Ceased Operators

Swanleigh Hostel (Middle Swan)
15 records
1 Bedford SB388506MComair CAV12-10103/62B39F
ODonnell Griffin
ex-SW1440 Swanleigh Hostel (Middle Swan) (1)
ex-UQB119 ⁄ WAG8119 MTT (119)
ex-WAG8578 ⁄ UAN417 MTT (578)
1 Toyota Coaster -/90B21C
8BR123 Swanleigh Hostel (Middle Swan) (1)
2 2 Leyland Worldmaster ERT1/1581800Campbell&Mannix 02/60B49F
Wentworth Motors (Redcliffe) (dealer)
ex-6BW165 Swanleigh Hostel (Middle Swan) (2)
ex-UQB490 MTT (490)
ex-UQB255 ⁄ WAG8255 ⁄ UAN321 MTT (255)
2 2 Hino BX341E40479TOST 4404/85B48F
1BHJ988 ⁄  7AE698 Swanleigh Hostel (Middle Swan) (2)
205 3 3 AEC Regal IV 9821E1470Bolton 10/53B49F
Private Owner (Toodyay) (storeroom);
ex-XRS489 Swanleigh Hostel (Middle Swan) (3);
ex-UQB205 ⁄  WAG8205 ⁄  45831 MTT (205);
ex-45831 Fremantle Municipal Transport Board (31)
3 3 Hino BX341E40348TOST 3112/83B48F
1DVI379 motorhome;
ex-6SS508 Swanleigh Hostel (Middle Swan) (3)
308 4 4 Guy Arab UF72699HowardPorter 07/57B45F
Soltoggio Bros (Kardinya) (dealers & wreckers)
ex-6FE793 ⁄ XJI396 Swanleigh Hostel (Middle Swan) (4)
ex-UQB308 ⁄ WAG8308 ⁄ UAN120 MTT (308)
ex-UAN120 Western Australian Government Tramways (135)
4 4 Hino AM100Hino B28F
SW7566 Swanleigh Hostel (Middle Swan) (4)
5 5 Hino AM100K42390Hino -/82B__F
SW7565 motorhome
ex-SW7565 Swanleigh Hostel (Middle Swan) (5)
Hino RB8JHFZA32HX00001302UBC-Chiron 05002903/07
Swanleigh Hostel (Middle Swan)
2SRC Hino RB8JHFZA32H200001293UBC-Chiron 05001604/07
GGS097 Guildford Grammar School (7)
ex-2SRC Swanleigh Residential College (Middle Swan)
220 SW2762 AEC Regal III 9621E833Bolton 09/51B43F
ex-SW2762 1st Swanleigh Sea Scouts
ex-UQB220 ⁄ WAG8220 ⁄ 45810 MTT (220)
ex-45810 MTT (10)
ex-45810 Fremantle Municipal Transport Board (10)
ex-60309 Fremantle Municipal Tramways (10)
2510 SW6793 AEC Regent III 9612E5646Clyde 07/51H33/26FR
SW6793 Swanleigh Venturers;
ex-Hills Bus Sales (NSW) (dealer);
ex-m/o2510 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2510);
ex-m/o2510 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2510)
SW8277 Mazda T3500 B19C
SW8277 Swanleigh Hostel (Middle Swan)
7NE345 Hino AC140K40397Hino B27F
TC5678 Sea Force Fishing Charters & Tours (Coral Bay)
ex-7NE345 Swanleigh Hostel (Middle Swan)

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