Ceased Operators

Robinsons Bus Charter (Bayswater)
6 records
TC2430 Leyland Leopard PSU3C/4R7501077Plaxton Panorama7511LC02711/75C51F
TC2430 Midland Bus Co (Bellevue)
ex-TC2430 Robinsons Bus Charter (Bayswater)
ex-Bouwman (Balcatta)
ex-Merredin High School Hostel
ex-CMM828 Greenline Coaches (Hampton VIC)
ex-Selwyn (Cheshire UK)
ex-GTB669N Shadwell (Warrington UK)
TC4259 Bedford BLP2BLP2 BLP2DZ 602663 BLP2DHJ610335CustomCoaches 78-39112/78B44F
1DBE259 motorhome;
ex-TC4259 ⁄  8YS708 ⁄  TC3038 Robinsons Bus Charter (Bayswater);
ex-6BB450 Vosnacos (Marangaroo) (6)
TC4260 Bedford BLP2613647 BLP2DJJ671218Smithfield SB84912/79B54F
TC4260 ⁄ 8YR479 ⁄ TC3083 Robinsons Bus Charter (Bayswater)
ex-6DS456 Fortesque Bus Service (Wickham)
1DFZ417 Mercedes-Benz OC162135509965__9254CustomCoaches 87-26112/87RB61F
1DFZ417 Unknown (non-PSV)
ex-1DFZ417 ⁄ TC5936 Robinsons Bus Charter (Bayswater)
ex-MO0985 Berrima Buslines (Mittagong NSW) (19)
1DFZ388 Mercedes-Benz OC1621355-099-65-353122CustomCoaches 88-30911/88B61F
PARTS ⁄ TC4072 Midland Bus Co (Bellevue)
ex-1DFZ388 ⁄ TC4302 Robinsons Bus Charter (Bayswater)
ex-King Bros Bus Service (Port Macquarie NSW)
ex-MO0188 Port Macquarie Bus Service (NSW) (32)
1DYF353 BCI6KT2CC117CX000280BCI -/12
1DYF353 Horizons West [WABC] (68)
ex-1DYF353 Horizons West [Balla] (68)
ex-1DYF353 Robinsons Bus Charter (Bayswater)

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