Ceased Operators

Samurai Transport (Trigg)
10 records
PARTS Leyland Lion PSR1/1L45186HowardPorter 66/503511/66C20Fv
PARTS Samurai Transport (Trigg) [Smart]
ex-XQD970 Westrail (L58)
ex-XQD970 ⁄ UQD890 Westrail (Dp89)
ex-UQD890 ⁄ WAG8989 Western Australian Government Railways (Dp89)
PARTS AustinHowardPorter?
PARTS Samurai Transport (Trigg) [Smart]
10 6YF819 Daimler Roadliner SRC636101Bolton 09/67C__F
ex-6YF819 Samurai Transport (Trigg) [Smart]
ex-UQB010 MTT Information (10)
ex-UQB010 ⁄ WAG8010 MTT (10)
7YU370 Domino GM 6v92B134Domino D049412/79C49F
7YU370 Unknown
ex-7YU370 Smart (Trigg)
ex-6DF687 Hamersley Iron (Tom Price) (5-17)
6YC752 Hino RC320FreighterWA A500602/72B49F
6YC752 Smart (J) (Trigg)
ex-6YC752 Hamersley Iron (Tom Price)
6YD368 AustinHowardPorter?
6YD368 Samurai Transport (Trigg) [Smart]
6YD470 Hino RC320FreighterWA A500505/72B49F
6YD470 Smart (J) (Trigg)
ex-6YD470 Hamersley Iron (Tom Price)
6YE688 Leyland Lion PSR1/1L01522Bolton 04/65C36Ft
6YE688 Samurai Transport (Trigg) [Smart]
ex-6YE688 Carine Swimwest
ex-XQE574 Westrail (L43)
ex-XQE574 ⁄ UQD882 Westrail (L81)
ex-UQD882 ⁄ WAG8981 Western Australian Government Railways (L81)
6YG079 Hino RC32040240Freighter 405009/71C49F
TC496 Newline Bus Charter (Padbury);
ex-6YG079 Samurai Transport (Trigg) [Smart];
ex-ROF665 Municipal Tramways Trust (Adelaide) (8320);
ex-ROF665 Briscoes (Adelaide) (20)
66 7YH884 Hino RC520P40107FreighterWA A511106/74B41D
7YH884 Wallaby Bus Charters [I Matthews]
ex-7YH884 Samurai Transport (Trigg) [Smart]
ex-UQB066 Transperth (66)
ex-UQB066 MTT (66)

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