Ceased Operators

London Transport Double Deck Excursions
4 records
RT1024 AEC Regent III O961Weymann 3RT3/1230311/48H30/26R
JXN52 preserved (RT1024)
ex-TC314 ⁄ 6EO747 London Transport Double Deck Excursions (Beehcboro) [Churn] (RT1024)
ex-JXN52 London Transport Executive (RT1024)
806 Bristol VRT/SL6GVRT/SL2/450ECW 2009005/73H43/31F
TV4538 ⁄  AB75ER ⁄  HHL737 ⁄  XWW880 ⁄  VLR641 Fantastic Aussie Tours (Katoomba NSW) (806);
ex-TC556 London Transport Double Deck Excursions (Beehcboro) [Churn] (806);
ex-HHL737L West Riding Automobile Co (Yorkshire) (806);
ex-HHL737L West Riding Automobile Co (Yorkshire) (737)
808 Bristol VRT/SL6GVRT/SL2/452ECW 2009205/73H43/31F
BV29LP Wagga Wagga Winery (Wagga Wagga NSW);
ex-TV4539 ⁄  HHL739 ⁄  VBB632 Fantastic Aussie Tours (Katoomba NSW) (808);
ex-TC550 London Transport Double Deck Excursions (Beehcboro) [Churn] (808);
ex-HHL739L West Riding Automobile Co (Yorkshire) (808);
ex-HHL739L West Riding Automobile Co (Yorkshire) (739)
1903 Bristol VRT/SL6GVRT/SL/215ECW 1777805/69H39/31F
PARTS ⁄ JFE539 Fantastic Aussie Tours (Katoomba NSW) (1903)
ex-TC414 London Transport Double Deck Excursions (Beehcboro) [Churn] (1903)
ex-JFE539G Lincolnshire Road Car Co (1903)

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