Ceased Operators

ANA Bus Charters
20 records
TC3261 Toyota Coaster BB210009722 -/88B19C
TC3261 Buswest
ex-TC3261 ANA Bus Charters
ex-8YN094 Dix Bus & Coach Hire (Shoalwater)
TC3471 Toyota Coaster HB30JT743HB3009000455 -/90B22F
TC3471 Buswest
ex-TC3471 ANA Bus Charters
TC4035 MAN 16.280479.0023.0023PMC 85-148107/85C53F
TC4035 Buswest
ex-TC4035 ANA Bus Charters
ex-TC4035 Southern Coast Transit (511)
ex-511EWN ⁄ 511CGO National Bus Co (Brisbane)
ex-466BVU ⁄ 678PKF Bayside Bus Lines (Capalaba QLD) (83)
ex-678PKF Bayside Coaches (Manly QLD) (83)
TC4523 Toyota CoasterJT743BB2109000114 -/89B19F
Private Owner (Broome)
ex-TC4523 Buswest
ex-TC4523 ANA Bus Charters
TC4524 Hino AC140K40135Hino -/85B28F
TC4524 Buswest
ex-TC4524 ANA Bus Charters
ex-8YF739 Adshead Bus Hire (Attadale) (33)
TC4565 Mercedes-Benz O305307.001-21-007541HowardPorter 79/907706/79B41D
TC4565 Buswest
ex-TC4565 ANA Bus Charters
ex-UQB279 Connex [Transperth] (279)
ex-UQB279 Perth Bus [Transperth] (279)
ex-UQB279 MetroBus [Transperth] (279)
ex-UQB279 Transperth (279)
ex-UQB279 MTT (279)
TC4842 Toyota CoasterJT743BB2109000109 --/89B19F
TC4842 Buswest
ex-TC4842 ANA Bus Charters
TC5060 MAN 16.240341.0004.0004Smithfield SB69307/78B48F
ex-TC5060 Buswest
ex-TC5060 ⁄ 7IN743 ANA Bus Charters
ex-7IN743 Adshead Bus Hire (Attadale) (38)
ex-Royal Australian Navy
TC5108 Austral Tourmaster DC122B330Austral TourmasterB33006/85C48Ft
Private Owner (Gawler SA)
ex-TC5108 Buswest
ex-TC5108 ANA Bus Charters
ex-TV326 Hopkinsons Coaches (Smithfield NSW)
TC5378 Volvo B10M1450PMCSA 584009/81AB71FR
CVL1268 ⁄ TC5378 Buswest
ex-TC5378 ANA Bus Charters
ex-WJP404 Southlink (Adelaide) (2320)
ex-TA1390 TransAdelaide (1390)
ex-STA390 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1390)
TC5379 Volvo B58H-530015574PMCSA 581303/81AB71FR
CVL1278 ⁄ TC5379 Buswest
ex-TC5379 ANA Bus Charters
ex-WJP538 Serco (Adelaide) (939)
ex-TA1363 TransAdelaide (1363)
ex-STA363 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1363)
TC5380 Volvo B10M1449PMCSA 583909/81AB71FR
CVL1269 ⁄ TC5380 Buswest
ex-TC5380 ANA Bus Charters
ex-WJP403 Southlink (Adelaide) (2319)
ex-TA1389 TransAdelaide (1389)
ex-STA389 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1389)
W758 Toyota Coaster PB30JT743PB3009000440 B22C
DESTROYED ⁄ W758 Buswest
ex-W758 ANA Bus Charters
7HI643 Hino AC140K40315 -/87B28C
7HI643 Buswest
ex-7HI643 ANA Bus Charters
8YS020 Toyota Coaster HB30JT743HB3009000338 -/89B22F
8YS020 Buswest
ex-8YS020 ANA Bus Charters
1BKB430 Toyota CoasterJT743PB5108002029 -/95B22F
1BKB430 Buswest;
ex-1BKB430 ANA Bus Charters
1BOC056 Toyota HiAce CommuterJT743LHJ401003285 -/00C12C
1BOC056 Buswest;
ex-1BOC056 ANA Bus Charters
1BRM607 Hino AC140K40278Hino --/86B28F
TC5829 ⁄  1BRM607 Buswest;
ex-1BRM607 ANA Bus Charters
1BXS087 Hino BX341E40122TOST 2909/83B48F
ex-TC5831 ⁄ 1BXS087 Buswest
ex-1BXS087 ⁄ 7XJ636 ANA Bus Charters
ex-7XJ636 ⁄ TC824 Adshead Bus Hire (Attadale) (35)
ex-TC824 ⁄ KO4852 Laverton Bus Charters (52)
1BXS090 Toyota Coaster BB200004497 -/83B21C
ex-TC5830 ⁄ 1BXS090 Buswest
ex-1BXS090 ANA Bus Charters

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