Ceased Operators

Roberts Coachlines
30 records
22 Denning DenAirD872Denning DenAirD87211/81RC45Ft
340BDY Isis Bus Service (Childers QLD)
ex-TC308 ⁄ 6JK551 Roberts Coachlines (Queens Park) (22)
34 Austral MD16B9LRP000LGAA8008Austral 164203/91C47Ft
TV727 ⁄ TV2962 A D Tours (Griffith NSW) [Bennett Farming]
ex-TV2962 Northland Coach & Travel (Grafton NSW) [Northlander]
ex-250GBT Coral Coaches (Mossman QLD) (50)
ex-TC2512 Once in a Lifetime (Queens Park) (11)
ex-TC2512 Roberts Coachlines (Queens Park) (34)
20 Volvo B58-618369PMCA 205207/78RC42Ft
TC215 Roberts Coachlines (Queens Park) (20);
ex-TC215 ⁄  AAC004P Across Australia Coachlines
H173 Bedford SBCAC --/56B33F
H173 Roberts Coachlines (Queens Park)
32 Denning LandseerDL1125-809-86Denning Landseer112504/86C48Ft
1210AC ⁄ NLO957? Victoria Coaches / Victoria Dock Bus Co (North Melbourne) (20)
ex-TC638 Once in a Lifetime (Queens Park) (7)
ex-TC638 Roberts Coachlines (Queens Park) (32)
23 Denning DenAir 8v71DA874-558-81Denning DenAir12/81RC46Ft
UOU054 motorhome
ex-267BMK McCaffertys Coaches (Toowoomba QLD) (267)
ex-481BBS Skennars (Brisbane)
ex-Jaguar Rover Australia (dealer)
ex-TC309 ⁄ 6XXXXX Roberts Coachlines (Queens Park) (23)
24 Denning DenAir 8v71DA961-645-83Denning DenAir64504/83RC46Ft
608BJN Duffys Coast & Country Coaches (Bundaberg QLD)
ex-Jaguar Rover Australia (dealer)
ex-TC312 Roberts Coachlines (Queens Park) (24)
21 Toyota Coaster 10/78
XZL549 Roberts Coachlines (21)
XZC695 Volvo B58-60PMCSA 405207/78RC42Ft
AAC004P ⁄ XZC695 Across Australia Coachlines
ex-XZC695 Roberts Coachlines
17 Hino RC320PFreighter C__F
H2779 Roberts Coachlines (Queens Park) (17)
H695 Albion Viking VK5747790DDenningSA C49F
H695 JBL Passenger Service (Rockingham)
ex-H695 ⁄ SGB233 Roberts Coachlines (Australind)
ex-SGB233 Mt Barker Passenger Service (SA)
Leyland Lion PSR1/1L45184Freighter -/66C36Ft
FXS232 motorhome `The Beast`;
ex-Roberts Coachlines (Bunbury);
ex-EX363 Exmouth Express [L & L Dargie]
33 Austral HD16B9HRP000LGAA8015Austral 154409/90RC48Ft
DWU512 Robbies Double Decker Travel (St Heliers Auckland NZ) [MacDoch]
ex-0NTOUR ⁄ PERRY1 ⁄ SY137 Clarkes Coachlines (Kawakawa NZ)
ex-TC2438 Roberts Coachlines (Queens Park) (33)
DB2490 International C1800Freighter B__F
DB2490 Roberts Coachlines (Bunbury)
26 Hino AM100Hino -/82C__F
VMS865 Cooper (Aldinga Beach SA)
ex-TC311 Vacation Country Tours (Esperance)
ex-TC311 ⁄ 6OG316 Roberts VIP Tours (26)
27 Mercedes-Benz OC1617355-098-61-923987Ansair OC161605/84C45F
CU8596 Manions Coaches (Beaconsfield TAS)
ex-TC404 Roberts Coachlines (Queens Park) (27)
TC4764 Mercedes-Benz O404-3618-238-21-083978Autobus 19308/99C48Dt

