Ceased Operators

Northland Coaches (Carnarvon)
11 records
Albion Viking VK55HowardPorter 73/506910/72C44F
Geraldton Bus Service [L G Backshell]
ex-Northland Coaches (Carnarvon)
TC473 Mercedes-Benz O30230221920028252Domino B1910/76C45Ft
TC473 Northland Coaches (Carnarvon)
ex-TC473 Bayview Travel Agency (Perth) [Frayma]
ex-TV073 Chester Coaches (Chester Hill NSW)
ex-TV073 ⁄ TV501 Foleys Tours (Kogarah NSW)
TC833 MCI MC810897MCI 3086312/74C44Ft
ex-TC833 Northland Coaches (Carnarvon)
ex-PNR816 ⁄ ORJ405 ⁄ SW426 Pioneer Express (816)
TC834 REO 5067-5040556968Ansair ScenicruiserRE14412/65C45F
TC834 ⁄ C450 Northland Coaches (Carnarvon)
ex-Pioneer Tours (404)
TC835 GMC PD4106PD1406626Ansair -/61C38Ft
8IS751 motorhome;
ex-TC835 Northland Coaches (Carnarvon) (8);
ex-NTK364 ⁄  IS2048 Pioneer Tours (626)
TC836 GMC PD41061250Ansair 11/62C45F
preserved (Yornup)
ex-TC836 Northland Coaches (Carnarvon) (9)
ex-SEO062 ⁄ NQM651 Pioneer Tours (651)
TC848 GMC PD41061221GMC 23210/62C38Ft
8IF319 Unknown
ex-TC848 Northland Coaches (Carnarvon)
ex-AQ8115 ⁄ NTV690 Pioneer Tours (635)
TC2410 MCI MC811966MCI 3167804/76C44Ft
TC2410 Northland Coaches (Carnarvon)
ex-COA707 ⁄ SRT285 Ansett Pioneer Express (824)
TC2537 MCI MC810898MCI 3091502/75C44Ft
TC2537 Unknown
ex-TC2537 Northland Coaches (Carnarvon) (5)
ex-8BO928 Unknown
ex-PNR82X Greyhound (820)
ex-SLD955 Pioneer Tours (820)
TC3360 MCI MC939335 10/84C42Ft
TC3360 Northland Coaches (Carnarvon)
ex-424CYQ ⁄ VAM271 Greyhound Pioneer
ex-CQI491 ⁄ UGS953 Pioneer Express (853)
C1419 GMC DSPA5019F3132RAnsair ScenicruiserRE15005/66C45F
C1419 Northland Coaches (Carnarvon)
ex-Pioneer Tours (410)

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