Ceased Operators

Midland Railway Co
14 records
1 AEC Regal I O662/204148Campbell&Mannix 10/46C__F
Soltoggio Bros (Kardinya) (dealers & wreckers)
ex-31200 Midland Railway Co (1)
2 AEC Regal III O962028Campbell&Mannix 08/47C34F
Goldsworthy Mining Co
ex-UQB148 ⁄ WAG8148 ⁄ UAN327 ⁄ 10320 MTT (148)
ex-10320 Beam Transport (45)
ex-10320 Midland Railway Co (2)
3 AEC Regal III O962026Campbell&Mannix B__F
m/o301 Sinclair (Auburn NSW) (18)
ex-10662 Midland Railway Co (3)
4 AEC Regal III O962029Campbell&Mannix 12/47C34F
Goldsworthy Mining Co
ex-UQB149 ⁄ WAG8149 ⁄ UAN188 MTT (149)
ex-45146 Beam Transport (46)
ex-GN587 ⁄ GN74 Midland Railway Co (4)
5 AEC Regal III O962040Campbell&Mannix 06/49C30?F
ex-BD3679 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie) (19)
ex-Soltoggio Bros (Kardinya) (dealers & wreckers)
ex-WAG8970 Western Australian Government Railways (A70)
ex-Midland Railway Co (5)
6 AEC Regal III 9621A852Campbell&Mannix 05/51C__C
BD2575 Unknown (Kalgoorlie) (riding school)
ex-BD1165 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie) (18)
ex-Soltoggio Bros (Kardinya) (dealers & wreckers)
ex-WAG8971 Western Australian Government Railways (A71)
ex-GN73 Midland Railway Co (6)
7 AEC Regal III 9621ACampbell&Mannix 12/52C20F
motorhome `Emma`
ex-BD3631 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie) (15)
ex-Soltoggio Bros (Kardinya) (dealers & wreckers)
ex-WAG8972 Western Australian Government Railways (A72)
ex-10595 Midland Railway Co (7)
8 AEC Regal IV 9823E2091Bolton 08/56C36F
H5267 motorhome `Matilda`
ex-Walter Motors
ex-WAG8973 Western Australian Government Railways (A73)
ex-UAN003 Midland Railway Co (8)
9 AEC Regal IV 9823E2135Bolton 11/56C36F
UHD309 motorhome
ex-Damac Sales
ex-WAG8974 Western Australian Government Railways (A74)
ex-UAN047 Midland Railway Co (9)
10 AEC Regal IV 9823E2180HowardPorter 06/57RC36F? RC38F?
CP1180 motorhome
ex-CP1180 Ryan (A J & P J)
ex-WAG8975 Western Australian Government Railways (A75)
ex-UAN190 Midland Railway Co (10)
22 AEC Monarch
Soltoggio Bros (Kardinya) (dealers & wreckers)
ex-Midland Railway Co (22)
24 AEC Mammoth Major
GN76 Midland Railway Co (24)
27 AEC Matador
21131 Midland Railway Co (27)
G50 WAGR G-class
Hotham Valley Railway (G50)
ex-Western Australian Government Railways (G50)
ex-Midland Railway Co (G50)

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