Ceased Operators

Avon Valley Tours
8 records
TC042 Hino RC32040170Hilquip -/81C45F
A58190 motorhome
ex-TC042 Eldridge
ex-TC042 Cygnet Tours
ex-TC042 Great Western Tours (East Perth)
ex-TC042 South West Coach Lines [D Adams] (11)
ex-TC042 ⁄ 6JG981 Avon Valley Tours (Belmont)
TC265 Bedford SB3NFM2B8620224MFreighter -/71
7AM065 Private Owner
ex-TC265 Avon Valley Tours (Belmont)
TC266 Hino RC320PMC 162207/73C45F
TC266 Shepherdson Transport (Margaret River)
ex-TC266 South West Coach Lines [D Adams]
ex-TC266 Avon Valley Tours (Belmont)
TC267 Bedford VAM70TRP2DZ 203015Freighter 434807/73RC32Ft
Mountford (Serpentine)
ex-TC267 Getabout Charter Tours (Gosnells) [M & P Dillon]
ex-TC267 Avon Valley Tours (Belmont)
TC343 Nissan Civilian MGW40 05/84C21C
TC343 Black Swan Charters [I & A Clutterbuck]
ex-TC343 Deluxe Chauffered Limousines / Deluxe Driver Guide (East Perth)
ex-TC343 Great Western Tours (East Perth)
ex-TC343 Avon Valley Tours (Belmont)
TC555 Nissan Civilian MGW40 12/85C21C
TC555 Green Head Leisure Charter (L C & E M Halden)
ex-TC555 Great Western Tours (East Perth)
ex-TC555 Avon Valley Tours (Belmont)
6FP922 Toyota Coaster C17C
6FP922 Avon Valley Tours (Belmont)
6HF460 Bedford SB5Freighter C__F
6HF460 Avon Valley Tours (Belmont)

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