Ceased Operators

31 records
Denning Monocoach (UF)D108-72Denning 40512/72RC41Ft
Parlorcars (Perth)
ex-RXU592 Panther Bus Lines (Melbourne)
1 Bedford SB394717MFreighter 2349C37F
UAN539 Parlorcars (Perth) (1)
2 Bedford SB3Freighter C__F
UAN542 Topline Tours (Osborne Park) (2)
ex-UAN542 Parlorcars (Perth) (2)
3 Bedford SB3Freighter C__F
UAN544 Parlorcars (Perth) (3)
4 Toyota C15C
UAN545 Parlorcars (Perth) (4)
4 Denning Landseer 6v92TTADL1172-856-86Denning Landseer117211/86C48Ftb
H21741 motorhome
ex-368GKQ ⁄ VRS074 Greyhound Australia (368)
ex-VRS074 ⁄ TC2697 Greyhound Pioneer Australia (325)
ex-TC720 Parlorcars (Perth) (4)
ex-TC720 ⁄ SI0264 Bus Australia (4)
5 Bedford SB3Freighter
UAN527 motorhome `Spirit of Blue`
ex-UAN527 Gosnells Pathfinders (Seventh Day Adventist Church)
ex-UAN527 Parlorcars (Perth) (5)
5 Denning Landseer 6v92TTADL1174-858-86Denning Landseer117412/86C48Ftb
370GKQ ⁄ VOP772 Greyhound Australia (370)
ex-VOP772 ⁄ TC2542 Greyhound Pioneer Australia (330)
ex-TC796 Parlorcars (5)
ex-TC796 ⁄ UXB171 Bus Australia (5)
6 Denning Landseer 6v92TTADL1178-862-86Denning Landseer117812/86C48Ftb
444ACD Tropical Coast Tours (Burnside QLD)
ex-444ACD Bowtells Charter Services (Ipswich QLD)
ex-VSD741 ⁄ TC795 Greyhound Pioneer Australia (328)
ex-TC795 Parlorcars (Perth) (6)
ex-TC795 ⁄ UYH560 Bus Australia (6)
6 Bedford VAM3Bolton C36F
UAN554 Parlorcars (Perth) (6)
7 Bedford VAM3Bolton C36F
UAN560 South West Coach Lines [D Adams] (8)
ex-UAN560 Parlorcars (Perth) (7)
8 Albion Viking VK5551606EDenning 28610/70RC45F
1CUV264 motorhome
ex-TC260 Bowey Contractors (Applecross) [E P Bowey]
ex-TC260 Dearne (Cottesloe)
ex-TC260 Banks (Lesmurdie)
ex-UAO180 Western Safaris [Denford]
ex-UAO180 Parlorcars (Perth) (8)
9 Albion Viking VK43L53435BDenning 33107/71RC45F
ISF335 Tweed Bus Service (Tweed Heads NSW) (23)
ex-UXO559 Parlorcars (Perth) (9)
10 Albion Viking EVK57L56800KDenning 36204/72RC45F
ex-TC334 Jurien Bay Coaches [F K & C A Senior]
ex-Narrogin High School Hostel
ex-TC067 Smiths Bus Service (Narrogin)
ex-TC067 ⁄ XCL400 Mid West Tours (Geraldton)
ex-XCL400 ⁄ RDY950 Parlorcars (Perth) (10)
11 Denning GM 6v71D106-72Denning 40103/73RC45F
Barnes (Heathridge)
ex-McIlwaine (Forrestdale)
ex-Seven States Tours (Palmyra) [D Upperton]
ex-TC164 ⁄ ROS774 Parlorcars (Perth) (11)
12 Denning MonocoachD132-73Denning 43407/73RC45F
069PMN ⁄ 262OFB McCaffertys Coaches (Toowoomba QLD) (69)
ex-XFW260 ⁄ RYV920 Parlorcars (Perth) (12)
14? Denning MonocoachDenning RC__Ft
XKN965 ⁄ RZU504 Parlorcars (Perth) (14?)
