Ceased Operators

Coastal Cruisers (Rockingham)
M P Fellows & G Dix
11 records
TC501 Mercedes-Benz OH1316345.202-61-658489HowardPorter 85/508008/85C45F
TC501 ForestRail (Maddington) [D Hockey]
ex-TC501 Coastal Cruisers (Rockingham) [M P Fellows & G Dix]
ex-TC501 Northam Bus Service [Nuich]
ex-TC501 Summit Coach Transfers [Moody]
ex-TC501 Moyles Coaches (Langford)
TC2216 MAN 16.280479.0084Austral Starliner148809/88C44F
1ENQ615 motorhome
ex-1ENQ615 ⁄ TC2216 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-TC2216 Peel Bus Hire & Charter [Reynolds]
ex-TC2216 Coastal Cruisers (Rockingham) [M P Fellows & G Dix]
ex-TC2216 Swan Gold Tours (42)
ex-TC2216 Swan Gold Tours (26)
ex-TC2216 Fortesque Bus Service (Wickham)
TC2805 Toyota Coaster -/83B19C
TC2805 ⁄ 7YU543 Coastal Cruisers (Rockingham) [M P Fellows & G Dix]
TC3131 Toyota Coaster -/91B19C
TC3131 Big Sky Wine Tours
ex-TC3131 ⁄ 9AD275 Coastal Cruisers (Rockingham) [M P Fellows & G Dix]
TC3938 Toyota Coaster -/88B19C
TC3938 Adams Coachlines (Redcliffe) (C2)
ex-TC3938 Adams Coachlines (Redcliffe) (C11)
ex-TC3938 ⁄ 8YF261 Coastal Cruisers (Rockingham) [M P Fellows & G Dix]
TC4833 Toyota Coaster HZB50R B21C
TC4833 Coastal Cruisers (Rockingham) [M P Fellows & G Dix]
TC2801 Mercedes-Benz OH1418WDB38200461952783CoachDesign 01606/93C30Ft
0175AO Peninsula Bus Lines (VIC) (337)
ex-0175AO ⁄ QLS388 Blue Ridge Coaches (Rosebud/Hastings VIC) (6)
ex-TC2801 Coastal Cruisers (Hillman) [M P Fellows & G Dix]
ex-TC2801 Australian Pinnacle Tours (21)
TC4772 Mercedes-Benz O303-3 14.5mWDB60041561068045Volgren VG45411/92C58Ft
CVL1794 ⁄ TC4772 Busy Blue Bus [McCabe]
ex-TC4772 Go West
ex-TC4772 Redlion Bus & Coach
ex-TC4772 Adams Coachlines (Redcliffe) (C10)
ex-TC4772 Coastal Cruisers (Rockingham) [M P Fellows & G Dix]
ex-0258AO ⁄ OGY124 ⁄ EZT508 Andersons Bus Lines (Cobram VIC) (24)
7HF359 Toyota Coaster B19C
7HF359 Coastal Cruisers (Rockingham) [M P Fellows & G Dix]
ex-7HF359 Fortesque Bus Service
8YB376 Mazda T3000 B18C
8YB376 Coastal Cruisers (Rockingham) [M P Fellows & G Dix]
1AOH710 Toyota Coaster HZB50R -/96B12C
1AOH710 Coastal Cruisers (Rockingham) [M P Fellows & G Dix]

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