Ceased Operators

Booths (Collie)
15 records
TC046 Volvo B10MB10M-6096-4X2 2423VolgrenQ C210/82C48F
1DKG531 motorhome `Busarella`
ex-TC046 Booths (Collie)
ex-802PVW Skennars (Brisbane)
ex-802PVW Pacific West
ex-802PVW Greyhound Australia (802)
TC046 Leyland FF1100478020HowardPorter 76/509005/76B47F
Western Power
ex-TC046 ⁄ XMI363 Booths (Collie)
TC047 Toyota Coaster --/78
TC047 ⁄  6AJ476 Booths (Collie)
TC048 International ACCO1710-171H02707HowardPorter 80/500903/80B30F
WA7390 Rooney (P) (Manjimup)
ex-TC048 ⁄ 6OL689 Booths (Collie)
ex-WA Prisons Dept
TC383 Mercedes-Benz OH1316JWBolton 07/84B__F
TC383 Booths (Collie)
TC463 Nissan Civilian --/85
TC463 Booths (Collie)
TC627 Mercedes-Benz OH1316345-202-61-681653HowardPorter 86/509904/86B49F
Private Owner (nr Kalgoorlie)
ex-WRK440 Dunns Bus Service (Kadina SA) (3)
ex-TC627 Booths (Collie)
TC2003 Hino RK176KJHDRK176KXXX40173PMCSA 456205/87B49F
1GFF615 CKU School Bus Services (Baldivis) [Ullbrecht] UNCONFIRMED
ex-9AG317 Waters (Pinjarra)
ex-TC2003 Booths (Collie)
TC2550 Toyota Coaster HZB50RJT743PB5108001658 -/95B21C
TC2550 Swan Valley Wine Tours
ex-TC2550 Adams Coachlines (Malaga) (TC1)
ex-TC2550 Collie Coachlines [S Ballingal]
ex-TC2550 Booths (Collie)
TC3712 Toyota Coaster HZB50R --/95B21C
TC3712 Collie Coachlines [S Ballingal]
ex-TC3712 Booths (Collie)
TC5394 Mercedes-Benz OH1418WDB38200461791056CustomCoaches 89-2005/89C49F
TC5394 ⁄ TC2385 Booths (Collie)
CO251 Bedford VAM3TFP2B9T 620762 TFP2BJ 152163HowardPorter 69/502107/69B45F
ex-CO251 Booths (Collie)
6IF242 Hino BX341E40042HowardPorter 81/503103/81B49F
1BNK859 motorhome;
ex-AK897 ⁄  6IF242 Van Kuyls Bus & Coach Charters (Kelmscott) [B L & K L Van Kuyl] (5);
ex-6IF242 Booths (Collie)
1BBN916 Hino RG230JHDRG1JSKXXX10923Express 19701/02B53F
1HCA368 Bunbury Bus Charters [Pilatti]
ex-1BBN916 Collie Coachlines [S Ballingal]
ex-1BBN916 Booths (Collie)
1CAP365 Mercedes-Benz O500R9BM3821754B400698Express 37807/05B53F
1CAP365 Unknown (orange school bus) (3)
ex-1CAP365 South West Coach Lines [Veolia]
ex-1CAP365 Collie Coachlines [S Ballingal]
ex-1CAP365 Booths (Collie)

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