Ceased Operators

Wanneroo Bus Co
7 records
1 Mercedes-Benz OH1627WDB396473-6K-304885BCI-Gemilang MSTB08009/00C57F
ex-TC4101 Adams Coachlines (Redcliffe) (C17)
ex-TC4101 Wanneroo Bus Co [J Pember] (1)
2 Nissan JP251P10100 6T9G16WA1X1CAZ003BCI-Gemilang MSSB00903/99B51F
1GVJ423 ⁄ CVL2428 Horizons West (215)
ex-CVL2428 Westwide Charter?
ex-1DGR533 United Constructions (Kwinana)
ex-TC3843 Adams Coachlines (Malaga) (C25)
ex-TC3843 Wanneroo Bus Co (2)
3 Nissan JP251P00026 6T9G16WA1Y1CAZ014BCI-Gemilang MSSB06504/00C57F
1GVJ424 ⁄ CVL2429 Horizons West (214)
ex-CVL2429 Westwide Charter (UD6)
ex-United Constructions (Kwinana)
ex-TC4093 Adams Coachlines (Redcliffe) (C26)
ex-TC4093 Wanneroo Bus Co (3)
136 TC4525 Mercedes-Benz O30530700121001966HowardPorter 76/505907/76B41D
TC4525 Go West
ex-TC4525 Redlion Bus & Coach (M136)
ex-TC4525 Nightcruiser [Adams] (B6)
ex-TC4525 Nightcruiser [R Ott] (25)
ex-TC4525 Wanneroo Bus Co
ex-TC4525 Dogday Bus Charter (Balcatta)
ex-UQB136 Swan Transit [Transperth] (136)
ex-UQB136 Transperth (136)
ex-UQB136 MTT (136)
M5191 Leyland TerrierHowardPorter -/78B39F
M5191 Wanneroo Bus Co
ex-M5191 Lewis (Moora)
ex-M5191 Manning (Moora)
939 8IT595 Hino RC520P40100FreighterWA A505201/73B49F
1CEM074 motorhome `Gypsy Blue 2`
ex-TC4071 Bellevue Bus Lines [H Carrington]
ex-8IT595 ⁄ 7YR647 Wanneroo Bus Co
ex-Wentworth Motors (Redcliffe) (dealer)
ex-UQB939 Transperth (939)
ex-UQB939 MTT (939)
8OE948 Bedford VAM70BRP2DEJ486252DominoHedges 013403/76B48F
8OE948 Unknown
ex-8OE948 Wanneroo Bus Co
ex-IKX213 Latrobe Valley Bus Lines (Traralgon VIC) (40)

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