Ceased Operators

Transwest Coach Services (Willetton)
E W Oudman
13 records

Leyland Panther PSUR1/1RAtholHedges? -/74B39D
8JG818 Horizons West (18);
ex-Transwest Coach Services (Willetton) [E W Oudman];
ex-Brisbane City Council
TC198 Ford R226CustomCoaches 70/24207/70B__F
TC198 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton) [E W Oudman]
ex-TC198 Yellowline Coach Service
ex-South Western Coach Lines (Bexley NSW)
TC457 AEC Regal VI U2RA237HowardPorter 04/64B46FR
623IHU / 749FPG / 1BKT478 motorhome
ex-TC457 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton) [E W Oudman]
ex-Allspares (Belmont) (dealer)
ex-UQB612 / WAG8612 MTT (612)
TC4001 Denning Monocoach - GM 6v71D56__5576Denning Monocoach56905/76RC42Ft
1BEA471 motorhome
ex-TC4001 / TC2637 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton) [E W Oudman]
ex-TC583 / TC191 / 6MZ109 Skybus [Thence] (16)
ex-SFR749 Australian Pacific Tours (8)
TC4004 Denning DenAir 6v92TTADA1076-760-85Denning 107605/85RC46Ft
TC4004 / TC457 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton) [E W Oudman]
ex-Wilmot Coachways (Bundamba QLD)
ex-MO9769 State Rail Authority (NSW) (C5-8095)
6FG052 Leyland Worldmaster ERT1/1581546Campbell&Mannix 11/59B48F
TC313 Sherwood (B J)
ex-6FG052 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton) [E W Oudman]
ex-UQB489 MTT (489)
ex-UQB254 / WAG8254 / UAN300 MTT (254)
7YO667 Leyland Panther PSUR1/1R703690AtholHedges 09/68B39D
unknown (Greenwood)
ex-7YO667 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton) [E W Oudman]
ex-PFV860 Brisbane City Council (427)
7YO775 Leyland Panther PSUR1/1R800779AtholHedges 10/68B39D
unknown (Greenwood)
ex-7YO775 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton) [E W Oudman]
ex-PJG017 Brisbane City Council (456)
7YZ336 Leyland Panther PSUR1A/1R7105525FreighterWA A505904/73B41D
ex-7YZ336 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton) [E W Oudman]
ex-UQB950 Transperth (950)
ex-UQB950 MTT (950)
7YZ337 Leyland Panther PSUR1A/1R7201712FreighterWA A508010/73B41D
7YZ337 motorhome
ex-7YZ337 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton) [E W Oudman]
ex-UQB967 Transperth (967)
ex-UQB967 MTT (967)
1AYX404 Mercedes-Benz O30530700121001917FreighterWA A516510/75B41D
1GGG562 RooBus-Hire
ex-TC5753 / 1AYX404 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton) [V & T Tran]
ex-1AYX404 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton) [E W Oudman]
ex-UQB107 Swan Transit [Transperth] (107)
ex-UQB107 Transperth (107)
ex-UQB107 MTT (107)
1BAS196 Leyland Leopard PSU3A/2R804805Bolton 04/69B46D
ex-Dingo Bus Charter (Midvale) Lucy
ex-1BAS196 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton)
ex-1BAS196 / 7YX196 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton) [E W Oudman]
ex-Wentworth Motors (Redcliffe) (dealer)
ex-UQB787 Transperth (787)
ex-UQB787 MTT (787)
1BCF997 Leyland Panther PSUR1A/1R7201541FreighterWA A507308/73B41D
static gym
ex-Private owner
ex-static accommodation (proposed holiday camp)
ex-TC5543 Hoyes Bus Charter (Byford)
ex-1BCF997 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton)
ex-1BCF997 / 8YE907 / 8YE907 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton) [E W Oudman]
ex-UQB963 Transperth (963)
ex-UQB963 MTT (963)

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