Ceased Operators

MacRobertson Miller Airlines / MMA
27 records
BedfordAnsair C__Fv
Karratha Taxi Service
ex-MacRobertson Miller Airlines
MacRobertson Miller Airlines
Bedford OBCAC
MacRobertson Miller Airlines
Bedford OBCAC
MacRobertson Miller Airlines
REO parlour car
MacRobertson Miller Airlines
MacRobertson Miller Airlines
Bedford OBCAC
MacRobertson Miller Aviation Co
55 Ford D300HowardPorter?
UXL873 MacRobertson Miller Airlines (55)
57 Ford D300HowardPorter? C20?Fv
UAN824 MacRobertson Miller Airlines (57)
KW15 Bedford OBCAC B__FR
KW15 MacRobertson Miller Airlines
BMxx VW Kombi
BMxx MacRobertson Miller Airlines
BM145 Chevrolet charabanc
BM145 MacRobertson Miller Airlines (Broome)
PH284 Bedford OB
PH284 MacRobertson Miller Airlines
88217 Bedford OBCAC
88217 MacRobertson Miller Airlines
GN1225 Bedford OBCAC
GN1225 MacRobertson Miller Airlines
UAN423 VW Kombi
UAN423 MacRobertson Miller Airlines
UAN424 Austin Series 2MBB --/58B__Fv
UAN424 ⁄ 47132 MacRobertson Miller Airlines (18)
UAN442 Bedford J161 11/63B__F
UAN442 Rottnest Island Board (28)
ex-UAN442 Rottnest Island Board (15)
ex-UAN442 MacRobertson Miller Airlines
UXL873 Ford D300HowardPorter? 71/5020?10/71C20?Fv
UYL873 MacRobertson Miller Airlines
XHM014 BedfordAnsair
XHM014 MacRobertson Miller Airlines
XJR806 Toyota Coaster
XJR806 MacRobertson Miller Airlines
XKI641 Ford R1014CL2BPB 27394DAnsair F799-/74C29Fv
7KM179 Unknown (Karratha)
ex-7KM179 ⁄ TC012 ⁄ XKI641 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury)
ex-XKI641 MacRobertson Miller Airlines (Exmouth)
XOH952 Albion Viking VK5551745F1576Ansair L88802/79C33Fv
TC665 Funshine Coach Lines (Broome)
ex-XOH952 MacRobertson Miller Airlines
6DE895 NorlingAnsair 12/79C37F
6DE895 MacRobertson Miller Airlines
PHxxx VW Kombi
PHxxx MacRobertson Miller Airlines
XOR9x2 BedfordAnsair C__Fv
XOR9?2 MacRobertson Miller Airlines
UAN422? Bedford OB122583CAC 12/47B33F
UAN422? MacRobertson Miller Airlines
ex-45690 ⁄ 31990 Metro Buses (90)
ex-Tourist Omnibus Service

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