Ceased Operators

Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
34 records
Mercedes-Benz O305PMC B42D
Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-m/o2219 State Transit Authority (Sydney) (2219)
ex-m/o2219 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (2219)
ex-m/o2219 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2219)
TC071 Mercedes-Benz OC1617335-098-64-795335Ansair OC119703/82C45F
TC071 Pearl Town Coach Lines (Broome)
ex-BIM777 Sinclair (Melbourne) (67)
TC2216 MAN 16.280479.0084Austral Starliner148809/88C44F
1ENQ615 motorhome
ex-1ENQ615 ⁄ TC2216 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-TC2216 Peel Bus Hire & Charter [Reynolds]
ex-TC2216 Coastal Cruisers (Rockingham) [M P Fellows & G Dix]
ex-TC2216 Swan Gold Tours (42)
ex-TC2216 Swan Gold Tours (26)
ex-TC2216 Fortesque Bus Service (Wickham)
TC2319 Mercedes-Benz O305307-001-21-005701PMC Mk I10512/77B42D
BM22253 motorhome
ex-TC2319 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-375BXY Stonestreets Coaches (Toowoomba QLD) (2)
ex-(not operated) Simes Bros (Lismore NSW)
ex-m/o1870 State Transit Authority (Sydney) (1870)
ex-m/o1870 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1870)
ex-m/o1870 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1870)
TC2319 Toyota Coaster
TC2319 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
TC2464 Scania K112TRYS4KC4X2B01809204CustomCoaches Mk 9086-5407/86RC45Ft
ZRN458 motorhome
ex-938EZD Stainkey (T J & S M) (Charters Towers QLD)
ex-TC2464 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-TC2464 Broome Coach Lines
ex-MO0585 State Rail Authority (NSW) (C6.8119)
TC2506 Leyland Leopard PSU3A/2R804667Bolton 04/69B46D
TC2506 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome);
ex-Wentworth Motors (Redcliffe) (dealer);
ex-UQB789 Transperth (789);
ex-UQB789 MTT (789)
TC3086 Mercedes-Benz OHL1418PMCA 11/94B37D
TC3086 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
TC3340 Toyota Coaster B22C
TC3340 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
TC3585 Toyota Coaster HZB50R B21C
TC3585 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
TC3986 Mercedes-Benz O30530700121007093PMC Mk II507312/78B42D
ex-TC3986 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-State Transit Authority (Sydney) (2038)
ex-m/o2038 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (2038)
ex-m/o2038 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2038)
TC4120 Mercedes-Benz O30530700121001910HowardPorter 76/505406/76B41D
TC4120 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-UQB131 Perth Bus [Transperth] (131)
ex-UQB131 MetroBus [Transperth] (131)
ex-UQB131 Transperth (131)
ex-UQB131 MTT (131)
TC4384 Toyota Coaster B22C
TC4384 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
TC4434 Mercedes-Benz O30530700121001855FreighterWA A516009/75B41D
PARTS ⁄ TC4434 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-UQB104 Perth Bus [Transperth] (104)
ex-UQB104 MetroBus [Transperth] (104)
ex-UQB104 Transperth (104)
ex-UQB104 MTT (104)
TC4434 Mercedes-Benz O305307001 61 038469JWBolton 04/84B43D
TC4434 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-UQB445 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (445)
ex-UQB445 MetroBus [Transperth] (445)
ex-UQB445 Transperth (445)
ex-UQB445 MTT (445)
TC4579 Mercedes-Benz O30530700121004991HowardPorter 77/903511/77B41D
1COD551 motorhome
ex-TC4579 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome) (M187)
ex-TC4579 Redlion Bus & Coach / Esperance Bus Charter (M187)
ex-UQB187 Swan Transit [Transperth] (187)
ex-UQB187 MetroBus [Transperth] (187)
ex-UQB187 Transperth (187)
ex-UQB187 MTT (187)
TC4661 Toyota Coaster -/02B22C
TC4661 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
TC4791 Mercedes-Benz O405WDB35700161053952PMCSA 469008/88B49F
