Ceased Operators

Boat Torque Cruises
12 records

Alilauro (Gulf of Napoli Italy) Super Flyte
ex-Boat Torque Cruises `Super Flyte`
Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1RPMC
PARTS Horizons West [Balla]
ex-Boat Torque Cruises
ex-Public Transport Commission (Sydney)
TC423 AEC Regal IV 9821E1471Bolton 10/53B47D
TC423 / 6NH486 Boat Torque Cruises
ex-XYL352 River Queen (Nedlands) [W J Lucas] (1)
ex-UQB204 / WAG8204 / 45830 MTT (204)
ex-45830 Fremantle Municipal Transport Board (30)
TC424 Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1904041PMC DD2009/70H39/27D
TC424 General Busfleet Management / Purple Coaches (Bayswater)
ex-TC424 / 6EJ375 Boat Torque Cruises (67)
ex-m/o1020 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1020)
ex-m/o1020 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1020)
ex-m/o1020 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (1020)
TC547 Leyland Atlantean PDR2/1803918ParkRoyal B5609605/69H47/32D
Private Owner (Mundaring)
ex-TC4780 General Busfleet Management / Purple Coaches (Bayswater)
ex-TC547 Boat Torque Cruises (80)
ex-TC381 Tourwest (Belmont)
ex-JJY628G Plymouth City Transport (228)
76 Daimler Fleetline CRG6LX63759Alexander N1/1969/605/71H43/33F
ex-TC5230 Horizons West (6)
ex-TC463 Horizons West (2)
ex-TC2749 Boat Torque Cruises (76)
ex-TC203 Houghtons Wines (Middle Swan) [Killbee]
ex-TC203 / 6PL412 Companion Travel (Beckenham)
ex-(not operated) Loves Bus Service
ex-WHL278J West Riding Automobile Co (Yorkshire) (676)
ex-WHL278J West Riding Automobile Co (Yorkshire) (278)
TC3494 Scania K113CRBYS4LC4X2B01826465PMCA Apollo253107/96C53F
XV01AM Yugo Driving School (Dandenong VIC)
ex-TC3494 Go West
ex-TC3494 Adams Coachlines
ex-TC3494 Australian Pinnacle Tours (62)
ex-TC3494 Bells Coach Service
ex-TC3494 / VVP932 Boat Torque Cruises (50)
TC3568 Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota B12C
TC3568 Boat Torque Cruises
TC3821? Mercedes-Benz 814DABDenning -/98C32F
TC3821 Bells Coach Service (98)
ex-TC3821 Boat Torque Cruises (21)
XZY532 AEC Regal IV 9823E2411HowardPorter 10/59B48F
SHED shed (between Raleigh & Coffs Harbour NSW)
ex-XZY532 Boat Torque Cruises
ex-XZY532 River Queen Ltd (Nedlands) [W J Lucas] (2)
ex-UQB379 MTT (379)
ex-UQB249 / WAG8249 / UAN301 MTT (249)
1APC709 Hino AM100KHino B28F
1APC709 / TC3986 Boat Torque Cruises
1BTW858 Hino RainbowHino -/87B37F
1BTW858 Rottnest Express;
ex-1BTW858 Boat Torque Cruises;
ex-unknown (Japan)

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