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Moppetts Bus Lines (Narembeen)
14 records
NB501 International AACO 1721684?Ansair B135?--/64B33?F
NB501 Moppetts Bus Lines (Narembeen)
NB502 International AACO 1721682?Ansair B136?--/64B33F
NB502 Moppetts Bus Lines (Narembeen)
NB503 International AACO 1721685?Ansair B137?--/64B33?F
NB503 Moppetts Bus Lines (Narembeen)
NB504 International AACO 1721681?Ansair B138?--/64B37?F
NB504 Moppetts Bus Lines (Narembeen)
NB505 International AACO 1721686?Ansair B139?--/64B37?F
NB505 Moppetts Bus Lines (Narembeen)
NB506 International AACO 1721683?Ansair B140?--/64B37?F
NB506 Moppetts Bus Lines (Narembeen)
NB501 Toyota Coaster -/71B22C
NB501 Moppetts Bus Lines (Narembeen)
NB503 Toyota Coaster -/77B22C
NB503 Moppetts Bus Lines (Narembeen)
NB504 Hino AM100K40572Hino K1320607/78B28F
NB504 Moppetts Bus Lines (Narembeen)
NB505 Toyota Coaster -/78B22C
NB505 Moppetts Bus Lines (Narembeen)
NB506 Toyota Coaster RU19 -/75B22C
NB506 Moppetts Bus Lines (Narembeen)
NB551 Toyota HiAce Commuter -/76B11C
NB551 Moppetts Bus Lines (Narembeen)
NB504 Nissan Civilian -/96
NB504 Moppetts Bus Lines (Narembeen) UNCONFIRMED
6BY679 Toyota HiAce Commuter B11C
6BY679 Moppetts Bus Lines (Narembeen)

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