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Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
30 records
Bedford OBCAC
Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
Bedford OBCAC
Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
Bedford OBCAC
Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
Bedford OBCAC
Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
20 496 Bedford SBG36621CAC 04/56B33F
Proudloves Bus Service (Albany);
ex-WAG8496 ⁄  UAN044 MTT (496);
ex-UAN044 North Beach Bus Co (20)
72 180 Bedford SB13129CAC --/54B33F
Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
ex-WAG8180 ⁄ 45172 MTT (180)
ex-45172 Beam Transport (72)
16 186 Bedford SB4011CAC --/52B33F
Proudloves Bus Service (Albany);
ex-WAG8186 ⁄  UAN232 ⁄  45096 MTT (186);
ex-45096 Carlisle Bus Service (16)
Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
167 167 Bedford SB11225CAC 09/53B33F
Proudloves Bus Service (Albany);
ex-45767 MTT (167);
ex-45767 Metro Buses (167);
ex-45767 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
Bedford OBCAC B27F
Wilson Wrecking (Torbay)
ex-UAN550 Loves Bus Service (Albany)
ex-Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
155 155 A3 Bedford SB10606CAC M33-223--/53B33F
A3 Loves Bus Service (Albany)
ex-A3 Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
ex-WAG8155 ⁄ 45755 MTT (155)
ex-45755 Metro Buses (155)
ex-45755 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
161 161 A11 Bedford SB10612CAC M33-204--/53B33F
A11 Loves Bus Service (Albany)
ex-A11 Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
ex-WAG8161 ⁄ 45761 MTT (161)
ex-45761 Metro Buses (161)
ex-45761 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
A1152 Foden PVSC631224MBA 11/53FB44F
A1152 Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
A5 International nB__F
A5 Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
A5 Bedford SB390831PHowardPorter --/63B39F
A5 Loves Bus Service (Albany)
ex-A5 Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
A6 Chevrolet nB__F
A6 Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
A10 Bedford WTB --/36parlour car
A10 Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
A19 Bedford SB354587Comair 7SB-/57B33F
A14577 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury);
ex-A14577 ⁄  A19 Loves Bus Service (Albany);
ex-A19 Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
26 221 A24 Bedford SBG31538CAC M33-45301/55B33F
A24 Loves Bus Service (Albany);
ex-A24 Proudloves Bus Service (Albany);
ex-WAG8221 ⁄  31926 MTT (221);
ex-31926 United Buses (26)
A27 Ford V8
A27 Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
A29 Bedford SB359028Comair 7SB--/58B39F
A14876 ⁄  A29 Loves Bus Service (Albany);
ex-A29 Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
A29 Bedford OBCAC
A29 Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
A49 Ford V8 nB__F
A49 Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
A840 BedfordBolton?
A840 Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
A917 Bedford OB100630? 112033?CAC M31-295--/49B29FR
A917 Loves Bus Service (Albany);
ex-A917 Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
A1051 Austin B__F
A1051 Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
19 495 A1152 Bedford SB13127CAC 03/55B33F
Wilson Wrecking (Torbay)
ex-A1152 Loves Bus Service (Albany)
ex-A1152 Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
ex-WAG8495 ⁄ 45519 MTT (495)
ex-45519 North Beach Bus Co (19)
A1279 AustinCHoughton B__F
A1279 Proudloves Bus Service (Albany);
ex-Western Australian Government Tramways;
ex-Bassendean Bus Service;
ex-Inter Suburban Bus Service [L Woodland]
A2010 Bedford SB3HowardPorter -/60C__F
LFW822 Loves Bus Service (Kerang VIC);
ex-A2010 Loves Tourist Service (Albany);
ex-A2010 Proudloves Tourist Service (Albany)
A2018 Bedford SB597443PHowardPorter -/66B39F
A2018 Loves Bus Service (Albany)
ex-A2018 Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)
Bedford OBCAC B31F
WRECK Wilson Wrecking (Torbay)
ex-Loves Bus Service (Albany)
ex-Proudloves Bus Service (Albany)

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