Ceased Operators

Churinga Bus Charters (Baldivis)
9 records
2 Volvo B6FA-5600314HowardPorter 83/506406/83B49F
1DNF802 motorhome;
ex-TC3824 Churinga Bus Charters (Baldivis) (2);
ex-6ON239 Churinga Bus Charters (Baldivis);
ex-6ON239 Palmer (Baldivis);
ex-6ON239 Edmunds (Baldivis) (K D & K)
3 Hino BX341E40339TOST 3010/83B48F
1GVT657 ⁄ 1EPP319 motorhome
ex-RO9126 ⁄ 6SS451 Churinga Bus Charters (Baldivis) (3)
ex-6SS451 Vosnacos (Marangaroo) (2)
9 Hino BX341HowardPorter B48F
1ARE922 motorhome
ex-Churinga Bus Charters (Baldivis) (9)
TC6344 Hino AC140 B28F
TC6344 ⁄ 9ME115? Churinga Bus Charters (Baldivis)
ex-Unknown (orange school bus)
TC6479 Hino RK176KJHDRK176KXXX40131TOST ?-/85B49F
1ERV729 Private Owner (Warnbro)
ex-TC6479 ⁄ 1AKX099 Churinga Bus Charters (Baldivis)
MY1059 International ACCO1830G03696? K03696?HowardPorter 80/501506/80B45F
MY1059 Churinga Bus Charters (Baldivis)
ex-MY1059 Ryan (Narrogin)
ex-MY1059 Cullen (Wellington Mills)
RO9125 Volvo B6FA120Volgren VG01910/80B48F
RO9125 ⁄ 6GT163 Churinga Bus Charters (Baldivis)
ex-6GT163 Scott (D R & C J) (Gosnells/Baldivis) `Miss Beenyup II`
ex-6GT163 Wickstead (C) (Baldivis) `Miss Beenyup II`
8CO766 Isuzu ECR570S8DJ653J871943Austral 073006/84B45F
8CO766 Churinga Bus Charters (Baldivis)
ex-8CO766 Palmer (Baldivis)
ex-Big Bell Mine (Cue)
ex-TC373 Fortesque Bus Service (Wickham)
1EUB796 Higer V Series 12.3mLKLR1KSJ9EB641493Higer 07/14B57F
1EUB796 Unknown (orange school bus)
ex-1EUB796 Churinga Bus Charters (Baldivis)

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