TC4791 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-0559AO ⁄ DKA135 Quinces Scenicruisers (Oakleigh VIC)
TC4791 Mitsubishi MK115J52083MMC 39-5226--/89B29D
Nazzari Bus Sales (Welshpool) (dealer)
ex-TC4791 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-Unknown (Japan)
TC4891 Mitsubishi MP618HUF65006MMC --/88B41D
DERELICT Private Owner (Broome)
ex-TC4891 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-Unknown (Japan)
TC5234 Mercedes-Benz O305307001 61 038531JWBolton 05/84B43D
SIN666 motorhome
ex-TC5234 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-UQB449 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (449)
ex-UQB449 Transperth (449)
ex-UQB449 MTT (449)
TC5235 Mercedes-Benz O305307 001 61 023445HowardPorter 80/901110/80B41D
PARTS ⁄ TC5235 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-UQB346 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (346)
ex-UQB346 MetroBus [Transperth] (346)
ex-UQB346 Transperth (346)
ex-UQB346 MTT (346)
CVL2625 Mercedes-Benz O405NHWEB61241821097870Volgren CR221LVG146006/01B42Dw
CVL2625 Broome Explorer Bus UNCONFIRMED
ex-CVL2625 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-mo2262 ASBus (Alice Springs) (550)
ex-mo2262 Buslink (Darwin) (550)
ex-mo2262 Buslink (Darwin) (182)
CVL2626 Mercedes-Benz O405WDB35700561067741Volgren VG43107/92B45D
CVL2626 Broome Explorer Bus UNCONFIRMED
ex-CVL2626 ⁄ TC4579 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-4520AO ⁄ EXP220 Moorabbin Transit (Melbourne VIC) (520)
ex-EXP220 Moorabbin Transit (Melbourne VIC) (20)
CVL2627 Mercedes-Benz O405WDB35700161054044PMC 182106/88B41D
CVL2627 ⁄ TC5235 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-0556AO ⁄ DKA132 Quinces Scenicruisers (Oakleigh VIC)
CVL2627 Mercedes-Benz O405NHWEB61241821095791Volgren CR225LVP006506/00B41Dw
CVL2627 Broome Explorer Bus UNCONFIRMED
ex-CVL2627 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-TP1534 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1534)
CVL2629 Mercedes-Benz O405NHWEB35743821086506Volgren CR221LVG93810/97B37Dw
CVL2629 Broome Explorer Bus UNCONFIRMED
ex-CVL2629 ⁄ TC4791 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-mo2195 Buslink (Darwin) (159)
CVL2630 Mercedes-Benz O405NHWEB35743821086424Volgren CR221LVG93209/97B37Dw
CVL2630 Broome Explorer Bus UNCONFIRMED
ex-CVL2630 ⁄ TC7576 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-mo1604 Buslink (Berrimah NT) (155)
CVL2631 Mercedes-Benz O404WEB61813521085334Volgren C221SXVG91108/97C48Ft
CVL2631 ⁄ TC7094 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-3053AO ⁄ 0987AO Panorama Coaches (Diamond Creek VIC) (53)
ex-OHC445 Northern Bus Lines (Glenroy VIC) (52)
CVL3182 Mercedes-Benz 815DWDB6703742N107330CustomCoaches CB2003-03312/03B29Fw
CVL3182 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-597HMG Sunbus / Rocky Transit (Rockhampton QLD) (5545)
CVL3278 Mercedes-Benz O405WDB35700161052711PMC 179502/88B41D
CVL3278 Broome Explorer Bus UNCONFIRMED
ex-CVL3278 ⁄ 1GJT657 ⁄ TC4120 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-0553AO ⁄ DKA103 Quinces Scenicruisers (Oakleigh VIC)
CVL3395 Mercedes-Benz O405NHWEB61241821097866Volgren CR221LVG147306/01B42Dw
CVL3395 Broome Explorer Bus UNCONFIRMED
ex-CVL3395 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-mo2264 Buslink (Berrimah NT) (552)
ex-mo2264 Buslink (Berrimah NT) (184)
1C0P804 Mitsubishi Fuso MP2218MMMC -/88B__F
ex-1C0P804 Unknown (Tasmania)
ex-1C0P804 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-Unknown (Japan)
BM31045 Mercedes-Benz O405WDB35700161052687PMC 179302/88B41D
BM31045 ⁄ TC6267 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-0552AO ⁄ DKA102 Quinces Scenicruisers (Oakleigh VIC)

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