Ceased Operators

Skybus (Bellevue)
28 records
15 Domino Tourmaster DC110B3Domino B311/75RC45F
Love (Bunbury) (dealer)
ex-FFY159 Sheeran (Merricks VIC)
ex-TC2390 Buswest (124)
ex-TC2390 Buchans Bus Charters (OConnor)
ex-TC2390 Kernutt (F J) (Lockridge)
ex-TC2103 Glasson (A B) (Guildford) (12)
ex-TC188 Skybus (Bellevue) [Thence] (15)
ex-6AL553 Loves Bus Service (Albany)
ex-MO5760 Hickmott (J L & E E) (Gilgandra NSW)
1 Mazda T3000WVLSF500012 06/82
7YU371 Unknown
ex-TC178 Berrymans Transport (Morley)
ex-TC178 ⁄ 6MA712 Skybus [Thence] (1)
2 Mazda T3000WVL4B501827 06/82C18C
1GTG124 ⁄ 1ADS527 motorhome
ex-TC179 Transcontinental (Midvale)
ex-TC179 Norob Coaches (Wangara)
ex-TC179 Berrymans Transport (Morley)
ex-TC179 ⁄ 6MC866 Skybus [Thence] (2)
3 Mazda T3000WVL4B501824 07/82C18C
1AKR551 Unknown;
ex-TC180 Transcontinental (Midvale);
ex-TC180 Norob Coaches (Wangara);
ex-TC180 Berrymans Transport (Morley);
ex-TC180 ⁄  6MG454 Skybus [Thence] (3)
5 Mazda T3000 07/82C18C
TC752 ⁄  TC182 Skybus (Bellevue) [Thence] (5)
TC181 Mazda T3000 07/82C18C
TC748 ⁄  TC181 ⁄  6ML646 Skybus [Thence] (4)
Denning GM 6v71D167-74Denning 47905/74RC45F
TC2122 Bronzewing Safaris (Wattleup) [B & S J Weller]
ex-TC2122 Westerns Charter & Tours (Maddington)
ex-TC2122 Dial-a-bus (Langford)
ex-TC2122 Dearne (Cottesloe)
ex-VIP Charters (Perth)
ex-Skybus (Bellevue) [Thence]
ex-XIE470 Parlorcars (Perth) (17)
10 Holden Shuttle
TC751 Skybus (Bellevue) [Thence] (10)
16 Denning Monocoach - GM 6v71D56__5576Denning Monocoach56905/76RC42Ft
1BEA471 motorhome
ex-TC4001 ⁄ TC2637 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton) [E W Oudman]
ex-TC583 ⁄ TC191 ⁄ 6MZ109 Skybus [Thence] (16)
ex-SFR749 Australian Pacific Tours (8)
TC120 RFWGMB63140Ansair RFW99111/78RC42Ft
ex-TC120? Horizons West (Welshpool)
ex-TC120 Skybus (Bellevue) [Thence]
ex-TC120 VIP Express (Sydney) [Max Holman]
ex-SKP975 Continental Trailways (209)
ex-SKP975 Pioneer Tours (209)
18 Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/17002170PMC DD6603/71H39/27D
7AM180 ⁄ 6PL476 Skybus (Bellevue) [Thence] (18)
ex-KXM210 Unknown
ex-Hills Truck Sales (Fairymeadow NSW)
ex-m/o1066 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1066)
ex-m/o1066 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1066)
ex-m/o1066 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (1066)
23 Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/17002172PMC DD7905/71H39/27D
Pink Party Bus (Adelaide)
ex-VKZ201 Road King (Northfield SA)
ex-TC747 ⁄ TC426 Skybus [Thence] (23)
ex-m/o1079 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1079)
ex-m/o1079 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1079)
ex-m/o1079 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (1079)
11 Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/17100823PMC DD13312/71H39/27D
TC4562 ⁄ 7ID349 ⁄ TC189 Horizons West (Welshpool) (2)
ex-TC189 VIP Charters (Perth)
ex-TC189 ⁄ 7LT499 ⁄ 6KF476 Skybus (Perth) [Thence] (11)
ex-Loves Bus Service
ex-m/o1133 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1133)
ex-m/o1133 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1133)
ex-m/o1133 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (1133)
14 Denning DenAir 6v71D197-74Denning DenAir50711/74RC43Ft
TC2106 Hedland Bus Lines (South Hedland) (36)
ex-TC774 ⁄ TC045 Skybus (Bellevue) [Thence] (14)
ex-TC045 ⁄ BSN2703 South West Coach Lines [D Adams] (9)
ex-TV007 AAT-Kings (226)
ex-Pykes Tours (NSW)
6PL476 Daimler Fleetline CRG6LX63755Alexander N1/1969/205/71H43/33F
1283AC ⁄ FFM763 London Transport Bus Tours (Moorabbin VIC)
ex-FFM763 ⁄ BYF558 Australian Pacific Tours (Sandringham VIC) (103)
ex-(not operated) Loves Bus Service (Albany)
ex-6PL476 SkyBus
ex-WHL274J West Riding Automobile Co (Yorkshire) (672)
ex-WHL274J West Riding Automobile Co (Yorkshire) (274)
6 Bedford YMTAnsair YMT116010/80C30Ftl
6PE066 Skybus (Bellevue) [Thence] (6)
ex-223475 Maco Tourist Services (Darwin)
31 Mercedes-Benz O303/14R30120421004263HowardPorter 78/500808/78C42Ft
DB5896 motorhome/car transport
ex-DB5896 Wells Waggons (Smithton TAS) (22)
ex-Starline (Kensington VIC)
ex-TC708 Skybus (Bellevue) [Thence] (31)
ex-6QH879 ⁄ XQD582 Westrail (M22)
ex-XQD582 Westrail (M8)
22 Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/17100820PMC DD13012/71H39/27D
