Ceased Operators

Companion Travel / Companion Self-Drive & Charter
28 records
848 Leyland Panther PSUR1/1R7100623Bolton 12/71B45D
1BTE249 General Busfleet Management / Purple Coaches (Bayswater)
ex-Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford)
ex-TC155 Kalamunda Bus Service (9)
ex-UQB848 Transperth (848)
ex-UQB848 MTT (848)
31 Toyota Coaster -/83B21C
8YB485 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford) (31)
ex-8YB485 Companion Travel (Redcliffe)
32 Toyota Coaster B19C
8YH432 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford) (32)
33 Toyota Coaster B19C
8YK250 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford) (33)
35 Toyota Coaster BB200011519 B19C
TC3244 CityBus (Joondanna) [A J Chalkley] (D18)
ex-TC3244 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford) (35)
36 Hino AM100K40427Hino K12780-/77B26F
8YA665 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford) (36)
ex-8YA665 Companion Travel (Redcliffe)
11 37 Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40026Hino K26410-6206/87B21F
9ML220 motorhome
ex-TC2450 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford) (37)
ex-TC2450 Companion Travel (Redcliffe) (37)
ex-TC2450 Great Western Tours (East Perth)
ex-Wentworth Motors (Redcliffe) (dealer)
ex-UQB011 Transperth (11) `Plus Bus`
791 40 Leyland Leopard PSU3A/2R804810Bolton 05/69B46D
TC3248 Buswest (45);
ex-TC2450 ⁄  8LR030 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford) (40);
ex-Wentworth Motors (Redcliffe) (dealer);
ex-UQB791 Transperth (791);
ex-UQB791 MTT (791)
794 41 Leyland Leopard PSU3A/2R805130Bolton 05/69B46D
8YH423 ⁄  8GM672 Companion Travel (Redcliffe) (41);
ex-TC2534 Westliner Coach Services (Midvale) (41);
ex-Wentworth Motors (Redcliffe) (dealer);
ex-UQB794 Transperth (794);
ex-UQB794 MTT (794)
TC420 Daimler Fleetline CRG6LX65603NCME 724002/72H43/33F
1AMP395 motorhome
ex-7PC634 Scotts Bus Charter
ex-TC420 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford)
ex-BHL616K West Riding Automobile Co (Wakefield Yorkshire UK) (716)
795 42 Leyland Leopard PSU3A/2R804811Bolton 05/69B46D
1AKB973 Midvale Bus Lines
ex-(not operated) Down Under [A Chalkley]
ex-TC3298 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford) (42)
ex-8YE686 Companion Travel (Redcliffe) (42)
ex-Wentworth Motors (Redcliffe) (dealer)
ex-UQB795 Transperth (795)
ex-UQB795 MTT (795)
801 43 Leyland Leopard PSU3A/2R805214Bolton 06/69B46D
TC3325 ⁄  8YF713 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford) (43);
ex-8YF713 Companion Travel (Redcliffe) (43);
ex-Wentworth Motors (Redcliffe) (dealer);
ex-UQB801 Transperth (801);
ex-UQB801 MTT (801)
811 44 Leyland Leopard PSU3A/2R804804Bolton 07/69B46D
TC3320 ⁄  8YE384 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford) (44);
ex-8YE384 Companion Travel (Redcliffe) (44);
ex-Wentworth Motors (Redcliffe) (dealer);
ex-UQB811 Transperth (811);
ex-UQB811 MTT (811)
45 Hino BY320EHowardPorter 77/504109/77RB49F
TC3274 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford) (45)
ex-TC3274 ⁄ 8FP831 Companion Travel (Beckenham) (45)
ex-8FP831 Redlion Bus & Coach / Albany Bus Charter (H8)
ex-College (Port Hedland)
46 MAN 15.168 HOC-R341.0007.0007PMCSA 411208/79C49F
1ABA746 Unknown
ex-TC3051 Van Kuyls Bus & Coach Charters (Kelmscott) [B L & K L Van Kuyl]
ex-TC3051 Down Under Bus Charter [A Chalkley] (D49)
ex-TC3051 ⁄ 8LG098 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford) (46)
ex-KMC3992 Police & Citizens Youth Club (Collie)
ex-TC814 ⁄ KMC3992?_KMC4708? Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie) (19) `Miss Carol`
50 MAN 22.280357.0042Austral 080804/86C46Ft
Unknown (Queens Park?)
