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Swan Gold Tours (Welshpool)
39 records

MAN 10.1806AB7520010MC00109CoachDesign 00210/91C34Ft
TV3166 / TV2401 Holiday King Travel (Haymarket NSW)
ex-1ABU863 / TC3008 Swan Gold Tours (34)
ex-TC3008 Goldrush Tours (Kalgoorlie)
ex-344BIC Sampsons Tours (Proserpine QLD)
Toyota CoasterToyota 10/82
6MT084 Swan Gold Tours
Toyota CoasterToyota --/85
TC486 Swan Gold Tours
Toyota CoasterToyota --/85
TC487 Swan Gold Tours
Toyota CoasterToyota --/90C22C
TC2997 Swan Gold Tours (22)
ex-South Australian Govt
Toyota CoasterToyota
TC2382 Swan Gold Tours (20);
ex-TC2382 Swan Gold Tours (3)
TC2429 Swan Gold Tours (25)
ex-TC2429 Swan Gold Tours (15)
Toyota CoasterToyota --/91
TC2593 Swan Gold Tours
Toyota Coaster HZB50RToyota --/96C18C
TC4383 Valentino Holidays (Belmont)
ex-TC4383 Swan Gold Tours (18)
ex-PMU411 Jack Drover (Melbourne)
Mitsubishi Rosa BE600JLFBE649J0BE00079MMC -/06C21C
TC5329 Adams Coachlines (SG25)
ex-TC5329 Swan Gold Tours
Volvo B10M14877VolgrenQ C8512/87C45/9Dt
TC2847 Milesaway Tours (Busselton) [C & R Miles] `Kermit`
ex-TC2847 Support Tours
ex-TC2847 Swan Gold Tours (50)
ex-TC2847 Swan Gold Tours (25)
ex-TC2847 / DWM613 Westliner Coach Services (Midvale) (61)
ex-DWM613 Davis Stage Lines (Ballarat) (113)
ex-TV222 Pioneer Trailways (NSW) (3007)
Toyota CoasterToyota C__C
6NW856 Swan Gold Tours
Mitsubishi Rosa BE600JLFBE649J0BD00702MMC -/05C21C
CVL2271 / TC5314 Adams Coachlines (MR2)
ex-TC5314 Adams Coachlines (SG22)
ex-TC5314 Swan Gold Tours
Hino AC140
Nazzari Bus Sales (Welshpool) (dealer)
ex-TCXXXX / AL20214 Redlion Bus & Coach / Albany Bus Charter (H27)
ex-Swan Gold Tours (13)
MAN 16.280479.0084Austral Starliner148809/88C44F
1ENQ615 motorhome
ex-1ENQ615 / TC2216 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-TC2216 Peel Bus Hire & Charter [Reynolds]
ex-TC2216 Coastal Cruisers (Rockingham) [M P Fellows & G Dix]
ex-TC2216 Swan Gold Tours (42)
ex-TC2216 Swan Gold Tours (26)
ex-TC2216 Fortesque Bus Service (Wickham)
Austral Tourmaster DC122B405-9-86Austral TourmasterB40509/86C46Ft
ex-TV7517 Skennars Bus & Coach Line (Kirrawee NSW) [Kurnell]
ex-TC6163 South West Coach Lines [Veolia]
ex-007DTN Trans North Bus & Coach (Innisfail QLD) (7)
ex-250CTA Coachtrans (Coomera QLD)
ex-TC2615 Swan Gold Tours (41)
ex-TC2615 Swan Gold Tours (20)
ex-UYF126 Holidaymakers (Adelaide)
Scania K124EBYS4K6X20001833617CoachDesign 14403/99C50Ft
XO19IM Nomad Coach Tours (Blacktown NSW)
ex-TV6916 Peter Pan Coaches (Homebush NSW)
ex-TC5961 Adams Coachlines (SG50)
ex-TC5961 Swan Gold Tours (50)
ex-221KTD unknown (QLD)
ex-MTC23 Mackay Transit Coaches (Paget QLD) (23)
ex-0314AC / PLQ014 / VV26EA Firefly Express (Maidstone VIC) (14)
Mercedes-Benz O30330120421019582Ansair MB133704/81C42Ft
FJX512 Green Bus Co (Manly NSW) (contracted to OZ Experience)
ex-FJX512 Downunder Coach Services (Blackburn VIC) [MDH Holdings]
ex-TV677 Durhams Coaches (Temora NSW)
ex-TC548 Swan Gold Tours (12)
ex-TC548 / TV041 Australian Pacific Touring (57)
Toyota CoasterToyota 10/91C22C
TC2570 Swan Gold Tours (27)
ex-TC2570 Swan Gold Tours (19)
1 Toyota TaragoToyota --/00
