Ceased Operators

Coopers Bus Service (Benger)
24 records
1 Austin FF1100Comeng B43F
H1301 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) (1);
ex-H1301 Coopers Bus Service (Benger) (1)
270 2 Leyland Tiger OPS4/1490748Comeng 09/50B41FR
6ZD605 motorhome
ex-6ZD605 ⁄ TC025 ⁄ 6HU972 ⁄ H1302 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) (2)
ex-H1302 Coopers Bus Service (Benger) (2)
ex-UQB270 ⁄ WAG8270 ⁄ UAN260 MTT (270)
ex-ET332 Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board (332)
2 Austin
H1302 Coopers Bus Service (Benger) (2)
484 3 Daimler CVG513330?SBS 11/47B34?F
H1303 Coopers Bus Service (Benger) (3)
ex-WAG8484 ⁄ UAN011 MTT (484)
ex-UAN011 ⁄ 45211 ⁄ 21711 Scarborough Bus Service (11)
3 Leyland FF1100472789MBB-FreighterWA 05/75FB38F
ex-TC021 ⁄  6AN989 ⁄  H1303 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) (3);
ex-H1303 Coopers Bus Service (Benger) (3)
4 AustinMBB? B34?F
H1304 Coopers Bus Service (Benger) (4)
5 AustinMBB B34F
H1305 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) (5);
ex-H1305 Coopers Bus Service (Benger) (5)
F44 6 Foden PVSC627738Comeng 06/50FC38F
H1306 Bus Preservation Society of WA (Whiteman Park) (F44)
ex-H1306 preserved (F44)
ex-H1306 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) (6)
ex-H1306 Coopers Bus Service (Benger) (6)
ex-WAG8944? ⁄ UAN096 ⁄ 31315 Western Australian Government Railways (F44)
6 Austin Loadstar nB36F
H1306 Coopers Bus Service (Benger) (6);
ex-DR1221 Carilla Bus Service
7 AustinMBB -/55?B34F
preserved (Yornup)
ex-H1307 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) (7)
ex-H1307 Coopers Bus Service (Benger) (7)
ex-93196 Clontarf Boys Home
485 8 Daimler CVG513331?SBS -/47B34?F
YL4370 motorhome
ex-H1308 Loves Bus Service (Albany)
ex-H1308 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) (8)
ex-H1308 Coopers Bus Service (Benger) (8)
ex-WAG8485 ⁄ UAN013 MTT (485)
ex-UAN013 ⁄ 45013 ⁄ 31213 Scarborough Bus Service (12A)
8 Bedford OBCAC --/49B31FR
H548 Coopers Bus Service (Benger) (8);
ex-Hendersons Bus Service (Bunbury) [F R Hay]
9 Bedford OBCAC --/49B31FR
H1309 Coopers Bus Service (Benger) (9);
ex-Hendersons Bus Service (Bunbury) [F R Hay]
9 Foden PVSC629694Comeng 11/50FC38F
preserved (Yornup)
ex-H1309 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) (9)
ex-H1309 Coopers Bus Service (Benger) (9)
ex-WAG8949? ⁄ UAN083 Western Australian Government Railways (Dp49)
ex-UAN083 ⁄ ? Western Australian Government Railways (F49)
10 Bedford SBCAC M33-340B33F
H1310 motorhome;
ex-H1310 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) (10);
ex-H1310 Coopers Bus Service (Benger) (10);
ex-H1312 Coopers Bus Service (Benger) (12);
ex-Hendersons Bus Service (Bunbury)
11 Foden PVSC627704Comeng 05/50FC38F
H1311 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) (11)
ex-H1311 Coopers Bus Service (Benger) (11)
ex-WAG8939? ⁄ UAN062 ⁄ 3796 Western Australian Government Railways (F39)
F40 12 Foden PVSC627396Comeng 04/50FC38F
H1312 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) (12)
ex-H1312 Coopers Bus Service (Benger) (12)
ex-WAG8940 ⁄ UAN098 ⁄ 3898 Western Australian Government Railways (F40)
53 12 Leyland Lion LT7Campbell&Mannix --/37B34F
H1312 Coopers Bus Service (Benger) (12)
ex-BY2924 Hendersons Buses (Bunbury) [Metro] (2)
ex-UAN243 MTT (53)
ex-45653 ⁄ 31953 Metro Buses (53)
ex-31953 ⁄ 21244 Metropolitan Omnibus Co (53)
ex-21244 South Suburban Omnibus Co (12)
H730 AustinMBB B__F
H730 Coopers Bus Service (Benger)
F37 Foden PVSC627390Comeng 03/50FC38F
Muirs Wreckers (Manjimup)
ex-Unknown (Bridgetown)
ex-PARTS (not operated) Coopers Bus Service (Benger)
ex-WAG8937 ⁄ UAN095 ⁄ 31271? Western Australian Government Railways (F37)
Foden PVSC627706Comeng 05/50FC38F
Private Owner (Jaycup East)
ex-Coopers Bus Service (Benger)
ex-WAG8942 ⁄ UAN090 Western Australian Government Railways (Dp42)
ex-UAN090 ⁄ 3873 Western Australian Government Railways (F42)
Foden PVSC627730?Comeng 07/50FC38F
PARTS? Coopers Bus Service (Benger)
ex-PARTS ⁄ WAG8945 ⁄ UAN060 Western Australian Government Railways (Dp45)
ex-UAN060 ⁄ 31361 Western Australian Government Railways (F45)
Dp50 Foden PVSC627732?Comeng 08/50FC18Fv
B1079 ⁄ B823 motorhome
ex-(not operated) Coopers Bus Service (Benger)
ex-UQB858 ⁄ WAG8950? ⁄ UAN100 ⁄ 10024 Western Australian Government Railways (Dp50)
Dp54 Foden PVSC629696Comeng 09/50FC18Fv
B602 preserved (Yornup)
ex-Coopers Bus Service (Benger)
ex-WAG8954 ⁄ UAN001 ⁄ 10575 Western Australian Government Railways (Dp54)

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