Ceased Operators

Freedom Tours (Craigie)
8 records
Bedford YMT3666044Ansair YMT116012/81C30Ftv
TC2599 Celebrity Tours (Forrestdale) [T Belcher & P J Hargreaves]
ex-Freedom Tours (Craigie) [C Hadland]
ex-TC200 Glasson (A B) (Guildford)
ex-Maco Tourist Services (Darwin)
TC2107 Denning LandseerDL1243-927-87Denning Landseer124311/87C46Ft
CVL2172 ⁄ TC2107 Ryan & Ryan Bus Charter
ex-TC2107 Freedom Tours (Craigie) [C Hadland]
ex-TC2107 South West Coach Lines [D Adams]
ex-TC2107 ⁄ mo125 Deluxe Coachlines (146)
TC2539 DenningDA916-600-82Denning Denair91606/82RC46Ft
1BNW344 motorhome `Dorrys Den`
ex-TC2539 Freedom Tours (Craigie) [C Hadland]
ex-Westerns Charter & Tours (Maddington)
ex-mo871 AAT-Kings (48)
ex-UAJ089 Australian Pacific Touring (65)
TC2571 Denning DenAir 8v71DA921-605-82Denning Denair92107/82RC45Ft
TC2571 Freedom Tours (Craigie) [C Hadland]
ex-Allied Coach Charters (Forretfield) [J Ottaway]
ex-Kallamatta (Carnarvon)
ex-TC2146 Blueline Coach Services
ex-TC686 Shoreline Coaches (Rockingham)
ex-UFJ254 Briscoes (Broken Hill NSW)
TC3092 Denning DenAir 8v71DA904-588-82Denning DenAir90409/82RC46Ft
TC3092 Freedom Tours (Craigie) [C Hadland]
ex-EYV004 Swan Hill Bus Lines (VIC)
ex-mo289 AAT-Kings (31)
ex-Australian Pacific Touring
TC4582 Austral Tourmaster DC122Austral Tourmaster-/89
TC4582 Freedom Tours (Craigie) [C Hadland]
TC5007 Hino RA192B40095Hino -/87C33F
TC5007 Adams Coachlines (Malaga) (C16)
ex-TC5007 Freedom Tours (Craigie) [C Hadland]
ex-Unknown (Japan)
TC5694 BCI PK6127ATLSFC130806C001263BCI C__F
TC5694 Triple J Tours (Kununurra) [J Hayley & J J Waite]
ex-TC5694 Freedom Tours (Craigie) [C Hadland]

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