TC2802 Swan Gold Tours (1)
1 Toyota TaragoToyota 09/95C7C
TC3250 Swan Gold Tours (1)
4 Toyota CoasterToyota B19C
TC245 Mandurah Bus Charter
ex-TC245 Augusta Tours & Travel (Karridale)
ex-TC245 Swan Gold Tours (4)
7 Toyota HiAce Commuter LH125RToyota 10/93C11C
TC2873 Swan Gold Tours (7)
8 Toyota CoasterToyota
TC2409 Swan Gold Tours (8)
13 Hino AC140K C__F
TC616 Swan Gold Tours (13)
21 Toyota CoasterToyota -/90C22C
TC2629 Swan Gold Tours (21)
24 Mercedes-Benz LO814WDB6703132N029391ABDenning Vario8201105/95C24F
ex-TC3195 Redlion Bus & Coach (M57)
ex-TC3195 Swan Gold Tours (24)
24 IBC Mk III-Cat 3208 RE250584HowardPorter 84/507004/84C33F
TC3071 All Ways West Tours (Parkerville)
ex-TC3071 International Stagelines (Burswood)
ex-TC3071 Davis Tours (Welshpool)
ex-TC3071 Swan Gold Tours (24)
ex-TC417 Broome Coach Lines
ex-TC417 Pinnacle Tours (Myaree) [Redhead] (7)
25 Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota
TC2454 Swan Gold Tours (25)
26 Toyota CoasterToyota --/91C22C
TC2530 Swan Gold Tours (26)
ex-TC2530 Swan Gold Tours (17)
27 Toyota Coaster HZB50RJT743PB5108003964Toyota -/98B21C
902EJM unknown (QLD)
ex-TC4058 Buswest
ex-TC4058 Adams Coachlines (SG27)
ex-TC4058 Swan Gold Tours (27)
31 Mercedes-Benz OH1316345202 61 677526HowardPorter 86/510106/86C33F
XIK028 motorhome
ex-TC641 Adams Coachlines (Redcliffe) (C3)
ex-TC641 True Blue Tours (29)
ex-TC641 Swan Gold Tours (31)
ex-TC641 Swan Gold Tours (10)
32 IBC Mk III-Cat 3208 RE160985HowardPorter 86/508307/85C33F
3902AO / NZN927 Gull Services (Geelong VIC)
ex-TC649 Swan Gold Tours (32)
ex-TC649 Swan Gold Tours (23)
ex-TC649 Davis Tours (Welshpool)
ex-TC649 Pinnacle Tours (9)
40 Mercedes-Benz O303-3300-315-61-044694PMCSA 452704/86C46Ft
TC2556 Majestic Tours & Charters (Byford)
ex-TC2556 Swan Gold Tours (40)
ex-TC2556 (18)
ex-UJB306 Holidaymakers (Mildura VIC)
43 Scania K113TRYS4KT6X2B01815836CoachDesign 00305/92C48Ft
DES148 Dess Transport (Whyalla SA) (48)
ex-DESS48 Dess Transport (Whyalla SA)
ex-TC3235 Swan Gold Tours (43)
ex-TC3235 Swan Gold Tours (29)
ex-EUV421 Bellarine Bus Lines (Moolap VIC) (95)
44 MAN 16.280479.0086Austral 150109/88C44F
Private Owner (Mundaring)
ex-CVL2679 / TC2215 Beejays Bus Charter & Chauffeur Service (Quinns Rock)
ex-TC2215 Adams Coachlines (C6)
ex-TC2215 Swan Gold Tours (44)
ex-Fortesque Bus Service (Wickham)
45 MAN 18.370 HOCL-H6ABA550033MX00781NCBC 16207/97C48Ft
Private owner
ex-CVL2067 / TC3642 Goldrush Tours (Kalgoorlie) (75)
ex-TC3642 Adams Coachlines (SG45)
ex-TC3642 Swan Gold Tours (45)
46 MAN 18.370 HOCL-H6ABA550034MX00782NCBC 16508/97C48Ft
D45ED Buses-R-Us (South Riana TAS) [Smith] (48)
ex-TC3643 South West Coach Lines [Veolia]
ex-TC3643 Adams Coachlines (Redcliffe) (C18)
ex-TC3643 Swan Gold Tours (46)
47 MAN 18.3706ABA550316MX00969CoachDesign 17110/99C48Ft
TV7300 Deanes Coaches (Polo Flat NSW)
ex-TV7300 Bensleys Coaches (Braidwood NSW)
ex-6923AO Walters Passenger Service (Euroa VIC) [Yandea]
ex-6923AO Balfour Bus Lines (Merrigum VIC)
ex-TC5122 Adams Coachlines (SG47)
ex-TC5122 Swan Gold Tours (47)
ex-TC4018 Feature Tours (69)

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