15 Denning MonocoachDenning
XIB048 Amesz Adventure Tours (Midvale)
ex-XIB048 Parlorcars (Perth) (15)
17 Denning GM 6v71D167-74Denning 47905/74RC45F
TC2122 Bronzewing Safaris (Wattleup) [B & S J Weller]
ex-TC2122 Westerns Charter & Tours (Maddington)
ex-TC2122 Dial-a-bus (Langford)
ex-TC2122 Dearne (Cottesloe)
ex-VIP Charters (Perth)
ex-Skybus (Bellevue) [Thence]
ex-XIE470 Parlorcars (Perth) (17)
18 Denning MonocoachD198-74Denning 50804/75RC45F
TC165 Geraldton Vacation Tours
ex-TC165 Banks (Lesmurdie)
ex-TC165 ⁄ XJP209 ⁄ SGZ084 Parlorcars (Perth) (18)
19 Denning GM 6v71D563-250-76Denning 56304/76RC45F
TC007 ⁄ 7OY678 Horizons West (Welshpool) (19)
ex-7OY678 Karratha Bitumen
ex-TC166 Bus Australia (16)
ex-TC166 ⁄ XMX408 ⁄ SRN828 Parlorcars (Perth) (19)
20 Denning Monocoach (UF)D601-288-77Denning 601--/77RC41Ft
TC2182 Scotts Bus Charter UNCONFIRMED
ex-TC167 ⁄ XPG631 ⁄ SSF298 Parlorcars (Perth) (20)
21 DenningD672-351-78Denning 67206/78RC45F
Unknown (NT)
ex-Flynn Bus Charter (Klemzig SA)
ex-UPL434 Steel City Coaches (Whyalla SA) (21)
ex-TC168 ⁄ 6AM085 ⁄ SSZ504 Parlorcars (Perth) (21)
22 Denning GM 6v92TD716-403-79Denning 71603/79RC45Ft
TC2219 Lestok Tours (Tom Price)
ex-TC169 ⁄ 6FG341 ⁄ SDK016 Parlorcars (Perth) (22)
23 Denning DenAir 6v92DA735-414-79Denning DenAir73506/79RC45Ft
ZNR523 ⁄ MOOSES motorhome
ex-FOM315 ⁄ DYP998 Midland Tours (Reservoir VIC) (18)
ex-VV46BT Sita Coaches (West Footscray VIC) (80)
ex-TC170 Shoreline Coaches (Rockingham)
ex-TC170 ⁄ 6ED758 ⁄ SOM566 Parlorcars (Perth) (23)
24 Denning GM-8V71DA885-569-82Denning 88502/82RC46Ft
Unknown mine (WA)
ex-UEE519 Corston Coaches (Two Wells SA) (24)
ex-UEE519 Eureka Tours & Charter (Parra Hills SA) [KW & EM Humpries]
ex-UEE519 Explorer Coaches (Mile End SA) (20)
ex-TC171 ⁄ ULB745 Parlorcars (Perth) (24)
31 Isuzu SBR422NewRo 83-407/83C28F
Brambles (Kalgoorlie)
ex-TC172 Bus Australia
ex-TC172 ⁄ 6PA439 Parlorcars (Perth) (31)
32 Isuzu SBR422AJ880128?NewRo 83-509/83C28F
CZ1770 motorhome
ex-CZ1770 Blyths Coach Service (Oatlands TAS)
ex-CZ1770 Thomas (Oatlands TAS)
ex-Briscoes Coaches (Adelaide)
ex-TC173 Bus Australia / Adelaide Sightseeing
ex-TC173 ⁄ 6PA478 Parlorcars (Perth) (32)
ex-6PA478 Parlorcars (Perth) (32)
69 Bedford SB3Comair C__F
UAN599 Parlorcars (Perth) (69)
TC2374 Denning DenAirDenning DenAir
TC2374 Broome Coach Lines
ex-TC2374 Parlorcars (Perth)
XIA979 DenningDenning
XIA979 Parlorcars (Perth)
Isuzu SBR422NewRo -/83C28F
TC2374 Unknown (Pemberton)
ex-Parlorcars (Perth)

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