors (Applecross) [E P Bowey]
ex-TC260 Dearne (Cottesloe)
ex-TC260 Banks (Lesmurdie)
ex-UAO180 Western Safaris [Denford]
ex-UAO180 Parlorcars (Perth) (8)
UBQ132 GMC DSPA5019D1101RAnsair ScenicruiserRE18308/67C45F
UBQ132 East Kimberley Tours / Kununurra Tourist Service [Denford]
ex-UBQ132 Pioneer Tours (443)
XHH065 GMC DSPA5019D1092RAnsair ScenicruiserRE17304/67C45F
TC131 ⁄ XHH065 Hedland Bus Lines (South Hedland)
ex-XHH065 East Kimberley Tours / Kununurra Tourist Service [Denford]
ex-JA3553 Pioneer Tours (433)
XJI209 GMC DSPA5019F3201RAnsair ScenicruiserRE16210/66C45F
TC431 Westwide Charter
ex-XJI209 East Kimberley Tours / Kununurra Tourist Service [Denford]
ex-XJI209 ⁄ VA8586 Pioneer Tours (422)

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