Ceased Operators

Shoreline Coaches (Rockingham)
14 records
Volvo B58-6113565PMCSA 432005/81C45Ft
TC685 Jurien Bay Coaches [F K & C A Senior]
ex-Atkinson Coachlines
ex-Shoreline Coaches (Rockingham)
TC100 Toyota Coaster -/79B19C
TC100 Blueline Coach Service (Byford) [Prior]
ex-TC100 ⁄ AJL002P Shoreline Coaches (Rockingham)
ex-Moore (C A & P S) (Mandurah)
TC101 GMC PD4106GMC 12/61C38Ft
TC101 ⁄ 6KU041 Shoreline Coaches (Rockingham)
ex-6KU041 Rockingham Bus Charter `Miss Rockingham`
ex-ISH612 Pioneer Tours (631)
TC102 Scania BF80AtholHedges 1100--/74C43F
TC102 Atkinson Coachlines;
ex-TC102 ⁄  6WD849 Shoreline Coaches (Rockingham);
ex-Shoreline (Gold Coast QLD)
TC387 Albion Viking VK41LHowardPorter --/69RC43F
TC387 Shoreline Coaches (Rockingham);
ex-Butler (F) (Karratha)
TC497 DenningDDA1016-699-84DENNING Denair101602/84RC46Ft
ZPV586 motorhome
ex-0073AC ⁄ FTV364 Lancoop Tours & Charters (Bairnsdale VIC)
ex-TV1605 Wollarstons Coaches (Carlingford NSW)
ex-TV1605 Wells Coaches (Bathurst NSW)
ex-TC497 Custom Coaches (WA) Trust (Braidwoood NSW)
ex-TC497 Shoreline Coaches (Rockingham)
ex-Nomad Tours
ex-ISZ846 Martins Bus Service (Albury NSW) (44)
TC686 Denning DenAir 8v71DA921-605-82Denning Denair92107/82RC45Ft
TC2571 Freedom Tours (Craigie) [C Hadland]
ex-Allied Coach Charters (Forretfield) [J Ottaway]
ex-Kallamatta (Carnarvon)
ex-TC2146 Blueline Coach Services
ex-TC686 Shoreline Coaches (Rockingham)
ex-UFJ254 Briscoes (Broken Hill NSW)
TC690 Leyland Leopard PSU3B/2R7303442Freighter 446411/73B51F
PARTS ⁄ TC690 Horizons West [Balla] (28)
ex-TC690 Horizons West [Balla] (8)
ex-TC690 Moore (C A & P S) (Mandurah)
ex-TC690 Shoreline Coaches (Rockingham)
ex-LSJ405 Ventura Bus Lines (South Oakleigh VIC) (5)
TC696 GMC PD4106GMC C41F
TC696 Dearne (Cottesloe)
ex-TC696 Oliffes (Hilton) [K M OLiffe]
ex-TC696 Shoreline Coaches (Rockingham)
ex-TC696 Pioneer Express
TC405 Volvo B58-5610868 B277PMCSA 408301/79C49F
TC405 Getabout Charter Tours (Gosnells) [M & P Dillon]
ex-TC405 Atkinson Coachlines
ex-TC405 Shoreline Coaches (Rockingham)
ex-UAS598 Dial-a-Tour / Coachlines of Australia (Trinity Gardens SA) (14)
ex-Sandgropers / Federated Coachlines of Australia
ex-6GN211 Sandgroper Transcontinental Express
TC689 Leyland Leopard PSU3B/2R7202600Freighter A429803/73B53F
ex-TC689 Horizons West (Welshpool) (9)
ex-TC689 Moore (C A & P S) (Mandurah)
ex-TC689 Shoreline Coaches (Rockingham)
ex-LLJ090 Ventura Bus Lines (South Oakleigh VIC) (90)
TC170 Denning DenAir 6v92DA735-414-79Denning DenAir73506/79RC45Ft
ZNR523 ⁄ MOOSES motorhome
ex-FOM315 ⁄ DYP998 Midland Tours (Reservoir VIC) (18)
ex-VV46BT Sita Coaches (West Footscray VIC) (80)
ex-TC170 Shoreline Coaches (Rockingham)
ex-TC170 ⁄ 6ED758 ⁄ SOM566 Parlorcars (Perth) (23)
BNE918 DenningDA959-643-83DENNING Denair95903/83RC45Ft
TC3007 Go West
ex-TC3007 Gullefers Coaches (Ballajura)
ex-TC3007 Celebrity Tours (Forrestdale) [T Belcher & P J Hargreaves]
ex-DYP999 ⁄ VV44BT Sita Coaches (West Footscray VIC) (83)
ex-TC684 Austril Coaches (Mandurah)
ex-BNE918 Shoreline Coaches (Rockingham)
ex-BNE918 Westernport Road Lines (Lang Lang VIC) [Kneebone]
503 6JF783 AEC Regal VI U2RA003Bolton 11/62B49F
Moore (C A & P S) (Mandurah)
ex-TC261 Rockingham Bus Charter
ex-6JF783 Shoreline Coaches (Rockingham)
ex-6JF783 Billabong Tours
ex-6JF783 Pinjarra Bus Charter
ex-UQB503 ⁄ WAG8503 ⁄ UAN459 MTT (503)

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