Ceased Operators

Nickeltown Transit Charters (Kambalda West)
9 records
TC5297 Ford Transit -/97C12C
TC5297 Nickeltown Transit Charters (Kambalda West)
TC5487 Mitsubishi MK515J90141MMC --/88C37F
TC5487 Nickeltown Transit Charters (Kambalda West)
ex-Unknown (Japan)
TC5782 Bova Futura FHSD12-332XL9AB21CG03003434Bova 05/86C46Ft
TC5782 Nickeltown Transit Charters (Kambalda West)
ex-moGRAND2 Grand Tours (Darwin)
ex-UEP990 Explorer Coaches (Mile End SA) (22)
ex-UEP990 ⁄ UNZ635? Bus Australia (62)
TC5783 Bova Futura FHSD12-332XL9AB21CG0L004592Bova 02/90C46Ft
TC5783 Nickeltown Transit Charters (Kambalda West)
ex-moGRAND4 Grand Tours (Darwin)
ex-mo822 Bus Australia (797)
ex-mo822 Bus Australia (97)
TC5784 Toyota Coaster HZB50R -/98B21C
TC5784 Nickeltown Transit Charters (Kambalda West)
ex-TC3744 Goldrush Tours (Kalgoorlie) (26)
TC5784 Isuzu LK312J3000074IKCoach -/88C37F
TC5784 Nickeltown Transit Charters (Kambalda West)
ex-Unknown (Japan)
TC5785 Toyota Coaster -/00B21C
TC5785 Nickeltown Transit Charters (Kambalda West)
CVL3154 Daewoo BH117LKL5UR61NEBU000426UBC-Chiron CS120110396AB10/11C55F
XT05CA Calows Coaches (Scamander TAS)
ex-CVL3154 Nickeltown Transit Charters (Kambalda West)
E17112 MAN SR280289.0001MAN 12/80C49F
E17112 Private Owner (Kenwick)
ex-E17112 Nickeltown Transit Charters (Kambalda West)
ex-E17112 Esperance Christian Family
ex-TC055 Pilatti (R G & J) (Collie)
ex-TC820 ⁄ KMC4824 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie) (4)
ex-AXA894 MAN Australia

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