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 is the brainchild of a Perth bus nut known in the Australian bus enthusiast fraternity as Herbert. The MySQL relational database was designed in late 2004 with the original php webpages designed by his son, then aged 15, going live in 2005. Over the following 15 years the old dog learned new tricks and began updating the php design and functions himself. Originally conceived of as an archive for MTT & Transperth buses, including the numerous entities that were taken over between 1958 and 1962 to form the "green & cream" fleet of the MTT, the database now contains the history of public transport vehicles that have been operated in WA by government, municipal and private concerns. It is being gradually expanded to include trams, trolleybuses, passenger rail cars & locomotives.

With records from the turn of the 20th Century right through to the present day, there are currently over 20,000 vehicles in the database with over 52,000 lines of history and over 90,000 photos catalogued.

In a sense, is merely a conduit collecting the efforts of others - but hopefully making the data more readily accessible to fellow enthusiasts.

To list those whose contributions have gone into the compilation of the data would be to risk forgetting to mention someone. But particular thanks goes to Ted Drake and the late Bruce Harris whose MTT fleet records formed the original data set. Current PTA / Transperth fleet information is courtesy of the Fleet Manager of the PTA. In its various forms and under its various names over 60 years, the PTA has always been most accommodating of bus enthusiasts and generous in supporting the preservation of archival information. is grateful to be the beneficiary of this and of all the efforts of those who have contributed info (the "gen") and the hundreds of individuals who have permitted reproduction of their photographs (the "shots").

Every endeavour has been made to obtain permission to reproduce photographs on this site. Any errors in attribution are inadvertant and regretted. Material is presented in the spirit of the Copyright Act's provisions for the use of materials for study purposes. Whilst over 3,400 photographers have been identified, it is not always possible to accurately attribute the source.

No financial gain has ever been forthcoming for providing this on-line database. Indeed, its survival in difficult times has been due to the generosity of those who have helped fund its hosting.

Please note that does NOT have any authority to grant use of any photos to 3rd parties for inclusion in books or other publications.

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