Ceased Operators

Loves Bus Service (Bullsbrook)
12 records

TC236 Hino BX341E40147HowardPorter 83/506809/83B49F
ex-7BK784 Applin (T K) (Bullsbrook)
ex-TC236 / 6SS515 Loves Bus Service (Bullsbrook)
TC514 Hino RK176K40275HowardPorter 88/513109/88B49F
TC4017 Loves Bus Service (Albany) (A14)
ex-TC4017 / 7NC920 Loves Bus Service (Albany) (A19)
ex-7NC920 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury)
ex-7NC920 / TC514 Loves Bus Service (Bullsbrook)
TC2119 Denning MonocoachD58-71Denning 29701/71RC45F
MP060 / 1CIU529 motorhome No Vacancies
ex-TC2119 Loves Bus Service (Bullsbrook)
ex-TC727 Australian VIP Charters and Tours (Perth) [Max Holman & J Brown]
ex-TC727 Australian VIP Charters and Tours (Perth) [Max Holman]
ex-OYA221 Cairns VIP Leisure Tours [Max Holman]
ex-OYA221 Starliner Tours (Bungalow QLD) [Carah]
ex-OYA221 Carah Coaches (Cairns QLD)
ex-MO5621 Hickmotts Coach Service (Gilgandra NSW)
ex-TV507 Sampsons Tours (Nowra NSW)
TC2123 Isuzu LT1-11PJALLT111PG2511311HowardPorter 88/513008/88B49F
AL67313 motorhome;
ex-TC3763 / AL2820 / TC3936 / TC2413 Loves Bus Service (Albany) (A37);
ex-7PR591 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury);
ex-TC2123 Loves Bus Service (Bullsbrook)
XKM639 Bedford SB392742M?92472?Comair 38301/64B41F
XKM639 Loves Bus Service (Bullsbrook)
ex-XKM639 Loves Bus Service (Albany)
ex-HXS125 Loves Bus Service (Kerang VIC)
6CX931 Leyland Leopard PSU3B/2R7201755FreighterWA A507908/73B45F
6CX931 Loves Bus Service (Bullsbrook)
ex-6CX931 Hamersley Iron (Tom Price)
6OG417 Hino BX341E40499TOST 4502/85B35F
6OG417 Derby Bus Service / Windjana Tours [D R Dunbar]
ex-6OG417 Loves Bus Service (Bullsbrook)
7ML315 Hino RK176K40274HowardPorter 88/512801/88B49F
392RTC / 748LTW / 121JBW Loves Bus Service (Cairns QLD);
ex-7ML315 Loves Bus Service (Bullsbrook)
9BY027 Hino RK176KJHDRK176KXXX40635TOST 21512/95B51F
9BY027 Loves Bus Service (Bullsbrook)
1ALM754 Hino RM260JHDRM2KSKXXX10013BCI-Gemilang MSSB02306/99B57F
ex-BCI (stock);
ex-1ALM754 Loves Bus Service (Bullsbrook) (OSB)
1BCK820 Hino RG230JHDRG1JSKXXX11125Express 19802/02B59F
1BCK820 PATH Transit (6006)
ex-1BCK820 Loves Bus Service (Bullsbrook)
1DKA006 BCI JXK6127BR1LSFC13087AC005495BCI Classmaster06/10B57F
1DKA006 PATH Transit (6007)
ex-1DKA006 Loves Bus Service (Bullsbrook) (6)

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