ex-TC3242 Wattle Tours
ex-TC3242 Mountford (Serpentine)
ex-TC3242 Van Kuyls Bus & Coach Charters (Kelmscott) [B L & K L Van Kuyl] (19)
ex-TC3242 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford) (50)
ex-TV313 East Coast Tours (Sydney)
ex-430POC Tropic Wings Coach Tours (Cairns QLD) (4)
51 Mercedes-Benz O303/15RHP300365-23-032669MBMannheim 05/82C53F
ex-TC3321 Horizons West (Welshpool) (26)
ex-TC3321 ⁄ TC570 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford) (51)
ex-TC570 South West Coach Lines [D Adams] (70)
ex-MHX61X Wahl (London)
52 Mercedes-Benz O303/15RHP300365-23-032744MBMannheim 05/82C53F
TC4002 ⁄ TC3322 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton)
ex-TC3322 ⁄ TC453 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford) (52)
ex-TC453 South West Coach Lines [D Adams] (53)
ex-MHX75X Wahl (London)
53 Mercedes-Benz O303/15RHP300365-23-032578MBMannheim 05/82C53F
TC4003 ⁄ TC3323 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton)
ex-TC3323 ⁄ TC569 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford) (53)
ex-TC569 South West Coach Lines [D Adams]
ex-MHX60X Wahl (London)
54 Mercedes-Benz O303/15RHP300365-23-032634MBMannheim 05/82C53F
1DLE400 motorhome
ex-1DLE400 ⁄ TC3324 Horizons West (Welshpool) (43)
ex-TC3324 Swan Valley Oasis Resort (Henley Brook)
ex-TC3324 ⁄ TC572 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford) (54)
ex-TC572 South West Coach Lines [D Adams] (72)
ex-MHX66X Wahl (London)
974 TC160 Leyland Panther PSUR1A/1R7203220HowardPorter 73/506809/73B41D
ex-TC3199 ⁄ TC160 Midland Bus Co (Bellevue)
ex-TC160 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford)
ex-TC160 Kalamunda Bus Service (19)
ex-UQB974 Transperth (974)
ex-UQB974 MTT (974)
TC2027 Denning DenAir 6v92TTADA927-611-82Denning 92708/82RC45Ft
1DHZ517 motorhome `Nothing Too Serious`
ex-TC2027 Kalamunda Bus Service
ex-TC2027 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford)
ex-TC2027 Kalamunda Bus Service
ex-TC2027 Moyles Coaches (Langford)
ex-TV359 ⁄ TV915 Leslies (Blacktown NSW)
ex-TV915 Leslies (Blacktown NSW)
TC2451 Leyland LeopardSuperior -/81
TC159 ⁄ TC2451 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford)
825 TC3199 Leyland Panther PSUR1/1R7001969Bolton 04/71B45D
TC160 ⁄ TC3199 Midland Bus Co (Bellevue)
ex-TC3199 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford)
ex-TC3199 Kalamunda Bus Service (Walliston) (20)
ex-TC2020 ⁄ TC578 South West Coach Lines [D Adams]
ex-UQB825 Transperth (825)
ex-UQB825 MTT (825)
TC3200 Leyland Panther PSUR1/1R7001964FreighterWA 11/70B45D
TC3200 Midland Bus Co (Bellevue)
ex-TC3200 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford)
ex-TC3200 Kalamunda Bus Service (Walliston) (21)
ex-TC2021 ⁄ UQB768 South West Coach Lines [D Adams] (83)
ex-UQB768 Transperth (768)
ex-UQB768 MTT (768)
ex-UQB403 MTT (403)
TC3201 Leyland Panther PSUR1/1R7001966FreighterWA 11/70B45D
Tinkler (N & E) (Bridgetown)
ex-TC3201 Midland Bus Co (Bellevue)
ex-TC3201 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford)
ex-TC3201 Kalamunda Bus Service (Walliston) (22)
ex-TC2022 ⁄ UQB766 South West Coach Lines [D Adams] (82)
ex-UQB766 Transperth (766)
ex-UQB766 MTT (766)
ex-UQB401 MTT (401)
8JT436 Mitsubishi Canter FE211CYHowardPorter 83/506204/83B20F
8JT436 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford);
ex-WA Govt
8YM130 Asia Combi AM815Asia 02/93B19C
8YM130 Companion Self-Drive & Charter (South Guildford)

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