PARTS Gymbus (North Perth) [Chetkovich Academy]
ex-Horizons West (6)
ex-1AUX407 Horizons West (2)
ex-1AUX407 ⁄ TC2739 Horizons West (9)
ex-TC2739 Down Under Bus Charter [A Chalkley] (70)
ex-TC2739 ⁄ TC2334 Down Under Bus Charter [A Chalkley] (2)
ex-TC456 Skybus [Thence] (22)
ex-KQQ528 Hare Krishna Movement (Glebe NSW)
ex-m/o1130 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1130)
ex-m/o1130 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1130)
ex-m/o1130 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (1130)
10 Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/17104050PMC DD18809/72H39/27D
Unknown (Footscray VIC)
ex-TC187 VIP Travel
ex-TC187 Skybus (Bellevue) [Thence] (10)
ex-6AM798 Jumbuk Travel (Cottesloe) [Fordnam & Johnson]
ex-m/o1188 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1188)
ex-m/o1188 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1188)
ex-m/o1188 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (1188)
TC489 Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/17101242PMC DD13812/71H39/27D
Sean the Party King (Perth)
ex-TC2234 Down Under Bus Charter [A Chalkley]
ex-TC489 ⁄ TC459 ⁄ TC456 Skybus (Bellevue) [Thence]
ex-MO8133 Eggins Comfort Coaches (Taree NSW)
ex-m/o1138 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1138)
ex-m/o1138 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1138)
ex-m/o1138 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (1138)
11 Denning DenAir 6v71D84-72Denning DenAir36105/72RC41F
TC2244 Narrogin Coachlines [C R Duzevich]
ex-Smiths Bus Service (Narrogin)
ex-TC183 Skybus (11)
ex-Bartley (Wollongong)
ex-Carah Coaches (Cairns QLD)
ex-Centralian Staff
ex-RDV205 Panther Bus Lines (Melbourne) (1206)
9 Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/17000041PMC DD2509/70H39/27D
TC2339 Horizons West (Welshpool) (4)
ex-TC2339 ⁄ TC2014 Karrinyup Tavern [W J Muhs]
ex-TC186 VIP Charters (Perth)
ex-TC186 ⁄ 6OY445? ⁄ 6CK577 Skybus (Perth) [Thence] (9)
ex-6CK577 London Bus (Bellevue)
ex-m/o1025 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1025)
ex-m/o1025 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1025)
ex-m/o1025 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (1025)
19 Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/17200690PMC DD20309/72H39/27D
1ECF765 Fringe World
ex-TC2394 Horizons West (Welshpool)
ex-TC2394 Down Under Bus Charter [A Chalkley] (D67)
ex-TC2394 Down Under Bus Charter [A Chalkley] (67)
ex-TC2394 ⁄ TC2159 ⁄ TC2145 Down Under Bus Charter [A Chalkley] (1)
ex-TC788 ⁄ TC779 ⁄ TC773 ⁄ TC747 Skybus (Bellevue) [Thence] (2)
ex-TC333 Skybus (Bellevue) [Thence] (19)
ex-BLS556 Australian Pacific Touring (102)
ex-LIP700 Australian Pacific Touring (101)
ex-m/o1203 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1203)
ex-m/o1203 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1203)
TC524 Hino RC320P40275FreighterWA 11/68C32Ftv
1BPD050 motorhome `The Wind Beneath My Wings`
ex-7KB454 Police & Citizens Youth Club (Gosnells)
ex-TC757 ⁄ TC524 Skybus (Bellevue) [Thence]
ex-UQZ671 Westrail (H88)
ex-UQZ671 ⁄ UQA570 Westrail (H103)
ex-UQA570 Western Australian Government Railways (H103)
TC525 Hino RC320P40884FreighterWA 07/70C36Ftv
CP415 ⁄ BSN672 motorhome
ex-TC758 ⁄ TC525 Skybus (Bellevue) [Thence]
ex-UQI740 Westrail (H121)
ex-UQI740 Westrail (H114)
ex-UQI740 Western Australian Government Railways (H114)
32 Mercedes-Benz O303/14R30120421003827HowardPorter 77/500304/78C42Ft
1AIX910 motorhome
ex-TC2379 Tryal Charters (Orange Grove) (3)
ex-Pilbara Connection
ex-TC743 QE Northwest (Derby)
ex-TC743 Skybus (Bellevue) [Thence] (32)
ex-XQD122 Westrail (M7)
ex-XQD122 Westrail (M3)
33 Mercedes-Benz O303/14R30120421003819HowardPorter 77/500109/77C42Ft
SGT114 motorhome `Were Doggone`
ex-CJ0159 Starline Coaches (Invermay TAS) [Pratt] (22)
ex-CJ0159 Sainty (Launceston TAS)
ex-TC744 QE Northwest (Derby)
ex-TC744 K Coaches (33)
ex-TC744 Skybus (Bellevue) [Thence] (33)
ex-XQD108 Westrail (M1)
ex-XQD108 Westrail (M121)
TC523 Hino RC320P40652FreighterWA 06/69C28Ftv
XQ16KR ⁄ WEV581 ⁄ 7IL099 motorhome
ex-TC756 ⁄ TC523 Skybus (Bellevue) [Thence]
ex-XQA129 Westrail (H106)
ex-XQA129 ⁄ UQC470 Westrail (H109)
ex-UQC470 Western Australian Government Railways (H109)

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