ex-CVL1275 ⁄ TC825 Buswest
ex-TC825 Van Kuyls Bus & Coach Charters (Kelmscott)
ex-TC4764 Roberts Coachlines (Queens Park)
ex-BUS400 Ocean Grove Coaches
ex-TV2653 Australian Scenic Tours (Newcastle NSW)
H4673 CommerFreighter B__F
H4673 Roberts Coachlines (Bunbury)
H4703 Bedford SBFreighter B__F
H4703 Roberts Coachlines (Bunbury)
H5424 International C1800 FC__F
H5424 Roberts Coachlines (Bunbury)
H5553 International C1800 FB__F
H5553 Roberts Coachlines (Bunbury)
TC3570 Mercedes-Benz O404-3WDB61442821077144AustralDenning MajesticCM0084006/95C48Ft
737VLN ⁄ 288TYM Logan Coaches (Logan Village QLD)
ex-TC3570 Buswest
ex-TC3570 Van Kuyls Bus & Coach Charters (Kelmscott) [B L & K L Van Kuyl]
ex-TC3570 Roberts Luxury Tours (Queens Park)
ex-TV477 Sid Foggs Coachlines
TC4480 Scania K124EBYS4K6X20001836896QCC MajesticMS003603/00C60Ft
CVL1301 ⁄ TC828 ATG Downunder
ex-TC828 ⁄ TC4480 Van Kuyls Bus & Coach Charters (Kelmscott) [B L & K L Van Kuyl]
ex-TC4480 Roberts Luxury Tours (Queens Park)
ex-TC4480 ⁄ WKL148 Once in a Lifetime (Queens Park) (19)
30 Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/4R 3-axle8400548Denning MajesticF07302/86RC57F
ex-3348MO ⁄ MO5851 Kellys (West Wyalong NSW)
ex-MO5851 Finch (W D) (West Wyalong NSW)
ex-TC602 Once in a Lifetime (Queens Park) (9)
ex-TC602 Roberts Coachlines (Queens Park) (30)
28 Nissan Civilian MGW40010660 --/85C21C
TC478 Denmark Wine Lovers Tour
ex-TC478 True Blue Tours
ex-TC478 Roberts Coachlines (Queens Park) (28)
29 Mercedes-Benz OC1617355098-65-003377Denning MajesticF07208/85RC45F
Derwent Valley Coaches (Rosegarland TAS)
ex-Linnett (Kangaroo Island)
ex-TC506 Once in a Lifetime (Queens Park) (8)
ex-TC506 Roberts Coachlines (Queens Park) (29)
31 Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/4R8400546Denning F07504/86RC57F
ex-TC4286 Beejays Bus Charter & Chauffeur Service (Quinns Rock)
ex-TC4286 Horizons West [Balla] (43)
ex-TC4286 Horizons West [Balla] (35)
ex-TV2081 Boomers Travel (Schofields NSW) [Baker]
ex-TV2081 K & R Coaches (Berkshire Park NSW)
ex-TC634 Once in a Lifetime (Queens Park) (10) `Lady Dorothy Rose`
ex-TC634 Roberts Coachlines (Queens Park) (31)
ex-Denning (Acacia Ridge QLD) (stock)
6GA393 Denning MonocoachD528-215-75Denning 52807/75RC49F
Austway Consultants (Stirling SA)
ex-067PMN Woodhill Bus & Coaches (Woodhill QLD) [Murphy]
ex-067PMN Kynoch Coaches (Toowoomba QLD) (19)
ex-067PMN ⁄ 210ODM McCaffertys Coaches (Toowoomba QLD) (67)
ex-6GA393 ⁄ H872 Roberts Stateway Tours
TC5006 Mercedes-Benz O500RFWEB63415021000078Express 30603/04C46Dt
Stan Biega (Kenthurst NSW) (dealer)
ex-CVL2632 Unknown
ex-TC5006 Buswest
ex-TC5006 Van Kuyls Bus & Coach Charters (Kelmscott) [B L & K L Van Kuyl]
ex-TC5006 Roberts Coachlines (Queens Park)
19 Denning MonocoachD662-344-78Denning 662-/78RC49F
CRIGAN motorhome
ex-Trans City Express (Parkes NSW) UNCONFIRMED
ex-MO9668 ⁄ MO4265 Western Road Liners (Parkes NSW)
ex-6AZ610 ⁄ H4965 Roberts Stateways Tours (Queens Park) (19)

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